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started to. align cooperation between our special forces and the military there is a feeling that they're looser and like isis has always been treated in a different way but our american colleagues they tried it they always have been trying to put it out of fire would be saying that directly to. colleagues and again i'm going to raise that issue in the talks with rex tillerson i hope with a place in the immediate future so it should be all they are doing clear. the facts which we have laid shows that car lucian really. should care is our strikes on the isis positions but we've never seen such active fight against a bad a looser or what they call them today they change names to the. change. flags but the essence stays the same one more remark if we all really want to fight terrorism. plenty of military actions of the
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all the actors on the ground should be focused only on that very fight against terrorism sometimes when we analyze is how different let's say groups moving on the ground and what tasks they try to achieve then we know you have a feeling that someone influences them in order to bring into some kind of fashionable aspect to the efforts we apply while we believe we not only believe we are convinced that the search and the healthy tendencies within the islamic world which have been many festing themselves we see them in syria they. should be utilized and all countries should unite. was a round one to go to fight terrorism and all muslim countries should also enjoying their fight against terrorism we see some negative developments that we are not
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glad to see them we always strive for compromises and we always welcomes actions which can help the arab league and the council of you copper aeration in the. states of the middle east to unite their efforts to fight a common evil common enemy. of a very brief him our response. on the part of the question that was posed to me i'll go. on the engagement of france and the coalition it's been very clear. we are engaged in a coalition to fight and eliminate. that still hasn't taken place so. in the coalition will last until that happens. that hasn't happened yet but she's lost
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a lot of terrain the battle of muscle and record still taking place. called on minister lover of to consider the importance of taking record because often the attacks come from record which have hurt our country. as part of the coalition will go. towards the eradication of. that also means that imperil. you must reflect and acts on a solution a political solution in syria. which guarantees the integrity of syria the refusal of its breaking up. and which allows the priests process of negotiated transition which i've spoken of at length
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with sergey lavrov. as for this incident which you spoke of shows the need for the conflict the complection is built on the escalation is important we must keep it even if there's tension sometimes accidents which are regrettable. also i'm pleased it's the fact that there is a process of the escalation. in the three sites identified in the agreement the space in the south of syria and also happy that. the offensive movement against russia is taking place. and. now you france international planes.
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yes you know. we are one just a minister confronts play a role in this conflict notably. when it comes to these the escalation of tensions with russia and mr lover of does he think that. relations are improving the same from some russia or in the wake of the verse i talks of on the point we have points in common as just one that you do a straw on in terms of the syria situation first of all we're determined both of us. to defeat and fights al qaeda a lot more both determined to make sure that the territorial integrity and unity of syria is maintained where both determined to make sure there's
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a state in syria. which carries out its state functions and. where both against the use of all these options and application of chemical weapons we both favor. the need for. allowing a broad access as possible for humanitarian aid actual. and we're looking for a political solution. on the basis of the. number twenty to forty four. we perhaps lacked a spirit of confidence. and this meeting today has allowed us to build on this spirit of comfrey and confidence that we began in verse i wish i mean speaking frankly but also in respect and it's in this spirit that we'll continue to work. to work on the situation in syria to allow
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a ceasefire and then a political solution allowing a necessary transition. as for the can we call this stage of relations. kind of the improvement stage where. i think you should answer that question you're the journalist you are to enter lies iteration so decide for yourself. interfax please. that any question you go against and facts into facts urgency my question goes to mr lever of united states impose new sanctions on russia in relation to the decision in ukraine so what's the reason the assessment of. what is the background that has been created in the. preparation for the upcoming summit well it's not
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going to improve the atmosphere sanctions are absolutely groundless so well as always. reference to the station in ukraine well all major experts can only smile at that for our colleagues in the e.u. decided to cover themselves saying that well the sanctions will be lifted when russia implements the music agreement well we invite our friends from the e.u. to read the maske agreements it's right there in black and white who and why it should be. so i can only say that we regret this we regret that there is such a phone beer. scene on the part of our american colleagues or simply what is outrageous or shelter fails to put man he's the geishas but the sanctions are against russia in syria we see very difficult and complicated developments but
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it is only russia who can be blamed and the assad regime there can there are many examples when any development in any region of the world which is not satisfied in the u.s. congress man is being used as a pretext to blame russia for road you can recall the recent disagreement between carter other states of the region there was a statement that it was because the russian hackers well after but some hours they decided to withdraw or search statements from circulation but no one. said sorry well in russia we have a traditional schools people of senior age these sit on benches and tell stories each other so that's just the same thing here that's what we see. lamont these people please. sounds a bit old old you been getting is about monder from the months you've spoken of.
