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tv   Headline News  RT  July 11, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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one hour to america iraqi government forces with the help of the u.s. recaptured mosul from the islamic state but at what price for civilians. libyan national army has defeated extremists in benghazi that's according to a re in general six years after the murder of libyan leader moammar gadhafi. and the white house hence it will make good on president trump's campaign promise to ramp up its use of the kuantan of the bay detention facility in cuba that story and much more coming up right now. it's tuesday july eleventh four pm in washington d.c.
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and sweets and you're watching r t america we begin today in iraq where the recapturing of mosul from the islamic state has come at a really high price as a result of the operation thousands of civilians have either been displaced or lost their lives both human rights watch and amnesty international are scolding iraqi forces in the u.s. for their role in raising the number of civilian deaths there is r t correspondent ashley breaks with more according to amnesty international close to six thousand civilians have lost their lives during the fight to recapture mozote and i'm told we're two thousand and sixteen the iraqi military backed by u.s. forces launched a campaign to recapture the city and this past sunday iraqi prime minister had a body travel to mold told to declare victory over the islamic state u.s. president donald trump put out a statement saying quote we can graduate pm had barely a body the iraqi security forces and all iraqis for their victory over terrorists who are the enemies of all civilized. people we mourn the thousands of iraqis
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brutally killed by isis and the millions of iraqis who suffered at the hands of isis it took almost a year for the iraqi military to reclaim the city however this victory came at a heavy price and a matter of just four months from february twenty seven thousand in june twenty seventh teen thousands of civilians were killed and the sea international released a report showing mobile residents were collateral damage during the operation to recapture mosul more than six hundred thousand civilians have been displaced from western mosul as a result of attacks from the rocky and u.s. led coalition forces close to six thousand civilians have been killed between february nineteenth and june nineteenth of this year three million people have been displaced internally by the fighting in iraq and hundreds or even thousands have been killed by the islamic state as they try to flee western mosul amnesty international has scolded the u.s. led coalition in mosul citing u.s.
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airstrikes as one of the reasons for the high civilian casualty count when maloof director of research for the middle east at amnesty international said quote iraq in coalition forces failed to take adequate measures to protect civilians instead subjecting them to a terrifying barrage of fire from weapons that should never be used in densely populated civilian areas and civilians either died as a result of bad planning or because iraqi or u.s. forces didn't ensure that they were targeting terrorists well it says the truth needs to be uncovered and an investigation by an independent commission needs to be pursued for fighting in most of them specifically and was the most was. with a lot of destructions specifically children. extreme and total proprieties when the fighting in mosul the half weakness hurrell and.
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for now i am the founder national is calling on iraq and the u.s. to publicly admit its failure to protect civilians living in mozart and washington national bank r t where there are new reports claiming the u.s. is looking to build up its military presence in libya amid a recent increase in violent clashes outside of the city of tripoli. and according to the country's health ministry the latest shooting left at least four people dead including civilians dozens more were injured parties palace lior has the latest on the libyan crisis the caches have broken out east of libyan capital of tripoli between forces that aligned to the u.n. units and backed government in tripoli it took over last year it's in the government of the people and it's been struggling to maintain its hold over the
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capital city now those forces are backing down from the scenes that are going to the format to be prime minister from the whale they were pushed also of the libyan capital in may this year and at the time they issued a statement to launch a counterattack and since it has been planning to regroup they refuse to recognize this government of national accord now the health ministry has said that at least two people have been killed we understand that two of them all civilians there foreign workers and at least twenty one have injured in clashes broke out on sunday evening at the same time this final scene in libya's second largest city of benghazi where we hearing from rebel forces there that they closing in on a three year campaign to take over the city now one of this is part and possibly it also has engulfed libya since two thousand and eleven when the from the libyan dictator moammar gadhafi was overthrown since and they have been various ministers and administrations that has been violent hold those oil rigs. now the
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latest developments really expose the vulnerability of those in backed government has been struggling as i say take control it has managed to co-opt some of the various groups say but at the same time it's made little progress in terms of really integrating them and providing lost and security in this latest round of violence we see that there is heavy light and medium weaponry being used we know that power lines has been hit people have been fleeing their homes a lot of ways it is complaining that the homes have been shelled it has been damaged shops have been damaged roads have been closed and people are struggling to make their way back home the libyan national army has defeated extremists in a big ozzie nelson it comes after the murder of libyan leader moammar gadhafi and since two thousand and eleven the country has been in chaos with different factions battling for power ellen a commander khalifa haftar are has now claimed victory in the east are cheaper to plant it was has the latest from los angeles that will this finally bring peace to
