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tv   Headline News  RT  July 4, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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over two years old. in the group and who runs the blood business. however breaking story of this hour the u.s. and south korea have fired in a show force against north korea. at least disperse mass protests against the g twenty meeting in hamburg using water cannons. donald trump will have his first face to face talks with lattimer put the g twenty summit on friday with one of the most anticipated meetings obsolete gear now confirmed. russia and china call for a deescalation after north korea tasks and other a ballistic missile that syrian president xi jinping today visit to moscow.
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three am here in the russian capital and you're watching our team for national welcome to the program was started with breaking news south korean and u.s. forces how far did miss alice and to the sea of japan in a display of results towards north korea was part of the joint ballistic missile drill between washington and according to officials the axis size used missiles that can be easily deployed the exercise was a response to north korea's latest messala tast on tuesday meanwhile u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has released a statement calling for international cooperation against north. well as now into. octu dream a w d i's and that is saying ataturk out the trends
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today welcome to the program here on our senior national now do you think firing missiles in a shell force as the right response on the part of south korea and the u.s. . well it depends on your viewpoint and your the pentagon and your donald trump you're not about the pass up on an opportunity to fire off a few of the guns and show the people what they are spending their money on so as i've been interviewing earlier this thing is north korea thing is filled with lots of tricks of course the north koreans have been putting on a show by firing off their intermediate missile which was not an i.c.b.m. which was earlier reported they said it went like twenty eight hundred kilometers and here which it certainly could have done because you use up all your fuel and
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then you just fall back to earth so why i'm not surprised at all that the us they probably had this planned that if i had north korea did shoot another mess all they would put a display on themselves but the background on this really what's going on which is more important it is china and russia were meeting today and they finally put on a table their own program to try to calm this thing down and they had all the correct elements in it the kind of put the u.s. on the spot to quit playing cowboy and now want to sit down with these people and try to work out an agreement you know what do you think how well can young respond to the u.s. and south korea as a show of force. he's not going to do anything that's going to look like he's responding to an ultimatum and the problem we pad here which hasn't been reported
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in western media is he has offered to stop the missile testing the u.s. and south korea would stop its war game maneuvers which he consider very big provocations on his border which of course they are and of course the u.s. paid no attention to that the corporate media didn't cover it here at all and then later or he actually the north koreans said well we'll actually sit down and talk to you without any preconditions which of course the u.s. did not want to do because they've now deployed these military assets. and they want to show off and then how much power and muscle that got so what russia and china basically said is north korea has to stop its nuclear program and the u.s. and south korea have to stop their war games and we have to sit down and begin the game and the negotiation so they have finally stepped in and submitted an alternate
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plan and now we'll see if they can get north korea to do something but they want the u.s. also to do something at the same time and that's going to be the hard point because trump's going to want to say i beat on my i'm in i'm back down and that's not how you get people into a negotiation but from your point of view is there an and to this vicious circle where opposite sides just fire messaoud is trying to to up the ante on each other. the problem is is the end of it could be an ending that none of us really want somebody could make a mistake there could be a misfire you could have a rogue element inside north korea that says we're tired of this we're we need this show we need business so and that's fire a missile at at the u.s. and do some damage and famous could spin out of control and this is why the u.s.
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strangely this thing along without getting into talks this has everybody worried because the longer it goes on the chances that there could be an incident which could started a shooting war even by accident or basically by a contrived mechanism that's made to look like an accident so we're hoping that the meeting with trump and china and their offer that they put on the table that that's going to put some public pressure on the u.s. which we don't see domestically congress is fully on board to all of this the outer cold stop that i think it's good for the voters to show that there are military money is being spent. and negotiations are really not a big vote getter so we'll just hope that wise men run ups can eventually sit down at the table and start doing the negotiations in the talking and south korea needs
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to pony up to the table and realize that that they need to do this for the interest of their own people also i think it's unwise for bringing your insight here on our hunter national that was deemed elliott dean managing editor of the trends today. for the just a day laughs before g. twenty leaders her sad to me tour their homework summit the german city is already en gulf and mass protests the police dispersed protesters to with the water cannons and demolished and campaign one of the city's parks well there is a large police presence on the streets now and officers are wearing right here let's take a look at what's happening in the city. was the. was wrong.