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the dialogue or civil society frank or russian you said that it would be called the trend on dialogue exactly always what does that mean exactly is it linked to human rights or freedom of expression or freedom of protest all the l g b t rights. and do you have a reaction to the decision by the. european council on the l g b t rights. the principles were set up by the two presidents to create a foundation to allow. relations between our two countries not based only on political. ideas and economical but also on civil society in all its side diversity to exchange in a regular manner and strongly and permanently the principle has been set up when
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now elaborate seeing it said putting into place this tool that we want to put in place. which we want to set up as soon as possible human rights groups will obviously be invited to see what they can contribute to civil society. well in this life everything is directly related to human rights economic. employment it's all about human rights in the sixty's if i'm not mistaken there were two bags approved by the interest of community one tract on political and civil rights and another about social economic rights of people that was. a package of measures and i believe in everyone's who.
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tries to understand what is happening today in here open in the world agree that we should never forget about the fact that people should enjoy human rights all certain that in this sphere of konami can socialise activity that is why i agree completely with my counterpart that the social dialogue. should be comprehensive it should involve the civil societies in all their diversity is including the human rights activists those who are truly interested in narrowing the gap between the culture is the business circles who are interested in . making the foundation for cooperation more solid as we work actively on creating the framework of that structure the framework which would reflect that comprehensive character of our relations so that is.
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going to be built on the basis of what we've done before we used to have that kind of social forum russian free forum but it was more about you can all make. it matter though i should say if you look at it as the should the we would like to broaden his agenda and i should say that this year the reciprocal year of culture cultural authority in which terminating this year is for the next year we are discussing new modalities for a new reciprocal. year of russian language and french language and literature. so. less for some concrete decision of some code court against the eligibility community i. haven't heard about that many complain about something but i'd like to remind you about what we stated many times we don't have any of.
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people who have the use of that. or interrogation interests including the community is not prosecuted anyway we have the laws but the law says only one thing that should be thinking should not be imposed on those who are on the range nothing more than that. so if we start. talking about this matter well that's not going to go into details would hurt if your interest is about visible probably should be. equally distributed among the all countries your interest i mean so in the last question please. hello. sputnik france my question goes to foreign minister of france that is today
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in this hall that there are many journalists from many. mass media with one in russia that they can attend such meetings. for and says well in france we are being blamed for what we have and. that they they must let you more than you they get at it for some libel so why we are not giving any attention for normal work isn't that kind of prosecuting us. first the republican has spoken on the subject what he had to say and i don't think that i'm going to contradict the president or republic in moscow. you're jewish and you will do so we will prevail which i'm not going to contradict my president to voice she sold let me call this conference thank you very much. so there we have it there was a press conference
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a joint one between the russian foreign minister and his french counterpart you can get a three and a bit of detail on that what was said in that because they were trying to join since he was that keeping across. a lot was discussed wasn't there but i suppose the main point is coming out with surrounding syria and also ukraine. andrew hello again syria ukraine and a fresh wave of anti-abortion sanctions let's just go through the through some of the key points that were said by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov after his meeting with his french counterpart first of all. had several things to say about the recent incident when the u.s. led coalition downed the syrian government plane over syria what mr lavrov said was that it's actually getting crowded both in the air and on the ground in syria
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according to moscow with still waiting for an explanation from the u.s. on that downed syrian plane and also one other thing that was said by sergei lavrov is that russia would not like those kind of strikes u.s. air force strikes on the syrian regime planes to undermine efforts to fight against terrorism mr lavrov says that when he speaks to his u.s. counterpart mr tillerson next is going to bring up that issue now speaking of the new wave of anti-abortion sanctions mr lavrov said that once again he believes the u.s. has absolutely no ground for it and it definitely definitely this is something that does not contribute to somehow to the rebuilding of ties between moscow and washington. sure. and also then we were talking.
