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gold into the ohio river were poisoned thousands of people but the chemical that were placed c eight a chemical known as gen x. is beginning to cause similar health problems same things we saw with ca in close to three hundred thousand people along cape fear river may have been exposed to dupont's newest toxin tonight we'll tell you the story of gen x. and how deep are quietly swapping one poison for another and later in the show we'll talk about the details of california's recreational marijuana laws so don't go anywhere americans were started in the. church. in two thousand and two part of officially stopped using a chemical known as c eight in the production of teflon mostly in response to massive lawsuits that the company was facing the company's internal documents show that as early as one nine hundred eighty eight they've been aware of the dangers of
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c eight yet they hid these dangers from the public until the recent lawsuits expose their cover up for the world to see but even before they stopped using ca the company had been working with a new chemical that they said would replace their toxin in two thousand and six they start to use a new chemical called gen x. which do pot told both regulators and the public was far safer than c. eight nothing to worry about here with generics well the noose around the du ponts genetics chemicals unfolding the exact way that their c. eight cancer story unfolded not only are we learning that this new genetics chemical is causing cancer and reproductive problems but the company was fully aware of these dangers and did let the public know about it du pont's filed sixteen reports of substantial risk of injury to or help to the environment over genetics these reports though were filed with the e.p.a. during two thousand and six and two thousand and thirteen. under section eight of
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the toxic substances control act that specific section of the law says that if a company is involved in the manufacture of a chemical and they have information that reasonably supports the conclusion that the substance presents a substantial risk of injury to health of the environment then they have to inform the e.p.a. so just seven years the company had to file sixteen reports on the toxicity of the chemical that they told both regulators and the public was much safer nothing to worry about no problems here jim x. is been associated with a dangerous health effects and test rats including cancer changes to the immune system and problems related to reproduction in january two thousand and thirteen dupont said in a report that rats exposed to varying amounts of genetics over a two year period form cancerous tumors in the liver in the pancreas and the testicles rats also develop benign tumors kidney disease and liver failure even
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worse is that the dupont scientists who signed off on the reports that well they're probably more relevant to human health assessments really which the company has taken as the green light to dump these chemicals in the cape fear river in north carolina and again just like ca being dumped into the ohio river valley what we're beginning to see this genetics chemical popping up in people who live along cape fear river and as many as three hundred thousand people could have been exposed to this that to this product dangerous levels of this product it's a tragic story that once again shows a criminal corporations never change until somebody has to pay the price maybe to be prosecuted. joining me now to talk about the new revelations about du pont's genex his attorney chris paulus chris before we get into generics give us
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a quick rundown on c eight and how that directly relates to this story that we're hearing about generics. well it's interesting pap is that through the process of litigation over the c eight chemical in the middle heigho valley we got a good glimpse of what dupont playbook was when terms of how they respond to these types of crises and contaminating water districts or water supplies and it appears the dupont is playing the exact same playbook here with gen x. there initially going to decline to provide any information or any transparency into their file cabinets into the toxicological data that they have regarding humans or animals then they're going to say that there is no relevance to humans and they're going to downplay the amount of chemical that's in the water that people are exposed to to say there's no health effects in humans and we're seeing that play out as we speak in the wilmington area fayetteville in our area north carolina yeah. chris it's incredible to me they test these
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rats they test the laboratory animals they're dying from cancer they're dying from liver problems or dying from immune problems but then the company says oh gee that doesn't mean anything well why are they testing the animals if it doesn't mean anything it's like we saw with ca they tested the animals for fifty years animals dying by the tons and they were tell the public well it doesn't mean anything that the monkeys died we know how ridiculous that is but we see them saying the same thing with genetics tell us what we're beginning to see with this new chemical genetics what do we know. well according to the documents that have been provided to the e.p.a. we're seeing the same types of cancers in rats as we saw with c eight we're seeing the same types of reproductive immune system effects as well as other toxic effects to the eyes of the longs to the skin of animals that are exposed to this to these to this chemical genex it's the exact same types of harm we saw animals being
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exposed to see eight experience so it's eerily similar in to end of the toxicological effects on the animal poor animal subjects the been exposed to this chemical what we're being told is that they don't have any idea how this actually affects humans who are exposed to it through drinking water and chronically which is frightening absolutely frightening what's the potential effect the size of the population how many people could potentially be affected here chris. well what we understand is that right now the water systems that are in wilmington north carolina that is the cape fear public utilities association that water system as i understand it serves upwards of two to three hundred thousand people any water system that's drawing water from the cape fear river below the dupont plant there could potentially have gen x. in its water right now i'm not aware of any data that says that it's actually in the groundwater and that's an important question that people in north carolina need to be asking dupont to answer how did this how did this chemical get in the water