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that. was. already horse drawn and in germany peter all over the details on this ongoing story . well this is all developing ahead of the g. twenty summit which is taking place in the northern port city here in germany hundreds of thousands of demonstrators expected to turn up as part of this twenty campaign that's been going on and while they needed somewhere to stay we were expecting perhaps some trouble tomorrow evening on on wednesday evening certainly on thursday friday saturday that seems to have started a lot earlier today to the amount of people who've come to how many decided they were going to camp out in the city's parks while police said they were going to have none of that and as the tent city that had gone up in the park in town byrd well the police went in and forcefully removed people from there taking down the
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protesters. and police have responded with police in full riot gear here we're still getting pictures coming out from what's happened but we've been hearing reports from those that are in there we're talking police in the full riot gear coming out they've been using pepper spray against demonstrators also hearing that water cannon has also been used. gathering of far left extremists and they kissed people coming out to protest against the g twenty in fact what we have seen moments here and also elsewhere in other cities around europe that would be to see him fly is saying to come into these demonstrations they are all well in advance and certainly seems like there's been quite a lot of turnout there is a very large police operation it is under way now of course but it has been under way for a while leading up to this g twenty in fact the police were showing off one of their most recent successes as part of that operation they uncovered
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a cache of weapons huge amount of weapons over one hundred homemade things that include throwing knives baseball bats brass knuckles telescopic batons and even things like. precision cuts of poles items that and weapons that police have said could be used to cause very serious injury you know they certainly police uncovering this type of weapons hole that we saw in rostock suggests that a lot of planning has gone by those who were who were committed to causing trouble this g. twenty summit the german interior minister said eight thousand violent protests expected to take part and rallies police have taking preparations quite seriously twenty thousand officers will be deployed into special security zones have been set up and the city. of the doj and of the german security authorities are preparing
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with great diligence for their biggest police operation this year this of course concerns the hamburg police which is strongly supported by the state police and the federal police earlier we discussed the situation in homework was bruno kramm chairman of the main branch of the pirate party and with prince chaos semma session activists and journalists. but mike they have become much more radical because the police is also doing a big huge mistake by escalating everything quite in the beginning showing a really hard line and this is basically what the protesters are not accepting it was decided that the protesters can stay with their camp inside of for part and of course they have to overnight there because most of these protesters and young people they cannot afford the message expensive hotel prices of hamburg nobody was thinking of that some of the it's not allowed to them to overnight in that tent and without any reason they were just taking away all the demonstrators and their right
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to to be. in this park and basically this is a kind escalation which definitely bullied into in the wrong direction it looks like a civil war situation much more than enough pestle of democracy i think i would not rule out that there's also some. police provocateurs to be to go in on a new look because the humble police also has a set record of escalating strategies now when you look at what they're doing at the moment it's really they stop people from sleeping basically you know i mean they go into these protest camps at night take people out of the tents. and really create a situation where there's a lot of chaos in the city and you really are ask yourself i mean is this also maybe a strategy to create this chaotic situation that then can justify more security state measures in the near future so i mean i think the bulk of the demonstrators
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are really not very militant and g. twenty summit itself is going to finally see and meeting between the u.s. and russian presidents this friday after all that fuss over the trumpet ministrations possible links to the kremlin or to escape as more. well this year's g. twenty summit promises to be very interesting indeed the white house and the kremlin have both confirmed that presidents trump and putin will meet on the sidelines though after six months of russia dominating the headlines and moscow admitting that relations between the countries are it is zero however it's much anticipated by other people that this will be the highlight of the entire summit what is it that we're going to be talking about first of all this ukraine and secondly the syria and that promises to be very sorely indeed after the white house came out with the unfounded allegation and indeed prediction that president assad would use another chemical attack in syria and that to which i quote moscow said is
