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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  August 2, 2017 2:29am-3:01am EDT

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are meant to deter aggressive actions by moscow you were supposed will say they worry that the conflict has intensified with a rising number of cease fire violations as progress on peace efforts has faltered because yes yes nothing d. intensifies the conflict and brings peace to a region faster than a good influx of arms. i think we all can remember i mean look you know it all worked out so well and be acknowledged in the early sixty's or afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. or syria today arms in places that are a little bit warry. yeah it works so well i wonder if the state department pentagon also believe that pouring gasoline on the campfire is the best way to prevent forest fires yes my friends this is the backward logic that is your pentagon and state department even smokey the bear agrees with me almost makes you wonder if the new cold war hawks here in washington are looking to inflame ukraine right before
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the russian presidential elections in the spring of two thousand and eight but hey maybe i'm just a conspiracy theorist but i don't know call me crazy i do know it means we definitely need to start watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal with. the bottom. like you that i got. this. week so. welcome everyone watching the harks i am a robot and. just occasionally paranoid occasionally paranoid like when i hear that we're sending arms and weapons in places the there's a little bit of conflict is
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a little little bit a little bit you know and here's the thing that really got me about this taboo is that we haven't heard a peep out of ukraine for a while the mainstream media has covered any of these things if they're so worried about how terrible it is why are they not covering up exactly and maybe we're going to suddenly see that stories suddenly kind of rise up out of the ashes and out of the pentagon is looking to sell a few arms over there because then you yeah you know two dollars went to jail it's one ukraine becomes the you know caused. when everybody is like oh the administration's a failure but let's jump on to that but as i said it's here we are back again and there's an election. going on and now all the sudden again they're pushing to push more arms into a place oh yeah oh yeah and we're like oh my god i'm worried. that i keep hearing about that. i mean when the. you know i mean you know i mean the thing is with a visit like it's true i've been there since the last kind of peace you know ceasefire idea that the you know the cease fire agreement that they had going on
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there you know there's been a few little outbreaks here and there but nothing major scale that i've heard or seen in the media or reading that it was papers i've read quite a bit. also were true that according to the wall street journal sources and other papers have covered this there's been no decision. proposal you know that hasn't been discussed at a high level in the white house. and it wasn't discussed you know russia meeting there that took place a few weeks now last week but they are saying they are reporting sources apparently are reporting that u.s. defense secretary james mattis has indeed the plane. who would you know. the last time that you know floating arms in the ukraine you know the u.s. basically giving you know ukraine government arms through you know for apparently the russians on the other side of the country that wasn't exactly backed by the whole of europe we didn't have a lot of allies from no not at all and we're back to that same point where you have
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a german chancellor angela merkel and other allied leaders are taking this pushing back against when they strongly push back when the obama administration considered supplying arms to ukraine you remember this is a big thing during the election as well because there was did the republicans take it off their platform did they put it on their platform was it on there wasn't a lot of accusations for something that was never even there in the first place yes . they instead opted to provide kiev with short range radar night vision goggles and other equipment so it was this non-lethal stuff just like those truly defense that germany and france are really really skeptical about providing arms to ukraine because of all the issues that you talked about but u.s. officials kind of have that. idea that they expect allies including the u.k. canada poland and lithuania to be open to increased military support so there is
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there are great european. love. you said the u.k. canada poland and lithuania no one of these things is not like the others what is kind of like opinion that all matter at all i really ok u k a poem of their in the generally same region so is the case that major war breaks out and civil you know hell breaks loose that i didn't understand care mental. and then you wonder why across the world the criticism of western military and western allies because they're coming in to places that they are they don't live it doesn't affect them it's not part of their decision and what's not put this one is where that perception comes whether it's on purpose whether they're doing it to do that that is the perception or the what kind of weapons are we talking about while joe boyd says about under the pentagon state department proposal the u.s.