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libya last week natasha general khalifa haftar made this announcement on television take a listen therefore you know. what the military forces announce to you the news of liberation of the town of bint ghazi from terrorism a total liberation. but just days later his forces announce that in fact the fighting is now continuing now this is not the first time that general have to has prematurely declared victory but it does look like the last of the militants are being driven out and i want to mention that it's unclear exactly who these militants are because there are very few reporters on the ground so all of this information is coming through open sources meanwhile violent clashes are continuing in cities outside of benghazi just this week several people were killed during fights between forces that are aligned with the un backed government of national accord and one of its many rival groups it's unclear whether that fighting will further strengthen support for have tar which he mainly enjoys in the east other
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people in the country accuse have to are and his forces of committing human rights violations and say that they worry that have to are will simply become another gadhafi style strongman natasha and it seems as though commander have to our loyalty is have shifted on the libyan political scene for four decades now so we're just you stand right now. that's exactly right and right now it appears like he stands for himself however things could change now there is a lot of mystery and confusion surrounding exactly who have to her is what his motives are and even what his history is but based on reports here's what i can tell you now have to help to get off the seize power from king idris in one nine hundred sixty nine but he was later disowned by gadhafi in the eighty's have to our then spent two decades trying to topple gadhafi which he did from virginia after joining a u.s. backed dissident group at the washington post has even referred to have to as a former cia asset he only returned to libya in two thousand and eleven during the
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uprisings and in two thousand and fourteen he called on libyans to fight against militant forces alongside him in benghazi where he has served as the commander of the libyan national army since then he has seized control of libya's main oil ports and refused to acknowledge the un backed government of national accord in tripoli which of course has angered the united states and its western allies so right now it's unclear where exactly his alliances will go it seems like his loyalties change any time it suits his best agenda and right now that agenda appears to be taking control of libyan atocha neighborhood of santos thank you so much for that report and coming up on r t is president trapp about to make good on his campaign promise to expand use of the guantanamo bay detention facility stay tuned you don't want to miss the reports. think you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around corners. are
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a show from washington washington controls the media the media. and voters elected to run this country business equals. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. what politicians do such things to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be trusted. or somehow want to. get to the right to be close to see what the fuck are you the people that i'm interested in the last sat.
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the feeling the pain. every the little shit experience. and you get it on the you will. according to just. live. i'm john marvin and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't tell its big. spend my career. and wouldn't question more and find what you're looking for you see the. dog. will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture.
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marine aircraft traveling from north carolina to california crashed monday in mississippi killing fifty marines and one navy corpsmen in the fire iraq lots of chording to a statement released by the u.s. marines air traffic control reportedly lost contact with the k.c. one thirty refueling tanker around four pm local time debris from the crash was found four miles beyond the crash site the crash is currently under investigation an authority is have not revealed the cause and energies of those on board are being withheld until their families can be properly notified. in minnesota the police officer acquitted in last year's fatal shooting of castillo has resigned under a voluntary separation agreement a lot of him forty eight thousand five hundred dollars details of the agreements with the minneapolis suburb of st anthony were announced monday officer drawn a million as one reportedly received the money as a lump sum additionally as will be compensated for up to six hundred hours over crude and news personal leave pay that's important because those press who receive
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this information through a public information quest during the election campaign president trump vowed to keep the went on him obey a prison open the white house is now signaling intentions on sticking to the controversial promise made by america's commander in chief our port and i am brings us the details president trump is reportedly preparing to repopulate the notorious prison his predecessor spent eight years trying to close on friday are turning general jeff sessions and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein reportedly visited the guantanamo bay detention center for an update on current operations this marks the first concrete actions the white house has taken on good low since president trump took office now america's new leader has promised to load get up with quote bad do the u.s. attorney general meanwhile calls the prison a very fine place insisting there's no legal reason not to send new detainees there
