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tv   Headline News  RT  July 6, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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gas at a pace and water drenched the streets because just minutes ago a water cannon was used to push back some of the demonstrates. i say scenes then turning ugly in the center of hamburg tonight as we were saying not entirely unexpected. as police had anticipated thousands of people would demonstrate this evening factor some of them appeared on art saying today anticapitalist explaining why they were turning out in the streets to the police had faded and it pays a space of country that it would be violent clashes pockets of which we can say now all day we don't know how extensive these clashes have been as you saw there many people are involved all sides but police taking no chances heavily arms and fortified with water cannon saying as you can say see that's. been brought into
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action again now these pictures from hamburg by just say g twenty summit he's choosing to have a correspondent there peter all of that we had to get in touch in shortly to find out the latest. or just to recap the g twenty summit which is jesus starts tomorrow heavily anticipated particularly with the fact that trumpets in the g. to meet. that due to take place tomorrow we know that angle merkel is already he's hosting the event has already met with trump earlier today. i was and it's not just tonight either because where we're seeing violence if you mark remember last night two apportioning the ship was targeted that was in an arson attack that destroyed eight luxury cars police believe that left wing activists were behind that and. many locals will
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force must issue to reportedly word reports nervous about tonight's events hence the sheer numbers of police out on the streets tonight. things appear to down there now but like that many of these events can flare up pretty rapidly and then die die die down again and that's what we've been seeing over the last few minutes or so bringing these live pictures from. the top screen you can see what kind of again being. presumably on demonstrators that were trying to get to an area where police weren't happy. we also saw them charging demonstrators before so. the local police say they were expecting about eight families in violent demonstrators to be at least in force tonight in fact we did see earlier today that some weapons have been confiscated from demonstration to
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turned up from a catapult to. those are the sorts of things that are being confiscated. in total about one hundred seventy greeks and around germany have called. for the demonstrations take place in the city tonight so that's what we're watching. was. that you see a large number of people on top of the building to the right there throwing down it's not clear what that could be leaflets perhaps why many people anticapitalist right in force tonight maybe that's. part of their protest there. but apart from the bonds we've seen we should say that so many people. see their peacefully to make their point. ok so these are scenes now from hamburg what we're going to do now we're going to
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cross the paris because russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov is there with his french counterpart surely the d. and they are holding a joint press conference at the moment in the french capital so let's listen in. with the aim of mischief making progress on international issues. could. be and as the french president has said. and does discuss the circular for us today. because we hope to receive concrete actions from all talks i see it on to reinforce international peace and stability. because only together we think through prism can we face the big security challenges facing our country is. facing up to the issues both with pragmatism and determination of these issues at stake. firstly
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syria. where we are facing a common enemy terrorism. and we share the same objective of peace is the question of international security for both france and russia. we may have different. aspects as we accept them. for example on the use of chemical weapons we all strictly opposed to just in terms of complete destruction of the chemical weapons stockpiles. of muscles to work to a station of facilities. for to bring together the syrians. and above will not forget the tragedy being witnessed by the people on the ground
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and i'm sure that through this frank dialogue we can help guarantee axxess safe access to humanitarian aid wherever it's necessary. with my russian colleague we've also spoken of ukraine. i reminded him of the need to result of this crosses to. improve relations in the form of the normandy formats in the framework of the normandy format to allow progress. on the minsk agreement with security because the security situation has deteriorated. z. both in terms of the line of contacts and they don't territories.