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an invitation for provocation and then there's the g twenty summit venue itself it's been in hamburg where there's been protests and demonstrators are saying they're going to be even more of them and then there's a scandal amongst the policeman the burning police were drafted in to help the hamburg colleagues in providing security for the event but hundreds of them have been sent home after a scandal where the party got out of hand where public sex fighting in striptease seem to be the order of the night and therefore inappropriate behavior was the reason that they were sent back and then this president urges bodyguards they've also been told not to come following the recent time in may when they were accused of beating up protesters outside the turkish embassy in washington so all in all this year's the g. twenty promises to be very interesting indeed. the chinese leader has wrapped up his two day trip to the russian capital now as well as signing some twelve billion dollars worth of deals the two countries called for
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a deescalation on the korean peninsula or to use more of gussie of has been following the talks a little telling things that they had to say was that and this was said by both sides the relation is now between russia and georgia but that they have. you the history and that is something that god would die. i may get a juror in the various appearances by the two leaders obviously they talk about many things they agree don't go operation in agriculture in space in business in the media almost every sphere you can talk about they side deals with twelve billion dollars and they were all smiles about it. if.
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you like to the chinese businessman told me that ice cream is very much enjoyed here as i promised i brought you a whole box of russian ice cream says. the chinese leader also said that the world was growing turbulent restless and case in point north korea launching another alleged into immediate police the missile successfully heightening tensions in the region and here the chinese and russian leaders came out with a surprising solution the signs suggest north korea voluntarily declares
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a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches and that the u.s. and south korea refrain from joint drills the idea is to get both sides to deescalate and to pull back away from the brink but washington has other ideas stardoll trump has. china to increase pressure on north korea to force it to back down in its alleged again pursuit of nuclear weapons and. the pentagon has reportedly said that it is now considering a show of force in order to deter north korea from its pursuit of weapons there is already a show for speeding by the americans in the south china sea the moment we're in the position where on one side of the equation you have somebody who has extremely limited experience in foreign policy is a little bit flaky and very unpredictable and on the other side you have claimed
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who frankly. the situation so well we're at a relatively dangerous time at the moment showing the shifting tectonic plates in world affairs that it's actually russia and china who may be to stabilize the situation. and while washington has requested an urgent meeting of the u.n. security council for the north korean missile test the u.s. one said to be held behind closed doors and we'll keep you updated on what comes out of. shape ten pings visit to russia comes at a time when china's still a chanst with the u.s. are on shaky ground while last after beijing ordered military vessels on jets to warn off an american warship which according to china's filey to its territorial waters and the south china sea are these caliper looks at how things started to go wrong between beijing and washington remember the famous chocolate cake that donald
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trump used to woo the chinese leader we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen president she was enjoying it that was the first time that trump and she met with trump putting on a gland a dinner for she which also featured trump's granddaughter singing a song for she and chinese. i well that was back in april sense then trump's charm offensive seems to a faltering here's how the chinese foreign ministry sees it. president xi explicitly pointed out that china u.s. relations have made great progress in the recent days but it has also been affected by some negative factors a fair few such factors actually unlike the u.s. accusing china of being a top human trafficking offender china was downgraded to two or three status in this year's report part because it has not taken serious steps to end its own complicity in trafficking and washington's plan to sell one point four billion
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dollars in arms to taiwan which china regards as a breakaway province didn't exactly go down well either time in alienable parts of china and the us weapons sales to taiwan violates international laws as well as the basic forms of international relations china firmly opposes it and it's another thing that china firmly opposes the installation of american missiles right on its doorstep the deployment of the u.s. missile defense system in south korea does serious damage to the strategic security interests of all countries in the region including china and russia and disrupts the regional strategic balance well it looks like relations between beijing and washington won't be seeing any major reset but how big of a blow is that to china right now china's president xi is in moscow both china and russia would like to. demonstrate a common interest you can be a. deteriorating relations with the united to space both understand that
