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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 14, 2017 1:29pm-2:01pm EDT

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or another human rights group comes out with a report on a country that you don't like if they like north korea or syria you are and they don't consult those governments when they do that your floors you guys accepted you know and you even talk about it and praise the reports from rome from the podium and say this is what you know we can't really comical weapons in syria but when they come up with a report that is in a country that is about it i'd just say we want is that on that report like hartmann of defense puts together a very thorough humanitarian excuse me a very thorough civilian casualty list this is not a case does not a situation where you accept reports that you like the results but do not accept magill i'm not going to characterize it that way at all ok i think we've been over this now if you don't answer them. coming up next on r.t. watching the hawks takes a look at the latest trump russia conspiracy theories. greetings
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and salutations all right oh my goodness arc watchers this week it is finally been revealed that all of the mccarthyism is going to be of the congressional committees and political grandstanding has been justified. yes according to c.n.n. time magazine in the plethora of others in the mainstream news media we may finally have the smoking gun of trump russia collusion in the twenty sixteen elections that we've been promised over and over again and what is this this new potential smoking gun well it appears donald trump jr the president's son yes brand name and chief junior had a meeting back in june of two thousand and sixteen with a russian lawyer a russian lawyer whose go-between was a british born new york music publicist tabloid journalist i believe promised that this person promised that they could provide dirt on possible illegal russian
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campaign contributions to clinton the d.n.c. or as those on capitol hill would normally call it in any other year opposition research yes opposition to opposition research that according to donald jr in those involved amounted to nothing more than a club really disguised lobbying effort to pitch them on the repeal to the controversial two thousand and twelve magnitsky act and it's sanctions on russia. smells like one of those you know on another one of those mole hill turned into mountains for ratings and political points. but tyrrell if you ask me does this not prove intent well like it or not candidates looking for dirt on opposing candidates is not something new and he was politics and yes even getting dirt on opponents from foreign countries has a long sordid history here in the united states just just look at efforts mounted by ukraine last year to provide dirt on the trump campaign to the d.n.c. or the much talked about and ballyhooed steel dossier that was paid for by both
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republicans and later democrats if one gives any value to that controversial piece of opposition research that directly involved government russian government officials giving up dirt on a candidate in the us elections yeah now maybe maybe i'm just i'm just crazy we have forgotten because. but let us all remember that contrary to popular belief here on capitol hill lately ike i don't believe we're at war with russia. i haven't heard that news yet so let's start watching the whole. thing. it looks like. it's like. he took a lot of cities. like you that i got. with the please. please.
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please. tell the world to watch the hawks i am tired of it throw up that capital wallace joining us today is the co-host of faultlines on sputnik radio at least randy and late that you for coming on that day thanks so much for having really appreciate a lot of interesting stuff coming down the pipeline but you know as i mentioned i don't remember us being at war with russia and everything's talking about donald jr and emails and meetings as the as this obsession with with trump clinton the election and russia in your opinion is this session hindered actual policy work in d.c. i mean even even now trump appears to kind of be like fluctuating back and forth with well we're going to do cyber security with they were not. in all of this i haven't seen any actual policy at all even attempted to get done i mean maybe health care but other matters like everyone's thinking about this i would actually
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argue that the goal of it is to stop policy and let me be very specific about it because it's something i know something about in two thousand and thirteen september twenty third i went to lebanon i went to beirut lebanon because i thought call me crazy that the syria thing would turn into something big turns out to turn into something big right so i went over there and i've been watching you know what i think that they don't want people to know and i found this out when i went to syria in two thousand and thirteen from talking to people on the ground the united let's be very clear the united states was funding the rebels who were killing christians and by the way in true muslims and other people but if the american people really knew if they really understood hey your tax dollars and not just hillary clinton barack obama but people like john mccain were supporting this policy they'd freak out now what i've noticed is so there's there's about three things that this whole russian narrative accomplishes ok one of it is obviously to
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attack the president one of its own i'm a trump supporter i'm steve bannon saver reporter for some a trump supporter but that's not the only thing so part of it is to demonize rush and i really do believe on a silly and i thought this by the way i work for radio sputnik i thought this before i worked for radio sputnik i used to be a reporter breitbart none of my thinking is changed another part of it is to hide what's happening in syria but i've lately become to realize that another part of it is to hide what's really happened in ukraine now like most americans don't know much about ukraine. and. when i started to look into the stories investigative reporter i noticed the ukraine and ukrainians were showing up everywhere when i started and by the way i've been working on this story debunking the narrative.