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naturally for mr love rose visit has allowed us to. talk about bilateral relations. we all the number one invest in foreign investor in russia. and also spoken of humanitarian cultural and social issues. for french and civil for us in civil society working together in the framework of the train and on dialogue. we are working together to put together. an attractive framework for all use. we have had a frank and detail dialogue today. as we already had in moscow. to develop the rich relations between our countries
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to develop our relations for the benefit of peace in europe and the world thank you for your attention. mr foreign minister ladies and gentleman first and foremost i'm grateful. for being invited here to paris. in the run up to the g twenty summit. as it was today's talks. continues the talks which took place on the twentieth of june in moscow on those talks took place in the follow up all the meeting in the palace where mr putin upon leaving dacian coming from mr mccraw on came to paris to discuss many things today we discussed as our relations develop on the outcomes of the meeting in the palace after quite
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a long period of decline in trade our trade is going back to normal it's growing by twenty five percent as we see today and that ten ten c. well we can always support and welcome or to and that is something for our council for the trade and industrial in the rest of the corporation to work on further also we have other mechanisms for cooperation which were created a while ago and we are glad to see that they are back on track and i mean the intergovernmental commission signed of the presidency of the two ministers and the major into parliamentary commission and the council for cooperation in the sphere of security were foreign ministers and missile defense a so-called last two for mode. well i should say that this very council can be instrumental in achieving the girls which has been mentioned by may counter parties
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and i mean to make our dialogue more pragmatic to make it real to battle the threats which we all face we the international community face these threats in the northern africa and the middle east and other regions of the world we are ready to cooperate and i fully agree with what has just been said that the international terrorism is the ultimate enemy of ours and to fight it we need to put aside all other matters and issues all the matters which are not that very much better named after. claiming the victory over terrorism we can progress on other tracks to solve the many crisis. on in the middle east and north africa as for our cooperation in the sea of anti-terrorist fight well we are ready to work bilaterally and we have certain experience and we also are ready to work on
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many multilateral platform first and foremost within the framework of the united nations as for syria we change the views our estimates in detail and at length have been speaking about that the first. goal is to fight and to claim victory over ice is we just listen at a joint press conference between the russian foreign minister and his french counterpart but we're going to go back to hamburg now because violence erupted there on the streets just a few minutes ago as protesters against g twenty summit clashed with police water cannons and tear gas have been deployed against the riot is things seem to calm down a bit now he responded with firecrackers. was i. was i was.
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was. was was i. i i i. ok those were scenes a few minutes ago we can get what it's like now directly from hamburg and our correspondent peter all of it is there for speech we were looking at pictures just before you came on of the violence that was there just a few minutes ago what's the scene at the moment. well those pictures that you saw just earlier on they're taking place they were taking place around one hundred meters down the road here where you can see just behind me here there was a line of police that's separating from there there's more more police coming up here we keeping on what happens as it develops over my shoulder but it does seem
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that yes tensions have boiled over between demonstrators and the police a large amount of people moving just through there they are all police officers we have seen an ambulance come out of here and as we've we've seen water cannon and until gas was used these police that are coming through there they have been on the front line down there earlier on a lot of very angry people here shouting at those places they as they go by and it seems that actually got caught and it was put in place well that was there in order to get those police officers out of the line of police launching double time running basically away from where that was taking place that one of the things that was a big concern for early can i says all of the the march in the demonstrations that were taking place here in hamburg with the rules that had been laid down by the police for they stem oh no basically there hadn't been any rules on where they could go and not had led to organizers to smell a rat as they were telling me because in previous demonstrations in hamburg when
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this it happened they still they had a free reign to march through the city only to take several steps and be kettle's by the police where they surround them with with police vehicles on the right places well it seems like that may have happened again here in hamburg again and not said that's the tensions that have been building throughout the last few days and set them alight and seen the police use that water cannon until it gets down as i say we did see one ambulance moving rather quickly through the police called and it was here just a few moments ago no reports of anybody has being injured or caught up in in those and that violence there oh very sporadic here at the moment as you can see people moving in all different directions around me that doesn't appear to be any main direction of a march down the end of the street there about. two hundred three hundred meters i can see the main body of the crowd but. everyone seriously so you can see that that really hurt you of course open is what we can you please describe for me what happened where you were well as far as i could tell
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there were attack in the demonstration with no reason obviously i couldn't see anything. as far as i could tell and i'm from. i've never seen anything like this we've heard fights about squatters houses and all that i've never seen anything like the aggression the as far as i can tell purposelessness is that a bird in english it is now it is now. i've never seen my face mace and everything is on the right thank you very much for that so there we go that's first time coming from somebody who's come through that that line from the main demonstration it was down there does seem like pepper spray been. liberally used by the police forces they they clashed with with demonstrators there it does seem like this is going to be a very ongoing a very fluid situation you're most likely going to be hearing from me throughout this evening. sure we certainly will ok thanks pacer's peter over there reporting live from hamburg what has been a bit of trouble saving on the the g.
