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tv   Documentary  RT  July 30, 2017 9:29pm-10:01pm EDT

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three of suites turns out some locals were indeed glad to have the new neighbors finally he let me in without the camera the refugees said they'd only got warm welcomes from locals and were ready to become sicilians i can tell you that the migrants and refugees have everything to live a normal life there the question though remains whether they will be able to integrate into the local society and whether all the locals will be ready to accept that number of refugees our journey continued to another small community where migrants haven't arrived yet but the government's intentions have already caused quite a debate in the usually quiet neighborhood. very small abandoned school local government wanted to place sixty my grand and that small building i think we have a chance to talk to the lawyer who is representing the local community. to meet you . putting migrants here into buildings like this is racism the risk is
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that the shelter could turn into a ghetto because the migrants will have nothing to do here having blasted the rest of the youth are betraying roman the crisis italian officials seem to have taken up the strategy of a nationwide melting pot will be watching how it's put to the test of the triangle r t in sicily. staying with us here all teams a national be back with more headlines for on the wall then a summary of the week's top news at the top of next hour. make it as we describe it is that if a seed or a seed you'll see a mule or so you had to be of the same just don't get caught up in the feast of the state and not the dentist to get you ready bait but they feed the baby that's that's the big thing about being leaders.
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this is the parking lot of the american embassy in. nuts which are called beans while you're waiting in line for. those. of.
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us what does he. needs to. be. done. there are three ways to get into the usa you can apply for a residence permit but the chances of getting one are next to impossible. you can also cross the border illegally not an easy task the third option apply for a tourist visa and overstayed so you remain in the country secretly. but to qualify for a tourist visa you still need a very very good reason. i
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mean you know you got. to see a little guy missing. if. you know you admiral stockdale sit in wouldn't he just maintain openness i don't want to bust up in face the meantime is bullshit hey listen i don't. want a loan i think any of them. but if you will assume no us is the infant they think they. know full fledged i seem. to be a pastor i still misses. the best. still
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for. my mother was like you was. close enough. to loosely. really want to think they seem cool doing t.c.m. . i do
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believe you will go to a normal life only snow for the first look with little or no one both. one just pulled by how many of these boys don't know what the let's say and i look forward to seeing. me what do you notice of. doing. this beautiful part of the awful good. then i love seals is it that these things oh wait you think why don't you. see if it will find them ok so daughter think my bill is a lot of. both of them but now that everybody if i felt my. name or says that i don't know because of the.
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no no no. kid look at that if he come on to say i'm meant to know kind of comes. to know who. believe that he and i want to know so who is ass off my yacht honestly i don't believe there is and i don't need. to sort of the only proper to be thinking. about is it on the scene you know my host better to get some use. your r. and b. c i want to show you what i'm. most of. the say you know in the pumping. up the phone as he'll be lying down. so that one can ask you now to be on the family where i was.
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you are what you eat they say along the road what you eat says all about which side of the wall you're a. good. it
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just feels like everything that we would find. the family behind. in spanish.
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to. us. i stopped. just you know you got a kid all you got. when i have found women and children and pregnant women. and what they had to go through. i have. i think struggled for words here but. i'm actually an aa of the courage of people to make this journey. and i say all the more power to them i really do.
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seem wrong. we all just don't all. get to shape out these days because it's a kid and it. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. what holds us institutions and. put themselves on the lawn. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be present. for some want to be. it's a joy to be close with what before three of the four can't be good. interested always
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in the waters of. the ship. it's. the same. you know that. number. don't you. think about that. i didn't. know that. i think they got to post because i don't think when some interest for you if what if they don't motivate. you to leave office and got a nice little sissy get done. but when i was a simple i mean honestly. when we end this compulsion in this day you know at least of which of us the most money and this is i mean make clear to all that i wanted i
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didn't want other means when we had is. if he had this is for me that is me i want to be done with it i mean i want to know. that i when we get on the commit that of the last thirty to you and say sign you so you know but i was always something that i was somewhat of a matter of even thought is see my family. and when i give it you know it was i mean you. know we might. live through a simple village don't know me. but if it was you know i'm glad they got to come with. the money you know what i mean we. went to the extent that i keep my someone outside to have going through. the same us. an assassin now you but i can. see through there must must be employed there looking like you nicky or through any support it's just to work with them and. what kind of. you don't push back in there with them to
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cover yourself with these things and they want to said uncle mia yes christine yeah starstruck. ok no. actually it was a length of in nebraska with the. decadence. i'm into the letter for you to let them listen think of the hour. it was lyndon which marking look in compliment to the him to. the end you know and then we'll pussy lament to the can for not o'connor for the trip or thought it made us feel. better to stay isn't banking their wipe when i meant i don't think children can also. make it go to bed as had thought they entail a flop a set of cloak and all up in but i was dazed like get up then as it had been well
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you may be a couple of decades on your sentences as stay. me form of a meter is that by using them with in the open sick real men through op or their center with study them all but on most the most are just the one i don't. know what honest recently so used to so most. i mean yeah those months but i'll smile pals and thought i meant another poem of your muscles we are many cop on the element that no lookup in psalms was a c. and as he goes no not really sodom at them.
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people who are physically strong enough to survive this journey should be congratulated at the finish line. in my opinion such an bishan should be celebrated here you go with trophy a job and a happy life ever after. all
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the migrants i've met along the way. one of the few to have made it to the finish line. he now works in a paint shop in southern texas. but i have. done it over. the. last month. and i have. no real well he. said. when the whole.
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c.m. put i thought i hope on the whole to. me . not to do that. but it. i mean to get. by. where. if i want to treat his first american meal. in the parking lot.
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after lunchtime. we've got a real. to . make. even a sexy. little. myth
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the day you eat. ok to hate. going. yeah yeah. yeah because i'm. going to. three hail. in addition to the twenty seven million hispanic nationals. begin to usa. throw them out of the country and what would happen. economic collapse. go to prep the course. who will clean the hotel rooms. and who would screw
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trophies together. ok. ok do you want to. hear. the. sound.
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mom. it was. always here in mexico or in the states the united states houston texas yes texas seems like we're almost. and you feel more thaksin or mexican. texan definitely could you say you are a generation of immigrants that are living the american dream absolutely yes.
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we my parents you know my parents worked hard to educate my sister than myself you know they worked in the fields in the farm. you know that my parents were doing everything that they could to. you where you were living in america oh yes definitely i mean going to school i mean i don't think i don't live in mexico i don't think i could live over there but i mean i love i love the usa are more american than anything and i'm proud to be an american and i an american citizen and. another here i mean this just simply living here. if you're born in the states you automatically become a citizen from there to children of immigrants fully realized the benefits of the
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american dream. still has a long way to go he will have to sell a lot of pain to get ahead and the fact that his children were not born in the usa doesn't make it any easier. i don't know where.
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to be a professional hockey player. who is living the dream. after
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many years of silence. from toronto to ottawa. for now walking the walk is to create awareness and promote healing around the subject of child sexual abuse this type of behavior is absolutely something the most because of the sentences that are handed down through the justice system.
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the top stories of the week here on all teams national president putin says actions against russia will not go on such as he would have hundreds of american diplomatic staff to leave the country in response to u.s. sanctions. trump is expected to approve sanctions against russia are offering me if you're not of us vote in the senate that's really why europe is warning of council measures. just working with all of these are the channel is killed by mortar fire from islamic state extremists in syria. deadly weapons.


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