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all this how is it being released from that plant is it coming out through the air stacks is it being dumped through solid waste into unlined landfills or is it being dumped directly into the with the water through process water through the processes at the plant knowing that fate and transport the chemical is absolutely critical to understanding how many people are exposed but i mean what is the part said about the toxicity of genetics i mean if you really think about it you have animals laboratory animals dying that's why we test laboratory animals we test them do they get cancer well we don't test them just to give them cancer we test them to see what's the possible relationship to human beings how long have they been aware of these potential problems that they've just seen from the laboratory animals alone chris how long has been going on. well it's interesting if you look at some of the documents that were just recently made a non-confidential there were documents submitted to the p.a. as confidential business information in about two thousand and six those were
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released in about two thousand and thirteen one of those studies is goes as far back as nineteen sixty three that dupont was studying the toxic effects of this chemical so they've been sitting on this information for decades and i'm sure have plenty more information in their file cabinets that has yet to be released or they may be claiming is confidential business information so they've been looking at the toxic effects in animals ok decades and decades and it's not till recently that we've seen it be good that come out to light in the public and on the docket chris if you go back as you pointed out earlier if you go back and you look at the history of c eight they came out first of all they kept it quiet they didn't tell anybody that they were dumping this toxic garbage into their drinking water same thing here second of all they come out in they tell people all once everybody finds out don't worry about it don't worry about it it's no problem here and then we find out well yeah it is a problem because your animals when you tested it were dying by the tons and then
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they come out and say oh well that didn't mean anything because they weren't human . and then the next thing they do and i exactly the same thing here they convince the media that there's no story here just move on everything's ok we're going to be all right corporate media barely covered the c eight story we're seeing the same thing here are we so all those similarities. yeah in fact actually dupont tried to ban the local press from wilmington from their first meeting with some of the public officials in that area they tried to prevent the press from participating in that meeting think of the gall that it takes to actually say that no press can be can be present and in fact that when they did relinquish they allowed one reporter to go in and take notes on the meeting that that occurred to their credit the star news in the wilmington area has been writing stories and doing the best they can has been asking some pretty hard hitting questions but they need to keep that up they need to be persistent they need to be diligent there's
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a lot of questions that are presently unanswered that the press and the community in wilmington need to be asking they need to ask again how did it get in there water how's it going to get out of their water how much is in the blood in the tissues of the community members in that area how are they going to figure that out and what are the long term health effects in humans from chronic exposure through drinking water they need those answers and they need to get them from du pont and any answer that dupont get gives them need to be received with more than a grain of salt with intense skepticism because this is a recidivist corporation that is poisoned thousands of people in other communities and has lied about it and covered it up in the past where they covered up the law i went on in the ohio valley. for ca that went on for fifty years they lied to these people they had internal documents that showed there was a relationship to cancer in ca and you know it we're not going to know until a water district does what they should do and say look you know you didn't tell us
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about this you said everything was going ok now if this is the same situation with there's something called bio persistence the problem is you've got a product that is in the environment for at least two million years they're never going to be able to do it it's there for two million years how long it's in the human body we don't know yet but anyway chris stay on top of this is a critically important story going forward it's something that we're really going. we're going to have to follow coming up we'll take a look at how marijuana legalization is going to impact the most populated state in the nation states and. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corners confirmations from washington washington post media the media.
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and voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. you know one old street looks like. this one. analyzing the bottom. line. like i got. with. the. limits of. what politicians do that. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich.
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but you going to be the first to supply them before three of them or can't be good . i'm interested always in the wives in the house. why shouldn't more. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money but when you have. a lot of boys that's how it is in the new sculpture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm michel martin america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded that you'll get the straight talk in the straight news but to my leg.