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twenty protests as we saw from that testimony actually pay to the chap that peter spoke to just a few minutes ago and also the pictures we've been receiving thanks peter peter over there in berlin in hamburg sorry well now city of hamburg has been preparing for mass protests organized by radical left wing activists in fact around one hundred thousand people have been expected to take part it does appear that number is particularly close to looking at the pictures being received tonight and the message that some of them have been sending out is this one to those attending the summit. of everest that. the bench. are entering. and it's not just tonight either hamburg has already seen some unpleasant scenes
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this week on tuesday protested turned violent there and then on wednesday night a porsche dealership here was targeted in an arson attack destroying eight luxury cars police do believe that the left wing activists were behind that incident well many locals in north force and officials reportedly nervous about the event and what might actually take place does have a long history of far left radicalism and protest and local police say they do expect about eight thousand violent demonstrators to be out in force tonight after over one hundred seventy groups from around germany call for demonstrations in the city. well ladies have started meanwhile to arrive in the german city of hamburg for that g twenty summit which begins on friday and during the talks there will be a number of crucial issues to be for them to address.
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the doctor. china and one china dictating to me shine through china based ngo we are left alone czech republic has taken twelve potent one hundred taken execrate not good enough no. it is it is the new civil suit you didn't go to but the. defense is often quite nice because. everything will be made to the benefit of american workers protection will lead to great prosperity and strength they love to put limited that it is not soon to put things in this most recent element to lead them to but you can.
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i. well the u.s. president donald trump has arrived in germany today the most anticipated meetings will be between him and the leaders of russia and germany and even frank is in hamburg first when he breaks down what to expect from the talks. there's nothing you can do about it first of all this summit will be watched because of the first ever meeting between donald trump and of lot of our program we'll see if they can do something about all the issues that news anchors all around the. all have been going on about in the last months or maybe even years that is syria north korea and ukraine but despite possible flyable steps that could be made after the meeting of perhaps two of the most important men in the world the media have been generally focusing on the trump russia collusion story all over
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again you think that the subject of russian interference in u.s. elections is going to come up well it certainly sure appears unlikely that the president will confront putin why on earth would he not send a very clear message to putin on that absolutely would be a mistake he's going to convey to putin that he's weak. and shriek number two how will mr trump get along with the german chancellor the host merkel just take a look at some of the things the german leader said recently that is something you didn't really expect a german leader to say and the last decade or so and also her election program were a member of that elections in germany are coming up in a few months there angle of merkel referred to the u.s. as part there is instead of friends is it that berlin and washington are not such big friends anymore could we have seen that come in maybe take
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a look why. thank you. ok. thank you from. now highlight number three is of course turkey and the participation of the turkish president. we have seen many issues with him taken part in the summit even before the g twenty get together began for example apparently they couldn't find a place and event. the turkish president could give a speech then there were difficulties i guess it is fair to say as usual with the taper towards security guards being let in to hamburg and of course the latest news the biggest news of thursday the european parliament. that turkey's
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e.u. accession talks will be suspended if crossed implements the constitutional overhaul that was backed by referendum in april which will expand the powers of the turkish president to try paired or so these are the things that we'll all be watching for you here in hamburg at this big g. twenty summit. another news two people have reportedly been killed and at least nine others injured in a suicide blast in the syrian city of hama syrian media say the attack detonated an explosive belt at a bus station no one else no one has claimed responsibility so far it was the second terror attack in government held territory in less than a week and sunday a car bomb killed twenty people in damascus. meanwhile fist fighting is taking place as the syrian democratic forces are pushing islamic states out of the city of raka kurdish fighters have bridged through the
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walls of the old city for the first time i went to the front line. of course i just. i. know. the u.s. secretary of state said that america would potentially be willing to deepen cooperation with russia in fighting terrorists in syria with the details is not against if. well the tone of the statement was somewhat neutral more so than we've come to expect it was even corporative but there were its own twists and turns in it for example the united states said that it is open to working with russia on stablish a no fly zone over syria working out to gether
