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tv   Headline News  RT  June 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . this is our to american national company. hosted my mary-kate. ukraine. for one year. by. larry king and lindsey france coming to you from london tonight this is our special program on r.t. america going worldwide talking about brecht said it was one year ago today that the united kingdom decided to break away from the european union and of course the
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negotiations were going to get underway but since then it has been political turmoil here in the united kingdom we have a prime minister and theresa may who is politically shaky we have a parliament that does not have a strong majority and we have really a lot of feelings within the community across this country that is now somewhat split somewhat split in the standpoint that they're not sure if this was the right move and moving forward there is no question that the negotiations are going to be very very tough sonnie joins us in this hour why the shift in public opinion throughout all of this. i think the public opinion arguably never really recovered from the twenty zero eight lehman brothers crash that caused governments to suddenly change economic because they suddenly had to rein in public spending because they bailed out the banks would so much money quantitative easing and so on
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and the way they were devised it's a cut on social spending that was going to of course affect the political climate as police services housing serves its social services everything else was being cut to ribbons but of course that also saw even greater inequality is the city of london then slowly recovered bright a lot of people are worried a lot of londoners i've talked to say what's going to happen to the financial capital of europe they're going to you know are we going to have massive brain bleed is frankfurt really going to take the biggest piece the pipe. but you think about the well i suppose and i mean it's the same in the united states bankers are not popular as a tiger i'd like to be i mean if one thinks of the 1980's and the big game no here is the i can't even remember what it was when we had the wolf of wall street so who did you write i think we had. i think in those days it was it was douglas in wall street bankers reputations are being shredded because there seem to have profited
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out of the austerity at the expense of the rest of the population now as we hear in the past twenty four hours europe clearing with one trillion to one trillion dollars or one trillion what's your who clearing so quickly in the backs of negotiations has brussels made a move and said we'll take control of that britain of course set interest rates world interest rates the libel rate it was a fraud as we then found to use the major political figure in europe. that's a really tough that's a pretty tough question i mean this weekend here in london jeremy corbyn signals such a big change from a new liberal european consent. that's existed for so many years that arguably the left parties of europe will be looking to corbin we've got to remember german corbin is the leader of a party with the largest number of members of any west and leftwing
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party i mean these are hundreds of thousands of people whereas in europe people are getting bored of politics or just all saying that it will be the most significant politician today in all of your well angela merkel of course is the most significant politician and i suppose in between she holds the goods with the european commission the european presidency and all these different near liberal bureaucratic structures set in brussels and strikes. but of course if germany kuhlmann can as he wants as he said this week he believes that labor is a government in waiting not in opposition it's. going to get along. well because angela merkel itself faces problems in germany i mean there's an election coming i mean they're doing two very bad out there you can be doing better than that if they have nothing but want to distinguish those where the world is that ok. we're said ok you know what is a place in
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a world where. everyone should play. just live nowhere. because you know like i'm a special. the world fresh sorry given. to me and to people who are really high taxes there's no larry pretty high taxes. yeah but everybody's happy i don't well ok trying to organize and always eat all right some people are saying you know all right well no it's not a member of the european union and there's no wrong maybe that's why they're happy now just getting over that they would accept the voters in this country will be. but that's the reason because norway was able to spend much more in excess on social care and provision than european union would allow a man to facetiously but the world seems whacked out to me. just as we began a pro you're asking us if we're up to mr pessimistic now you're saying the world's
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wiped out so you are now there are pessimistic. let's turn to this story with the united kingdom several months into bricks and negotiations there is no turning back now many key issues remain up in the air and now many are wondering what consequences will result from triggering of the article fifty r.t.s. peter oliver explains we're one year on from the vote to change the face of the european union. the negotiation with the european union will need to begin under a new prime minister and i think it's right that this new prime minister takes the decision about when to trigger on sickle fifty and start the formal and legal process of leaving the e.u. the united kingdom triggered article fifty of the lisbon treaty back in march and that set the clock running for two years until the e.u. becomes a club of twenty seven not twenty eight charged with shepherding the united kingdom
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out of the european union hope that the major issue of rights for e.u. citizens living in the united kingdom brits living here in europe can be salted fairly quickly. there's a long way to go but we're off to a promising start we have taken the first critical steps together now we have a shared responsibility to deliver quick and substantial progress it was clear. that both of those want to achieve the best possible outcome and the strongest possible partnership one that works the u.k. and for the e.u. despite talk of setting yet achievable goals there are still many key issues that remain in the air what to do about the divorce bill which is alleged could run as high as one hundred million euros that brussels will demand from london then there's the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland how will it
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look how will it be enforced all of these things brussels wants sorted before they'll even enter into any negotiations over trade financially we've seen the pound drop to a seven month low against the euro over the last couple of weeks and then there's none binns enormous financial services industry now that's been beset by rumors that some companies may look to relocate following breaks it but that is something that at least the european side have said they want to avoid if possible. the purpose of our legislative proposal is to ensure financial stability and not moving business for the sake of moving business this is why we are not putting forward some kind of generalized location requirements but rather empowering the relevant authorities when briggs talks got underway on monday the two sides exchanged some of the pertinent gifts with the u.k. receiving a walking stick and the e.u.
