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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  June 26, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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ah. i. think i. got off today's show talking about our lord and savior amazon. she's been busy. amazon is buying the mecca of organic stores. today announcing it is rolling out something called amazon wardrobe so joining the box party may feel like the online retailer is pretty much taking over your life your t.v. screen your shopping your reading and even your home have no fear folks it's only taking over your life in your home. amazon has brought breathtaking a fish and sea to consumerism right it is also brought breathtaking inefficiency to
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consumerism amazon is incredibly convenient for all of us and it is the worst thing to happen to us since the bottom play. it's like of the one that play got infected with steve bannon when. it came down to. those statements that i just said are true and yet they conflict right there a paradox and it makes your brain want to punch itself in the face and yes a brain can punch itself in the face our eyes mind does it every time chris matthews speaks. in our culture we are now almost incapable of taking multiple ideas into our brains when when those ideas are condensed into one topic or one story for example i recently talked about how trumps with drawl from the paris climate agreement is both exceedingly awful for humanity and also not that big a deal it's awful it's awful because of what it means for our ability to cooperate and ability to think intelligently. it's not
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a big deal because the paris agreement was all laughable sure ain't brought it up again anger. when you have everyone from oil tycoons to war criminals clinking champagne glasses when the thing is timed you've got your selfish climate accord. we want everything we discussed to break down to either good or bad right either important or completely on important either on fleak or exceedingly off clique. i'm not sure what the opposite of on fleak is i have no idea because i don't actually know what on flick means. the opera kid could very well be off putting cups. off sleeker jafar bird or it could be you i don't know i don't know if you know i'm just saying amazon is incredibly efficient in that it can get products to you in like a day or two right awesome but also incredibly inefficient if you want to order say
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bubble wrap write like a thing a bubble wrap they will wrap it in bubble wrap. and then put it into a giant box and ship it across the country and then if it's the wrong size bubble wrap you then send it back across the country to get your bunny returned and they probably throw it out because it's been tainted by your touch. they treat it like oh mother bird after a baby birds been touched by human. toll road that got to start over. that is the definition of inefficient amazon also crushes competition and treats their workers like dogs but they very efficiently treat their workers like dogs. i remember hearing a report by a journalist who went and got a job as an amazon picker for a week a picker is what they call someone who runs around the amazon warehouse grabbing
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items ordered by. slack jawed americans with the push of a single button. because back in the day it was two clicks it was a disaster it was two clicks uphill both ways it was a real drain all right yet if you have any idea how many calories that second click bar and it's going to do you got a pound a whole nother papa john's personal pan pizza just to make up the calories. so back to the picker these are no these are normal warehouses for example an average facility in chester virginia is one point one million square feet roughly the size of eighteen football fields by the way why do we always compare large sizes. so football field. even though that makes it sound fun like a like an amazon warehouse to be described as the size of a chain prison general population walks for eighteen chuck e. cheese's filled with screaming of noxious children hopped up on coca-cola. so these
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bankers spread around these warehouses picking up items and the reporter said that a surprising number of those orders include dildos which. which i find interesting because you only need you know one maybe two for your whole life right that's it it's not like every time you use a dildo it gets whittled down a little i go like a. real pencil you know. it's small no you. know there's a new one. but it's also not like a different shape it's going to become trendy in a few months you know. oh you're still using the banana shaped man most people have switched over to squares now of it. anyway that's a discussion for another time pretty pretty much all reporting over the past ten years has confirmed that amazon is awful to their workers even the ones who work in the office jobs the corporate jobs one employee in the book marketing department said his enduring image was watching people. weep in the office site other workers
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described as well you'll see a grown man covering his face he said nearly every person i worked with i saw cry at their desk sounds delightful and that's all the worse the work atmosphere of mash and they were in the korean war. workers are pushed to the breaking point and then thrown away like an old sock back in two thousand and eleven rather than spend money to air condition one of the one of the warehouses where workers were commonly passing out due to heat stroke amazon began paying to have ambulances stationed in its parking lot on hot days why air condition the whole place when you can just cart off the dead people that's it's also what they do outside marlon wayans films it is. a ambulances. were if it sucks so bad you die. in a lot of ways this is the apex of
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a fish and see right the products arrive at a customer's door in a day or two at the expense of a human life they never see right and human lives or are in abundant resource never seen a cold place stadium tore there are plenty of humans out there there. is a lot of them there is cares and there's also a countless number of struggling people willing to take any job offered to them this is the end game of capitalism so now amazon has just bought a whole foods for fourteen billion dollars jeff bezos also owns the washington post and many other things but the whole foods means amazon is branching out to i.r.l. establishment which i found out recently means in real life after spending a year thinking about irresistible roasted linguini which made for awkward conversations with friends they were like let's meet up i.r.l.