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a joint mechanism when the united states talks about no fly zones there's a lot of suspicion everybody remembers what happened in libya where the u.s. and its nato allies established a no fly zone for humanitarian purposes to ease the suffering of civilians only for it to turn into a we fly you don't deserve where the united states bombed you know gadhafi his father his fighters his military anyone and wanted with impunity and nobody else could fly up in the skies and it was also an interesting bit about chemical weapons where the united states said that russia has an obligation to stop assad from staging any further chemical attacks the key word here being further because it was never stablished for a fact that assad carried out any chemical attacks by an international body an international investigation take the latest attack that happened in april this year
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the. nation for the prohibition of chemical weapons which was investigating it then investigators didn't even go to the location to gather soil samples to establish what this chemical attack was what the gas used was they were given those samples by rebels the other thing about chemical weapons is that washington says russia has an obligation by the same logic you could hold the united states responsible if any of its allies like the s.d.f. syrian kurds or for example the iraqi military if they resort to immoral or illegal methods of. more like torture the russian foreign ministry also warned that they have evidence that isis is preparing provocation for false flag chemical attack in syria to draw the united states in them on the topic of provocations and fake news the russian foreign ministry also expects a retraction and correction from c.n.n.
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we're talking about the boy that became iconic an icon of the battle of aleppo vod the civilians there went through with you know much of the big media mainstream media rallying behind him saying look this is what the russians and the syrians are doing in aleppo and the russians have promised not to forget that story until a retraction and a correction is issued by c.n.n. . not against the if there were meanwhile earlier this week russia to clean iran met in the center for another round of talks on syria's reconciliation after two days of negotiations they agreed on a plan for the escalation zones in syria with the final details expected by the end of august we heard from the russian president's special envoy to syria is what he had to say. i feel positive about the results of the latest round of talks on syria although there haven't been any major steps forward it's still all moving in the right direction toward stabilizing the
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situation and finding a peaceful way out of the syrian crisis we probably haven't achieved all of our goals we aim big therefore it's not always possible to achieve the desired goals at least for now. look at the cover. and i don't think we have any disagreements on the deescalation zones that everyone understands this term deescalation zones has become a set phrase meaning as zone under the control of the moderate and radical opposition for such zones of deescalation have been drawn up the main difficulty today is to agree on the borders of the deescalation zones it is tough because working with maps while sitting somewhere in ankara moscow or tehran is impossible there is always a need to be present there on the ground it's important for the fate of the people living there any ceasefire very much depends on how we manage to agree on these boundaries. the bombing of the
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syrian army deserves only condemnation there is no excuse for striking the government's army as it's fighting terrorists because we believe the actions of the us in eastern syria to be absolutely unacceptable and we believe the u.s. should allow the syrian army axes to the border with iraq so that the border can be brought under full control as soon as possible we hope that after i still is destroyed. it's bigger there will be no pleas for american army units in syria if they are not invited by the government. now leading us think tank has cost extent to which the kremlin can control russian hackers the rand corporation has released a new report focusing on the role of cyber warfare in a potential conflict between russia and the us and it doesn't know there is a loose group of cyber mysteries and patrick activists in the country which moscow has limited control of such hackers could carry out cyber attacks against the u.s.
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without any orders from the kremlin the report comes as the american president has once again failed to agree that russia was definitely guilty of meddling in last year's election will you once and for all yes or no definitively say that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen election well i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people in other countries could've been a lot of people interfering your intelligence agencies have been far more definitive they say it was russia why won't you agree with them and tell you let me just start off by saying i heard it was seventeen agencies i said boy that's a lot do we even have that many intelligence agencies right let's check it and we did some very heavy research it turned out to be three or four it wasn't seventeen and many of your compatriots had to change their reporting and they had to apologize or they had to correct or cyber security expert jeffrey says that the accusations against the.


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