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among to the ring book both sides on the know will lucian's that they were on a long potentially cause of this journey peter all of a. going to bring an option returns now how's that going underground on our team ok joining us here thank you so much i just wanted to ask you something you know peter talked about ireland versus northern ireland this land border not talked about a lot in the united states we don't hear it talked about a lot in the media tell us your perceptions on us but of course there were used to be larry will very well remember this perhaps you will have to there were bombs going off in this is most are not that long ago before the northern ireland peace agreement put things together there was of course funding for once coming from america should it come on come on. right now. theresa may right has said that she wants to be prime minister with
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a deal with the democratic unionist party which up until recently was allied to paramilitary organizations who have already said that they want to be able to march in belfast part of the good for a friday agreement was of the british government was an impartial element in the agreement how can it be impartial if this is the case the irish foreign minister today said something like ireland will not accept a brics it deal with britain if the deal is involved in keeping a prime minister of this country so that whether she's risking war and peace on the northern irish border. and whether the brics a deal can even go ahead now because of the way she's doing a backroom deal which she still hasn't been able to do over a number of days or just what will it next prime minister fix that yeah well i have to say jeremy corbyn is very on the record about this he was marching on civil rights much is about island is in political life i think was even arrested on civil
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rights demonstrations for that he would seek to do very much. would have nothing to do with the deviation fame doesn't take their seats which were previously i got the next prime minister and you said jeremy corbett you think he is the next prime minister i think it's pretty obvious based on most book most commentators here that the next prime minister would be german courses may have the wrong place at the wrong time. i think that the idea that she could set yourself up for a general election together landslide and then to try and call bill to deal with these people that were up until recently allied to paramilitary organizations threatening peace in ireland and not being able to get that deal. when she's supposed to be doing a much bigger deal in brussels in strasburg means that she has no real power and ministers around the table will not take what she says is the know her well. i
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think. it's not well. but i mean oh is that we always say it should be issues not personalities it's. ironically because of all the tragedies britain has gone through up and recently they've seen that public face of their leader and so forth in the united states obviously you have a individual president which the. the midwest of america love in this country tres amazing equally disliked arguably by all sectors people from all six times a great to have you with us and i thank you so much when we come back on our r. t. special programming from london we're going to take a look at scotland and what the people were thinking after the snap election i'm ed schultz along with larry king and lindsay friend stay with us for right back.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple segments understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't tell you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth marty's eighty. to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.