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well before i ever thought i would ever and i'm the guy who got raja literally i'm going to get roger stone involved in the story last september because i looked at it and i said. ok so let's let's say you're russian intelligence. for you know if you're the mainstream media you probably are. so let's say russian intelligence would you set up a wordpress site i'm just saying it defies logic you know and i communicated with super two i exchanged messages it didn't make any sense to me that the russian intelligence services would set up wordpress site and tweet and by the way flirt with the ladies if you look at some of the d.m. he's flirtatious or a cheater i don't know what could be a group of you know what you know it's you you know me and you have very different political ideologies you know i disagree with a lot of trump's policies and yeah but at the same time i see this move against russia again having nothing to do with the fact that i have agreed a black label in the corner of the screen as i'm talking right now i'm
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a still an american citizen i have political viewpoints i see this as something that like i don't want going any further don't want because i look at it and say i don't want to see a war with russia or a proxy war or anything like that down the line because i just don't see how that's good for the economy you know for the us at the end of the day and let's just poke a big hole in the narrative like over radio sputnik for instance i'm the only pro trump person you're not i mean let's go through the lineup elite league camp not big not a bit let's go through it. can you can can russia get better at propaganda i mean if you're going to be pro trump which is the near not doing a very good job satire i know not and i'm not why i don't want to get everybody in trouble laughs but if you're going to do their propaganda can we get some more protracted because i'm lonely over there and by the way everybody else i'm glad to be on a station that's got a divergence of viewpoints and they never tell me what to say and they never try to make me more liberally never try to make the liberals more conservative so i mean
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i'm i'm in the middle i'm not i didn't vote for him but i have the other the other side if i had i'm not i'm in the middle there but it. in what you're saying as i do i feel like that it's very political and at one point now what i'm saying because as we said one minute the white house says they want this intelligence they this is the wavering thing that kind of bothers me so it's one minute the white house says that we're doing this joint intelligence cyber security unit within a day they say no we're not doing it and now they're doing this stuff where they say they're going to ban the cyber security products by the russian company labs you know n.s.a. had mike rogers says no we're looking into them because they're a cd because what they really want to know is does does a russian company have ties to russia which is actual headlines yeah i'm pretty sure they do their russian and russia you know crazy idea there but what it started to look at is they go into this over and over i mean this is
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a company that has the laptops and you have their software on it they provide products to numerous foreign governments numerous they're one of the best in the business that's kind of i think what scares and that along with oil and everything else in europe so what i'm seeing more now from my perspective which is somewhat financially conservative is that what i see is that they are following if you follow the rules it isn't the government this is capitalistic endeavors you know these aren't democratic ones and i just paranoid because i've been called occasionally paranoid and i don't think you will and let me show you can have a truce when you pry it out of my core good and i was curious to know that one should come for your courage to threaten no one said anything with the cambridge people when they come it's all when they go to the x. box for my play station we're going to do so so no no i don't think it's paranoid at all i think what's happening is it's look it's very clear to me and
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again i've written for you to write a proposal written for broad. i'm an anti establishment person and what i found was when you look at the stuff for yourself and unfortunately. we anybody watching this right now has apparently decided to listen for themselves so i wish we're going out to a it's a it's a controlled sample as they say in science right but that being said the facts of this are very very clear and for anybody i've been in those. house hearings where they start to talk about r t and then they start to talk about sputnik and they say it's propaganda and fake news i miss the part where a lot do you catch it because you're here because you are a lot of americans were like everyone was tuned into our t.v. and then that's when they decided to vote for it has yeah i'll bear it no no you're describing it as well is what i call the cringe reaction and look anybody who's
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been to middle school knows what this is which is abuse bully people enough oh hey purples for you know. we were in purple with you and then if i can get in if i can get you to join in making front of purple you're not going wear purple tomorrow does that make sense and this is literally what's happened they literally have learned this bullying technique of oh oh you're so you're in favor of russian paper trees and now i have a drinking game. which is this if you ask people so what's the threat of russia so what can you explain the threat to me and you do a shot you know vodka would be appropriate but if you do a shot every time they use the word geo political. you will be faced down hammered very quickly because that's all they can do and then if you ask them what is geopolitical mean. and as they have been more hillary clinton and they can't all the candidates during the election.