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would provide anti-tank weapons like javelin missiles possibly anti-aircraft weapons in addition to other arms but here's the thing about those those those a defensive weapons the anti-aircraft missiles and all of these things those can literally be changed into defense and often of weapons like that but you're wrong you're wrong i will say right here live on t.v. you are wrong yes because according to the wall street journal u.s. officials as part of an effort by policymakers to limit the risks of this offensive escalation and diffuse criticism of the moves could encourage openness of action but you have a plan to deploy the missiles with ukrainian troops stationed away from the front lines of the conflict so they're going to get into the back of the conflict not the run but. except leaving out the little for the javelin missiles or insurers or where they usually occurred but to read
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a book they're highly mobile which means they initially carry two for lives they just really want to play the region just. the deep rooted blight at the core of the democratic party was not spawned in the halls of the kremlin or flung from the stands of the democratic national convention by those evil supporters its been there festering for quite a long time the one nine hundred ninety s. rebirth of the dems by bill and hillary clinton meant that they buckled on health care instituted one of the most racist policing and prison programs ever conceived institute a republican well first scaremongering deregulated wall street buried marriage equality instituted the foul and homophobic don't ask don't tell ignored the rwandan genocide oh and escalated foreign drug war which is one wonder what better deal the dems are offering now none of which was remotely in line with the values ethics and ideals of the democratic party but then that was kind of their point right moving the dems further in order to win elections became the one and only
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platform the dems have remained faithful to now in the rubble of the two thousand and sixteen election loss the chairman of the d.n.c. is campaign arm has announced that the dems will not withhold campaign funds for candidates who oppose a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body and relation to family planning and health saying quote there is not a litmus test for democratic candidates as we look at candidates across the country you need to make sure you have candidates that fit the district that can win in these districts across america and despite the fact that nancy pelosi has become political poison the democrats and pelosi herself refuse to believe she is anything but perfection. so you want me to sing my praises is that what you're saying why should i well i'm a master legislator and maybe. politically astute leader. the democrats seem to have abandoned the poor minority of centrist liberals progressive millennial isn't working class for a big payout celebrity endorsements and the illusion that winning is the most
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important parts of politics. yes i couldn't agree more. that's the sad part you're seeing in the democratic party right now i mean the republicans got their own problems but but the democrat wow wow i mean is this crumbling away and now you're telling me with the now they want to take away the kind of just ignoring one of the basic pillars of their hearty which was pro-choice pro-choice right you know. the way despite whatever and there are tons of democrats who managed to do the same who managed to have that and be pro-life in their personal a pro you know. you want to put it in their personal life but it doesn't affect their politics and they still. stand for their constituents and let's and i wanted to do so and what's interesting is there's they're already getting blowback more of this in the you know in their attempt to kind of win the evangelical you know religious crowd by focusing on abortion even self-proclaimed pro-life democrats
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like you were mentioning like the views sunny host and things the dems attempt to gain the moral high ground by focusing on abortion is a mistake here's what she thinks the bottom should focus on instead the most important issues are justice and mercy the most important issues are caring for the poor while having strangers caring for our our our. yeah you know i think that's the problem with the democrats is that they are not only putting winning above all else which smells a lot like republicans. you know they're they're they're also essentially not have they're not coming to grips with the fact that they get their money from the same wall street that gives their money the republicans out at the end of the day they can't rectify that with the burning supporters or the progressive base and now they're going to turn their. acts on that progressive base again i say pro-choice. and so on super important i mean we got to get those and what this says is them
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trying to just get evangelicals these this supposed mystical evangelicals and catholics that want this that don't i mean tim kaine as a catholic he also does not believe in it as a choice it's for with many things that it's not something you should do but he supports a woman's right to choose to do it and all of this goes into it's not just about ending a pregnancy this goes into all the family planning because this goes into your hobby lobby's and everything else trying to convince but here's my thing the dems are looking down the barrel of a shift in their political and moral identity they can move away from the establishment against moneygrubbing and all of this sort of a lead us nonsense that lost to them the house the senate governorships one after another the white house every bit of power they have or they can do with the with that that they've done for the last two decades which is essentially solely ignore the poor minorities and working class so people like nancy pelosi can keep fund raising and pretending like she has a bit of power in her think she has no power she's not
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a master anything pretty otherwise pretty sure it would be in this kind of friction but we got to go to break all right mark watchers don't forget to let us know where you're going to stop or to the cover of facebook and twitter so your poll shows that are coming up it's lights camera cia and pentagon with you all corporate co-author of the book national security cinema the shocking new evidence of government control with hollywood don't want to miss that stay tuned to watch. you can see the border from your was a. steal since tuesday and this was all we'd. like to this is is this. and this is. you have every right to be here have a right to call collect my food be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started an organization
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called the arizona border recall we or the stand a little bit into teeth. that is doing. with these to be done in the five years it's getting worse the violence is escalating because it's millions of. bridges really good are great with them because you know basically they believe that their range is there are areas and they don't believe the federal government is taking responsibility for their security which we would for if you were also treasury. make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the fine merry go