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good to have you back with us here in our special programming here on r t american worldwide coming to you from london tonight we're previewing brecht's it looking forward to earlier this month they had the opportunity to travel to edinburgh scotland for the u.k. step parliamentary election there i talked to some concern residents who voted in that election many of them share their thoughts on the results of the election eggless. i think. again the tories go. i don't think the prime minister. she's she's failed basically measurably in the election you think she will hold on to her seat as prime minister i don't think she'll stay for very long i think it's only four years gone she told the election
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six weeks ago she made such a big thing about a month and one to one more see when on monday and she's totally failed i think it's interesting to have a hung parliament now what do you think the future is ah i honestly don't know and i doubt that they will form a coalition government so i guess i'll wait and see what three some insights it is with us on the election real quick what you think of the outcome. skating scary. because a there's a lot going on on monday there's no real government you know i think that's the problem when you kill lectured what do you think. this point is it's just disappointed well it was unfortunate what's the future. but i don't know what she said. to the queen. if she is farming or. do you think she can. do better than. yes i think she can
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and you want to receive me to succeed yes the what do you think of theresa may how does she do. to protect their will she. held a liaison to try and get much or it should and shouldn't get the majority. she's looking for a week and by the looks of things what does this do for scottish independence you think i think it shifts it but i mean this in peace to one of the joint chiefs. i think i personally think we need to wait and see what the bracks said before we make it. we leave school and we view. i think it's bucko what does it do for independence i think they've got to shelve out for a while shelve it yeah i mean i support it but you know a lot of people. there saying we've done so many votes and it's just the. tommy sheridan former member of the scottish parliament is here with us tonight in
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london tommy thanks for being here let's talk brett said where are the scottish people on this issue is confused we had because the scottish people overwhelmingly voted to demean the sixty two percent said that they wanted to stay part of the european union and i followed holder and he was over the won independence referendum where fifty five percent said they want to see part of the uki forty five percent said they wanted to leave the u.k. what we've got nova is a dog but it just is a complete and utter makes you have prime minister who is quite frankly the zombie prime minister she has the walking dead everyone even ol i recognize they should look at the end of this year of a main take into an election she hasn't recovered politically at all since the election just a few weeks ago hello ed think about it for a moment she has catastrophe of an election how the advise us hospital because they
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bodley advised the heart that they wanted to build the election road and that was a quite a bit of a problem because she had looked at it she had look at as much she wasn't able to communicate we ordinary people she made an absolute shambles of the election then we have the disaster the horrible disaster and didn't fail and instead all of being a statesman late and a vigil and get out as quickly as possible and showing empathy for people that lost the laves and lost the holmes she goes. investment's the images you see of us walkers and hades all self from the victims of the fire or only then to try and get not back on track by going back and all of the ones that she's been called to for that stupidity she is an absolute walking disaster so to the scottish people have confidence that she can negotiate a good breck's
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a deal of surrender leading question but i mean the fact is that she's got political trouble in scotland was never best for in any way well let's stick to d. for goodness sakes she unknown seats at breakfast that she's offering a c.d.'s c.d.'s offered and jams of a citizenship for britain and she offers this i then nuff renegotiations of the stuff and she throws this thing and then no and all of the european leaders in here we want to reset them for the bene they would know who she is we call a vote and then they come over by keith fame and they say no i'm saudi that's not good enough that's less than what we offered two weeks ago she as a mess ed and everybody knows that she's a mess tommy i wish you were opinionated i wish you had a strong feeling that this is so terrible when they have a guest like this wishy washy and bloody what to say were it mean and mean what you see that's what it's all about as well life's ups or what is a peep what is scotland do in this the twixt and between as you said in scotland is
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neither here nor there want to stay in the union voters didn't want to separate from britain where are you as an interesting dynamic no lotty what a small country will get by cots what up to let the size nation even the world only five million we had the fun task the president would eighty percent on have don't think about across your waist or what a turnout over eat into a salad secondly the young people are the one anodized pallette the size they were told then it is social media they were told it off the mainstream media which was totally utterly biased again. yes and the payments but we still managed we started off the company and tell you out of twenty nine percent support for independence by the end of the campaign with forty five percent support for independence so those who see that and the pain this is off the agenda i think they speak too soon the rebels the rebels of independence day have been good at leagues i did he didn't do
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a freeze one of you get this rate those in a minute now after the snap elections you still believe the independent voters is in the works and i the pleasure of meeting you when you get up and edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and you an idea of discuss this what you have to do member as the s.n.p. before two thousand and fifteen only two years ago the largest number of members of parliament the ever elected was sex sex in two thousand and fifteen they like the fifty six now that was out a what time are a watershed and this study election what happened a couple of weeks ago they elected thought to five that was the second best result and that study and everybody's seen or terrible for this and come on can't get at look at the way the look at the bigger picture the one you know the size national party is in is bigger dire straits as people are making it out to be i mean it clearly but clearly an echo sturgeon had a had
