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tv   Headline News  RT  June 26, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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britain's ruling conservative. minority government safety net striking a deal with the northern irish. for the prime minister's election. day.
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just pm this monday here in the russian capital welcome to the program. we begin with breaking news from london british prime minister treason mase conservative party has reached a deal with north. unionist party to support a minority government. we have reached an agreement with the conservative party on support for government and parliament disagreement operate to deliver a stable government in the united kingdom's national interest at this time. the tory government has pledged an additional one the bill to northern ireland agreement will also see trees in may box truck election pledges such as pension and
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benefits reforms while the signing off a ten downing street has surprise someone as they do you have dragged on previous policies to see a brick stone the deal for us it's been over two weeks since this crash and burn apple lection cold by theresa may that took place on june eighth leaving the country with an unexpected parliament and now it looks like we do indeed have a deal between to receive may's conservative party at the democratic unionists of northern ireland in terms of what specifically has been agreed we do know that the do you have been promised one billion pounds within the next several years of financial support and one stepping stone that's been quite important and watch since we do know that the do you have been quite insistent on not being huge fans of a hard brags that we have heard now that they have agreed that an exit from the e.u. will benefit all parts of the u.k.
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of documents that they have released doesn't get into very much detail this is an agreement that so-called can for confidence and supply which is a bit of a different format and even with the way that have been made on how this deal was reached we did see the do you peel leader speak separately there was no joint press conference so certainly we're just going to be waiting for theresa may to address this deal later on. well the reaction has been coming in. fast an opposition m.p. for the labor party it's called the de la grange is an attempt to stay in power by throwing money at northern ireland while radio talk show host and columnist john go on to trees amaze damage control tactics after the snap election setback have failed. managed to get this group the little coalition together but the do you pretty whole ten see she's still a minority government i think she's going to have real problems lastic kerry called it at the weekend has said that he thinks should be prime minister by christmas i
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certainly think they'll be in an election by october i think it's very very difficult to hold this government together and she's got to be pleased to see she's also got a police divided party and the conservative party is still civilly divided over the major issue at the moment which is breaks it out of the e.u. so a my make her a little bit more secure for a few days but this is no answer. moving on the conflict in syria has seen a potentially dangerous new development with the israeli military bombing syrian government positions for the second time in as many days or mideast correspondent paula state reports now from tel aviv. israelis claim that these strikes are in retaliation for cross border shelling from the syrian military earlier this morning monday they were again reports that idea tanks had fired across the border after another round of fire from syria israeli side of the golan heights but the israeli
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army has since said that the reports of foals however regarding the earlier two incidents of syrian shells land in israel there's been no proof that in fact it was the syrian military that fired those shells damascus has said that its forces are currently battling terrorists in the area so there's no way to pinpoint exactly who fired the shells damascus has now accused israel of effectively providing cover for the terrorists by bombing the syrian military is one of course has been illegally according to the international community occupying the golan heights since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven israel's bombing of the syrian government forces comes just a week after the u.s. u.s. led coalition shot down as syrian military jet and manned drone u.s. officials often say that they like to lead by example and in this case it seems to apply to what israel is not doing when the united states and its allies target the syrian military with impunity and that of course stands
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a signal to other countries that they might be able to get away with the same kind of thing and as i mentioned the syrian government is fighting it out on the street terrorists near the border because well well this might just be another example noting because russia has recently accused the u.s. of failing to target this very same terrorist group. we're still seeing a case of double standards from what we've seen in the fight against terrorism in syria were under the impression that these so-called job or. whatever it's called now is being speared on every occasion by the u.s. led coalition and its allies now russia hold its military cooperation in syria with a u.s. led coalition after the downing of that syrian fighter jet last week a. this latest escalation from israel's bombing of the syrian military is a slippery slope for this truly international conflict which is being fought on so . well former u.s. diplomat jim gentry's thinks the timing of the israeli strikes on the syrian
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military is suspicious it's one thing for the israelis to say that they will protect their border that's leave because aside the question what the status of the golan is the bigger question is this is there is there something more behind this then just the israelis responding to what they meant is an errant lending of syrian missiles on their side of the border the anti-government forces in syria are on the ropes that the the government is making great gains that there is concern to these terrorist forces by as we know saudi arabia qatar and these other countries with the silent backing of israel and of course the participation of the united states are in big trouble and through these ridley's what that means is that they are quite clear about this that they don't want to see forces allied with iran on their border particularly hizbollah and i think that's the real concern that they're expressing through this action whether it will grow into something major i don't