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and i was like santa delicious. they were like what in the does that even mean. so what the purchase of brick and mortar business is amazon will become more powerful than ever as matt stole the road this week like google and facebook amazon uses technology and data to sidestep traditional restrictions on monopoly power chances are amazon will use their wholefoods leverage to force people into becoming amazon prime members they will also force every smaller establishment out of business like they've done with with competing websites and bookstores and more jeff save those said our goal with amazon prime is to make sure that if you are not a prime member you were being irresponsible staller. us dollars and points out this statement and the amount of power in pays is hands should frighten all americans what he implied is that you will have no choice but to interact with
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his institution to buy and sell geegaw goods that everyone needs on his terms with a amazon you push a button and everything in the world arrives at your door in thirty seconds and as long as you don't think about the destruction of lives and environment it takes to do that it's really cold. at the heart of it this is the existential question of america and capitalism and consumerism all packed into one box with a smile on it are we willing to slowly kill ourselves for cheap products that arrive at our door with one click as mad stoller concluded there is only one force that can stop amazon we the people step one is to switch to locally grown free range our to dildos. how do you get washington d.c. the day thank you thank you chad.
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well i'm told cam now let's take the news from behind there have been a lot of important stories circulating this week but the mainstream media won't always give you all the information so it's time for a new segment called but what they won't tell you. this is all part of my ongoing effort to view the diva lucian of our media and our society as a fun game show. sure our democracy is a sham but check out these dancing girls anyway. anyway this week we found out the officer who killed philander castiel is shown on
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a facebook live video that officer was acquitted of all murder charges it's truly horrific and the officer was clearly at best poorly trained at best resulting in the death of yet another innocent man but for what most mainstream media don't generally you know what they won't tell you really in this discussion is that in many states hairstylists are required to attend significantly more training than cops the same goes for interior designers refrigerator repairmen sushi chefs and anal bleachers. in a bleacher sounds like the worst seats you could have at a baseball game. they just just throw in a couple extra bucks. don't get to annul bleacher seats. anyway this incredible lack of training for police officers seems like
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a pretty young. porton part of the discussion on why so many innocent people of color are gunned down across our country this is probably a small part of the reason cops are running around with guns like god damn fools while refrigerator repairmen rarely shoot and kill a refrigerator. no matter how tall and intimidating it may seem. moving on in switzerland a giant new machine is sucking old on. in switzerland a giant new machine is sucking carbon out of the air that that's much better than just sucking ice i mean if you want to do. you want to just create a sucking machine you already have sean spicer john lamb and ryan lochte see hootie and three out of the four blowfish nancy pelosi all lot you've got it you've got a lot to choose from for a sucking machine but in terms of
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a c o two sucking machine choices are far more limited. but this is great this machine will suck the carbon out of the air climate change will be solved and we can all go back to driving a hummer while wearing single use wife beaters eating big macs and farting afridi. the american dream is alive and well so how much c o two can these things graph developers say the plant will capture about nine hundred tons of c o two annually or the approximate level released from two hundred cars and then piped that gas to help grow vegetables two hundred cars. i'm not mistaken. there are more. two hundred cars on the planet. that say as of twenty eight and this there were one point zero one five billion motor vehicles in use in the world i think we're going to need some more shocking
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bush. climb work says if venture is a first step in their goal to capture one percent of the world's global c o two with similar technology to do so there would need to be about two hundred fifty thousand similar plants two hundred fifty thousand plants to capture one per cent of the world's carbon sure is this so what they won't tell you is that there is no magic bullet that is going to save us from ourselves and allow us to keep living in this completely unsustainable way it's almost as if we need to start existing in a way that doesn't all over everything. i write no new technology might help us take the next step but it will never allow us to continue down this path there are just not enough don lemon's and ryan lochte is
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out there to sock away our problems we have to go to a quick break but for exclusive content you can just text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine it's free and quick you can also get our free podcast called moment of clarity every week on i tunes and stitcher we'll be right back don't go away. i. were decades of the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money forgiveness that's grown that a lot of boys that's held. in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i mean it's still on our to america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight. but to the.
