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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  July 6, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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could carry out cyber attacks against the u.s. without any orders from the kremlin the report comes as the american president has once again failed to agree that russia was definitely guilty of meddling in last year's election will you once and for all yes or no definitively say that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen election well i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people in other countries could've been a lot of people interfered your intelligence agencies have been far more definitive they say it was russia why won't you agree with them and i'll tell you let me just start off by saying i heard it was seventeen agencies and i said boy that's a lot do we even have that many intelligence agencies right let's check it and we did some very heavy research it turned out to be three or four it wasn't seventeen and many of your compatriots had to change their reporting and they had to apologize and they had to correct or cyber security expert jeffrey says that the accusations against the russian government should not be tolerated unless the us
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can provide solid evidence. the run record recommended state is really something that i've been saying for years which is that our tradition is incredibly difficult and particularly today. it's almost impossible to differentiate between independent non-government actors and government actors especially especially now that so many tools are available. for free that can be used in these attacks requirement in any scientific inquiry is peer review so you think you've discovered something wonderful and share the evidence of what your peers see if they can come to the same conclusion. why this does not happen in the world of risk curity is a mystery to me but i don't think we should tolerate it. if you want your team to national have more on the violence that has erupted this evening and how it's been
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. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around quite. confirmation from washington to washington to meet. the. voters elect. to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done.
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what we see on television left wing say advocates left wingers out there and they're shutting down professors from speaking at colleges so the shutting down colleges. that this is an example of them being interacting in an all for terry our tarion passé become little dictators yes and this is what links to the fact that as children they were completely shielded from any of the so-called dangers of life kept in a bubble and so when they become young adults anything that disrupts a bubble a loud sound like a professor saying something that doesn't agree with them they go into shock they go into stuff like meltdown.
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let's return to our breaking news the sad violence has broken out on the streets of hamburg cheering a mass demonstration against the g twenty summit is going to be held that police have deployed water cannons and tear gas against protesters here with throwing bottles and reportedly refused to remove. i simply told to go. it was. he who was.
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of the tea. that he. pictures from about half an hour ago let's get the latest from peter all of he joins us live from hamburg pay to watch the situation there like at the moment that . the. current. street one of the main streets in the city you can hear behind me a truck the music that. essentially the police haven't got control of any situation where i am at the moment came out of nowhere they didn't seem to know where it was crowds of calls draw into that we're seeing police vehicles that's not a police vehicle though we all see some police vehicles arriving over my left shoulder and to my immediate left you might not be able to see. smoke rising over that building there appears to be something on fire just over to my immediate left are we going to investigate and find out exactly what it is what's burning as soon
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as i finish talking to you right now but yes more police coming in as i said this building was unknown to any. the authorities up until just a second ago these policemen even i would have to keep them because the police are in no mood. for the price getting in their way we have. very. very much making sure when they move into an area that they secure the area but we have seen what you saw the pictures of that happen around a half an hour ago it seemed to have been the result of what we've been seeing for the maybe the last few hours also since people started arriving. the fish market they were being penned in there one of the main points to would be mentioned to be by organizers during the day is that the the city the police hadn't put forward any rules for the march now the protest as a taken not is that they could march wherever they wanted along the route that they planned however it does seem that the police have used a tactic that they used in the past here at homburg whereby when they don't give
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any food route for a march it means that they're going to stop any march as soon as it happens it seems like that happened here today and of course not frustrated demonstrators bottles would throw in my spoke to one guy who was in amongst all of that he said there was very liberal use of of pepper spray by the by the police they then used want to comment as well we saw some people fleeing from not area and a great pace as well to try to get out of there worthwhile notes and we also saw a number of police officers from there with great patience these chaps from the planet from the press there as well just to highness and all shot. so yes this is what this is the scene as it looks right now i'm away from where the initial scuffles took place the initial water cannon we used and everything like that about about half a kilometer away from that and it does seem like they're all pockets all disturbance stilling out across the city i mean you can see how quickly the police do move in
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while i was talking to you they've they've done just this is what it looks like now a completely different scene when i started speaking to you a very very much developing situation that we have here and how big we we were expecting this to get violent at some point i did speak to many people had hoped it wouldn't but really i was a full on hope from the nature of these demonstrations the nature of this g twenty summit when we've spoken to people about the two were spoken to olga nice when we've spoken to senior people who are involved in and government in the local government he has said this g. twenty more were important because this was the g. twenty. where donald trump came here this is the g. twenty where angle of merkel came just as she's being going on at the moment where some of the the politicians that i spoke to a blunt angela merkel him with donald trump in her policies as a globalist that's one of the things that they're protesting against against capitalism against globalism and yes this is the situation as it looks right now
