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opposites but he just last time. was pretty darn much not good to put out so well humans who system been exposed to shoes as we've. discussed to. make me feel bad to eat. into in the department of maternity everything is put together in disco. i think it's clean there's no infection you see the face almost all the feeling from the same people second degree on the face also. i think you seem to grow up thinking no if you're going to be needed i think because you see that only the start here you see this and i think in ten days you could be cowed everything except this be to be to be. just. to do. this is a group that. is to remove through mutimer to cross and when
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you will all don't want children to show you can you put up or go. next. because from inside and from outside so it's really huge and it was big big ones to complete your selfish easy to be seen from the from the genes but like a human body. you get the patients you know that of all the patients some of them out to the engines during the war they would tease you don't think about this because the soldier on you just treat you like any other and the their patients.
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this is the city of good dog just twenty kilometers from the frontline. it's under the control of opposition troops consisting mostly of members of the chinook tribe . the red cross hospital here is now the only facility in the whole area of the country still able to provide medical a. lot. of it. i think you know. about two miles off. the top. i'd.
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say it's. that last fifty fifth that's what you. say does not say. that only something. hello it's only a few. things you can just think of no to siberia to be sent with the history of budget cuts and the feistiness was we have done was it was just just that then when i believe that expecting to move. was just totally i didn't. know that i would want.
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you. know the sort of like noble sentiment in running up a body will slip through. nick's going to a new pew and you're going to have to conclude you can sustain any. and injury issues to do another post to show off because i'm far less crazy too if i was the only. reason that i'm if someone you were getting stupid out matching your movements for luke. i'll. ask you tomorrow. ever where you
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got my. new. job. thank you. from one thousand nine hundred ninety and i'm a surgeon and. there was. fighting we did to day. you know i didn't want to go. along. all of the things and then we got to the
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integration but it's missing something about i don't like to speak much too much about these. men being something some mission since syria i've been set on in freetown i mean by the central african republic and then finally if i do it with i.c.r.c. we are dealing with the world when the patients. face in this position. and if you turn to the quick response to good faith go to this position to vince here. between two. much more energy efficient and less pain every day
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a little. bit more. yes or a little pain just don't get. it just function it's become very nice but you can do a lot more with. all the good i mean that more and i don't. mean that. happens i don't see often no no no though it's afghanistan that in this month i gotz twice like this situation it's seventeen fifteen faith patients you know and you know one hour a week at the three of them and that most of them. injured so they'd need. in
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one or two days. to where they should look. in the show look in them. our line was given by some bookie dewey's to these people they called then cut open then. that caused the war between the good old troop and those didn't just so it is to sit in the forum between to provide. the zero sources including the gun to fire the shooter. that is our case. and we're going to demanding the dollar lunch must be given back to us. very that you've seen it maybe we've had here in quite a lot and working with all of you we have to actually get lots of you so mean anything you have a strength that i've never seen anywhere else. and i would also like to welcome
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back to you who is the new head of office in qatar. thank you so much for the. feel very welcome this royal welcome much to the. children exchange so again i promise to be as a great leader. as a kid she was but i can from was bill do my best. to make sure you know if you really want to try to put it to miss and love a good night i'm going to. go see it and they're not it it's one for. the. kids. today have. to.
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come out and i'm going to. be a boy this is so won't you as my mum and my mum you. mean it. was nothing to be. good. was no. no ok u k. you know what it was a little. bit so we go oh you know someone is a he. so you got all those six volunteers right. and i might. be one.
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of the stars from london based on just for the show because this case he. thinks. i had to tell us would be good. but i have a couple. yes this is. zero five and eight and nine it's a living conduct i would watch over. the next contact one hour one hour over. the body guard. already. think. you know some come for.
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for many particularly his critics a trumpet ministration is nothing less than chaos on steroids for some who know the president this is merely business as usual for him is this a winning strategy for the president america and the world. economic development is all about really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six point two. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think back that our c.e.o. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand
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times the average wal-mart is that. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. just a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the part of the government tried to do. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not work this is. hopelessly disastrously wrong you can see the border from the. steel.
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plate they said this is this is. and this is. you have every right to be here right to collect my food be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started an organization called the arizona border recall we or the. that is doing. what these to be done in the five years it's getting worse the fly aleuts is escalating because it's filled with. braziers really get irate when somebody calls you know basically they believe that their ranch is their answer and they don't believe the federal government is taking responsibility for their security like they would for anywhere else.
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this is their historically. own place if this is the first time what they're calling the enterprise of the british and the french decided to stop and go their separate ways. and happen here in the kingdom so they have. their own culture and sovereignty for many centuries. it's a very rough terrain just so it's rough climates and you have to fight to be able to live and to find enough. south sudan soil is so first that it can't you just you harvest
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a year however because of the continuing hostilities people have no time not even to cultivate the land a devastating humanitarian catastrophe is taking hold in several of the countries states famine the red cross hospital is now the only place where many can actually find something to eat. i'm not worried. about but i love them enough enough i know. i don't know but i guess it. comes down to. the sound of some of my human you don't know when i'm you know you
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do you. know you want to back up high if you don't want. to when we hear. oh boy how am i going to kind of want. iow you can't actually do can someone you know know me. i'm a bag of luck and i need to give in my stomach as metagaming a question. in my head well the thing knowing if. i know you you will see you can i mean many feet in like they'd ask a new to the moon any minute of the day i'm a emotive a pull them i'm not a man what am i you know that my many money that i got by you began.