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world. we turn now to a new report by the n.g.o.s save the children it's called the end of childhood index and it ranks one hundred seventy two countries based upon quality of life or quality of childhood and yep you guessed it the u.s. is number five we are way way now we are the top ten our of own.
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tub thirty six we're number thirty seven thirty four thirty six right after right after the super wealthy nation of bosnia. sorry about that here now to explain what this all means is our senior childlike correspondent john above. because we are thirty six when it comes to quality of childhood for kids that's sad that where the low we're the richest nation in the world man i'm getting so tired of the u.s. getting bashed for this lee the report ranks one hundred. seventy two countries and we got thirty six has not had. this is typical millennial child entitled title man syndrome oh i'm an american job so i deserve a childhood free from harm and food insecurity they. also
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i should be able to graduate high school. garage. giving kids food and an education is not entitle meant some moral thing to do well i can't spell moral without oral. and this report can suck my. mom and come on this is a show about children so it's no wonder who are the criteria for the report all right fine and used as a primary indicators to determine the best and worst countries to be a child and those eight categories are depressing as. i feel like i'm in the middle of a p.s.a. err lay hello please help save the children from malnutrition that stones growth and under five years old mortality rate being out of school child labor early
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marriage adolescent births displacement by conflict and child homicide for just a dollar a day you too can curl up into a ball and the moment existence knowing we live in a sick sad world. that was depressing i'm good at what i do. so why do you have to skip ranks a lot. of the dirt come on give me the dirt the a c.n.n. crew over a field grows deal with that. the united states was not found to be exempt from the threats that contributes a premature death among children it is one of seven countries where half of all teen births occur and its number of infant deaths was twenty three thousand four hundred fifty five in two thousand and fifteen more than those of forty european countries combined in the same year. big deal our teenagers like to look up whatever that was your take away from that quote do you tell it that from here
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think maybe our quality of childhood sucks because programs like nutrition assistance and our social safety net as a whole is getting gutted or maybe it's because we pump our kids full of chemicals and processed foods that turn their brains into soup all right first of all i love soup so. i don't know where you go with that one. and second of all childhood is glorious in america i believe we have some footage from. i think plays i play bad i am was. that you have then. you are a real charmer i was that lady wasn't even my mom was she respects the stranger i convince to buy me food live. well some well done like this and this is all about
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priorities ok there's over thirteen million children in our country that are food insecure over twenty percent live in families below the poverty line since the great recession the top one percent has acquired ninety percent of the new wealth. i think i see a solution here i think we can easily care for all of our kids if we wanted to allot the money right around our you can take your socialist wealth redistribution scheme and stuff it in that mr all right america is always going to be number one evil or number thirty six we're still number one we're number one we're going to live number thirty six. being number thirty six. ruling on one of the reasons children can have tough childhood here in the us is
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because our endless war on drugs and how it's used to lock up their parents for relatively small crimes but that's not the only reason the drug war is a travesty let's go now to naomi care avani for the raging controversy. our story begins in texas in two thousand and eleven when the drug enforcement administration obtained a lier and i believe valuable piece of intelligence about the leaders of the next kobe cetus curtailed one of the most powerful. drug organizations in the world the operation was named to cheat to win through legit to wait. because mc hammer is a paragon of success. also that's a nine hundred ninety one reference to look at the clip fell out of you separate