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a rough night at the office well you know that panzer who you talk to that depends on what media you're watching nicholas sale to watch the she's taken advice from here she had a fantastic result if it was compared to all of the others apart from the watershed of two thousand and fifteen the s. and p. by a clear majority one and scotland that's a fight that you just simply can't get away from now if you watch the b.b.c. you would think the s. and p. had lost the one bell action so where is scotland on brics it right now i mean you pointed out some very prefer. that theresa may is somewhat disposed to bring up the boss ability of immigration exchanges and security for people who are already here versus here opinion at a dinner she was criticized for taking the forum to do that but. how i mean how is scotland going to go along with this britain bricks that negotiation i mean there's no getting out of it now well you see and you vote in
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the pell that this is the point i'm just you're read my thoughts it you've read my thoughts because the point as from a cynical point of view the more three's a may get so we the more she makes a mess the more breaks it becomes. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern berks county in eastern pennsylvania northwestern montgomery county in southeastern pennsylvania southeastern lee county in eastern pennsylvania west central bucks county in south eastern pennsylvania intel six fifteen pm and fight p.p.m. a severe thunderstorm was located nearly support or nine miles north of reading
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moving east it's thirty miles per hour some rotation has been indicated by radar inside the storm well not likely to be too if possible hazard sixty miles per hour wind gusts source radar indicated impact expects damage to trees and power lines. patients unpack that include allentown redding bethlehem emmaus care town kutztown hamburg fleetwood laurel dale east greenville tonton lease port shoemakers ville valley lions and still ancient oaks clown still jerry and contacts aqua for your protection movement in a room on the floor of a building repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until six fifteen pm for the following counties in control burke's books in montgomery. it's great news for any nation to hear that young people are energized but that
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surprising to you did it was it heartening to see that happen what was that and put us for that literally turn off the news that so many generations have depended on going to social media and really get that and look to college it's amazing to me lindsay i was involved intimately in the refrain the. i was involved in our hope over fear campaign or of which we cooperate today because everybody seems to use the phrase no but we use that forced and scotland with the pain this company to. do have to apologize sounds like obama to well know each other i live by it so we school from nelson mandela but anyway it. is a stolen census i'm going to see all forms of really big in most of it as you know a lot of the most plagiarism has been plagiarised so from the point of from the point of view of the independence campaign that energized a nation to thank hey we might not we have big enough we're strong enough we're smart enough what economically stable enough to stand on
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a good two feet we what was it we want here we want to be a nation there's no nation in the planet has ever got independence from but action pugilism who's then said i'm shorting going to take his bach no one no one's done up we wanted to have the same rates as in yellow smoke continued what would look better than anybody lindsay with the big stuff but hey who was either and i think what we did is we used the social media to more bolides a lot of young people who had the two had not been traced according gaged and politics the unknowing gaged and the interesting thing is we have never drop in the general election and scotland where as across england the wheels it was not so high up on the scotland it was a war on the s. and p. actually lost nearly five hundred thousand voters and only five hundred thousand would be his interest in saying. and scotland because you would think would have
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done so well in england and wales live out in scotland. less than ten thousand votes less than ten thousand votes between a last year and this is good this year so that shows you that the liberal party in scotland is stop stop and that's blather rate bubble because they all voted against core but they all campaigned against government and then go and believe of open up ten percent and scotland a leave of what not one percent and that's because the labor party in scotland was too busy attacking independents and attacking the s. and p. that they forgot to get caught and authorities understand it that that what happened to labor and scott in one of the things the why they had the bricks and vote is because of immigration that dealt with labor there was a lot of you and you were european union workers that were coming over here taken jobs and it was depressing wages that was part of it but that kind of flies in the
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face of the scottish tradition in the scottish view of immigration still does they they don't mix today i mean there does scottish view of immigration is far different than that of betrayal of before before to come on to the comment yet i was having a lovely shot with with on off camera and on was talking about c'mon that can come on the can scotland as the bus place of one of the most famous authors a couple william michael viney who wrote the big minute to kill in the big momma's a film that liam neeson as style than it was a mock avani once this great scotland eyes on the mongrel nation among groups who wouldn't want to be a moped the greek there is nothing pure about scotland we are me the hope of emigrants will of that be a tell you will it be irish will it be bullish so i think should immigration is much more about hey do you want to. oh man levin what can build l.a. for scotland but only because we at accept and we understand that immigrants put
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more ending to the economy than to take the call me that's just a fact. sure americans are stating just in the course of scotland was against brecht's that they have a different view of immigration and so there are real differences between scotland . and don't get me wrong. i'm a special show list i have a particular view on but it that is a progress of a consistent left when opposition to breaks as a barrier i'm a gratian but it's the european union as a body it's a non-democratic body we all one when we vote for a political pocket election we want that political pot the if it went to be able to carry out this program because that's what democracy is a and the european union because of the regulations because of the rules the labor manifesto for instance of public ownership it would be able to carry as if you
