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you. know needs to. be. done. there are three ways to get into the usa you can apply for a residence permit but the chances of getting one are next to impossible. you can also cross the border illegally not an easy task the third option apply for
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a tourist visa and overstayed so you remain in the country secretly. but to qualify for a tourist visa you still need a very very good reason. i get there what. i mean. to see in. the. us for.
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system not only water. well known i think many of them. but if you will assume no us is the infant they think they. are full fledged i. was under the impression i still misses. the best. still. feel.
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for. them. i wanted to ask you
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was. close enough. to loosely. likely tell you what the i'm going facing. doing to see if. i did you will go in knowing my son is no philip right. now that there was both. one just pulled by how many on death row who don't know what the let's say and i look forward to seeing. what the yes of. doing. this beautiful part of the apple did. then i look for your sales as it is the ses. you think why don't you.
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see it but it will find the ok so thought of that my bill is a lot of. both of them by their that everybody if i said my. name or has a job because of the. system but i was a conduit so for something like this hope. as
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. if.
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no no no no. but kids look at the same. kind of cars. and i want to know so. you don't believe there is and i don't want. to see anything. see. my nose. to. see want to tell you what i'm. most of. the pumpkin.
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cause they'll be. so out of that but that's not going to be on them where. you are what you eat they say along the road what you eat says all about which side of the wall you're on. your descent which that just got deported. you're just so smart that. you're a bag of beans waiting in line for. your plate of she to call got to. see your free time. here you know to chase or to chase.
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behind. us. right here in the desert it just feels like everything that we would find there was a piece of the. behind. no matter what. you know we're all wayfarers planets. behind
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much of. what we can gather. and this is the family he left behind. and in spanish. to. us. to kill them which will be oh i stopped. it all you gotta get all you got. when i have found a women and children and pregnant women. and what they had to go through. i have found. i struggle for words here but.
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i'm actually an ah of the courage people to make this journey. and i say all the more power to them i really do. feel. it's an awesome. help. so. yes to all this is all the proof. if. it.
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were used to be a professional hockey player who won the stanley cup the moment the girl who was living the dream was you six had a dark side. time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped. fifty times by coach of mine i was mawson in dark room and so you know every time i close my eyes i from sleep after many years of silence he speaks up and unites with other things so you are going from toronto to. walking and from now walking to the victor walks to create awareness and promote healing around the subject of child sexual abuse this
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type of behavior is absolutely something most because of the senses that are handed down through the justice system.
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number one. where. i thought i did. have a bit. i did. yes. i think they got to what both of us i don't think one time it was ok if what they do a lot of it. is yet to leave office it got a nice little sissy get done. but when i was a simple i mean i don't see. what we end this compulsion in the state of easter which i bet most of this is i mean make we're going to all want but i want i don't want other means when we get is. too far yeah this is for me that is me i want to me was that i mean i want to know. that i when we get on the committee that at the last day and say sign us you know but i would always want those but also. a matter
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of even thoughts as to my family. and what i'm going to get it was i mean you. know we might. be there to look at the consulate general to me offline but if it was you know i'm going to go on a couple. of months you know what i mean we. come to the extend that i keep my someone else i think i have going through. the same us. and this i said now you but i can. see to do there must must be employed or looking like you mickey here through this whole process to become empty. what kind of. battle for second there was time to come because of gays because they want to someone called me a west coast yeah starstruck. looking i'm. actually some was a length of. what they're going to zoom into the letter for you to let them listen
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think of the hour. it was intended which are marking ok don't compliment go to him the most of his circa you know and then we're pushing them into the can for him i got it ok for the reporter thought it made us feel. better to say some thank you the i wipe and i mean i don't think children can also write. he could go to bed as had a thursday as he left a pathetic locomotive up in the but i was dazed like get up then as it had been well you're maybe you're going to go back and see on us and don't say it's a steer. me form of a meter is the buy you said i'm with you in the open sick real men for their sin look at me i put study them all. on my most the most are mr when i
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don't. know what i was suddenly so used to so most. in me yeah those months but i'll smoke particles i thought i meant another poem of your muscles we already caught up with the element that no look up in psalms florida moses and as he goes through not only saddam and the most.
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people who are physically strong enough. survive this journey should be congratulated at the finish line. in my opinion such a mission should be celebrated here you go with trophy a job and a happy life ever after. of all the migrants i've met along the way. is one of the few to have made it to the finish line. he now works in a paint shop in southern texas. but
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i have. done it all. and i have. no will he. said. i. see him but i hope. he. not to do that. but it.
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will. get in the. city where. if i want to treat his first american meal. in the parking lot. after lunchtime finally clear.
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but. in addition to the twenty seven million hispanic nationals there are eleven million latinos who do not have begin to us. throw them out of the country or what would happen. economic collapse. to prep the court. who will clean the hotel rooms. and who are screwed together. the girls get a little birdies. and that's where you ok what do you want. to thank.
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the old guys love the old. man or the saudi. see. all of it was loaded. on. to sun i. think i'm going to let. you know you want to come mom.
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and i'm gonna. come. out on. not it was. the last night that. we're in mexico or in the states the united states houston texas yes texas seems like where homosex . and you feel more thaksin or mexican. texan definitely could you say you are a generation of famous grinstead are living the american dream absolutely yes yeah i living yes or. my parents my parents worked hard to educate my sister that you know they worked in the fields in the farm.
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my parents were doing everything. to benefit the american dream. still. he will have to sell a lot of. the fact that he. doesn't make it.
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in mexico. or because i saw the despair.
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that's a very rough for the ranger sort of climate and you have to fight to be able to flank. it was gunshots on top of them and so many friends ok what happened and i mean. you did not. apply don't let me back up. you know i don't want. to see a better body in the trouble in the city to put you straight in the good. old to me
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but wouldn't. you don't think about this if this soldier or not you've got streets like any other and other patients. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with the sixty's full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than food you see people you never heard of love back to the night my president of the world by. so there you go write me seriously send us an e-mail. the economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are on one hundred six point two. but what do we
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know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart is says here. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right i. just know a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are the just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from the part of the government tried to do that nicely maybe. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is.
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hopelessly disastrously wrong. and there are a few of the week's main use one signature away i knew russia's sanctions bill only needs approval to come into force we look at what's behind the move. while in response president putin say seven hundred and fifty follow event american diplomats will opportunity use russia being an equal number of diplomatic personnel present in both countries. so a journalist working with all of the child will be killed by shelling from islamic states to serve. human rights watch claims wallman us.


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