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know meanwhile the u.s. government's agenda in syria is coming under increasing scrutiny on capitol hill democratic lawmaker is attempting to push a controversial bill through congress that would prevent washington from arming terrorists on their allies in syria but also visited the war torn country on a fact finding mission earlier this year however so far draft has only attracted the support of fourteen other u.s. lawmakers. we must stop this madness we must stop arming terrorists i'm introducing the stop arming terrorist act today to prohibit taxpayer dollars from being used to support terrorists. the u.s. congresswoman how she views the situation of an anti terror in new york this is her response i and many others are working hard to continue to build support for this legislation with the goal of getting it passed and ending this policy i think that there has been a concerted effort to both on the part of some in the media as well as
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many in politics and many in our foreign policy establishment who have been advocating for a continuance of these regime change wars really ignoring the fact of what has been the consequence of these wars in countries like iraq and libya and syria where each time we have we these wars it has resulted in the strengthening of terrorist groups like al qaeda or the creation of isis and it has resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering and death from the people of these countries. russia is suspected of being behind a cyber attack on the british parliament which targeted m.p.'s emails on sunday that is according to the u.k.'s guardian newspaper up to ninety for compromise thousand result of the more than ten thousand people were told to change their passwords as politicians are also denied access to the free meals on devices i
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decide westminster for security reasons well to discuss this further i'm not joined by political analyst chris bambery chris good to have you back on the show so there we have it russia is now thought to be the main culprits behind the attack but i'm just looking at some of the sources here except for the information seems to be based on a list of potential threats and how likely is it give it to you that it's a particularly sensitive time here relations between russia u.k. and other countries that the russian government would be behind something like this . well i think you have to start by saying there's no hard evidence whatsoever the russian government is behind this this is a suspicion. it has been presented almost as fact and so much the bridge british media but i think also any of you might want to think about who might have it in for the british government internationally and the list of coper it would be a very lengthy one d.d.
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given britain's involvement in various wars and adventures to run the world so why it narrows down to russia i don't really know i mean now north korea is always to be mentioned but we've tied diag various other groups like that many governments around the world of their grievances with britain and also the question of organized crime because one is the information you would call from an m p's email account isn't a vote in national security secrets it's more about constituents writing in and giving details pursuing individual grievances they have once in the m.p. to intervene and therefore you might pick up the national insurance number or the data both things like this it would seem to me that what information you get from m.p.'s mailbag is more useful to those interested in cry came rather than national security what do you make of the guardian the paper actually running with the headline that it was rushed because you know no thorough investigation has been
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carried out it's only happened at proxy addresses are notoriously difficult to to find a lowdown on which country because they can be used all over the world of course but still they went ahead with this very direct accusation. and as i say there is no hard evidence in this what's all the talk to various people who work in ninety industry but there's no one there for the british security forces saying this is russia and the other than the transpires is as you would think if it was the russian state involved in made a better job of this that actually happened because the only low energy package said to ninety over was six hundred email accounts no that's not fantastic successful if you're a criminal yes i suppose but if you are a government a state body you'd want something far more effective than that given the most money you'd be spending on it so i think it does beg the question it wasn't that effective and indeed it's been described as a rather crude and blatant attack by some of the some of the parliamentary digital people so how do you think the russians about made
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a better fist of it than this you know only getting one thousand m.p.'s that really as i see the stuff they get will be very greed information just briefly chris as we're running out of time here but let's give the benefit of the day to the guardian shall we for a moment what consequences could there be if there is proof it was russia. i think again you'd see the demand for sanctions which are still in place of course britain would be complaining left right and center various elements of the united states would of course be seizing this to try and embarrass because russia and president president trump in terms of that so it's playing into an agenda which is already there if you want you know russia is the bogeyman is being blamed for hacking in america in france and known in britain so all of b. would be more british voices joining was already a vocal quarters of both sides of the online tick yeah yeah the part of the question was in terms of actually state involvement first is there other groups
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that could be under the russian flag as well that's another interesting topic maybe to discuss next time you're on the show political analyst chris bambery chris thanks very much. ok the news continues are to international but ninety second stay with us.
