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competition. donald trump blames congress for derailing relations with moscow accusing representatives of forcing him to sign a flawed sanctions bill and raising concerns of a constitutional crisis in the us. all russian athletes will continue to be suspended from track and field competitions of doping concerns. as well as newly elected constituent assembly starts work as the u.s. runs the country's president a dictator puts him on a par with syria's bashar al assad.
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beginning to ten pm here in moscow money your watching international donald trump has accused congress of bringing u.s. russia relations to an all time low in a tweet the us president said that it's thanks to the people on capitol hill who forced him to sign russia's sanctions bill he said he had to abide by the decision of the lawmakers after their landslide vote last week gave him no choice. congress can now check trump's deal making potential is by stopping him from lifting russia's restrictions the new law requires the president to obtain congressional approval for any such move earlier we discussed the growing political crisis in washington that artie's. i guess no president would like to be. shoes right now times really are getting tough as they can get for the president
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you know being america's top man but at the same time we think but not being able to exercise his power and even worse being cornered into making the decisions he doesn't want to make just to keep order and as we've been hearing for the white house spokesperson who's been explaining the very signature under that sanctions bill the president signed that countering america's adversaries through sanctions act congress has encroached on the power of the presidency and he signed it in the interest of national unity you can really just look at the latest of what's first of all the crucial bill that very one on the sanctions that was landslide votes in the house that was a landslide vote in the senate but then also trumps much cherished healthcare bill you know that was the pillar of his white house campaign yet it has been destroyed by the american lawmakers and as we have been seeing both the democrats will that
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is kind of obvious but also of course the republican party which is technically trumps party teaming up against the president and giving him quite a drubbing month after month week after week and the criticism and the pressure has been building up what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for i worry about the president's understanding of some of these issues. and so race baiting is enough phobic religious bigot and a ludicrous pretend for his hate campaign this president does not care about the united states of america so in these kind of circumstances under so much pressure it is little surprise that donald trump is giving in to the congress and you might argue that this really puts america on the brink of a constitutional crisis. when donald trump reluctantly put his signature to the anti russia sanctions bill despite claiming that it's flawed and that it contains
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unconstitutional provisions. while i favor tough measures to punish and deter aggressive and destabilizing behavior by iran north korea and russia this legislation is significantly flawed in its haste to pass the legislation the congress included a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions. a number of provisions to displace the president's exclusive constitutional authority and those comments live a lot of questions in their way the president states that even though he sees the legislation as unconstitutional he signed off on it as president trump swore an oath to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states but he seems to be openly doing the opposite upon approving the sanction this bill of course is a terrible bill. benefits the people of no contrary not the united states not germany or italy not russia syria
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not any of the people is the constitutional crisis our government is set up to where there are three branches that constantly struggle one against the other. so that in itself is totally unexpected but i do believe that these side shows are out of keeping with the traditions of the united states and how our government functions but what looks like a constitutional crisis brewing in the us is not the only problem trump is facing sanctions that hit russia's energy and defense sector are in theory being america's partners in europe those who work with moscow and those areas so these things can seem to be leaving hardly anyone happy trumps being forced to go against his constitutional beliefs u.s. russia relations take a further hit and america's closest european allies go on the defensive to counter what they see as measures potentially in violation of international law when these statements from trump and with the president claiming that he can make far better
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deals with foreign countries than congress but with measure such as these being passed he may be prevented from doing just that. washington d.c. . former u.s. congressman ron paul believes that the new sanctions are a big mistake and the people involved. the deep state. and the media are very very powerful and they can put a lot of pressure on the president so they ganged up on him and i thought he had sort of a mediocre position on this i was strongly opposed to it and i volunteered my advice which was totally ignored but he went ahead and signed it i think it was more like a political thing but i don't think in the long run this benefits he i don't think it benefits america it certainly doesn't benefit you know peace in the world between europe and russia so i think it's a terrible thing to have happen but there are some those who qualify to be participants in the deep state they are determined they are determined almost
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obsessed with making sure that there is no friendship between the united states and russia between putin and trump i think that is tragic you know even when russian the soviet union existed we actually were quite willing you know when necessary to talk and work out some problem but now we're moving in the other direction. another country that's been targeted by washington's recent sanctions is the wrong the countries officials have already claimed that the move breaks the terms of this current nuclear deal with the u.s. and the will pile is. you know view the nuclear deal has been violated and we will surely troop route and proportional reaction to this issue the main goal of america in approving these sanctions against iran is to destroy the nuclear deal. more than this can bring in our political analyst side mohammad marandi joins me on the line so we've heard
