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tv   News with Ed  RT  July 13, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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and that is the. these are stories that no one else might have to post of america. west. on the news tonight the president meets with the french president macron and out his breakthrough with russia on the syrian cease fire and the president defends his son from meeting with a russian lawyer last summer the attorney from the aguilar of family scott golfer sits down with us tonight and the senate republicans unveil a new health care bill in the latest round of the repeal and replace saga i'm michel supporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching r.t. america. good evening friends we start tonight with the president back on the world stage
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while washington in the mainstream media are fixated on e-mails in russia president trump made clear to the french people and the president today that he understands the history and the importance of u.s. french relations if there was ever any tension between these two new presidents it never showed at this press event trump reaching out to the french with praise and respect the friendship between our two nations and ourselves i might add is unbreakable. our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the immortal bonds of culture. destiny and liberty that unite us so strongly united of souls. after months of tough talk on trade the two seemed comfortable with the direction and basis for future cooperation the clear difference was the paris accord here trump stood as ground and was noncommittal yeah i mean something could happen with respect to the paris accord we'll see what happens but we will
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talk about that over the coming period of time. and if it happens that will be wonderful and if it doesn't that will be ok to both leaders were asked about russian relations it dealing with president putin trump was quick to tell the ceasefire agreement in syria he cut with putin one of the great things that came out of that meeting by the way even us up part of the question was the fact that we got a cease fire a fire that now is lasted for. i guess mr president almost five days and well five days doesn't sound like a long period of time in terms of a ceasefire in syria that's a very long period of time and that was a result of having communication with a country so during that five year five day period a lot of lives have been saved a lot of people were not killed macron said he expressed to the russian president
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three major concerns over syria no chemical use humanitarian aid and political stability the french president assured putin and trump the removal of assad him syria is not a priority is that an objective. but we have one main cooled which is to eradicate terrorism no matter who till. we want to build an inclusive and sustainable political city said against that background on. their client and planted them on the sons departure this is no longer a prerequisite. for more on this tonight we're joined by former cia officer jack rice jack nice to have you with us tonight first of all the messaging by both of these leaders trump and macron to russian president vladimir putin was more than interesting what did you make of it. oh i understand completely and if we look at
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where we are right now they're really working hard to show the consistency with where they are on the world stage let's look at what they're talking about in syria what they're looking at with frankly the entire security situation which mccrone that's always been one of his sort of bally wix and i think the idea that they're going to try to set aside the environment they're going to try to set aside some of the trade issues and they're going to focus on that and that plays straight into what putin stronghold is as well what about french intelligence and u.s. intelligence what kind of. cooperation could we expect out of them because number one they're don't want anything to do with the syrian involvement which may go against what the trump administration wants number to the paris accord and the positions on climate change are very different what about intel what about working with them against terrorism well i think that's a critical issue if we look at french intelligence they're very good in certain parts of the world certain parts of the middle east certain parts of africa and
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elsewhere and i think it's critical from the united states standpoint that u.s. intelligence and french intelligence work together if we think about this as a worldwide problem and it is a worldwide problem this is not something the united states can do alone it's not something the french can do alone and i think everybody in the intelligence community i mean worldwide understands that concept so the americans and the french the germans the brits. others are all trying to come together to really share information because sometimes it's one little piece at a time that you need to be able to spread out amongst as many people as possible if the united states wants to get rid of assad they lost an allied today the french president made it very clear assad's departure is not a priority what do you what do you think of that and could that possibly change u.s. position. well it really could i mean if we think about where we are there's been a debate inside the united states and inside the intelligence community on what it
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is the u.s. should be focusing upon is it in assad question or is that an isis question is it a dash question and so what is happening is even the trumpet ministration has looked at this with putin the russians and others about whether or not we should pivot and focus in on isis and then set aside in the damascus question for a while and then come back at it once that other issue is dealt with has the president in your estimation performing on the world stage said he had a great meeting with putin had a great g twenty goes over in just showers the french with just all kinds of praise and accolades today and no foreign leaders seemed to criticize this president but he gets plenty of it at home interesting dynamic isn't it. it is an interesting dynamic especially when you look at how it is that donald trump ran for office again he trouts the europeans regularly he trance the french even talked about le pen and how much he liked le pen in the first place so i think that his desire to