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live. all the feel we don't need. everyone in the world to be a real leader and you'll get it the old the old. the old according to just. come along for the ride. six police officers have been injured in london for a protest against police brutality turned violent four people were arrested with the details here is probably. let's. have a. look
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at. it all started last night but it carried on into the early hours of the morning and protesters here were throwing break the mounted police station they were throwing a beer bottles as well and they were trying to access the building the reason they were so angry was they were demonstrating over the death of a twenty five year old local black man his name was federico. he was known as ed said he was a comic cannick he was pulled over by police when he was in his car earlier this month and campaigners say he was brutally beaten some reports even that he may have died as a result of his neck being broken and he died in hospital six days off to that
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initial incident with the police so the protest as that we had last night set was saying that all they want to know is how mr de costa died take a listen. also if we can give you all says. their family members will cry you mobile cry you should live. from the way. it was going to buy if you don't see that the police should have called me and you will get me to think about it before they will take you into their own hands so many people are putting the police cover up the corruption who will prosecute you nobody saw really into you can you blame the public for being angry and upset but obviously this is a sensitive issue because we know that these things are happening on the cover you know behind closed doors and many people are not good. hear what's actually going on on the street the people so you know it doesn't happen anymore racism is not like it was. is happening just behind closed doors or the
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metropolitan police have said in a statement that as he was being detained mr de costa became well they've also confirmed that no police officers have been suspended as every result of this incident with mr de costa the police sportstalk here in the u.k. is investigating what led to his death the independent police complaints commission and they've already said that in the initial post mortem carried out on mr de costa hasn't indicated that he died from spinal injuries. ok let's get further into this with women bennett from the unite against fascism group who joins us live on the program good to have your company yeah the victim's family say his neck was broken and he suffered head injuries but the independent police complaints commission says that the polygamy examination failed to establish that as polly was
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just saying a post-mortem finding no neck or spinal injuries do you think that authorities would risk not giving out the whole information would that not be very damaging. well the truth is that the independent police commission also said that the shooting mark duggan they had you know he had weapons where he clearly didn't i don't believe they're independent and i think there's a real problem with the number of black men the end up dead after an encounter with the police and that's far too many of a thousand people have died at the hands of the police of the last ten years to a year and all these deaths are always unexplained and usually the victim is to blame and we think that something is terribly going wrong in terms of the impact of the police and the black community it's not long ago there were mass rot all across the country because black people were being killed and there was no kind of justice or justice for their families in terms of exactly what happened do you forsee
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republic what's what happened in tottenham as you mentioned back in north london back in twenty eleven will protests continue in the u.k. is there a danger of them spreading to other cities from what you're hearing. yes and one of the reasons is because the police officers to be involved in the killing of mr de silva have not been suspended and we think this is a gross misconduct in any other occupation if you were involved in the death of somebody you'd be suspended until there was actually clear evidence that you were not involved in that killing otherwise what you set up is a system in which there's a defense for people that have been doing volved in wrongdoing and there's no means of bringing them to account in other words the police judge themselves to be innocent and there's no way of actually proving the and actually it's a cover up because these deaths keep happening and nobody's ever held responsible for them so what do you think can be done to diffuse the situation is it is it doing that is a putting more pressure on the police you know critics of. of people saying
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the other side of the story would say really that there is problems on the community in. various areas there's problems with the policing that they need to talk to each other it will only inflame if more accusations are thrown at each other. but are was a friend's apartment ask where the man who was detained after driving the van through. people who were worshipping there they're not trained. police officers they managed to restrain a man without killing him and given towards the police these are trained officers and every time there's an encounter a man driving a car ends up being dead a healthy young man ends up being dead and of going to far too many funerals where no answers are given the first thing suspend the officers show willing show judicial process show that you willing to go through the process of valuing somebody's life as much as you valued anybody else's life and i think this is