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a strong response coming from the arabians but do you think there really is a threat to the existing nuclear deal. while definitely because the united states has violated the deal repeatedly but in this case the violation is quite extensive violations actually began under obama and almost as soon as the deal between iran and the people p five plus one was signed. entities were added to the sanctions list and then there were these restriction laws under obama as well as the iran sanctions are there was which was a major violation but under the current regime this process continued and in this particular case it's not so much from the blame in this particular case as far as congress and the senate the law passed by congress in the senate is a clear violation of the agreement and the iranians plan to respond to it of course
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that doesn't mean that trump is not guilty that he has violated the agreement time after time when he has signed this law so he is just as much implicated as congress and the senate now iran's deputy foreign minister said the country wouldn't get entangled in u.s. politics but how does tehran respond without getting in tangled. well the iranians are passing legislation soon they will be adding their budget to the ports forces. the revolutionary guards activities in supporting the syrian government the iraqi government the additional budget is in response to the new sanctions also iran's missile defense capabilities will be enhanced with an additional budget provided by the iranian parliament and supported by president rouhani as administration and i also think that the iranians will interpret the c.p.o.
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a differently than before and they will make inspections more difficult in response to the behavior of the united states and they will probably put more funding in different elements of the peaceful nuclear program to make sure the united states understand that there is a price would be paid but i also think that according to the law that's going to be put forward in parliament in iran that there will be new incentives to increase trade with other countries that are facing the u.s. sanctions and bad of course that includes russia so what the united states is doing in fact is alienating many countries and it's pushing iran and russia closer to each other and i think countries like china which see independent powers being antagonized so much by the united states and sanctions being imposed upon them will begin to recognize that they could be next on the list and that provides an
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incentive for countries like china to move closer towards iran in russia so i don't think that the united states in the long run benefits from this sort of behavior it hurts itself and also it hurts its allies or its so-called allies because it completely ignores the interests of the countries in relation with russia and iran doesn't trump publicly said in his opinion that the iran nuclear deal was the worst ever i mean he's prone to hyperbole but do you think he will actually come up with a better deal himself. well the iranians are not going to accept any new deal whatsoever and many people in iran think it's a bad deal and that the iranians gave too many concessions many believe that it's a good deal but whatever it is the iranians have signed up to it and they will implement their side of the bargain they've committed themselves to and the united states has to do the same if it tears the agreement he is not going to get anything
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better in fact he will be seen in the united states will be seen this is the u.s. congress and senate which comprise comprised of both democrats and republicans have been seen by the international community as the side that is unwilling to abide by its commitments so i think in the long run if that if the united states leaves the agreement or tears the agreement then it will be agreement will come to an end most probably but it will lose more because the international community will recognize the situation for what it is but if the united states thinks there is going to get something better from iran they're they're mistaken it's an it would be an extraordinary miscalculation sayah thanks so much for coming on to speak to as my guest political analyst side mohamed moronic thank you meanwhile a new study into which country people fear the most has produced some rather surprising results forty two thousand people across thirty eight countries took
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part of these but i guess the story. the world is a frightening place disasters war is terror and paul the t. make us a fearful people but fear can be measured who would you say people are most afraid of the usual suspects. who chaney but no none of the people in the thirty eight countries that polled feel most threatened by the united states this is pew research one of the most respected pollsters in the world doesn't seem to know it's doesn't seem that stable at the moment to us if it's a world where it's to the eye to understand why they perceive the united states as
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a threat well i guess it has to do with the tone of our political change and that doesn't surprise me it's very disturbing it's concerning it's scary sort of our image now sort of a lot lot more anger towards us and within us i mean i guess that makes me feel better meaning that we have a strong military someone said it's better to be here than love so it's an old story big bad america big bad russia china we've heard it all before what's striking here is that it isn't america's enemies that increasingly view it as a chief threat its washington's friends canadians for example now see the united states as more of a threat than either russia or china that is outright animosity within nato and among allies turkey south korea japan spain greece and germany view washington as the most threatening state in the world that's