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here in central hamburger they say just down from the very famous. street the just over to my right now a sea of police in the time it's taken me to be. ok thanks pay said that sir peter all over there live for us in hamburg will be going back to him through thanks. well meanwhile world leaders have started to arrive in hamburg for that she twenty summit which does begin on friday and during the talks there will be a number of crucial issues for them to address. this is. the fucked up. china china i don't want china dictating to main shine through china face anger then we are left alone czech republic has taken twelve thousand nine hundred taken here and exactly not good enough.
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that is it is the business of the news if. the defense is often put. every decision will be made to benefit american workers protection will lead to great prosperity and strength. to put images of it is not seen dismissed and put takes in this most recent book on the elemental leaks i am to buy to get built. well the u.s. president on trump has arrived. to anticipate between him and the leaders of russia and germany. is in hamburg for. what to expect from the.
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there's nothing you can do about it first of all this summit will be watched because of the first ever meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin we'll see if they can do something about all the issues that news anchors all around the world have been going on about in the last months or maybe even the ears that is syria north korea and ukraine but despite possible final steps that could be made after the meeting of perhaps two of the most important men in the world the media have been generally focusing on the trump russia collusion story all over again you think that the subject of russian interference and u.s. elections is going to come up well it certainly sure appears unlikely that the president will confront putin why on earth would he not send a very clear message to putin on that absolutely would be a mistake he's going to convey to putin that he's weak.
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and shriek number two how will mr trump get along with the german chancellor the host for merkel just take a look at some of the things the german leader said recently that is something you didn't really expect a german leader to say and the last decade or so and also her election program will remember that elections in germany are coming up in a few months there angle of merkel referred to the u.s. as part there is instead of friends is it bad for lynn and washington are not such big friends anymore could we have seen that come in maybe take a look why. thank you. ok. thank you from.
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now highlight number three is of course turkey and the participation of the turkish president. we have seen many issues with him taken part in the summit even before the g twenty get together began for example apparently they couldn't find a place a live event where the turkish president could give a speech then there were difficulties i guess it is fair to say as usual with the taper it was security guards being let into hamburg and of course the latest news the biggest news of thursday the european parliament and that that turkey's e.u. accession talks will be suspended if a cross implements the constitutional overhaul that was backed by referendum in april which will expand the powers of the turkish president. so these are
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the things that we'll all be watching for you here in hamburg at this big g. twenty summit. let's go back to what's happening on the streets of hamburger this evening because police have again deployed water cannon against antiglobalization protesters on the streets of the city say these are live pictures now in fact the violence broke out just over an hour ago and it's understood it happened when some of the protesters tried to move through a police barricade and then in response that's when the police started to take gas try to push the protesters back and also used water cannon to police have actually tweeted that protesters were throwing bottles and objects at them. it's understood that about one hundred thousand people around two hundred forced tonight. demonstrating on the eve of the g twenty summit prior to tonight police were fearing that up to eight in violent protesters could be there showing to
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a number of weapons that have been confiscated from some of the protest is speaking to our correspondent peter all over just minutes ago he said that it's quite difficult to ascertain exactly where. but it's pockets of violence and threw up thing in hamburg today we also heard from an eyewitness to that said it seemed to be the place his actions seemed to be to him at least indiscriminate and he was caught up in the city and to gas a ugly scenes in hamburg to see this all happening on the eve of the g twenty summit violence was expected but. whether it was to this scale or not is. debatable but there was certainly expectation things could get ugly and that's what is happening now act on the streets of hamburg to tackle this twenty thousand police offices so these are the latest pictures we're looking at. as you can see many demonstrators there hurling things at police to police in response using water
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cannon this the picture really over the last hour or so would be keeping across this. without a we're going to take a short break we'll be back in to me. here's what people have been saying about reject. the only show i go out of my way to watch you know what it is that really packs that. yap is the john oliver of our two year marriage. we are apparently better than. the sea people you never heard of love redacted tonight. president of the world bank very. right many seriously send us an e-mail. with cold make this manufacture consent to stick it to the public well. when the room in clusters
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companies and are produced from paid plasma smoke. you know murder and. what are the risks of a donation. then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations. if i was. over two years old he will go in the money using the drug and who runs the blood business. i think. i.