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the normal people in the order was ninety pounds a. dud no concern aboard the total deal always a woman we want in the government they just need security i do that when business comes to busy in the good because if we'll be in the but. in two thousand and thirteen south sudan's president salva kiir from the dinka tribe to stop the s. nic balance within the country's government he dismissed the vice president and several kemet of members all of whom were from the new a tribe they immediately led an armed opposition soon to be joined by the should look tribe. did the beginning of the war going to the point i'm going to say that and i cannot tell you exactly in this area but. over two hundred people there want to come as well as if i myself if i cannot defend myself i would just be killed so many people died because when
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they made this a genocide people i'd given them zelikow to try to see a better body in this world and is ready to participate in the good the war is not a political war. the good is owed to me a good woman who police. were just beginning with. a bit of that muff for knowing just what the sugar. tradition. sure still of the student in fiction and promotes the heating goes the wind the distance the faster you can. when you do it just the day to dress and switching gears. now the only numbers that are good as i get. there when they get away. from their
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will mean that i. not only was the one bit giddy. crit going to bother for them while they did the bus i. had to do. for me going to visit a key didn't back in the old when nobody. neither member of my. own i and get it would get in and what you would do we assassinate and i think we well we meant we knew to you you could do the could be them in a baby they can be getting mad food when you hear get it they will be mad that you know what you were doing a good outing ok then a year later would do it and you. have a loved one you know you have a dead. cat on it's an old on the way and i didn't know were going to be. a keyed out of if you were going to it's a moment you're going for the. security
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. that you. don't know. so he didn't sleep last night. he. didn't need he didn't hold us kids should do it quick don't worry. so what we're trying to do just to inject their own this is my structure called it was not. yet one procedure but he's relieved human is old brain for life to interfere or worse for. the long. haul and this is still. a decent.
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injection. wasn't going going don't. change. let's see that if. you pursue most all this my book or to. this literature are those for you to do just but nobody would. believe that baltar would it's all those with its western. cultures which are. still a. lot of programs do not open it again yes and if you're in the us away from your family. i know my mother let us have ice caps my.
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last visit just a month. later i don't know when or where here. lagers lot of you know. got some i just got a feeling why do you not. snow. you mean what you got. for. your.
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fun disclosure forms. and. then i'll be. going to. all. your fellow.
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troll. that. you know with that when you're missing not a lot of leads the day you're not getting having a baby and you having. a meeting and the body doesn't have a name or. just that. if she wants two parts to let she come close by saying this one that's ok but it turned out she should not force staff it's some it's not something to force that.
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you can just promise mitt i just laid down. a midway. but i support other departments and if there is no get to mass hold make now that is not to get trisha and the medical doctor was not there so i also go there. would be. able to do what. she wants no she wants to. if you can no problem with the love to. notice money at least a month that. you need to. know that. i.
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don't i didn't want to make up. my body does it. and you haven't it's ok it's ok due to the people feeling that it will be. become honeyed to them. so you need to explain to them to make sure that they give this one time one time just. sometimes too. but it is so stressful but now you have to compost to save because if you are so much distressed then you get confused time to you know ten efficient. very happy when may i help but then the patient gets away and. that's that's why. i'm happy.
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for many particularly his critics a trumpet ministration is nothing less than chaos on steroids for some who know the president this is merely business as usual for him is this a winning strategy for the president america and the world. so it's all trying to be all. yes to all this is all the. load.
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this then with the with me and many. of whom was. i knew but i. know both it was a problem but i guess what kind of scientists you. see a dump out of and just see. where the blue he will get a good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this
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has been a active area. so i. know. when i started know it. florrie used to be a professional hockey player won a stanley cup and a moment the girl who was living the dream but his success had a dark side. time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped one hundred fifty times by a coal mine i was mustered in darkroom and so you know every time i close my eyes i can sleep after many years of silence he speaks up and unites with other victims so you are going from toronto to ottawa on. our walk and victor walks to create
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awareness and promote healing around the subject child sexual abuse this type of behavior is absolutely the most because of the sentences that are handed down through the justice system. this is breaking news a knife attack in a supermarket in northern germany leaves person dead and several others. in just a few seconds. tells the u.s. to reduce its diplomatic staff and russia the senate in washington voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new round of sanctions. u.s. trained iraqi army unit carried out extrajudicial killings in mosul. the two architects of the cia's post nine eleven torture program could be set to go on trial in the united states we speak exclusively to a former colleague of one of the bat.


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