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as many. seventy two percent of respondents how's that for friends in europe you have. at least some understanding of how the united states behaves in the world that you do not have in the united states you have germany now of closing u.s. sanctions on russia you have the public you know this is not the german government this is the german public this is not the swedish government this is the swedish public so you have people who are opposed to war opposed to militarism opposed to nato expansion of close to us bases in germany expressing their viewpoint and that's you know not typically in news in europe and especially not in the united states or you know you could say that over the last four years trump and obama helped make america great again or at least a great threat. has voted to uphold its
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ban on the russian outlet expectoration after presenting a road map to anti doping compliance auntie's on with the situation the reports. we have the international association of a flat expectoration basically decide to not reinstate russia's membership this comes just one day before the london world championships kick start here were only nineteen russian athletes are going to be competing under neutral flags now the russian sports ministry has described this latest decision as quite unfortunate he said that he is thankful however to those countries that did vote in russia's favor saying that it does show that trust is growing but obviously more work will need to be done on this issue i mean let's keep in mind that all of this of course comes from the back in november twenty fifth dean where russia was suspended from the i a the very controversial mcclaren report played
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a huge role in terms of what happened with russian athletes of course if you remember following that report the russian team was basically banned from the rio olympics and all of russia's paralympians were banned in participating and this obviously was quite controversial and was a very big decision that was largely discussed at the time now we also have to keep in mind that now what has the world anti-doping agency has a new road map where they have decided that the russian sports ministry and the russian olympic committee are going to have to accept all of the findings the full findings of the mclaren report in order to move forward with this situation but this is something that's at this stage seems to be quite unlikely we did see the international olympic committee say that wada itself do not see the findings of the report as sufficient enough to bring successful cases. this cashmore professor of sociology at aston university and a sports a media lecturer says that they are still hasn't put forward evidence to prove its
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claims that russia is quite wide to hold out and said well hang on before we actually admit that the was state sponsored doping let's examine the evidence in fact let's let the rest of the world decide and that evidence is not forthcoming so the contrition that the i declare has been waiting for has just not materialized and i think probably with good reason i think as long as this kind of let's not call it conflict but a difference of perspective continues then this ban is probably going to continue. on thursday marks the first working day for the new constituent assembly in venezuela that was elected at the weekend the vote was followed by violent protests has now been unrest in venezuela for four months already with the opposition demanding president step down on monday washington imposed sanctions that targeted
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the president's private assets in response madeira claim that he won't be intimidated by what he called the imperialist power he spoke with attorney and investigative journalist eva golinger who told us that the u.s. is openly undermining the power of the venezuelan government. but dora himself you joined a very exclusive club including mr. should and in your going in terms of the brutal repression of his people and in this case the abrogation of the constitution with the with the you know the cost issue with the with the assembly because it was there's no question that the u.s. is engaged in a direct regime change policy in venezuela you know it's been going on now for over a decade but it's increased every year and now we're seeing it sort of accelerate rapidly they certainly have a plan in action i have no doubt about it it goes well beyond depending on you know opposition venezuela you know there was
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a two thousand and two who again. unraveled two days later that was backed by the united states funded by the united states and then subsequently you know the u.s. has only increased its channeling of funds from agencies like usaid national noun for democracy amongst others you know cia special missions all kinds of things to try to undermine the venezuelan government first under chavez now and now we're seeing at they're not even trying to cover it up they're just doing it openly expressing you know the fact that either mature or decide to leave or they're going to take them out so i mean it's it's completely outrageous violation of venice our sovereignty and i mean it goes against all the promises that trump made during his campaign of being less interventionist now we're seeing the direct intervention aggression and pure violation not just of venezuela's sovereignty but of international law you can't just say you're going to go in and take out a president who was democratically elected by his people. tell you no authorities have seized the boat that belongs to
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a german group rescuing migrants whose footage released by italy's coast guard which shows the authorities impounding said ship the vessel was intercepted wednesday as part of a government initiative which is designed to counter the surge of migrants mostly africans who are trying to reach the from libya officials claim that crew members from the boat were working with people smugglers. do you think in several cases these interventions see by the boat were carried out not to save people who find themselves in imminent danger but simply to pick up people or school to buy libyan traffickers. now this comes after italy presented a controversial code of conduct to aid groups that code demands a police presence on n.g.o.s vessels and it bans the transfer of refugees onto other ships phone calls or flares from n.g.o.s are also forbidden as they could be used to signal when it's safe to send a boat to see the six out of nine n.g.o.s operating in the mediterranean have