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ukraine two wasn't that was an issue that came up and took a bit of time to go through. well. if we talk about ukraine that is of course linked to the measures that i mentioned there are separate sets of sanctions that are now being imposed by washington against russia and the reason for that is the cranium crisis and what the people in the us are calling the politicians in the us are calling russia's a hostile actions and ukraine the latest news that we heard from moscow on tuesday was that russia is now actually announcing that their goal they are going to respond to these measures and by this moscow is sticking to the old rule of diplomacy that any hostile action deserves a proportionate response now in this case the hostile action is the new u.s.
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treasury list of thirty eight russian individuals and companies that now will be falling under the sanctions the russian government right now has because the decision making process on what exactly to do over this but according to the russian deputy foreign minister who we heard from earlier this isn't really a probe that the russian government is enjoying. we regret the u.s. took this step we feel an opportunity has been once again missed to improve bilateral relations and it's with this feeling we proceed to developing countermeasures. now this is something that is happening after some very negative high profile common stat we heard from europe that was about another set of sanctions a separate one that still needs to be approved by the u.s. house of representatives and also it requires a signature by donald trump among other things that targets
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a number of washington energy companies and this is something that has been worrying germany and austria take a listen. through to impose violates international law european companies involved in the expansion of europe's energy supply although it seems that this kind of criticism is actually something that worries the donald trump administration just recently we heard from sean spicer donald trump's press secretary that they are still waiting for the approval of this set of sanctions by . house of representatives in the west and if that approval happens then in that case some parts and this package of sanctions may be reviewed that is according to the donald trump administration so many things happening here when it comes to the americans discussing sanctions against russia and also the main news of today is
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that russia is going to respond to that that's also something that is for sure now that's something that we heard from the russian foreign minister certainly a lot coming out over the last hour or so i think. an exclusive for you because a new islamic state leader has emerged in northern afghanistan after his reported release from the new tourist background prison in twenty sixteen as he is the son of an uzbek jihadi leader and his rise to power has seen him fight off other terrorist groups in the region and force locals to join i still wouldn't have picked up the story now from afghanistan. beyond this desert and those mountains lays islamic states newest caliph that the realm of warlord as he starts himself as a warrior of god others call him a heretic cruel and heartless so to speak god. has murdered so many and
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besieged even more there is no end to his killing at least twenty five members of my family could people's heads off their legs arms and fingers some victims i couldn't recognize because of what they did to their faces i lost my son everyone lost their sons god said mama nam and the money is the most evil men to whom it is because of him that was tough he poverty he brought his terrorists on homes and murdered everyone as azula is a second generation warlord jihad just like his father dangerous and vicious fanatical until recently he was incarcerated in baghran prison then came his unexpected and unexplained release. he's an international terrorist it was american soldiers who released him from bagram for the have a reason to let him go and now he's come for all lines which doesn't make immediate
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sense bag graham is officially run by the afghan government plummeted by graham is owned by the americans afghan government doesn't have the capability to run it it was the americans who released as or if they want to they could catch him very quickly but they don't and i can't tell you why as is zuma fed on the chaos and corruption in afghanistan in his rise in me a month she amassed hundreds of fighters and arsenal of weaponry and handedly defeated both the afghan army and the taliban converting his and. aimee's to his own cause and it wasn't faith that did it you know he's the richest man i know he has support from abroad in soo much money he pays his fighters will most a thousand dollars that's why so many join him for reference that's about five times more than afghan soldiers are paid attempting some refugees say corrupt
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afghan army troops sell as the weapons he needs them and foreign sponsors many chose to resist some did so by running away risking starvation rather than leave. tehran ical rule others resisted with our arms. is the militia leader he has organized locals into a small force to resist as azula government the us they don't help we finance also by selling our houses mines supply weapons and ammunition all the locals and the fighters we've spoken to say the same thing the afghan army sits idle selling weapons to as the united states it's marines jets and coalition allies a new way to be seen leaving warlord as unchallenged where i guess the of.
