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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  July 30, 2017 6:29pm-7:01pm EDT

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in a situation allowed itself to be cowed by it but to discuss that i'm now an joined by president transform advisor and his passionate advocate roger stone is just on it's great to have you on the show thank you very much for your time thank you so much for having me here now mr stone you've long denied having any contacts with the russians but now you are on the most good based network is that not enough to accuse you of subversion if not treason well sadly enough in washington that may be true on the other hand who would ever of thought that russian television would be less censored than american television and my previous experiences with r.t. i've been allowed to discuss any subject whatsoever without censorship that's not true of c.n.n. or c.b.s. or a.b.c. or the other major networks in the united states so i'm delighted to have this free exchange in completely uncensored dialogue well mr stone you know that russia has its own cold war hangouts and there is some degree of anti-american sentiment in
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this country there is also a history of american interference in our political process but i still cannot imagine something of this same scale happening here i mean all the allegations of russia's meddling into into the american elections i think russians first and foremost would be embarrassed to admit something like that would be something that they would perceive as humiliating. do you think the american people by and large a bothered how all this scandal makes that country look well first and foremost i think it's important to note that the intelligence services here have yet to produce any evidence or proof whatsoever of russian meddling in the american elections what we have are allegations what we have our projections and assessments let me review for you the assessments of the central intelligence agency. they said that there was no torture in american prisons during the iraq war
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that was a lie they denied that there were renditions by foreign nationals by the u.s. government during the iraq war that was a lie they claimed that the attack on our mission in benghazi was caused by a video that was shown one time in turkey that was a lie i know but do you know that this is an american expression after all that perception is reality and at the end of the day many american channels do not need hard facts in order to run a story you know that better than i do well but this is not a court of law this is of the court of public opinion prior to this weekend almost all of the authoritative polls in our heads states showed that a majority of americans still didn't believe that there was russian interference in
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our election let's be candid about what this is about hillary clinton had promised the pentagon and the people at the central intelligence agency the expansion of the proxy war in syria they were wringing their hands in glee about war war would be very good for a number of hillary's large contributors and for the military industrial complex along comes donald trump he prefers negotiation over war he prefers detente over war front believes that if brace nuff and nixon can reach agreement over strategic arms limitation then perhaps president putin and president trump can reach agreement and have peace in the middle east well absolutely he perhaps me feeling that he can do so if of course the democratic establishment and the resenting party will allow him to do so and speak. the the the hillary camp
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narrative i think by now it's well established that through to death as e-mails that the clinton campaign made that decision to. as they put it kill chump over putin's connections long before the d.n.c. had that decision was made in december of two thousand and fifteen and yet we all know that did that didn't help ms clinton the window elections and yet that narrative is still being exploited by the news what makes the storyline so jura bill because again if you look at the american channels basically no story survives a single news day but here we have a story that's been running unabated for more than a year well i think what makes it durable is the fact that the mainstream media in this country keep repeating it as noisy i'm despite a stunning lack of evidence it's a national drum be without foundation i myself now believe that
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the secret fisa court approved a warrant to examine all of my e-mails all of my text messages and all of my telephone conversations over the last year this is an outrageous invasion of my constitutional right to privacy it's an outrageous violation of my civil liberties and although the government now has my grocery list and perhaps my e-mails back and forth between my wife and members of my family let me tell you what they don't have any communications whatsoever with the russian state russian intelligence russian businessman russian citizens this is an absurdity i have no contacts in russia i have not been in touch with anyone in russia in many years this is a canard. a lie and it is outrageous well mr stone this small correction you
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have had no contacts with the russians except for r.t. but in a more serious note i wonder if the trumpet ministration is also contributing to that hysteric narrative by responding to it i think it's clear by now that general michael flynn who was allowed to go by the trumpet ministration over his illogic contacts with the russian ambassador didn't discuss anything reprehensible during those communications the same goes for attorney general jeff sessions don't you think that trump should be more resolute in standing up for his people. well i think he begin doing that this weekend when he made it clear that he believes and i believe that he was under surveillance by the federal government by the intelligence agencies while he was the republican nominee for president this is a scandal bigger than watergate richard nixon did not know about the watergate