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since rocco bamma left the oval forty one detainees remain get mo five are cleared for transfer and twenty six are being held indefinitely while the former democratic president failed to close the facility his executive order calling for good mo to be shut down is still technically the law of the land this year guantanamo has pretty much been running on autopilot however the trump administration is signaling intentions of a drastic change including the possibility of housing. isis suspects at the island prison in a statement the justice department said keeping this country safe from terrorists is the highest priority of the trump administration recent attacks in europe and elsewhere confirm that the threat to our nation is immediate and real and it remains essential that we use every lawful tool available to prevent as many attacks as possible now many legal experts argue that sending isis fighters to
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guantanamo could prove risky since the authorization for the use of military force being used to justify indefinite law of war detention does not specifically name isis now walgett mo has become synonymous with torture international law violations and among the worst consequences of america's war on terror many republican lawmakers are now embracing the prison as a symbol of strength and toughness as of now president trump has yet to sign an executive order on the guidelines for future use of the facility or outlining who exactly would be sent there targeting bad dude like the u.s. leader previously promised could wind up being almost anyone marina porton. miami belgium's a ban on the full face in public doesn't violate any rules that's according to a decision by the european court of human rights the ruling comes after two muslim woman try to get the movie legally overturned here is our t.v. charlotte dubinsky. well this case was brought by two women a belgian national and
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a moroccan you said that it was their choice to wear the kneecap this is the veil covering which covers everything but their ice and that because of that this band had actually infringed their freedoms and they said that the law was discriminatory but the european court of human rights disagreed saying that however controversial the ban was it was necessary in a democratic society and it said it was necessary to guarantee that he cygnus of living together now other countries in europe have also said that they are considering a band with politicians who are course you are now supporting the idea including germany's chancellor angela merkel and this is what many have done in interpersonal communication plays a crucial role. that's why the new face veil is not appropriate and should be banned wherever legally possible. we oppose the full body veil not
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just the burka but also any other veil that hides the eyes for it's not something that belongs to our open society to show your face is part of communication your existence. that's what everyone to show their faces so i. mean it's a symbol of female enslavement it's a vision of women that we have to approach now several other countries have already instituted a covering in the public areas that schools hospitals government buildings such as in france in two thousand and eleven where women who go out and wear a full fail covering whether they are french nationals or tourists facing a fine while those who force women to wear a full veil covering could face a fine of up to thirty thousand euros and time in jail in the netherlands have already back the idea of this yet it's not become law but european countries are not the only ones that have instituted a ban or are considering it the african country of chad which. he's
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a muslim majority country actually insititute a ban on the full face covering back in two thousand and fifteen and that was following two suicide attacks in the country and they said it was necessary to prevent terrorism in future well tune in to on contact tonight for the second installment of chris hedges interview with a renowned linguist author and political analyst professor noam chomsky they discuss how the public relations industry working on behalf of corporations and the government has effectively created an uninformed electorates that will make irrational choices against their own interests take a look pick the last election as an example particularly striking feature of it was that issues were ignored in favor of personalities so it has not been true for a long time though in truth for a very long time but here it was really dramatic after all we are facing two existential crises. new in human history one which has been going on for
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a while is the threat of nuclear war which in fact increases the others the threat of environmental catastrophe take a look at how much coverage it was or that in the last two election just these two things well even on the me the media it's not just covers the media doesn't always talk about is russia not an issue you know talk about marginal issues in fact there's there is a media principle which you know better than to this called objectivity which means pay attention to what's happening within the beltway if you can report accurately what's happening there or your objective talk about something else if you're biased gossip most of its causes. and since within the beltway they're talking about what's important the power you keep to the. part two of chris hedges interview airs tonight at seven thirty and ten pm eastern time right here on our
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t.v. america well starting this week a new radio station is hitting the airwaves of the nation's capital outlets is launching its own broadcast at one of five point five f.m. in washington d.c. it promises to host talk shows with entirely different opinions focusing on issues than details often admitted by the mainstream media are to elect a chef he reports from the station's opening events you'll probably have heard this name if you followed the senate hearings on russia but now not only you'll be able to read the sport and you will also be labeled to listen to the sports leagues. starting this week one o five point five f.m. in washington d.c. sputnik will be launching a fully fledged radio station twenty four seven broadcasting different opinions and different talk shows on politics and everything related despite some may say a somewhat negative press that the outlet has been receiving lately that is something that the management of splitting believes can actually help the outlets