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i met kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this. is a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these are trolls are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more true than. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed as were. the last point of contention after the financial crisis of two thousand a was that not only the banks were too big to fail but everyone at them was apparently also too big to fail but all right if jailing a banker for playing around with credit default swaps was too difficult surely
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something as simple as laundering terror money is easier to prosecute right well you'd be surprised because as we saw with the scandal h.s.b.c. in two thousand and twelve even laundering astronomical sums of money for groups like al qaeda and this in a low a cartel won't generate anything beyond a fine from government regulators in the words of the nation's highest second highest prosecutor pressing criminal charges would have forever have the u.s. authorities decided to press criminal charges the future of the institution would have been under threat in the entire banking system would have been destabilized while one person though noticed increasingly alarming behavior at h.s.b.c. on blew the whistle doing what he could to help the government his name was everett starr and after all these years he is shocked by how the big bank got away with financing the enemy for the government's support and permission stern is now the c.e.o. of tactical rabbit intelligence consulting firm and earlier. take us through the back story of this fascinating. start by discussing how you broke into
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a national problem and it's actually in two thousand and twelve with this massive h.s.b.c. money laundering scandal they were laundering billions of dollars and essentially laundering it for various terror groups wrote a world at the other day they were slapped with about a hundred to two billion dollar fine which was a lot of money but in comparison to what they were laundering minute tell us a bit about what you discovered while you were at h.s.b.c. your so i started it just b.c. in october of two thousand and. twenty five years old and. i mean i just saw a massive amount of money laundering going to hamas hezbollah. drug cartels. and you know they're really fifteen compliance officers in the whole department when i started. and it was just completely understaffed like they were really folded up cubicles in the walls were half painted it was like a shopping mall facility in newcastle delaware and actually half the building was
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full of all these debt collectors for for for capital want to finish a specie credit card. and what i what i saw that was very very important which the f.b.i. later called stripping the payments was a criminal manipulation of the wire filter so there are names that ofac bans certain companies and businesses that with people we can't do business with and they're listed in actual filter so for instance if you have the prime example is a company called tajik o t a j c o which is a front for hezbollah operating out of. beirut in their operating different supermarket chains called supermarkets out of gambia in sierra leone. and so in the water filter when a wire comes in if it says tajik oh it will get stopped but what do you see with these geniuses figured out which is the. add little dots or dashes to the actual name the payment wouldn't match and the pain it would go through and that's what i
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call what they were doing because i was like wow are all these payments going through when they're supposed to be stopped and then that's when i realized this was the absolute criminal operation and later on actually what the ended up doing was firing all these debt collectors in the other side of the building and hundreds of them and then they rehired them as and some money laundering compliance officers would know in my experience nothing and they just had them clearing transactions all day long. but again going back to your question i i saw the there was an immersion in national security issue that needed to be a trust. and i couldn't go to the f.b.i. because they hired a former counterintelligence f.b.i. agent to run the department he was specifically hired i believe that the fraud states government. and so on three weeks in from my employment on
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november twelfth two thousand and ten that's when i e-mailed the cia regarding these these transaction issues a my former recruiter i was rejected from the cia before i joined it h.s.b.c. . and. yes and only i can say though is that i think that this counterintelligence f.b.i. agent each specie hired. back to the academy because i got past his intelligence for over a year by passing information to the cia the whole time i was there and built up a huge case so that guy needs to be retrained the way this wasn't just h.s.b.c. employees trying to make money by allowing basically various blacklisted you know companies and groups to do their financing this is ultimately clear from the top down no oh yeah no no absolutely this was a top down approach and they were designing a system to do. the government and to facilitate funds to to benefit terrorist
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organizations and drug cartels and what the what the government did by just fining them one point nine billion dollars which was only five weeks to their profit was to say ok this is just a cost of doing business and that's it so when people ask me is still doing this now my answer is yes because the system wasn't put in place for us this to happen and no one went to jail so that someone was supposed to go to jail but the administration was afraid to cause a financial crisis and people in power had a lot of at the time had a lot of ties to h.s.b.c. such as jim comi with the f.b.i. he me he was a former board member of h.s.b.c. . alert loretta lynch eric holder there are certain ties teaches b. c. . and it just prevented that actual prosecution and again you have to remember sean h.s.b.c. admitted to financing the enemy this with
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a minute to i mean everything i'm saying and have said about h.s.b.c. it has been proven true because each has admitted everything and they admitted it is part of the prosecution agreement. but again financing the enemy i don't know for you but if i financed the enemy they'll hang me in times square i mean it's you know it's that it's a death sentence if you don't one dollar to hamas or hezbollah or you go to jail for life and these guys get a bonus precisely in the thing is that h.s.b.c. actually of the very long history of engaging in money laundering. drug trafficking because of the opium wars or if it was a british bank it had to do with the origins of hong kong and shanghai banking practices so. always from the start was actually involved in laundry opium money from the opium wars that the british products the chinese so the long history here but in your. you're saying it's a top down operation that obviously continues you say it's. aiding the enemy but in