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refused to sign the document my colleague kate partridge discussed this issue with italian journalist marcelo foer amati a german left wing politician. in the moment europe is responsible for the destructions in africa a lot and look at that it's necessary to open legal ways for refugees but europe children people to countries like italy like spain like portugal with a problem but all european countries should take responsibility and so all the people who are. members on this ship and refugee have bought as well they just want to save lives because until the last ten years there was more than forty thousand people dying in the mediterranean sea and they just don't want to see the people joy i see very clearly that this is not are you money to. help is not the money that an s.o.s. but it's helping those people arriving in italy and the refugees that are
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coming they are paying huge sums to human traffickers this is immoral and i would say that it is true that. the destruction of libya was a mistake of historical mistake but i don't see why a contra single country like italy should pay the price for it so it's a huge problem neatly and finally the government decided to take some action to stop this kind of this. and there are renewed hopes today that peace efforts have taken a significant step forward in syria this is after a new deescalation zone came into force in the country here's the latest video that we've received from one of the checkpoints in the zone military officers have been searching vehicles for weapons and ammunition and they've been checking identification documents and drivers and passengers establishment was confirmed by russia's defense minister. for a little bit of what it was according to the agreement today on the third of august
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starting from midday local time moderate opposition forces as well as government troops will cease fire from all types of weapons. well this latest disclosure zone as a result of intensive talks in aspen other capital and also in cairo there are four deescalation zones discussed in total two are already in operation in southern syria this is the third one put in place it encompasses around eighty seven towns and villages in those areas of syria one hundred forty thousand people living there so very substantial progress indeed now while the ceasefire covers effectively all sides and all weapons as we mentioned just there of course. are exempt from both internationally recognized terrorist organizations and will be fair game for all parties as always the rebels the moderate rebels in these areas they will be tasked with actually pushing them out as general kardashian cough said let's take a listen. what is this thing that they go to in this according to the agreement the
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moderate opposition assumes responsibility for pushing eisel and really it's out of the areas it controls. not only has russia played a key role in the negotiating table bridging this very major differences between these opposing sides that will suffer all on the ground russian military police will be observing the cease fire really closely they'll be separating the warring parties as well as controlling some crossings and checkpoints that also have a very important humanitarian role in making sure humanitarian aid medicine etc gets through to the areas where it's needed and facilitating the evacuation of wounded civilians they will also have the chance to be treated in russian field hospitals in the area to ensure they get the treatment they very much need now the opposition has also agreed to open a key road between homs and hama two major cities which was previously a stumbling block in those negotiations in total well there's over two thousand two
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thousand and ninety five in total to be precise towns and villages covered by these deescalation zones when the fourth one comes into play there will be even more so very much substantial progress here in facilitating a ceasefire in what's been some very difficult negotiations on these opposing sides you know because director general has condemned the killing of a journalist working for r.t. arabic in syria in a statement in a book about added that the targeting of journalists in conflict zones is considered a war crime. died last week in an islamic state shelling near homs province he was filming a story on the syrian army's operations against the terrorist group now bring you his final report and the testimony of his dedication to highlighting the horrors of war in his native country as told by his cameraman was also caught up in the crossfire. if you see this red dots on the left not the big one this round see it
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it means we're filming. something we came to the eastern countryside of homes called beggarly a with the army it was a place of direct confrontation with i still as we arrived the army was ordered to deal with the terrorist forces facing us the first show hit i still fight is then another one was fired shortly after the second show i'm not really sure whether i still fired a missile or a more tough but it was quite accurate hit a group of people khaled was there and the brigadier who was killed and the driver who was with us and is still in hospital was critically wounded we tried to do our best to help each other by all means and those who were not injured took us in pickup trucks to an ambulance on the road we didn't exactly know what happened that
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khaled was dead we were praying for him not to die hoping his injuries weren't serious and. i had known him for a long time but it felt as if i knew him for more than ten years and his personality he was gallant and courageous he had many plans and aspirations for the future he wants to do something for his country. for those of you who like social media don't forget you can follow all teen use on facebook on twitter and you can even download free the news back though to do the old fashioned way of bringing a live news in off an.
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imax kaiser this is the kaiser report what does a monopoly not of been up late certainly have played monopoly who wants monopoly just still active are there any rules against it so we view where e of monopoly is forming what started this debate.


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