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to win the audience there's so much. here here's a about sputnik. that i hope that will make people realize that they would want to tune in the fact is that most of what they heard the above those probably isn't all guys talking about things that are not being covered by the mainstream media even when they talk about the topics that are being covered the poor we have a very different prospect of a prospect if it often is missing from the mainstream probably but how do you when audience in such a difficult time with the management of sporting things it knows the answer but simply by getting different opinions on its airwaves now one of the shows which will be broadcast at all and that's where waves at one hundred five point five f.m. in washington d.c. is called the fold lines it's hosted by a staunch. progressive a bernie supporter and a trump supporter and investigative journalist one thing i think people are
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surprised who listen to the show are surprised at how often that we agree that we do agree on some common themes because we're both populist kind of people were both kind of anti-establishment people so we tend to agree but we have fun too we're very good friends but we have a lot of fun and we don't mind you know voicing our opposing views what's important is that people who are watching the show know the truth so we tell people we recommend people look into their own look into it for themselves do all their own research and then we give them our point is our point of view when we walk away and people can do what they want with it and i really think that the establishment media in the united states doesn't want people to know how much people agree because the people agree with garland my talk about health care for instance we're both like yeah well the pharmaceutical companies are not good are not are not good . and i think a lot of supporters feel that way they're really concerned about big insurance
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companies and i think a lot of british ships are borders are and but but the problem is on your media who's buying the commercial time and the answer is a big pharmaceutical companies those running sport they do not believe that the united states is a divided country it's just that the people are not able to sit down and talk about things and this is something that the radio station will be looking to do is since telling the i'm told has been its main principle since the very inception. reporting from washington d.c. . is coming up here next on our team america and the france joins us for a preview of what's ahead lindsay hey there wells fargo is set to shell out more than one hundred million dollars to victims of its fake account scams but will it actually be enough also the dollar oil and the political tip for tat over prices also what is wrong with how we measure consumer spending my guest says we have to look way beyond traditional measurements that's coming right up all right thanks so much lindsey and that does it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to
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youtube dot com slash r t america also check out our web site r t dot com forward slash america and you can follow me on twitter at natasha's tweets question more. larry you're watching. for student more. on the trial that we outspent countless hours for and few documents to tell the story. corporate media really use it to talk about. not a pretty clear picture about how disturbing. were. these are stories that you know no. might have for your own merit. question.
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i'll give you what the mainstream media. big picture. investigate and debate. the big picture. when newsrooms decide to cover is important they get to decide what everyone's going to be concerned with they have huge power so what stories news organizations choose to cover is incredibly influential but maybe just as influential is what they decide not to cover late for instance when mainstream american news outlets decided not to cover a british report which basically destroyed the us as official narrative about why the west invaded libya a couple years ago journalist joe laurie i just did
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a great job investigating how the american media covered this report in an article for consortium he was entitled hiding us lies about libyan invasion and it loria leads us through his journey of trying to find out just how the us covered this british report basically the report says that the west's military intervention in libya was based on inaccurate intelligence and rony as assumption so this should have been big news to americans who are supposedly so concerned about how their government acts this british report says that we backed a completely bunk invasion on another country and that should have been big news the report also says that the intervention was a bust causing political and economic collapse humanitarian crises and even the growth of isis so this british report basically said that the invasion was a catastrophe which should have been big news not only did we back an invasion into a country for the wrong reasons but it helped this supposedly our biggest threat so
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it's crazy that lauri's article basically shows that the us media completely ignored the british report altogether for his article laureate did a lot of searching through archives he looked through the washington. it's just the if they covered the damning report but couldn't find one article about it same thing for the l a times he found one article from the new york times about the report but it was out of their london bureau not new york and entirely blame to the brits and the french leaving out any us blame entirely loria found very few articles from mainstream news outlets about this british report it is extensive search and most were out of foreign bureaus or scrubbed america's responsibility from the report altogether so apparently most mainstream american news rooms all decided not to cover this report which leads to most americans not know which how screwed up it was that under president obama we fueled up botched
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invasion so that's exactly why what the media doesn't cover is just as important as what they did. are going to do just. that you're watching your. for. the future we don't see. every the world you're in. you'll get all of the old world. according to.
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the. problem for the. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out of the lose business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question.


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