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the day it seems to me that. the entire nature of the financial fabric of our world especially the western world is actually girded by the underworld it's essentially we we would they would argue ball street needs the money from drug profits from arms deals and all kinds of illicit things because that's still circulating back into the lifeblood of our functioning economy sure. i don't know it's hard for me to comment on that because i haven't. seen any just p.c.'s case and. i don't think though that ball can come out and i don't think. with that that wall street or the banks need this terrorist financing or drug cartel financing money to operate there are plenty of ways in capitalism to make significant cap money or your capital ethically and i think though what the problem is is not wall street or the banks actually or
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bankers for that matter i think what the problem is is this is this. is the look is the message that government is sending by saying you know what if you're a whistleblower you get a reward or if you you know launder money then you just get a fine and i think they're removing and they're lessening the actual moral responsibility of these financial institutions in the united states so. i think that the problem is needs to be at the source and i think that the real source of the problem is individuals taking personal responsibility and making sure that that they're doing the right thing and if they're not it's as if something's not going right that they report it not because they're going to get a reward or something but because it's the right thing to do so i think i think society in general has moved away from this personal responsibility and just said
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that we'll get a fine or we'll get this and that when we're precise i mean the whole point is that the government is allowed to perpetuated this entire environment that there is no no culpability right if you're too big to jail too big to fail as you said than the d.o.j. is not going to go after h.s.b.c. and not one person indicted or you know before jailed or prosecuted for obviously money laundering to various drug cartel the terrorist groups of these and most people who are who don't have the protection of massive bank will find them would. in jail for it but obviously they're creating a culture which is to say as long as the money keeps flowing we really don't care what you do. and it's interesting how the government is is kind of bennett is benefiting off of this these these whistleblowing rewards and and their. you know people who should not i don't consider myself a whistleblower i'm not
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a whistleblower because a whistleblower somebody who literally blows the whistle or alerts somebody and then stops and then that's it they just walk away i mean i'm more of a fighter i mean that i've been fighting for years. even to my own detriment to to try to change the culture and try to and try to create positive significant change on society by getting the message out i'm not sure people are listening but i've been trying to what are the media respond to you when you were coming out basically with your report and obviously this whole case was ongoing how was the media's response sort of you know as apathy the media seems to have when ok you get to billion dollar fine. but meanwhile you scratch your head is that really i mean culpability for this level of criminality yes no no and the media completely they gave me a very hard time i mean. you know i mean it was amazing i mean for instance i did an interview before the prosecution. in the senate hearings i did
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a one hour feature interview with brian ross to the a.b.c. news and he said to me ever it will be out until we shook my hand and the guy never aired it. and i think brian ross to this huge serve anybody who's a huge disservice states. because again everything i said in an interview proved to be true and unfortunately the media needed to report on this story because most of the american public don't know what h.s.b.c. . have ever heard of me just b.c. where this morning laundering scandal i mean it's very under under reported and i think a lot of people don't care about the nuts not because the. not a pure apathy doesn't american public positions because they simply don't know but you're right though the media has shown extreme see and just lack
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of. reporting integrity. when they were guards in the story. the good news travels fast though not always accurately like today when many outlets reported that the f.d.a. is about to approve the first us gene therapy but despite many could have lies to the contrary this is actually not the first gene therapy that could be approved by the f.d.a. because it's not really gene therapy see gene therapy is replacing a bad gene with a good copy of a gene or introducing a new gene into the body this treatment which is pretty amazing takes your own your body's own super power filled cells and uses them to get cancer the treatment known as kind merrick antigen receptor t. cell therapy takes teams cells collected from leukemia patients that are then grown in a lab to produce kind meric antigen receptors which when introduced into the patient's bloodstream attack and kill cancer cells it's pretty amazing it was also amazing is the treatments are remission in eighty three percent of those who participated in
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the trial a living drug was initially created for children in young adults fighting leukemia who don't respond to traditional chemotherapy treatments that are quite frankly horribly toxic and often often worse than the disease itself so it looks like the cure for cancer might have them in our own bodies the whole time just as long as they don't let the umbrella corporation get older but we also up with rows of the authority reserves over another very remember water moves world we're not told you're above the upside so you all i love you i am i wrote. and i'm to have it all and keep on watching those hawks not a great day am i going to. live
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. live. live live. live
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. rance monks a year since the deadly terror attack a nice bit of french magazine comes under fire for printing graphic images of the atrocity. the u.s. and french president shows signs of overcoming some of their differences after talks in paris however french people voiced their anger at both leaders regardless of their plans. and a new videos emerge reportedly showing u.s. helicopters over the city of raka i suppose de facto capital in syria washington has confirmed its forces do operate inside the city but only under the pretext of advise assist and the company.


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