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break in in advance but he bore ultimate responsibility if you look at the statement of president obama this weekend he said he didn't approve is dropping on candidate trouble you notice he didn't say it didn't happen only that he didn't approve it of course if the justice department did ask the face a court for permission to serve ale candidate trump in june and against again in october it is unlikely that they did so without the permission and knowledge of the president so the question becomes what did obama know and when did he know it as i said this is a scandal far far greater than watergate and it may take some time in which the former president and his secretary of defense and his cia director and is f.b.i. director are dragged before
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a grand jury and question under oath about what they knew if i were president trump i would fire the f.b.i. director and within hours have him in front of the grand jury to find out what he knows this is potentially the greatest scandal in american history and this is mr nigh agree with you that the president obama's statement regarding be wiretapping of mr trump's phone was a very sort of legal ease in nature it shows that he is after all a lawyer and i wonder you figure on the trunk people would be more successful if they behave like this for example. if we take the charge against mr sessions now he's accused of not so much communicating with the russians but lying to the congress about those communications it let's admit it certainly looks like he hasn't been fully transparent about it i wonder if. even if mr sessions felt intimidated shouldn't he have given the same kind of response to the russia
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question asked mr obama so well known for well look as you probably know i am a hard liner several things are true first of all general flynn did not violate the law his contacts with the russian ambassador were perfectly proper legal and appropriate and within the scope of his job he was attempting to arrange a telephone conversation between president putin and president trump that's the beginning of a dialogue we need to give peace a chance and he did not discuss sanctions which would have been improper according to the partial disclosure of the context and content of the conversation there was no discussion president trunk should not have fired a general flynn i think he rushed to judgment and it was unfortunate secondarily for senator sessions a member of the senate foreign relations committee to have
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a conversation with the russian ambassador is proper legal and there's nothing wrong with it there's no evidence of of that anything inappropriate was discussed so yes i don't disagree i think it's time for the trump administration to push back in they begin doing so this weekend. candidate trump was indeed wiretapped by the deep state now mr stone i don't know if that that is a exaggeration but i heard a number of people in russia compared the session situation to the experience many people had in soviet times when you were applying for a job or university you had to fill in a certain a form for each asked you whether you had anime's of the people within your family and if you said yes that man that you wouldn't get the job but if you said no you would be later prosecuted for lying i don't know if the parallels are. appropriate here but it seems to me that there are certain situations to which you simply
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cannot give a good answer when you cannot give a good answer either to you to simple question this is the new mccarthyism in this country if you're not in favor of war over syria well then you must be a traitor you must be in the service of russian intelligence it's insulting it's outrageous it's false and suddenly the shoe is on the other foot you know i come from a long anti-communist tradition i have been active in the republican party as an acolyte of barry goldwater and ronald reagan and richard nixon in to say that because you are not in favor of war with russia tomorrow that you must be a traitor this is the worst form of mccarthyism that i have seen in the forty years that i've been in american politics and while that's
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a preview of grim assessment mr stone we have to take a very short break now but when we come back the united states has long been a transair in global politics can damn arrogant way of doing politics be exported to other countries that's coming up in a moment and will depart stay tuned. banks guys are split survival guide book station just like all the stored safely at the federal reserve that's to. be sure it's not there are you going to get it back. oh heck no good says a repatriation scheme will get the rest in seven years. bill of the separate cars kaiser report. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the us exactly just pull along awesome around the only show i go out of my way to launch
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you know really wanted to do some really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight was the president of the world bank so patzers i'm going to write me seriously send us an email. this then would go with me but i can no those get a little bit because while most of them are lying about how you. know both of you want to become better get some kind of sign of this yes. or no but if you dump on a handwritten note she would be going to the city. where they at blue he will get a specific good area to hunt for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know
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for sure but this has been a active area. becky so i. know what when i started no i. going back to worlds apart when discussing american politics and its global implications spent donald trump's for my advisor rocher still and mr stone i know that you've been involved in politics since high school your advice several successful presidential candidates has the way of doing politics in the united states changed at in any way especially in the last couple of years. well it's