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was. i. well again i think the u.s. is ramping up its threats against north korea or the secretive country's latest missile test donald trump is bearing consequences over what he describes as very bad behavior it follows washington's u.n. ambassador telling the security council that the u.s. is ready to use military action if necessary market as more. speaking to the fifteen member body here in manhattan at the united nations headquarters in the security council chamber u.s. ambassador nikki haley spoke strongly not just against north korea but against any country that she felt supports them now in her statements largely condemning the recent launch of a missile she went as far as to threaten the use of military force utilizing
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military options the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies one of our capabilities lines with our considerable military forces we will use them if we must the united states will soon submit a draft resolution to the u.n. security council and u.s. leaders say that if this resolution is not passed they will take action on their own the russian envoy he also spoke to the u.n. security council and he said that sanctions are not the way out of the crisis with . sanctions cannot be a cure all and this has been demonstrated by history but so what we need here is to seek a political solution and be creative in our diplomacy we've proposed as i've said in my statement to work collectively. there has been a proposal from both russia and china to deescalate the situation on the peninsula
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with not only north korea ending its nuclear proliferation and its testing of missiles but also the united states a getting rid of this bad missile system in the south and ending their provocative military exercises with south korea so a lot of different proposals being made the world is waiting to see this resolution that u.s. leader spoke of on wednesday south korea and u.s. forces fired. into the sea of japan believed to be a warning shot towards north korea american officials said afterwards to the similar weapon systems could be easily deployed to the region as a terror. now while north korea's launch has put nations on edge artie's been hearing from analysts how it's america's response which risks pushing the crisis into war. but north korea launched a missile that wasn't intended to hurt anyone and it did not hurt anyone and what we saw at the united nations today was the continuation of the spectacle in which
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the united states and her increasingly few hours are using by an international body of peace as a client of global apartheid to justify a rubberstamp wars and saying sions which amounted to war they're going to be watching today's proceedings they're going to hate the united states even more than they already do they'll see russia and china is countries which don't necessarily always agree with them countries which on allies to them but countries which do not wish them and the people home countries but want to engage in peace the countries that could end up saving north korea from american aggression and they will smile upon that surely they're not provoking the international community that's the spin based on washington's dominance in the international community at the united nations just three weeks ago the united states carried out a bomb a nuclear bomb dropping drill that simulated the nuclear destruction of north korea nobody called their provocative where north korea sends off
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a missile saying we're not going to be bullied that's provocative so you know the question the narrative of north korea's provocations in and provocative activity in the face of the united states and south korea carrying out the largest war exercises in the world simulating the destruction the invasion and destruction of north korea while that's never considered a provocation and that just doesn't ring true that's a double standard and we need to stop accepting the dominant narrative offered by washington. ok let's go back to our breaking news this hour because violence has broken as from the streets of hamburg during a mass demonstration against the g. twenty summit is to take place there from tomorrow police deployed water cannon and tear gas against the protesters who were throwing bottles and reportedly refused to remove their masks. i. was. deep deep i was.