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all the world states and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are in t. america playing marty america offers more artsy american personal. in many ways and usually in speech just like the real news speak in the city actors and actors and in the end you could never be your own. so much parking on the world stage of the world stage all the world's a stage we are definitely. in twenty eighteen california's going to be able to legally purchase recreational marijuana struck state regulators male finalizing distribution laws and taking a multibillion dollar industry from the black market to store fronts but with the federal government's views towards marijuana hanging in the balance it's unclear
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how the trump administration will treat legalization efforts in california r.t. america correspondent tows is going to talk to me now about los angeles with the details about what's going on out there what's your take on what's happening out there with with this law so couple things we've got a long laundry list here all start sort of from the top mike what's happening in california governor jerry brown is really trying to streamline the regulation and the system so they're going to be combining the medical laws which have been standing in place since about one thousand nine hundred six with the new recreational law is now according to the bill which i have here proposition sixty four allows adults aged twenty one and up to possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes the measure creates two new taxes a one levied on cultivation and the other on retail price prop sixty four will allocate tax revenue for drug research treatment enforcement health and safety youth programs as well as preventing environmental damage from illegal marijuana
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production so these laws are really aimed at protecting consumers public safety and making sure that the government gets its fair share here it's cut now the industry the lead. marijuana industry should say generates about seven billion dollars per year in sales california as to means that it will generate about one billion dollars per year in sales so that right there is a ton of money now under this law consumers will be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes as well as grow up to six plants in their homes in addition to that people who have a doctor's note for medical use they will be allowed to skip those sales taxes and many other laws here are still being drafted and they're expected to have a final draft by october marijuana is still illegal i mean you you've got the you've got a problem where you've got a federal government that simple simply we don't know what they're going to do i mean every day you've got jeff sessions coming out saying we're going to throw more
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when prison you can't do anything with the banks because there are so many obstacles there but look this is happening in california of seven in florida it's happening all over this country where there's a sea change taking place what it what are your what are your takes on what the federal government has got to do to make all this happen how they're going to dress these issues. so first of all california is trying to position itself to be a sanctuary state for marijuana in fact the state assembly recently passed a law prohibiting local and state law enforcement from helping of federal law enforcers on marijuana related inquiries but yes it is still illegal on the federal level in fact marijuana as i'm sure you know is under a schedule one classification alongside heroin so federal banks are not allowed to do business with marijuana industry businesses they cannot accept cash from them and they cannot conduct credit card transactions the businesses so state banks here
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in california could potentially start springing up but the problem with that is state banks still need permission from the federal reserve so california is sort of discussing right now the option of creating private banks that will be independent from the federal reserve but what i really imagine will happen here in california as well as in the other states where marijuana has been legalized is that it will start using payments crypto currencies like that coined to conduct business not only to carry out transactions but also to pay their employees in order to keep it away from cash so much mike regina don't you find it interesting that you've got jeff sessions talking i mean really he's just so out of sync with what's happening in this country now they're not talking about corporations that are slugging us with opioids i mean you where you have people dying from opioid almost every day overdoses every day were opioids are actually killing people and you have just jeff
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sessions focusing on on marijuana what is your take on this difference what why is it that a pharmaceutical company this make a good zillion dollars by by killing people with opioids why is it that we're given a free pass but nevertheless a marijuana grower somebody is growing marijuana for medical use that they now could potentially be the toward. the federal government what do your take on that generally in general we know that lobbyists and big pharma money tends to keep the law as in their favor rather than promoting something like marijuana which grows naturally so of course we have that coming into play here but california has had a legal medical marijuana industry going for a very long time and i don't see it stifling innovation i don't see it stifling anybody's will to carry out their legal marijuana businesses despite the spectacle brule is in opposition what have california lawmakers said about what they're
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trying to learn i mean there's a lot lot of water in the bridge i mean states like colorado washington they were the first to pioneer recreational marijuana programs what is the what's the take away that california should look at or maybe florida should look at where as they go forward with this these types of programs california governor jerry brown has gotten some advice from the colorado governor john hickenlooper and that's things that he is a learned through the legalization of recreational marijuana in colorado things specifically like regulating edibles that's something that they had to learn the hard way after they had some incidents negative incidents taking place there they're also talking about coming up with a a good tax level just to make sure that legal marijuana is not flooded into the dark market well let's hope is this goes forward and again i can't help but come back to this because you have so many you have an opioid crisis taken place all over america and you have companies you know that produce for example that
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understood they were making billions of dollars as people were overdosing on their toxic product every day and i just find it i find it incredible that here you've got a justice department that there aren't throwing these caps in jail but they're trying to throw people who are operating within the bounds of the law absolutely like they're supposed to. they're trying to find a way to make them into the criminal as these white collar thaw ghz walk the streets and sell us opioids by the ton killing people by the by by the hundreds and thousands thank you for joining me ok. the u.s. supreme court has struck down a law that an equally favored children born abroad unmarried women over unmarried men in a nutshell a law enacted in the one nine hundred fifty s. made it easier for children born to unwed mothers to achieve citizenship than it did children with single father in the majority decision just justice ruth ginsburg