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round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. really. really really. movies have often been called the ultimate tool for escaping the grim realities of daily life nobody believes in that eat those more than the military industrial complex which as it turns out spends tremendous resources making sure only the most pleasant and politically innocuous picture breaches the big screen from white washing our quest of all small intervention in black hawk down to glorifying a c.i. . use of the most vile torture techniques in zero dark thirty or even educating children about the dangers of communism with cartoon animals in animal farm dr matt
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alford of the u.k.'s university of bath shines a spotlight on hollywood's advertising relationship with the national security complex in his book national security center earlier we sat down with dr alford and asked him for examples of some of history's most seem to magically misrepresented conflicts. i suppose the most. perception of war was. conducted by the united states in cinema would probably be the vietnam war films in the sense that that was very much to be a benevolent united states military going over to to rescue a poor a poor blighted. even when there are critical films like that for example the american military shown in a very sort of victimized way or the rambo films where the main character is kind of a tragic. kind of tragic tool of the. of the of the system it's not very
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common the millions of people who died in that conflict in indochina. screen. so the vietnam war is just part of the the most poorly elucidated. war in film interesting that not only is the aim here it's a sort of propagate a certain narrative or a version of past events but to pursue more proactive objectives as well for example you you mentioned the projects such as man of steel where the national guard partnered up with with warner brothers to use the movie and superman's character as a recruiting tool. how how do you hear how do you how do you feel about that i guess. what are your thoughts about omar it's more the consistent message in films like the superman franchise for example that represent warfare in general and american enemies in general in very conventional terms so you do tend to have the
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islamic bad guy these muslim terrorists you do tend to have these repeated themes of russia being the villain or countries in the middle east being the villains and that spreads not just a representation of specific wars but across you know just across all kinds of different genres including things like. like the films in the films in the transformers films it's not always about representing wars badly or representing foreigners badly it's primarily about representing the american military and security state positively because it doesn't want to i don't think it's good and i reckon i think it's kind of a bad thing because. so obvious to me that i mean it's obviously it's like if you've got this if you've got a massive political organ you've got a huge political organization involving itself with popular culture particularly without really any accountability then you've got
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a dangerous situation there where they can overstep their rights within a democratic system and effectively act as propagandists and that can be really dangerous because we've shown the enormous range of material that the pentagon and cia and others have worked on i think that i think they really have overstepped that line. in the amount of documents that you're goes of god and a cover through for you it's amazing just at the reach that it has a remember them from from television to things like your american idol whether you're a good weird little things like that or you know true the things that you would expect like oh we're not going to give you you know military x. during a war movie that preserves for us and about like one of the things that really jumped out. it is just bizarre to us as well was you've written alongside the military that the cia has also played an equally significant role in guiding the entertainment or not that's bizarre the cia doing that but what really is bizarre
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has the example the just blew us away was the cia's purchase of the rights to the film animal farm or the book animal farm back in the nineteen fifties and was directly funding cartoon of the orwell novel in the u.k. . it's hard for previously any other justification there can be for this other than trying to mold children and young adults to a certain ideology but the fact that they bought the animal farm of all things is just a wild to me at the end of the old i was a shocking one because of the money that went into it this was actually one of the fairly small number of cases that we actually knew before as a scholarly community this was known in the one nine hundred ninety s. and a bit before you leap did a brilliant book on it in the early two thousand i think the other cases of cia involvement have been much more recent a much less less well known and it's only really been the last say through two or three years. become more apparent but you know animal farm was
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a great classic example but it's historical now it's part of the you know it's in a several generations pos so it's an important one but i think we've brought this story up to date very much to me one of the most recent probably most egregious forms of this is there a dark thirty. it probably brought the issue to the public's attention more than any other in recent years you know zero dark thirty what do you think the goal was here was it sneaking in a cinematic defense of torture and quieting down that scandal and that sort of making every making the united states look. polished. a certain thing that can't be polished. was it a way for national the national security complex to take a. victory then sort of gather all that political capital capital from the bin laden operation because it just seemed to be such a deep blockage. nonsense as it was coming through and just this
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gross really foul celebration of just a horrible horrible war. just it just ended me as a movie as i can make if you want to see my thoughts on that very clear but do you think it was part of that sort of gaining that capital from bin laden well i think all of those things are certainly a bit true but it wouldn't have been quite at least at the early stages it wouldn't have been to do with actually getting bin laden because the filmmaker is a big a lot of how been involved with the. navy seals operation prior to actually finding in assassinating bin laden so they had already been researching and writing the film. at that time and it was actually during the discussions that the assassination raid went ahead so they kind of change the content of the film midstream. so i guess you have to be a bit careful about intentionality like the extent to which the cia thought that