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a disservice to the community to say stay carm while people are being killed while people are losing their lives and there's no kind of real justice be brought to people there's not even the process or the attempt of justice is an attempt to say well we we don't know how he died well actually he was healthy before he met the police and he ended up dead off beam at the police or somewhere along that process there's got to be some answers thank you very much for coming on the program explaining your point if you women and it's unite against fascism. if you're on a russian investigators looking into this in petersburg metro bombing in april say the attacker and his accomplices used an encrypted messaging service to plan and carry the atrocity kevin owen went over the details with a leap to trying to work here. the telegram messaging app is famous for its outstanding levels of privacy with all the encryption but the secret chats just to remind you almost three months ago a suicide bomber killed fifteen people in the st petersburg metro and the
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investigation into that got to the point when the russian federal security service are saying that at all stages of the preparation both the attacker and whoever assisted him in russia and abroad were using telegram another thing that they are saying is that telegram with all its encryption features has become the most widely used app by terrorist organizations in russia when it comes to messaging now just a little earlier russia's communications regulator zor said that it could be days away from blocking telegram russian authorities have demanded that the telegram team provide access to the chats and their crypto keys when and if needed to which the founder of said no and he also added that the privacy and the people's right to it is more important than the fear of terrorism
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the course is not just telegram there are others as well that a guest could conceivably be terrorists as well there's the general public that's got nothing to do with terrorism and genuinely they really praised all the new features that these take this thing out now like telegram are offering with the new levels of privacy but the authorities are on high alert and they're absolutely not happy with these loopholes and perhaps that is justified because to research organizations have published at least one hundred reports of the hottest organizations using telegram in the past you were saying that there are other apps that are grating and corruption facilities like watts app developers of that got on . in the u.k. after the terrorist attacks in britain and that was criticism on a very high profile level we want companies to develop tools to identify and remove harmful materials automatically i want to see them reports this content to the old
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storage is and block the uses to spread it there should be no place for terrorists to hide we need to make sure all the organizations like whatsapp and there are plenty of all this like that don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other we need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to get into situations like encrypted whatsapp kevan but the great threat is still out there and since the number of terrorist attacks in europe has only been increasing i guess it is fair to say that the authorities failed to contain it and now they are saying that the only way for them to do it is get access to the chats and crypto keys so in the near future we are bound to hear more debate on that the usual thing security versus progress. twenty five minutes past five pm this monday evening here in moscow going underground is next on the program taking a closer look at the british prime minister's two big battle grounds bragg's it and trying to stay in power and if you're watching in the u.k. or ireland it's time for sofia and co looking at how the european union has changed
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in recent years. lies ahead. when else seems wrong. just don't. let me. get to see. this day after. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves the party we choose to look for common ground. again on this edition of the program we focus on real news this time is the war in syria escalating so who's driving it the latest in the qatar saudi arabia and so many have like an extended version of the.
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to integrate. at the same time we cannot accept every. country all countries. all countries so you. see and this is going underground on the day the bricks that bargaining chip of the fate of millions of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. coming up in. the form of britain's ruling on whether. dead or just as an opinion poll shows is the. number one choice for prime minister.
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cabinet. previously. in the british government. we investigate the power of street to shake the head of this week's one day more march against the british government in london from jerry lewis. the biggest names in comedy together with a new film dying laughing about using stand up against. all this and more coming up in today's going underground but first today's the un international day in support of victims of torture it celebrates the coming into force of the convention against torture and all the cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment thirty years ago today but torture allegations have been rife in recent here is britain negotiated david davis unsatisfied with responses given by. david miliband then
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corbin new labor foreign secretary i asked for david miliband today to come to the house of commons to make a statement we've heard no sign of doing so i'll ask again tomorrow he ought to explain to the house of commons firstly what the situation is tell us i hope that the government is not complicit in torture and when torture allegations against the british government are raised some cases just end in failure with the judiciary citing potential damage to british interests the man who says he was sent by britain to libya to be tortured with his wife speaking for the first time on t.v. about what happened to her they are angry at today's decision that no one will face criminal charges but of course there were torture cases before the u.k. invaded afghanistan iraq libya and syria u.k. government mandated torture that acted as a recruiting sergeant for the ira.


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