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go over and try to establish that the americans are still a player i believe that's a critical issue they need to take a leading role in the world what we saw with the g. twenty where they seem to pull back that's different than what we saw with the french today because the americans must be at the table if they are not at the table the the europeans the japanese the russians the chinese they will all negotiate deals outside and around the u.s. and that will hurt the united states so this america this american president must be involved he must be at the table jack rice thanks so much good to have you with us tonight the president continues to defend his son for a meeting with a russian lawyer last summer the senate judiciary committee wants donald trump jr to testify publicly next week the president was asked about the latest controversy at the press conference my son is concerned my son is a wonderful young man he took a meeting with a russian lawyer not
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a. government lawyer but a russian lawyer it was a short meeting it was a meeting that. went very very quickly very fast two of the people in the room they i guess one of the left almost immediately and the other one was not really focused in the meeting i do think this i think from a practical standpoint most people would have taken that meeting since the emails were released the controversy has surrounded the president's relationship with the russian all of garc and his pop star son arison emon aguilar of enjoy employed rob goldstone as a publicist it was goldstone who reached out to donald trump jr for a meeting with this attorney for more on this we're joined tonight by the attorney for the. family scott scott good to have you with us tonight pre-show your time thanks for having me what's the biggest misunderstanding surrounding this story as
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you see it. i think there's quite a few misunderstandings let me let me try to highlight the at the top few one there is this whole misconception about this lawyer and her relationship to the russian government our understanding was then and is now that this lawyer natalia is a private practitioner who represents private clients and has no connection to the russian government second of all there's a misconception that mr. of met with russian prosecutors to obtain information about hillary clinton for use in the u.s. election that meeting never happened mr aguilar of never had any communications with the russian government officials about hillary clinton or about the u.s. election campaign so how did this go haywire. it's a good question and when when we saw the e-mails for the first time when they were
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tweeted publicly by by mr trump jr we scratch their head and ask the same question and i think the best explanation is that rob goldstone he's a music industry promoter was trying to please his client and not a lot of and therefore used an awful lot of hyperbole and puffery and quite frankly misstatements in order to try to secure a meeting scott how well do your clients know the president of the united states. i think mr aguilar i've seen your began his relationship in two thousand and thirteen in connection with the miss universe pageant i think they shared some common business interests real estate they collaborated together to be the miss universe pageant in moscow do you think the russian attorney knew this and use your clients as a hook to get in front of the trumps. there's no doubt about it she certainly was
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aware of the relationship certainly wanted an audience to talk about this magnitsky act and the issues that evolve around that and that's why she used her relationship to get in that we did you know that she was. you know being described by some as a it was reported in the independent that she's a pretty much not a fan of donald trump and. this could have been a. setup was this a sad up were your clients used to try to get in front of the campaign to deliberate misinformation or to put the campaign in a situation that is pretty untenable at this point. we have no reason to believe this was a set up in that regard this lawyer natalia we know to be very passionate about this magnitsky act and we genuinely believe that she wanted a forum to raise those issues i think the problem arose with mr goldstone saying
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things which were not true for the purpose of securing them and securing the meeting was claiming that they had dirt on hillary clinton and that was the big draw to possibly bring in donald trump jr and of course he said it in email if that's the case we'd love to hear it right. yeah and what my view on this is the following i mean if it were the case that russian prosecutors had secret confidential critical information about hillary clinton that was damaging and they wanted to convey it to the trump campaign through our cycle our of mr i would have picked up the phone and called donald trump it makes no sense that he would have had his pop singing sign reach out to his music industry promoter to try to arrange a meeting i'm going to ask you to see c.n.n. is playing video tape from two thousand and thirteen of your clients with the
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president trying to draw a connection that they're really close friends and that the president should have known what was in those e-mails what's your response to that. it's a good question i appreciate it i think there's a lot of preposterous things that have been promulgated in the media i think the fact that they had a social relationship where they were in a room together having a meal four years ago by no means suggests that any of the other allegations that have come out are true it's just it's fantasy ball we're good to have you with us tonight thank you so much thank you for having me. four hundred twelve doctors nurses and pharmacists have been charged with fraud by federal authorities attorney general jeff sessions called the move the largest fraud in forced been a u.s. health care history the charges target medical professionals in over twenty states for overprescribing and distributing opioids federal authorities have struggled to
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stem the opioid crisis in america the drug enforcement administration estimates more than sixty thousand americans will die this year from drug overdoses the charges target over one point three billion dollars in fraudulent medical transactions so much more to come on this story after weeks of failure to accomplish one. of their biggest campaign promises the senate republicans offered up another proposal on health care today vice president mike pence described the new bill as all new freedom and flexibility in the s. the senate republicans to roll up their sleeves and pass it the military has been following the details tonight and she has more on this i know and i know what you're thinking right maybe third time's a charm not exactly earlier today the republicans put out yet another revised version of their health care plan called the better care reconciliation act of twenty seventeen or better known as the b c r a the immense unpopularity of the