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changed in one very positive way the mainstream media in this country do the technological advances of the internet have lost their monopoly on the dissemination of political information now with a majority of americans getting their news from their end held computer device and no longer getting their news from a television set there's a greater diversity of information available to the average voter and therefore if you don't buy the crap being put out by c.n.n. you can go to breitbart news or info wars dot com or the daily caller or any number of other alternative sources to get better investigative journalism and a different point of view so i think politics in this country in a way has changed for the better there is greater polarization but
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that's fine from my point of view whether it is bush or clinton or bush or obama both parties in this country until the advent and rise of donald trump were identical what they got us was endless war erosion of our civil liberties massive debt and spending an immigration policy that left our country unsafe our neighborhoods and streets dangerous and trade policies that have sucked the jobs out of america in the meantime we had a foreign policy that was incoherent it appears to me at least in the middle east that the goal of our foreign policy was to strengthen and embolden our enemies while undercutting our allies and that is what we have done i wonder if you are perhaps underestimating the influence of feminists or media because they they seem to be pretty sad on it's not neutralizing down completely hundred mining what do you think because you know it looks like there's
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a pretty much. sounds us in the media donald trump is not a legitimate president that he's somebody that has to be well perhaps tolerated but not recognized as a president what do you think is the ultimate goal of all these character assaults when it comes to trump well that's only a consensus in the mainstream media and the mainstream media is losing influence in this country the viewership of c.n.n. down the viewership of c.b.s. down the viewership of a.b.c. down the viewership of n.b.c. down we have a rapidly changing situation yes they're trying to destabilize president trump yes they're trying to to challenge his authority but if you consider that hillary clinton and her acolytes like mr soros spent two billion dollars for her election if you consider that the value of the mainstream media assault on trump was worth hundreds of millions of dollars if you consider that google and facebook were
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playing with their logarithms to disadvantage us it shows you how strong the base of support for trump is in the country that he was able to overcome all of that to win an upset victory it is a new day here and i think we have the prospects for peace we have had an alliance with the russian people in the past in world war two that was most successful and together we destroyed naziism we can unite for peace again but had you elected a neo con like hillary we would probably be at war today well i also want to ask you about hillary clinton because she herself was a pretty remarkable candidate with extremely high negative favor ability something that her campaign was well aware of there and they were very open about it but they hoped to neutralize it with the trump candidacy for month after the election was it
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clinton who lost because of trump was a trump who won because of clinton i think it was a combination of two of the two. one of the ironies of course of the entire argument that that the russian state somehow manipulated our elections again of which there is no evidence or proof whatsoever is because the democrats don't want to admit that they nominated a tired old corrupt candidate who had nothing to say no positive program for america they were counting entirely making trumped the issue i've lived through this before jimmy carter prayed for ronald reagan to be the republican nominee for president because he was a simpleton that everyone knew that carter could easily beat sometimes you shouldn't get what you pray for ronald reagan was among our greatest presidents richard nixon who brought us peace with the russian people was among our greatest
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presidents but that's not what the mainstream media would have you believe absolutely and i think one thing that unites that is. that both nixon and i think reagan have in common when they engage with the russians they they engage from the position of respect genuine respect they did not try to demonize our country even though i'm sure they have many issues about how the system was run and the time and i think that is very much different from what we have at the moment when the democratic leadership insists on the position of moral superiority to the russians. is there any way to get rid of this position because if it's still very few tried to communicate with the russians from the position of moral superiority you would not get anywhere. look on that point in agreement people keep saying well i don't trump refused to criticize president putin during the campaign
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you can't negotiate with someone in good faith if you start by attacking them it makes no sense i think you have to respect the russian state despite our profound disagreements and the differences in our system but you can't negotiate peace if you begin from a hostile point of view attacking the people that you are sitting down with i could understand why president putin might prefer the election of dollar front he's met hillary clinton he knows she's a liar he knows that nothing she agrees to can she be held to i would hope that any agreement that might be reached between our two nations would be respected on both sides i think the president has the same view i don't think he has a disrespect for your president i think he has profound respect for him as he must