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was was. was eighty. eighty. coming at the latest now from hamburg pacer all of a joins us we were looking at. the violence that erupted def nice patients just about an hour or so ago what's the situation like at the moment. well right now we're seeing sporadic incidences across the city filling out falling out from not said that main point which we just seem pictures of there just behind me you can see some smoldering remains there that's from a trash fire that was started when i was talking to you about ten minutes ago i
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said that you could. a large plume of smoke over to my left while the fire service just been finishing off with that the main part of that main plume of smoke though you can see just to the left or of the the fire via killed there that is a qassam from a sports car i believe that's been a torch here now there are. a seems roaming moments of small bits of violence and what you saw a lot we saw last time is just how quickly it can start and then the police come in to try and put it out but whenever they put it out in one place it seems to pop up elsewhere now the main location for all all of the stasi in was down in the fish market in hamburg on the the key site there that was where everybody had gathered ahead of what they thought would be a march through the city now when it. in talking to olga nice's throughout the day they were telling me that one of the things they feared the most was this was the fact that there was no restrictions placed on where this march could go now that
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led some of them to believe that they were allowed to just stick to the route that they planned however some of those that had been involved in previous marches previous demonstrations here at homburg feared that they would be cancelled at the site of the main gathering and it seems that that is what's happened as they tried to march through the city. on the police vehicles and said you're not going anywhere of course they're out in the sun they've been a. lot of people have been drinking as well and tensions certainly. at the place we understand from the police that they were ordering people to remove their masks they refusing to do so then and we used pepper spray was used i spoke to a man who'd been. he says. i'm going to get out of the way right now is a. comes through here this is from the fire as well and i'm. coming in as you can see all over the city by spoke to one gentleman who'd been
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maced literally just afterwards he was clearly still in some discomfort and he said that it was being very liberally used by the authorities. certainly not under control here and how. you know two g. twenty now this demonstration rules named the welcome to hell demonstration and not welcome it was extended to all of the g. twenty leaders who've arrived here at homburg ahead of this summit talking to those that have been in charge they were saying to me that this g. twenty certainly had a little extra spice to it it was the presence of trump it was the state of the the global status quo it was even though you say it. was following the agenda that you take things like free it's just playing into globalism that they wanted to come out and saying no that. we had heard from demonstrates is that as many as one hundred thousand people may have attended here i'm not sure what that many came out it's very difficult to say as i'm saying sporadic bits of interest of spock's up across
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the city but the certainly being a lot of people here is this call proves that it's certainly still developing certainly still violent at the moment it looks. like a thing south asian expat all about life in hamburg of course will be across the story. you're watching i'll say we'll be back with more with news just after this break. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to be press this is like before three of them all can't be good. i'm interested in the waters in the house. this should. seem wrong. but i. just don't call. me. yet to shape
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out this day become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. people with stories to tell our economy must also deserve to have her. insight. could still put the needle sometimes. the moment filters. be seen first and witnesses. they're here to speak are you there to hear. what we see on television left wing but say advocates left wingers out there and they're shutting down
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professors from speaking at colleges so the shutting down colleges here this is an example of them being or acting in an offer terry fowler a tarion passé become little dictators yes and this is what links to the fact that as children they were completely shielded from any of these so-called dangers of life kept in a bubble and so when they become young adults anything that disrupts a bubble a loud sound like a professor saying something that doesn't agree with them they go into shock they go into stuff like meltdown. global warming sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle for food still. produce offspring to tell you that what we gossip and public works well for the most important news today. while i'm off the matter doesn't tell me you are not cool enough and less to buy their
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products. all the hawks along the border will want. with. the e.u. . parlance on the streets of the g twenty host city hamburg where clashes have erupted between demonstrators and police. as the leaders of the world's greatest economic powers begin arriving in the city for the g. twenty summit we look at the challenges they'll be facing in the visions they'll be trying to overcome. the head of the summit the u.s. secretary of state invites russia to cooperate on a no fly zone in syria.


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