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first two iterations drove the big guns out rally party members today. the leadership of the united states that he gave these gershon of the senate health care bill president there really grateful to leader mitch mcconnell and we urge every one of the states that roll their sleeves up to get this bill to the president's desk and get it there soon as i saw a beauty contest just yesterday american families in america because this is a total. collapse. of obamacare and it's time for congress. this legislation the president from i believe the right the right time to begin. obama here and while the majority leader mitch mcconnell was waiting to formally put out the plan this morning he was actually scooped by outspoken republican senator lindsey graham and senator bill cassidy they unveiled a more centrist plan of their own competing with the one leader mcconnell is pushing now there are fifty two republican senators and mcconnell can't afford to
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lose more than two in order to bring this to the floor but already the usual suspects are back out voicing opposition to this third release as well you have susan collins dean heller ted cruz rand paul shelley kopete oh and rob portman now here are just a few items that have changed in version three point zero you have increased funding to combat the opioid epidemic that's going to go up from two billion dollars now to a whopping forty five billion dollars ted cruz who is against this bill managed to shoehorn his own amendment in there he'd offer some cheapo coverage to consumers and allocate seventy billion dollars to the states to offset costs for the insurance companies who'd be gracious enough to insure those so-called high risk individuals and states stability funding also goes up seventy billion dollars in addition to the original hundred twelve billion in block grants to bring down those premiums and medicaid still cut by about seven hundred seventy two billion dollars by two thousand and twenty six affecting the nation's most vulnerable and according
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to the c.b.s. previous projection this number remains the same high of over fifty million people . who will lose coverage in the next decade so it looks like we are heading back to the days of junk insurance on steroids this time coverage plans so skimpy that in a bare bones package a woman would be covered if she one had a baby it would do away with the individual mandate and add it to low premium very high deductible catastrophic barebones plans this would greatly disrupt the markets and increase risk for everybody involved especially those with preexisting conditions those folks would be offered plans that most would be able to afford anyways if they can't pass this this time who knows what's going to happen before the end of the summer thanks manila for more on this which is a real political fiasco on capitol hill we're joined tonight by andrea kay conservative talk show host and also holland good media consultant survival speech dot com great to have both of you with us you know the open question tonight is
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health care is it the death of the republicans i mean the question andrea can bay govern what do you think. what you know what so far they haven't i agree with you there ed because you know what the american people did in two thousand and fourteen they actually gave power to the republican party in both houses to do what repeal obamacare get rid of obamacare not profit up and then when the republican party didn't do did not fulfill their campaign promises and do that that america went and elected an outsider who promised that he would repeal obamacare and what this bill really does is it just it obamacare is just a a credit a decaying building that was built on a marxist foundation an income failed income redistribution scheme and all the g.o.p. has really done is buttress it up and you know it and it is going to fail and the g.o.p. will fail in twenty eight hundred if they don't fulfill their promise unpack it for
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us were only. andrea believe it or not i agree with something you just said the wide angle shot on this is talk is cheap on the campaign trail we're going to drain the swamp outsiders are going to come fix washington washington insiders would have been savvy enough not to try to climb the steepest hill first everybody knew healthcare was going to be a fight what they should've done first is infrastructure there has never been and there will never be a congress person who doesn't like a big fat work spilled or bring a home they're going to put cones on the highway they're going to fix the bridges then they could have done tax reform and who wouldn't want to piece of that action but now they're stuck in this health care swap and they can't just pivot to tax reform because as many have surmised the senate health care bill seems to be a tax bill in disguise are we finding out how long that the president has very little political capital if you can't get this passed well i was in washington
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a dozen years you're there now with the currency there is power and when they smell blood in the water you have juice the big problem is the obvious russia russia russia is sucking all the oxygen out of the media coverage and you know appears to be damage what about that andrea half the country thinks the mainstream media is spending too much time on russia and the polls are showing this is what they care about health care the kitchen table issue what's your audience saying right that's right a nobody able to fill up their gas tank or feed their kids or pay their light bill on whether or not don jr had a meeting that hillary clinton would have taken that. required a donation to the clinton foundation and in speaking fees for bubba the american people care about the fact that with obamacare the premiums make it unusable and affordable and the deductibles make it unusable. they weed it was never access to
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health care it was nothing but income redistribution scheme that was intended to fail to set up for single payer and you know what americans were shocked by the reality of single payer when they saw that sweet baby charlie guard in britain and the reality of of single payer is alive and well in the minds of the american people the american people wanted repeal they did not want to prop up obamacare and i disagree a little bit with paul and i think that they i think they did it in this order because they didn't do infrastructure first because they felt like they needed tax reform to pay for the infrastructure because there was really not an appetite for the american people to do more shovel ready jobs we'll have to leave it there and repeal of obamacare andrea kay holland your great free shit thanks for being with us tonight so much more to talk about the pentagon brief the german military on its new f. thirty five fighter jet berlin is considering potential replacements for its aging toronado fighter jets are two years jacqueline valda examines whether the f.