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have in order to have a suspect successful negotiation for peace well and i again i think this is also has been the russian position it's not that this a putin has an overwhelming respect for trump and he's position is that you have to have respect for everybody you engage with not specifically for trump i'm sure that he would have engaged with mrs clinton to the same extent but you're right the. miss clinton legacy in russia is viewed critically not so much because as you said she was a liar i think most politicians do tell certain things that are questionable or dot not necessarily qualify as truth but i think her track record in the middle east in libya in particular oh wasn't that well received in russia understandably what reasons we have for toppling the government libya had had. the united states not borrowed a billion dollars to drop bombs on the libyan people. we would never have toppled
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that government in the case of gadhafi he had renounced his nuclear ambitions and he was an ally of this country we replaced him with a governmental system which kills christians kills gays abuse abuses women no women are no longer allowed to own property or to get an education or even appear in public without a veil hillary clinton is an advocate for women know hillary clinton is an oppressive and black lives matter unless you live in libya in which case black lives don't matter at all now mr stone if i may ask you if i may i would also like to ask you about your business partner and longtime associate paul man a fourth who prior to advise ing campaign also worked had worked for almost ten years as a low beast in ukraine and it's what's ironic about mr mann a fourth is that in the united states he's investigated for allegedly russian ties in russia some people
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believe that he is this western stooge responsible in part for precipitating the current crisis in ukraine how do you assess his work in ukraine well first of all he did not work as a lobbyist he worked as a political consultant for one of the democratic political parties in ukraine we we recognize the election of president you kind of it and then after viktor pinchuk paid the clinton foundation ten million dollars. the state department turned their head while you kind of h. was driven from power at the point of a gun not an impeachment not little action but through mob violence in fact i believe it was mr mina for who ordered the who advised the. ukrainian president to join the european union a position that would be adverse to the russian position some members of congress
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like maxine waters a need to get a map ukraine is not russia ukraine is next to russia they are not the same nation now mr sun and perhaps my final question to you bill reddy expressed your hope that the relationship between. our two countries may improve i think that it would be extremely difficult to do without solving the crisis in ukraine and who knows maybe mr pena for his advice would be helpful there but an it more serious knowledge. do you do you think that is really possible because some of the statements that have been coming out of the tribes administration recently do really look like something president president obama could have sat is that a sign perhaps mr trump trying to appease his critics or if he indeed likely to pretty much continue the same policies of your russia as he's predecessor did it i do fear that there are some in his administration who might seek to dilute or
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watered down his policies on the other hand i put my confidence totally and completely in president trump i think he's dedicated to peace i think he sees the vintages to peace over war i think he understands this cannot be an easy negotiation i think he realizes that we have fundamental differences but i am confident that the end of the day that he will give peace a chance that he will sit down with your president and see if we can find areas of agreement if we if he and perhaps just perhaps we can team up to destroy our common enemy isis which is a far greater challenge today than perhaps any other that we face ok well mr stone let's keep our fingers crossed for the time being we have to leave it. there i really really appreciate your time today add to our viewers please share your comments in our twitter you tube and facebook pages and i hope to syria same place
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same time here in a while to part. yes well this is all the proof.
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that he used to feed. the statement. but. that's. really. how.
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do we know about the other figures. when i think. that our c.e.o. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart. with all due respect. i have to say i don't think that's. is that just how a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are the just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society the phone the whatever the government tried to do it wasn't necessarily making. marcum a few things worse. by saying this is not how couple doesn't work this is all
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capitalism goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry finally i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest . i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters in mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make.
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it happen. right now to. the top stories of the week here on all to international president putin orders hundreds of american debris logic's the often leave rough. two u.s. sanctions. is expected to approve sanctions against russia are near unanimous vote in the senate we look at why europe has warning. journalists working with child was killed by mortar fire from islamic state in syria. shadow election day in venezuela with.


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