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would in the european union because it would be anticompetitive to take the what up by and to compare the fifty eight there with by so there as above i doubt lemme hear the a pause it's of progress of polemical program couldn't be implemented based on the european union groups there's a reason that voice of reason for question and u.p.a. perfect question for you which i've been asking you go are you optimistic or pessimistic oh lawdy i said l.m. a socialist socialist of ball on optimistic at all with glasses off always cell phone that ontario did forward scottish pay great to have you with us said i you know this historical event has given comedians a lot to chew on a lot of material and while it's no laughing matter we can certainly appreciate some comic relief in all of this lee camp party america's redacted tonight host a joins us from washington d.c. league good to see you with us tonight good to have you with us here and it is
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a political craziness well first of all i want to listen to tommy sheridan same line who won it all day all day i could. so. as you may know i am an expert on bricks and i have studied it for the past fifteen sixteen minutes of my life and. i want to say this when i first heard of rex and honestly my initial response as an american was they got to vote on this they got to vote on why did they get to vote on the i want to vote on the i want to vote on all kinds of things i want to be able to vote on fracking or g.m. mosher chemicals in our food or our water or whether donald trump should be forced to wear a silence of the lambs muzzle wherever it goes so his toxic special doesn't land on babies we should have votes on all kinds of issues head on my mother said that they got to vote on this. les sure did they got to vote in fact they might even vote again they are the country of elections your thoughts on that well they are and
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i'll tell you they they do something that you know very technologically advanced when they vote with the snap election of blacks and everything they vote on these high tech devices that are accountable and verifiable and you can actually see the vote and double check it and these devices are called let me check i have it here pen and paper. they write it down with a pen and paper and then they have a verifiable votes that they can look at we vote on computers that have proprietary code that no one's allowed to look at you can never see you could never check most of the time and and we really have no idea what's going on inside of them whereas they have a pen and paper they can look at it they can say here's our people voted and actually find out whether it's legitimate all eyes and ears it's amazing we're ok with this system considering if it were the last ten minutes of the super bowl and they turned off all the cameras and perform the game in the dark and then told
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everybody what the result was this country would be on fire we would be faced off but because it's just every election we're fine with it. all right now you have to have some type of commentary on the hairstyles of the president trump in boris johnson who is the foreign minister here if there's the number one thing that's in common which we in these two countries who have leaders that must have the same hairdresser. well there are similar head dresses but donald trump clearly has thousands of dollars of interesting and unique product in that hair style to keep it like a helmet whereas boris johnson boris johnson i don't think he's not a billionaire he can afford a comb so you'll notice his is his is all over the place you know i think trump should donate some combs over to boris johnson might really help him out there in the future. please redacted as always great to have you with us thank you les pre-shared it the comic relief can be found with lee camp coming up on our brick
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said one year anniversary special prime minister theresa may sample actual decision cost her and her party big ten i can see can she see recovery will tell you right after this break stay with us. if you want to so still but know that you see a deal with the banks fail to be split. in the last few days but if i had to sit you speak if i left for the day like you did and now i get this with the police i'm. sorry if this is open. and open so open your heart but.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't tell me you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth marty's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know why. they're working.
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with the public to. put themselves on the line they did accept or reject. so when you want to be president. some want. to do and. that's why. you know more people. i mean there's always a. welcome back to our coverage here from london i'm ed schultz along with larry king and lindsay france our first year anniversary of bricks that prime time coverage worldwide here on our t.v. prime minister theresa may gambled and lost her parliamentary majority over the brics an issue artie's polly boyko takes us through the twists and turns of
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britain's rocky road to break up it was a very it changed the course of history the forty eight percent who voted to stay well outraged although the other as they went to light said the sum has risen. independent you know i save king james what he needs to become a national bank holiday we will call it independence day. nigel farage may have been jumping the gun that his so called independence day is still a distant prospect the referendum result killed the political career of david cameron and allowed home secretary theresa may to step up to the plate in the run up to the vote she had a quiet remain but the desire to post. brags that britain forced her to reconsider her position. rex's bricks it
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means bricks it wrecks it means bricks and we're going to make a success of a year down the line that sounds like something from an alternate universe considering that the reason may hold an election in order to strengthen her hand in the braggs it talks but ended up freefall in the polls and losing her parliamentary majority her atrocious result meant that politically her weakened government limped into negotiations with brussels earlier this week and bear in mind these talks were never going to be a walk in the park chaum created. what. can be concluded quickly. threats against aggression has been issued by european politicians commission was trying to bully the british people arguments over whether the u.k. would pave a e use one hundred billion dredges it bill guaranteeing the rights of citizens in
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the u.k. and who would get custody of gibraltar what thorny issues but there is aroused took a back seat when britain was hit by a wave of terror for terror attacks in the space of just three months to be precise and many britons held to reason may directly responsible because she'd been head of the home office for six years before becoming prime minister. and with all the security and political chaos few people even notice that earlier this week greg said negotiations officially kicked off but not in the way that london would have hoped the british government's already been accused of caving into brussels over the. brags that schedule and opinion polls now show that if the country got to vote again it would reject leaving the e.u.