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northern afghanistan well we have been in touch with the pentagon for comment about it as he was released from prison but we haven't heard back from them as yet however we did hear from the afghan defense ministry. could only go. now anger is rising among residents who have learned that a society diplomat who killed a cyclist is unlikely to face prosecution team to his immunity for all of the reports now from where the fatal right accident took place one week or the tribute said they were white by the sport where a fifty five year old man was knocked off his bicycle and killed on this busy
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street as is common here in germany he's only been named as michael out of consideration for the privacy of his family a diploma from the embassy of saudi arabia unexpectedly opened the door on his porsche s.u.v. at around eleven pm on tuesday evening last week hitting the cyclist knocking him from his bike when he received a serious head injury emergency responders rushed him to hospital die later the next day the driver of the car has immunity from prosecution judy his diplomatic status and as it stands looks highly unlikely that he will face any charges that hasn't gone down well with locals here they're bunch of irresponsible and take responsibility for things like a. disgusting actually that he has munity if he does not want to face the sanction then his hiding be diplomat status. as a sham and it doesn't sound good if there are absolutely no consequences and if
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this is the case and this is an injustice because i cannot. it sounds like we live in a society with two classes it's almost like a diplomat saying i can do whatever i want the whole idea of diplomatic community and really needs to be resourced the family of fifty five year old michael a demanding justice however it seems extremely unlikely that they're going to get it at this point i don't care if he's a diplomat are not it's not right that someone can take a life like this and get away with that he should receive a proper punishment due to the saudi officials. diplomatic state is the only options available would be to appeal to riyadh to have his diplomatic community waived or for germany to officially expel him however diplomatic sources tell us that the most likely outcome is that the saudi foreign ministry will quietly recall him peter all of a. saudi embassy has published
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a statement expressing his condolences to the family of the victim on friday also saying that they are in close contact with the german foreign ministry. we thought so yeah it will be back until it's. armstrong called the move and i'm neal hoping. we're going to be your host for the two thousand and seventy confederations cup here in russia we're going to be visiting the host cities or sochi. moscow is going to be great i'm told include pools also folding so i think it was covering every topic the puns need to know about the head of the match so don't forget to join us on field it's going to be full of living the. good stuff prime market was reformed to some degree and the wall street cockroaches were unable to penetrate that market as they once did so the wall street cockroaches
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along with their brothers and sisters in the city of london had to get into the economy another route they found the car loan racket and it turned into a trillion dollar car accident because those cockroaches are never told to stop there's no nobody in the justice department as a can of raid the spray on the on jamie diamond the cockroach. what. he put themselves on the line. to get accepted. so when you want to be president and you. want to be rich. it's going to be prose that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm just always in the
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waters in the. seems wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape our day to educate and it. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground. with. what it will be what will.
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russia's foreign minister demands on says from the u.s. as to why it is not targeting the terror group in syria. last is a u.s. fighter jet she was down and trying belonging to probe syrian government forces. signed in the last fortnight and also the video images online appearing to show firefighters in disbelief at the scale of the deadly fire in london gauge reaction to the government's response this is how much is going to leave the survivors of radical it. is actually shocking when you see like they can spend three hundred seventy only been in politics.


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