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you know it's hard to believe eight years ago i had a fully loaded pistol in my mouth ready to pull the trigger. used in working more than drugs and working more i just got to the point work i got to stop this or i'm not going to be around for my kids i'm like i'm here at all. with. nothing not last week this is the same. sickness you see.
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flurries here of course you know him with many different hats on started with stanley cup we're here in the studio three studio in each religion mr field. since retiring from professional hockey and revealing to the world that he was a victim of sexual abuse your own florey has become a tireless outspoken advocate for this incredibly important issue and beginning to morrow he and thousands of others will begin the victor walk walking from toronto to the steps of parliament hill in ottawa and feels flurried joins us now thanks for coming back oh thanks for him. after going through my own experience. i never want to see a child ever have to go through what i.
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feel. florrie was raised in the small town of russell manitoba. a rule community toto away in the prairies of the canadian countryside. i was the first of three born to wally and donna flurried dad was destined to be a hockey great as well or if it baseball injury robbed him of his dreams only a teenager instead of a career as a star athlete is fake consisted of driving heavy equipment drinking heavily and half heartedly providing for his family. everyone found ways to cope mom found prescription pain pills well i found aki obviously i've been very open about my own story my own history and people have connected to that you know when i was five years old i was walking home from kindergarten with a classmate of mine and so they were having our first hockey practice and you want to play so i quickly ran home and asked my mom if i had any equipment and we found
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an old pair of skates that were three sizes too big for me a broken hockey stick a couple of sears catalogs for him and i put them all in a pole sock and i went down to the rink and we try something new for the first time we usually fall down easy struggle my experience that day as i put those skates on and i didn't fall down i just fell in love absolutely with the name of hockey my home life at the time wasn't the greatest and every time i would go to the rink i would get love and attention and respect and all the things that i was missing at home thank god i had hockey and that escape i don't know where i would be today without it. when i was in that school i was playing hockey it from the time i was six years old anybody that would listen to me i would tell them someday i'm going to play in the n.h.l. . we have to be parents we need to know what our kids are doing all the time and we need to see communicating with them because that's what pedophiles look for as they look for those situations where parents are not available for their children. and
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that is a perfect end for them. playing minor hockey in russell manitoba i caught the eye of a coach by the name of graham james he promised me a clear path to the n.h.l. so i came and played for him. thrilled by such a promise i followed his every command little did i know i was making a deal with the devil on the time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped one hundred fifty times by a coach of mine. i was molested in a dark room and so you know every time i close my eyes you know i can sleep and i never slept for twenty seven years. last confused and trapped i had nowhere to turn this was the man with the keys to professional hockey and the promise of a life away from russell manitoba. i suffered in silence and with the abuse
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i was never the same. can name nine hundred eighty nine at the age of twenty i was called up by the calgary flames. i'd finally achieved my lifelong dream playing in the n.h.l. . once again hockey proved a worthy escape from the problems in my life i have a new hero i got to tell you right that there are you serious that are you saying there are four. i want to stanley cup olympic gold medal it was a seven time n.h.l. all star and indorsements thanks to
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a check by the. claim that i was livin the dream. letter for it to get at the foot. by. barely a foot shorter than my peers i survived by playing with the fear of course deep down this fearlessness was all a product of not caring for their lived or died he was honest enough stop fighting well play soccer so your teammates here picked on that fixed little flory such as the windows breaks in.
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new york city. a long way from the prairie's of russell manitoba. nine hundred ninety nine i was signed by the new york rangers as a free agent can my life changed forever in the late nineties i shared stories. that sent shock waves throughout hockey sheldon kennedy who is my teammate in calgary told the world he was molested by his junior hockey coach graeme james all the memories came flooding back memories i thought i had when i was drafted into the n.h.l. . the press reopen my old wounds with every question they asked me about the. no i was never molested by graham james no i have nothing to say about that i was not ready to talk about this i was not ready to relive my trauma i was not ready to
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be reviewed by the media and society so i went for the dark side of life and god wall then. drugs and alcohol and gambling and sex and food is very angry very resentful. very full of i don't know what's going on it's side he was just ready to like the all the gotti fearlessness i carried through my youth and transformed into a brazen breach right down to only five look to take on anyone who got in my way so much easier to get pissed off to try and kick someone's ass there was to truly face up to emotional trauma feel a bit trickier like to get. help now. to watch their worried body like to get up at the end of all the copper wire i.
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have to bury my pain in aggression old they find a bar and drink all night when the bouncers finally kick. to the curb and go score some coke keep the party go until tone of my crazy lifestyle spread we'll. wake up with life quickly spiraling out of control i was able to rationalize my disk. the behavior because i was still leading the league in scoring big boy. what. to get after dozen failed drug tests put their foot down and threw me in rehab. forty eight days later i was sold and out of my mind i traded one addiction for another and spent every waking hour at the casino s. . a whale a high roller v.i.p. treatment in vegas and always chasing fish money after bad chasing chasing.