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wrote the gender line in congress drew is incompatible with the requirement that the government accorded to all persons the equal protection of the laws effectively saying this law is unconstitutional for more of this i'm joined now by molly barrows legal journalist with the trial lawyer magazine molly first of all what what was the law that created this gender this gender disparity to begin with where did this all start the immigration and nationality act of nineteen fifty two said going back several decades there is this notion that children born to parents out of wedlock where the dad may have been a citizen or the mom a citizen they had an equal requirements for how the child born of that union how that child could become a citizen for example unwed fathers had to spend at least that were u.s. citizens unwed the u.s. citizen fathers had to spend at least five years in the united states in order for the child to become a citizen whereas the requirement was only one year for the mothers and basically the reason for that is that the supreme court back in the day thought that unwed
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fathers were less likely to care for their children than the mothers you know with the circumstances i mean that's part of the circumstances of the this lack of been able to evolve but what were the sort of the cause the supreme court to eventually look at this and finally take action struck it in yes so finally this recent case of immigration where the unite. state was trying to deport a repeated felon of a repeat and convicted a felon and his name is luis ramon moralities and tanna so he's from the dominican republic his mother was a dominican republic citizen his father a u.s. citizen but he didn't automatically acquire he didn't automatically meet the requirements to become a u.s. citizen because his dad just missed the window of years that he was supposed to spend the united states in order for this child to become a citizen where the parents later married and moved to the united states louise gets arrested for a number of things convicted felon and the united states government wants to deport him back to the dominican republic and he says but wait i am a set of scent i want to become a set of scent it's this law that's unfairly kept me from becoming
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a citizen based on sexual discrimination so that's the case that went to the supreme court that's what they heard and they basically decided that we agree with you this is sexual discrimination you're not getting equal protection under the law but it didn't really work out in his favor as far as while they may agree with him that it was sexual discrimination as will explain in a second it didn't really work out as far as his bid for citizenship go towards partially good moves partially by. this ruling what does this mean for people like we're all or some other people in similar situations who i think ultimately he was certainly hoping that they would come back and say yeah you're right not only was it sexual orientation you're not getting your protection under the law but we're going to go and let you become a citizen we're going to take a whole new look at this but that's not what happened they pitched it back in the congress and slapped and said congress you need to come up with a rule that's actually the whole that applies to all people in these situations but in the meantime we're going to make it fair and that now children born to unwed mothers have to meet the same requirements as those born to unwed father so people not to be a citizen people watches have to conclude the same thing that you would argue these
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are great years for people who were always because of the trumpeters to begin with so yes. this is a very and this is an important ruling from certainly from equal protection standpoint i don't know that it really is a step forward for. huge image of immigrants that want to go to the states and can still have equal protection under the law but it's a store yes followed outside. good news for another victim of big pharma defective drugs a federal jury has awarded fifteen million dollars to the woman's ten year old son born with a rare chronic condition called spawn of bifida a birth defect where a developing baby spinal cord fails to develop properly the plaintiff argued that her son's condition is the result of a bipolar treatment drug told called depakote made by pharmaceutical company abdi the lawsuit said that abby failed to provide adequate warning about the risks of taking the drug while pregnant while jurors didn't award punitive damages in this case this is hardly the first time that this drug has been in the in the legal
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hot water back in two thousand and twelve when the drug was owned by a different corporation called abbott the company had to pay out one point six billion dollars for promoting the drug for unapproved uses currently more than six hundred injury claims related to this drug are pending in federal and state courts this award will hopefully allow the plane of son of the very least to receive the best medical care available for the rest of his life that's all for tonight be sure to check out our new web site a l dot law where you can actually talk to an attorney about any of the stories we cover on the show i might have been tony on this is america's lawyer every week we tell you the stories that corporate media are ordered not to tell because their advertisers won't let them there's too much money involved have a great night yet i am. told
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the feeling to be a real the experience below and you'll get it on the old the old. illegal according to jess. coming. i'm larry king and you are watching our t.v. america question more. our culture is awash in laws dominated by streams of never ending electronic
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hallucinations that lurk fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics as a species of endless and needless political theater politicians have morphed into celebrity are two ruling parties are in reality one part of the corporate world to those who attempt to puncture this. breathless universe of fake news designed to push through the bullshit and exploitation of the little or the top four so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche of sweet we must learn to.
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eat. you. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last wrong turn. blue as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my law. i turned on each one. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question our ark and i
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secretly promised to never be like it's one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this one to. speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. god. god.
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god. our. breaking news the syrian army confirms israeli forces have once again targeted their positions in the disputed territory of the golan heights it's the second such strike on the area in two days. a tough week for the british prime minister as she faces calls to resign over one hundred of the grand felt our tragedy brenchley protesters take to the streets. and we now know the four teams through to the semifinals of the confederations cup as germany win and chile do enough to progress in their deciding games we'll have a report from last question studio in sochi.


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