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so just like two reason may the plan for braggs it went from strong and stable so weak and globally within the space of just one yeah. and our panel discussion continues tonight tammy sharon and former member of the scottish parliament as whether it's also british politician radio talk show host and t.v. host of sputnik george galloway joins us as well larry george what do you make of all this i assume you've watched all of this you've analyzed this what do you make of the whole purpose that britain story will i spent almost thirty years sitting in the parliament over the river out there. and saw nothing that happens there surprises me but the shock of the tories calling an election against their own law by the way which they had introduced making it fixed term parliament calling an election demanding a new mandate
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a stronger hand and then losing the majority that they had is one of the biggest political upsets of my life why do you think she did. she. the labor leader was as unpopular in the country as he was in the chancellor race and in the newspaper editorial offices but people like tommy mean you because we've known him for decades that germany corben on the stump as a campaigner would electrify the country and that's exactly what he did he increased the labor of will by more votes than anyone since one thousand nine hundred forty five the transformative post-war labor government three and a half million votes he put on and if the campaign had gone on even a few more days he didn't even bit of a man might of won an actual majority because there are dozens of tory m.p.'s now
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sitting on with four thousand majorities including the minister of the interior the home secretary as we call them who after three recounts is in parliament with a couple of hundred who think he's the next. prime minister well it's not as easy as that because they will get rid of tories a may but getting a new election is a different proposition they have lashed together an alliance kind of coalition though they haven't yet signed it the tories are being asked to pave the streets of east belfast the northern island in gold as a price of the democratic unionist party agreeing to support the tories in government so it's not corban you're thinking david davis would be because he could avert an election until later. it's a no brainer the only alternative is boris johnson who would be a catastrophe and you know you disagree with that term well i don't disagree that david de davis is probably one of the most competent towards this our own just know
5:43 pm
but i think george with agree with me that momentum is a big thing in politics and momentum is know what's called been and labor i had with s. davis was to take over you've got a member misa thought if he was on the main because she was never elected by the country she then called an election and lost a majority as george said if these over one thought of these health is on the lake what about that it's a very strong point except for this he would say i'm the chief negotiator of bricks that you're going to need to let me carry on with my negotiations then i'll give you a general election i agree and this irish party that is now. one of the that's their extreme form the call excluding loyalists the kind of people who went to your country and became the hillbilly the origin of the term hillbillies there were extreme loyalists who were by loyalist i mean the look the the union of arland
5:44 pm
with britain extreme protestants for you or your viewers who went to the hills in the united states billy is after king billy who is their standard bearer from a quite recent but altered. other than quite late in the battle in sixteen i mean sixty ninety that's where the term hillbillies comes from yeah they were the billy boys who went to live in the hills they were the original rednecks because it was with the rednecks that britain scotland populated island a settler's to disrupt the growing national consciousness of the irish people they were sent there literally as settlers how extreme is that party in the next two weeks you'll see how extreme three thousand. pilots wooden pallets were stolen today in belfast to build bonfires and on those born fires will be figures of everyone from the poor up to the irish nationalists leader gerry
5:45 pm
adams maybe i'll get a dummy this year i did one year anyone that they hate anyone from a roman catholic background like me could end up on the bonfire they are linked to protestant part of military killers madrassas people who attacked people for no other reason than that they were catholics on mob of them earn have nice carpets they're actually the oddest group of people you could possibly imagine really starts. no there's no discourse and not a group a lot of at that point you have to try and bet a main as the election campaign and the way the media portrayed it was how could you possibly vote for this guy called been linked to sixty mists you know the fact that jeremy over many years has met with politicians from northern ireland and tried to build peace try to bring people to the process met with chen seen when no
5:46 pm
one else would speak to feed recognize that the nationalist community was being ignored and were being discriminated against he's always try to build peace while. it's in the middle east well that it's an island he was supposed to be the guy who had links with extremists no what we have is mis forming a government with extremists it's an absolute disgrace their name is going the which if they were orange sasha's at this time of year and they go on pottery it's provocative preach through roman catholic areas to the men that are kind of cool klux klan a milder form maybe of the ku klux klan and his reason is now clinging to power by the tassels of an orange that he should we're going to see in the next few weeks what are we going to see well this is the marching season because they commemorate she's yeah they commemorate a battle which took place on not making this up in sixty ninety and they parade at