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i blew over three million dollars at the casinos. the cracks were starting to show in the world could see i was falling apart a team of meds i was sneaking liquor into my soda certain off the party was back on harder than ever the only way i can sleep was completely annihilated or enough so i could just casodex all sleep because you know those thoughts and those memories as you know that movie just kept playing over and over binges that would last for days missed practices missed dog legations millions of dollars squandered just a blur lost in a haze of drugs sex and dating or. fast
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forward to two thousand and four the longer in the league no longer wanted in the only game i ever loved i sat with a gun inside my mouth. and i to choices that day was i going to die or was a going to live and i chose to live but i had no clue how to live so i realized at that point that i am in fair. for the rest of my life this is the biggest epidemic not only in canada but on the planet know how and well one in three girls one in five boys before the age of eighteen are sexually molested so it's to a one quarter one quarter in the population and is mostly million sold. really and usually by somebody they know. and of those survivors have been molested by either family members or people that they're close to who was upset the family album carton bring this so pressed charges against your father your arm coal your
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grandpa your. rages it's outrageous that this can be happening why don't you and we live in a country where this type of behavior is absolutely acceptable because of the sentences that are handed down through the justice system but the simple sentence for someone is caught for this i would say. probably two years and they serve and they probably serve you know six to twelve months and it's time for action around the subject i think the core of every single issue that we have in society starts with trauma in childhood and if we don't deal with that and if we don't deal with the full cycle including the pedophiles and we don't give everybody the healing that they need then the cycle is going to just continue over and over and over again now the government has announced they want to stiffen these penalties and there are number of other things victim bill right you've heard about this bill c. ten and tougher on crime stuff and all that but i haven't seen it in it and feel
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that happens you know i think it's just all talk is cheap so you are going from toronto to ottawa walk and walk and victor walk to create awareness and promote healing around the subject of child sexual abuse we're starting from the child abuse monument here in toronto and then we'll meet walking up the old trans canada highway up top the water arrive on the front steps of parliament at two pm. on may twenty first two terms of plane travel always wrong just like an oh it's no big deal but when you're walking. it's all right you're ninety percent powerful jill we offend again so who are we kidding first their first sentence or. law first . place might. make it as we describe it he's just a face he'd be. you'll see you're about to keep so you and me
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have this is not to be he's a mistake he's not the dentist to get you a baby but they feed the baby that's it's the big thing about being here. not ones out. on the flimsy often i don't want my next nights out the day finishes it up i'm back. when seeking out a new south. taken in equal city south jessa. to get it done and then yesterday bring. me think i'm. done would be right now i think. i need to know will not be yeah sounds out. to be this just feeling if one means i left just not enough but let me face them tokyo found it was
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going to keep going. to let me ask. his look was because did a piece of dancing coral cultural thing i called the friend he's. you can see the border from here by the. steel fence goes down this side goes all it down. like they said this is this is. and this is something. you have every right to be here have a right to collect my food be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started an organization
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called the arizona border recall we are a standalone entity. that is doing. what needs to be done in the five years it's getting worse the while it's is escalating because it's building. bridges really good are great when somebody calls you know they believe that their range is there are areas and they don't believe their federal is taking responsibility for their security which would for anyone else. after fourteen hours of interviews with nearly every major media program candidate and all too brief five hours of sleep the time for the victor walk is here but i won't be venturing the four hundred kilometer ten day trek to ottawa alone my best
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friend zeke be walking with me step first step. on each. beast there is the. mr zeke is a serbian who fought in the former yugoslavia more in the ninety's he's been in canada for both fifteen years and is now a cop in calgary my friends and victor advocates will also be supporting a walk drive me to r.v.'s. to each day's destination where the group will sleep in between legs of the journey. for you but i can see that. i'm tired or you don't i'm really. going to see if we use everybody kind of gather around here feel free to come closer come closer. i just want to thank all of you for being here this was an idea about a year goal. and i quickly realize that being a survivor of sexual abuse is the biggest epidemic we have on the planet and
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there's not a lot of places where people can goal there's not a lot of times where people are believed that this is happened to them i really just wanted to go for a walk bring awareness to this subject old fully empower other people to come forward and tell their truth. and disclose their stories i just felt that. i needed to do something important. here we go live your dream. small your parents they were kids my mother probably he was thinking. he had. twelve children seven. my father started having sex with me as an infant on the kitchen people like you didn't feel we're talking like an infant we're talking like
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six months a year old like it's a little like in die for me i did. because it was that. sense of the world yeah it's our i needed to see eye to lot of drugs in the world more food and. booze my mother was and that to me. was the guy. a lot of the abuse that drugs i do any drugs and i just be back there and right in the middle of some abuse sorry. i was just impossible to go there with chair and fear. shame and tears and now. i am in a drugs for forty years. kilometer twenty seven were approaching twenty miles i'm not really sure at this point oh i'm still standing up like oh no no all.