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they could control it and put it in a certain way also in a way like the case with. i guess they felt that they could justify torture perhaps but whether that was the specific. it's hard to say certainly the e-mails that we receive and you're right this became a big this was one of the few cases that became a big media sensation because judicial watch acquired some of the material through the freedom. they said the cia said this is the one this is the really important one that we want to get all the movies that they have been doing the last two years it was clearly very important to them and i suspect that those political motivations will be multifarious. but controlling the narrative on top yeah of course i mean they have a bunch of tapes on top of the course they want to. control it through cinematic means as well but you know when they're working on films or t.v. shows they don't necessarily have the immediate checklist as to what they're going
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to be trying to put in or take out they just want control over the production and that's what the id would do you know it's like any of these organizations they just want to see it at the table so a marketing is the appropriate place to place it would be you know they have a seat at the table that's the point and that's kind of the really interesting thing about it is this idea of you know what you say is military is a product you know we're not an interesting model for you know modifying militaristic nationalism and that to make money on and then that's the thing that really struck me about your book and the thing that i think that that i applaud you for your research and doing is that i don't you know not many people are aware of that kind of like look this is shoved down your throats whether you realize it or not like you would you know subtle advertising of coca-cola or subtle advertising of pepsi an interesting case that you've talked about before is luigi. really a hollywood executive in the fifty's who is also working very closely with the cia
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you mentioned were asking his handlers a push for placing well dressed african-americans in prominent movie roles to combat soviet propaganda about poor race relations in the united states. isn't it ironic out. they're doing this the nineteen fifties to get even today we still hear allegations of propaganda when foreign news media covers negative stories about the united states or the other you know the it's interesting how they still are kind of using it you know they used it for propaganda the fifty's but now today it's over you publish something negative about us ok now your propaganda it's amazing to me that kind of duality and i guess it would be the right word all nations a hypocrite all nations of the problems or agencies and organizations have these things going on so they're of the same game. yeah of course i agree with what you're saying but you know the the difference between what the united
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states does and what say russia does or pakistan or israel is the scale. better on broadway performer are better robinson who appeared on broadway for nearly two decades in such productions as the lion king ragtime shuffle along i'm currently in the show in transit had this to say on the subject of diversity and the theater community i love being part of a community that celebrates diversity strives to educate spark conversation and encourages us to live in the shoes of the diverse characters we create on the other hand we have commercial theater or theater for the masses that the realm of broadway still has a long way to go before we can honestly say we're diverse most audition notices now say all ethnicities encouraged to attend this sounds great but just five years ago we were turned away at the door if they were not looking specifically for your race recently we discussed this issue with tony award winning producer ron simons i
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asked him what it means to you as his production company motto states tell every story. of diversity and never use that word but in this case i will is very broad in why we. i don't just make films and plays and t.v. shows about for african-americans we make them about for african-americans latino americans asian americans. women the elderly citizens the disabled we have a very broad umbrella but what we like to specialize in are the stories that are not being told because those communities are always always under represented always and so when i find a story that has hired to stick integrity commercial viability and is about under-represented community i do backflips because that's the story i want to i once had someone pitch me a story about japanese cowboys in the midwest and i don't know about you but i never heard about a japanese cowboy in the midwest but they exist i don't know the story was about i
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just heard japanese guy boys in the midwest and i'm on. it's great to see that by the way i want to see that there were more power to you know folks like simon's and that actor are better robinson because you know they're out there and they're there and they're really still paving the way and laying down their ground work so that where we can get a more full and diverse artistic community here in the united states and around the world hopefully all right already that is our show for you today remember born in this world we are told we love the not so it's always wall i love you i am a tight rope and i'm top of the keep on watching those hawks and have a great day and night everybody. economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we've earned one hundred six point. but what do we know about
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the other figures. that i see my. twenty million dollars. alors last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. . with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it is not just ill a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are the just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devalued society from the protests of the government try to do both at nestle. might be making things worse. the i say this is not listen work this is
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goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. but holds his hands to you so. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president when she. wanted. to go right to be close this is what before three of the people that i'm interested always in the waters of. the ship. because you know provision out of my pocket i want to. get. there so you'll know alaska's boss because i've got the. resources you know. so i was you know i was you know. you know just i mean what almost what it i'm
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already what it was but. i remember. if it up as i might. get it getting worse but those was. yes a. little bit but i did a little. bit of. headlines
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on the international us. a report detailing allegations of child sex abuse by washington funded security forces. and netflix series. linked to a rise in suicide related searches online we speak to a father who says his teenage daughter took a road life off the watching the program and i think that there are ways that it can be done in a positive note but never in a way that were treated in such a dark and desperate situation my daughter should be. i should.


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