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thirty five would be a good substitute for the f. thirty five was meant to be the ultimate aircraft the swiss army knife a fighter jets ready and equipped for everything the project has been years in the making worked on by the brightest minds from all over the globe and has cost billions and billions of dollars. looks all summer right well the creation of this jack of all trades plane has been a bumpy road the project has seen numerous drafts due to various issues including having the blueprints stolen at one point and the budget has expanded over time as well nearly doubling the initial figure the f. thirty five program program's record of performance has been both a scandal and
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a. that is experience issues with cost it's going to become completely an affordable aircraft deliveries amount to no more than a mere trickle relative to the original promises of the program what's going to happen with that airplane is going to die slow when i get to his ng that what is so great about the f. thirty five it must be perfect for air combat well no according to a report released by the department of defense it displays objectionable or on acceptable flying qualities but surely it has top notch persuasion accuracy i've given no only if the target is clearly marked and undefended the department of defense says the f. thirty five will be forced to fly much closer to the ground to engage targets and those will likely need to be only lightly defended ones at most well at least it must be great for a pilot to fly wrong again. ok
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last try hasn't been a good value well now it's been dubbed the most expensive plane anywhere ever i think you know the answer i know it's production cost could yet again up another seven percent hitting four hundred six point five billion dollars just for a bit of perspective belgium's entire g.d.p. in two thousand and fifteen was four hundred and fifty four billion dollars so with all of that in mind you think the project might have been reconsidered already i think the united states government is to fall too far along with what the f. thirty five. just to abandon it at this point you have other governments now that have committed in their in there whether nato and non nato that committed to the f. thirty it's now become a project it's too big to fail but surely when so much money has been thrown at it
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there must be something to be proud of what is it good at it's not good at anything . ok i turkey can fly at least a little bit about something jacqueline bogart t. washington d.c. . the arts and crafts giant hobby lobby is in trouble for illegally acquiring ancient iraqi relics and shipping them to the united states back in two thousand and eleven artie's election yarrow shops he reports tonight. this is just one sample of ancient mesopotamian and iraqi artifacts dating back thousands of years which made their way into the united states in two thousand and eleven more than fifty five hundred clay tablets a day with no set market price for those but assumingly ranging between several hundred to several thousand dollars per piece according to a recently published civil complaint by prosecutors in new york those were shipped into the us in jan two thousand and eleven from the united arab emirates to a purchaser in oklahoma but were apprehended by the department of homeland security the shipments according to the document were not a one off and there have been several tranches of those detected and seized by the
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authorities now the fact itself violate that several laws because cultural property like that has to be properly declared otherwise would be seen as illegally smuggled in such actions also fall under the national stolen property act which prohibits importation of foreign cultural property and on top of that given that the artifacts came from iraq it's also breaking the law since importation of cultural artifacts into the u.s. from iraq has been restricted for almost thirty years now so who was the buyer the giant hobby lobby a multibillion network of more than seven hundred stores across america but why would hobby lobby be interested in ancient tablets not to put it on the shelves surely all the people who owned this chain is a rich family and it's opening the museum of the bible in d.c. and of amber so the widespread assumption of has been that the tablets were meant to be displayed there or maybe not since according to the prosecutors hobby lobby hired a consultant which advised the company that the overall price for the intake would
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use could go up to eleven million dollars but it's feasible to purchase those for one point six million which the company happily did got burned and will now have to for feed all these artifacts as well as paying a settlement of three million dollars the hobby lobby president steve green acknowledged a mistake in the statement saying that the company should have been more careful about its after almost two years of hobby lobby failing to recognize the illegality of their actions to the new york. times investigators who essentially force the federal action against the company the riders who by the way raise a very solid point in their article which is that there may be many many more of such artifacts illegally across the world and specifically because of the islamic state which has been stealing ancient artifacts across syria and iraq and shipping them off to the black market surely those artifacts which the old ones have not destroyed as part of their propaganda efforts the hobby lobby illegal acquisition of the relics predates the rise of isis but there is no doubt that they use the same market which the islamic state is fueling now the one which is only getting
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bigger and darker let's see reporting from washington d.c. and that is our news tonight i'm ed schultz reporting from washington have a great weekend to. watch the hawks founded by three young americans who love their country but we have to constantly question our government watching the hawks brings the stories that give voice to voice. we dig a little deeper we get the stories that everyone else is afraid to touch is afraid to talk about because they don't want to upset their corporate sponsors or interrupt their government access now is the time for that but we need to question
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. we're in this post truth world we're going to have to matter to educating people and giving them contacts instead of telling them to make dialogue is far more a valuable thing to eat. for breakfast just why we did. ok so your wife. now i did give you do take him. all the worlds and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are anti america play party america offers more artsy american.


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