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right now for corder something all. of this in the way you know like you're awfully pleased. with. the. whole gawd i wish you had nine more of those. all my coke with you this is.
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like that so glad. it's true. all right let's rock n roll ski boots. for school might go myrtle here. or if walking on the grass is better. business. see how much you miss walking with your eyes hurts my ear on this and then it's here it's like. walking on the grass for. that's called a veteran move. my sore feet and aching body seem a trivial afterthought as i got a firsthand glimpse of
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a real stable. place i still beats me to get closer to thanks for being there yeah yeah i know bottom of the bell so thanks for going. with your name christopher for certain started going to see. how did you all good awesome how's that workin for a good day it's hard it is hard yeah it's a string yeah i think. it's good it's good thank you for sharing your story a little bit. that's as much as i've been able to get yeah. that's good oh. but you know i got to start somewhere as baby steps right still the same walking trunk. it's not the. thing to open up and say that. you know what. i
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was a real boost. i will openly admit it. hopefully by walking more people be heard sexy enough to say yes i'm going to. get the treatment like i have three. to four. it's huge. day the walk passes through the town of peterborough small close knit community still reeling from devastating news it was recently revealed that a local junior hockey coach had been molesting his players for generations and only recently had someone finally spoken up you are walking into a city is grappling with its own really tough allegation this is a volunteer will not it's not allegations go into when you have sixty two counts
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and i know then when i've got a fall gets caught and on average they are one hundred and twenty five victims so you know you can say alleged all you want but the guy is guilty and it'll be interesting to see what happens you know when he gets in the court system. and stole a minor hey thank you so much all you are not is takes the cake if you want to lower their we can no. more. clearly she had a story to tell but when i approached about including her in the documentary it was apparent she was not ready to reveal her trauma as you know you can ramp u.k. with us using a likeness naming voice documentary. or shooting a documentary by the way to. tell that story you are going to do again but it would be great if you can. although later in the
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walk we were given permission to include her in the film and she asked us to withhold her name she told me her devastating story off camera oh we were permitted to capture it on audio so. what's happened in your family well that. i think i do know. you know about me all this there were kids like i was. using me and my sister at the same time but we never took all of each other in all maner first as hell then the next and then when i was eighteen my doctor that. like my whole thing. in the hospital against me all like. and then. they all just get away with that if you can get any. one piece of advice. for me greater than the shame it's not yours to bear
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you have to get to a point in your life. you gotta say ok is this going to define am for the rest of my lawyers your sweet loving person as with the world and believe believe that because it's real and it's the truth all that stuff that is the past. as we continued our march towards our war we're once again approached by the woman who refused to tell her story and care today she was feeling far more open to the idea of being filmed and sherry. and to each and every one. laughed about. that.
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thanks for giving. zia good luck the reason i'm here i know i know we're all connected. we're all connected. you're never alone. rock bottom gets you to the keys part honestly i've got to. stop. we've walked one hundred sixty kilometers in the last four days you know legs and feet are getting tired but so many saying it's we know the other day that said if you ever feel like you're getting tired or you want to stop and you don't want to walk anymore just remember there's kids there today being abused every second of every minute of every hour we're going on along. we're going to try rattle some cages.
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laughing today we're walking for a little. trick something boys allegedly took photos of the assault and shared them with their school and retail was bullied and bullied religiously and april of this year her mom says she could no longer take the. tragically younger italia took her own life. and leave her stepfather said she had taken her life not because of the rape itself . but she was far from that society just. that we are all walking. make changes to the just.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sixty's the long lost of the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch in fleet yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than to see people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank hates you. and he sent us an e-mail. you're not going to want to. get. there so you'll hide away lost his boss because you got then you just gotta go with us as you know. any of those in person but the best honest i brought with it has been. showing us that you know you're not. you know just i mean
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most people have spent the better of me just. i mean the lord. has been up as well i must admit that he feels i just don't get off on getting noticed but those were the old. one of those but i was just this by this part of the game i want my family fussy about my just but that's already yes it will be and he thought of getting up there with you you're seeing him in ticket yeah. it's the first.
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look you you see. day for. assembly claim. the president forty one percent a victory the opposition calls for more protests. driven . hold in the. prison cell.


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