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donal's from administration. a serious fact of uncertainty and dave remain very cautious demonstration. china and russia is seen to be beneficial on the both the this despite trumps attempt to be better. body is was she a while ago looks like the geo political setup hasn't really changed just like under obama the two eurasian superpowers seem to be getting along pretty well while the united states is distancing itself and distrusting both of them. r.t. new york fatah has replied to known to made him delivered by saudi arabia and sound lies i will have the details right after the break. seemed wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape
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out these days become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . income inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effect of nist and congress there are these are well documented trends going back decades and no there really are q ten minutes fast to the point where people describe the system is being seized with a kind of paralysis. welcome
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back good times sounds it has responded to an ultimatum from a saudi led blog that saying the gulf state on the qatari reply was passed along through kuwait which is mediating the route between the countries as foreign minister made the announcement after the talks with his german counterparts in doha . yesterday we presented this reply which was prepared in advance in accordance with the previous schedule to the emir of kuwait the reply came in alignment with the general initiative to protect sovereignty and respect and disagreement with the interference in any state's internal affairs in accordance with international law we cannot talk about this in detail because it is now in the hands of the brother state of kuwait and only they are free just because about it. you should understand of course that we discussed the current crisis in detail and i want to reiterate
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when there isn't a dispute like this one side leveling accusations against the other that so i cannot say yes i accept everything you say. they lead blog once cretonne to cut its ties with iran and the militant groups named by the saudis and their allies as terrorists could tell it has also been told to shut down a turkish military base honest territory the thirteen point. clouds a demand for qatar to kohls all its international news outlets including al-jazeera and the saudi allowed block one still hard to seize contacts with political opposition groups in their countries because our officials earlier spoke out in defiance of the demands this list of. demands made to be rejected it's not made to be accepted or not made to be negotiated. to be the one. we ought. to defend. and we asked our
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experts for their take on how the situation might unfold. the saudis have noticed but themselves into a corner from the very beginning of overestimated just exactly what the reaction would be and underestimated other players coming into the crisis like turkey for example and we saw reached a stalemate i mean i think the foreign minister's comments which more or less said this week that this is been produced in such a way that it can't be negotiated i think that's correct i mean us absolutely bang on although you know most of the demands of the saudis a made seem to be frankly proposals there are one and two reasonable requests in the but it's it's just too difficult for the qataris to go there anything without looking politically weak and i'm not through the problem following the events we are seeing the parties are far apart way far apart for
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a sub kind of reconciliation and i don't think there are major powers involved they the united states. also want the resolution there is a desire for this conflict continue i don't think the goal of this crisis was to have it resolved the goal is to have a conflict and the conflict that we see is escalating rapidly in the next week or so. coming up on our team for national as they kaiser report to stay with us. when the whole make its manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the
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running closest to protect themselves. with the famous cleric. we can all middle of the room see. the real need for. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president i'm sure. it was something i wanted. to do like to be close to see what the forty three people. interested always in the waters of our.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate just pull on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it's still really packs a punch to sleep yeah it is the john oliver of hard to be americans do the same we are apparently better than boobs. i see people you've never heard of love for jack to the night. president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. guys or this is the kaiser report my love the chocolate you know chocolates mexican so why is it marketed by the swiss company what the going on here should be paying royalties to mexico to market any chocolate swiss company.
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actually you know we had dinner with john mill ackerman at a place called little condesa and it was really good but they actually had me making a caesar salad and i think there's some video of me doing that maybe and the other thing is that we learned is that they caesar salad was actually invented in tijuana mexico at least according to the legend and at this restaurant on the fourth of july in one thousand twenty four caesar salad and that's invented in tijuana last two things incredible that i learned last night number one that caesar salad was invented in tijuana mexico and number two you can cook and i didn't have to actually cook anything i just mixed all the lettuce and you know we need to go ok fair enough they don't use any sardines or.


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