5:47 pm
this time of the year to demonstrate their superior ethno religious superiority over the irish catholic majority because of course in the island of ireland as a whole the roman catholics are a huge majority so they carved out a little statelet called northern ireland they call it northern ireland and gerrymandered the boundaries so that they thought there would always be a protestant majority in this little statement actually the majority has passed disappearing for a variety of who do they have a charismatic leader they did the deal p. was led by the reverend ian paisley or who used to boom and his affair fly. well actually on a personal level it was quite a decent and honest christian but he used sectarianism and sectarian hatred to build a movement which became the democratic unionist party which is no in power in britain
5:48 pm
can you believe it treason may would fall from power without their ten votes that's how close the election was and that's a political dynamic that has been played out on this guy in long a long. so where do you see bricks and going in the in the next year these negotiations from the standpoint that you know she's on political shaky ground and you really don't know who the next prime minister is you don't know how long jeremy core has political momentum is going to keep going worse breck's it how can you be in a position of strength a negotiation after all those we've lost any position of strength that we might have had she could have gone into these negotiations with a relatively small but doable majority of twelve she then called an election to get a bigger majority and lost the majority that she already had so the unity and union government's mainly right wing governments the european union commission which is
5:49 pm
a neo liberal boston they know they've got her out there marcy so they're not going to do any kind of deal do you think that the public has figured that out and that's why half the people in the u.k. right now are not sure about bracks and that's the latest polling well i didn't see the pool but what i do know is that in addition to and i was a brick campaign i mean i'm so old that i knew tommy when he had the diametrically opposite view of the european union the single market and of scottish independence because we were conduits on the british left. but i am convinced that the majority of british people. believe the brics has been voted for democratically and it's best that we go on with it but what we've got is a government now incapable of getting here was a delegate is that is a very progress of argument for breaks and that's the argument i promoted i voted
5:50 pm
but i accept because i believe the european union as an democratic institution and as a famed left edition from twenty ball cruel the movement i. campaign the longest three g. and last against the european union because in my opinion it's an undemocratic but bureaucracy as a first vote that's a superstate as a super state but has got power that it doesn't deserve has it in the poa lindsey how love up the what the way the media played the campaign it made all of it and mcleish and the trade as if it was as enough for big vote well i'm going to say to you that means then that the people of scotland must be some of the law very very last xenophobic than the majority of people in england and i don't believe that i believe that are some people in scotland of maybe more sent a left that in england i think what you hide was all lies and damned lies that were
5:51 pm
told judith not company three hundred fifty million pounds a week for instance it was the emblazoned on the bus that bought us doesn't want to talk about it any longer whereas it whereas it after breaks it so from from my point of view that the thing is still in a mess and a flux by giving me george we george and i we are socialists f. breton and we whole votes for socialism the last thing we would ever want is people see in all the women who want all of what we the democratic world is a democratic world so i stick out a dope but it has to be catty on the base of a people's but except where jobs and security become priorities we should be entered using conditions of employment the better than the european union your thoughts are if germany had won the election which. i'm sure both of us wish that he had then we would have been able to build a kind of a britain in fact germany corbin's program cannot be as thomas said implemented
5:52 pm
within the european union you can't nationalize you can't intervene in the economy you can't protect jobs in the central industries if you remain in the european union that's why i wanted out of it because i want to britain. we're we can do these things and leaving the e.u. was a necessary but not sufficient condition to build that kind of society and saw my campaign for brics it was not based on any of these tabloid traducing of immigrants and the rest but a democratic case there is no case for being governed by people that you didn't elect and cannot remove and whose articles of association make impossible the politics that you've spent your life fighting for and so it was no difficulty for me at all to join the brics a campaign from the left no this springs out of this result springs of the same swamp. donald trump amounts from
5:53 pm