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yourself community got really pissed off that's not too legit to quit you just order to be waffles without syrup the da token a camel it shared the intelligence with the mexican federal police you know playing my problems with leaks against the wishes of the lead a to. in the case this informant specifically warned of the potential for bloodshed let's talk about the complex vetting process of the d.a.'s foreign partner here and you spend more time reading this title than the da spent vetting its confidential informants well i'm sure the justice department doesn't agree with that journalists . review its long term confidential source timely. they sometimes are not conducted at all they're just like. so can you keep it secret cross your. fingers where no not even a pinky swear well you know mind here's some highly sensitive information that could cost lives this is
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a disk cartel just immediately who had betrayed them and began hunting for the snitches the traffickers went after anyone connected to them leading to a massacre in ny and they which hasn't been investigated by mexican or american officials sense until a pro publica report demonstrated the role of the dea a cavalier way of sharing information clearly showed no concern for the lives in countries where they operate but i mean what do you would bet from this agency when the mexico and central american sections of the da where this badge on their sleeves. i think the guy is my i was the shaman. he was also a great teacher to also misled congress and the d.o.j. about fatal shootings in the twenty twelve operation and bill operation and bill ok so now we've got mc hammer and wiley coyote this is inspiring a lot of confidence so the d.o.j.
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nor i want to say that there was a crime for us in honduras that would be extremely illegal but i will say there was one and. they. say that. but the report didn't use words like cover up it just said there was lying or refusing to provide evidence and in adequate pre-operational planning few of the dea agents spoke spanish and the honduran spoke little english. so knowing spanish isn't part of the job requirement for working on operation and bill in honduras. when you say conversational in spanish can you like order food or eat just pointing and grunting ok. it says here your profession in excel that will do we cannot trust these guys so what's the answer look at our nation's drug problem
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must be treated like a crisis instead of prohibition organized crime just gets more powerful with draconian prohibition efforts i learned that from a p.b.s. documentary. you know there are some common sense solutions we can learn from those gangsters and soon soon now no one is running around killing each other for a if the bathtub gin though if you catch me drunk late at night i probably would murder somebody for some french fries but i shall be held responsible for that murder no matter how tempting french fries are. where. did i say that right. reporting from washington they only care about any. headlines from the future coming up next week in impressive display of
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a fish and see deceased amazon pickers turned into pulp to make amazon boxes. pretty good pretty good and an organist. last remaining child with a happy childhood unfortunately total about. this coming wednesday. new g.o.p. health care plan includes televised gladiatorial fights in which winner gets dialysis. that's your show but if you don't always have time to watch redacted tonight as i mentioned earlier you can check out the podcast for you every week it's called moment of clarity you get it i tunes and stitcher until next time goodnight and keep biting. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put the fish your wife or.
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donkey like you know what your biggest fear was in the food on the table right celeste. what would you say yes. but what about. one topic. now i could give you due to the question more. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that birthed fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics it's a species of endless and needless political theater politicians more than just celebrity are two ruling parties are in reality one part of corporate and those who
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attempt to puncture this. breathless universe of fake news just signed to push through the cruelty and exploitation of the neo liberals or are pushed so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche. we lost. your launching and our team got special report. this bug me. basically everything that you think you know about civil society has broken down. there's always going to be somebody else to be one step ahead of the game. we should not be the star of the normalising pile. we don't need people that think like this on our planet.


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