a swamp of bitterness feeling left behind on listen to not sharing in the but the neo liberal elite enjoy and continue to promote and labor had the same reaction here that they had over the united states they felt left behind yes exactly so and that's why in the industrial areas or rather post industrial areas of britain the votes for bricks that were enormous in some cases sixty seven sixty eight are sent from benefited from to and from has a base might be thirty five percent of member suppose who is mrs may's base. heart personally she now has no beach she's a dead woman walking she's staying in power or only because the alternative is potentially what's in the form of what is the other side but the tories have a bit why doesn't she resign if that's your case she's a loyal conservative why don't the tories ask her to resign because she's also
5:54 pm
a dishonorable lady let's face it georgia she as it's called us no clue woman of course not going up to the cinema absolutely she adds a loyal conservative and a cold callous woman the conservatives are these people these. people for years have presided over a good disc and hopes. removal of rates of whales of income from all don't repeat what we don't get in the city here the largest number of billionaires in the what don't live in the city and tonight we're getting a hundred families been removed from camden thinking you know that i was because i was is an unsafe eight as an absolute catastrophe and this is what these people up for sale as a social point well because they are able to fool enough people whose real interests don't lie with them that the alternative so peace or killers against their is worse and you want to do. undoubtedly do that as there is
5:55 pm
a hard core of working people and lure middle class people who would benefit massively from germany corbin's program but who are stampeded by one means or another on race on xenophobia on quote unquote terrorism and all the of those issues that we've talked about borger has their own interests and then of course there is an elite it's not one the elite is not one percent despite what was said in your country in the green movement the deal it's much bigger than one person i want to have more like twenty or twenty five percent i want each of you to take the last minute here and tell us where we're going to be a year from now with bricks of well i think and hopefully george would endorse us as well that those people the jobs told to because he's up so the rate that is a hard core of the well off and the selfish you know a day something you see when you're walking class and you're voting tortie you check your wallet and if you have good money on it then maybe you've got a reason to vote or if there's no money and it's because you're shipping that's
5:56 pm
that's the reality but you know what corba know is much more credible than he's ever been and the people that jolts talked about that have been for years sweet but the poison that the press then made. just. because jeremy has went underneath the surface a subtile renie and movement he's ignored the media he's ignored that by saying and he's went to speak to the people to work or something and it's unique now in the world it's left wing sloppy liz i'm not the right wing populism of le pen and france trump in the united states left wing populism follow it and we've been waiting for this here i am very very well giles george galloway to me share it great to have you with us tonight thanks so much and finally tonight we leave you with a few thoughts the question begs where will bracks it be one year from tonight how will the geo political landscape of volved considering the potentially massive financial insecurity impact this move could produce the delicate balance of
5:57 pm
negotiation between the u.k. and the e.u. could have a worldwide rippling effect of failed breck's it could bring a stifling economic future for both the u.k. and the e.u. with the end game just too hard to forecast the issue of meeting the basic needs of the people can't be lost in negotiation by either side greed in fear must exit the room for bret's it to offer stability both sides are seeking negotiators while they must be aware historically isolation leads to confrontation and that is our program tonight for lindsey france and larry king i'm ed schultz thanks for joining us you're watching r.t. america worldwide questionable. i .
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what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those for the face your wife or. donkey. what's your biggest fear. of a big moment a right wing so let's talk a little bit bored you say if you ever miss the concert but what about. exploring the topic doesn't belong to you now i did did you do to question more. earlier today president obama i don't know established
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a. responsible people and there is always. always. going to be here something else tina in the usa or she will get your point two sides and sometimes has to use the social media oil are always on the story it's garbage in real. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture.
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greetings and sal you tell us our sins of the past will always come back to haunt us hawk watchers and with the recent horrific reports coming out of yemen it appears that the united states and its war on terror has once again found itself at the center of yet another torture scandal this week the associated press is reporting that an estimated two thousand men have allegedly disappeared into a vast secret network of prisons inside the war torn country of yemen run both by the united arab emirates and young yemeni forces and that many of the detainees.


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