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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  August 3, 2017 10:01pm-10:30pm EDT

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dot com she's also the singer songwriter behind the redacted song that you just heard sick sad and waste and that is why i don't sing it because people would turn it off point two seconds in but now she's also the author of a new book consisting of her own political poetry and brilliant works of art by the likes of abby martin anthony frater lucy dyer recycle propaganda and many more if you like banksy or you like the lyrics of rage against the machine then you will probably like the book paradigm lost here now is my conversation with eleanor goldfield. and i want to welcome thank you thanks for being here axel a new book let's show it off here paradigm of paradise lost let's let's unpack the title to begin with let's start there what does paradigm loss mean to you. well it's from the milton paradise lost so i kind of stole that title but as
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they say great artist steal good artist borrow so i started there the idea being that we have to lose the paradigm that our government can work for us in the current system that we live in and in order to lose that paradigm art is a vehicle in order to do that so the book seeks to manufacture dissent rather than consent and i use radical verse and visuals in order to do that you know use a little bit of everything was black and it's beautiful it's beautiful art and and i mean that in terms of the poetry as well but spectacle i feel like is so often used to destruct that's a lot of what our society is it's designed to take our attention away from what's important and focus it on shiny things and everyone's well news article dangle the keys in front of us just to get our attention away but in this case you're using alternative media medium to. to grab people's attention to try and.
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direct it to important things is so. oxymoron is a conflict using spectacle using all fall types of forms and colors and shapes and everything to grab people to what is actually important i don't think you could point to any social movement or revolutionary movement since the dawn of pictures that actually you didn't use art in some form other that the protest songs or whether that be fliers and pamphlets art has always been a part of people's movement to rise up so whether we twist that and say we're using the propaganda machine against itself that's fine or we could say that we're actually just continuing this rich history of people using creative mediums to promote social political change so i guess you could say it both ways but yes i mean part of the part of the issue is to again manufacture dissent and to get people to look at the you know if you're into looking at judging
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a book by its cover then you might look at the cover and be like shiny or something and then be inclined to pick it up and then you see the pictures inside and and as a performer i always try to i mean even when i had a band i liked incorporating visuals into the band's performance as well because i realize that since we live in this content heavy age people need to have you know sort of constant content and so that was one of the ideas that was the impetus behind putting art in there but also i think the bigger issues that it just is such a beautiful collaborative piece to have art and words intertwined working together yeah i mean you don't want to abuse this is corporate porn don't you just get off on the loss of life the trouble and strife the needy and sick the tired and poor shoot your load on the last flow of depravity sinkhole of the reality then cross yourself and hope to die what those corporate porn mean to you and how how do we have passed inverted totalitarianism which is basically ruled by the corporate
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state. well those are two interesting questions so corporate poor and the impetus for that was sort of this i mean another way people say it is like tragedy porn and things like that basically the idea that we make a lot of money off of the tragedy in this country you know the corporate media makes their most they get their best ratings when something awful happens and that's that don't just get off on the loss of life it's like we love a tragedy and it literally we care with you right like boston bombing were like fifty percent of everything they said in there the boston bombing was incorrect and they're just it's actually better if you don't get it right because then you can always blame somebody that isn't you and a lot of times it's the us that whose fault it is but if you just make it up then you don't actually have to worry about that and in terms of moving away from that i mean it's simple and it's difficult at the same time we're the ones who have to an inverted so to speak we have to we're the ones who have to to tear down the
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corporate infrastructure an oligarchy and to talk or see like that that's that's on us yeah so and so i think it'll be easy you know what do you do next week and we'll take it out. you know you did a really great piece recently on facebook that's not in the book about religion i know you're an orthodox. why does religion receive so much of your ire. well let me let me first put it this way that i think atheists can be as extreme as religious people the new atheism which has become sort of. a pedestal for the all right doing everything from trans bashing to immigrant bashing also they're like we hate all religions but especially the muslims yeah let's talk ninety five percent of. them will say we hate all religions and here's the thing i don't have a problem if somebody believes in crystals or if somebody believes in jesus
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whatever as long as you're not trying to push it and as long as you're not you don't use that as a foundation for your for your morality and for your actions in life so what i mean by that is like if if if jesus is the one who told you to go to standing rock that's totally fine but don't go to standing rock and preach you know so i don't have a problem with people being personally religious my problem is the fact that we don't have separation of church and state that we have church and state together and religion is inherently oppressive it's used as a power tool for the elite it always has been and it's used to lambaste everybody who isn't a rich white male and that is that is why religion gets so much of my ire because i feel like people who are religious tend to close their eyes to the ills that are perpetuated by the religious system. and uses an excuse for war as well of course yeah let's let's talk a little about how we fix such a system. i know you're not a republican so that must mean you're
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a democrat because those are the only options out there from what i've heard. no actually speaking of that i do want to speak to what you are what you claim you actually have an awesome spoken word piece that addresses that are you say call me an anarchist socialist commie leftist because you don't know the difference but all those words sound scary and when you call me un-american what you're really saying is that i'm anti-war are not brainwashed or white washed this is what i stand for so you're an anarchist so you're saying. i get called those things by people who don't know what those words mean. when you get called those things by people who do know what the words mean and sometimes. but yeah i mean it's part of this is like the human mind wants to categorize right like you see somebody walking down the street and even though you might not be conscious of it you're trying to put them into to folders that your brain already has pre-made that's just how the human mind is and there's nothing inherently wrong with that it depends on how you act on that
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categorization so we've just come to again be programmed in this country that well we have two parties which as you mentioned it's like well every republican or democrat and luckily now we've been seeing those means around facebook that say awake and you check that box instead but there is this sort of idea that he talks about that if you create barriers but allow very lively debate inside those barriers people will think that they are free to debate and they have choices and if you're free range inside of a cage you're still inside a cage but if you can make those people believe that they're free range and that's all that matters well the perfect example of acting like we have debate right now that's going on is the health care debate right where it's most ninety whatever percent of the debate on our mainstream television about health care is obamacare or trauma care or a. maybe they'll throw away and fix obamacare and so it's like well what about the side of the debate says we should all just have health care what do you do you did a brilliant piece about that and it's true the problem is that people aren't taught
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how to think they're taught what to think and what another thing that art does kind of circling back to that first thing is art teaches people to think outside the box and outside the confines of a capitalist system that wants you to be very oriented and so you can you can still like this idea of automatic human categorization is fine but start doing it and start questioning why you're doing it how you're doing and i doing this you know there's another one there's another poem in there called friends across enemy lines that says like who do you hate and why you're taught to hate muslims because they're muslims why they're exactly like you the difference between you and them is so much smaller than the difference between them and their leaders and you and your leaders and understanding that and starting to question that is something that art can do and it's something that's very necessary for us to get out of the the confines set for us by the system and row martinez is a great documentary called lottery of birth where it's basically if you put
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a shrink it all down it's the fact that if you're born into a certain society almost all the time you're going to believe what that culture has taught people and so if we know that i mean pretty much everyone would admit that if you were born a muslim would you believe you know in that religion oh you know probably or most people would if you if we could all agree on that then should we all agree that there's no reason to hate those people if there was born in different places different different societies different culture but that means questioning and questioning you know it's hard it's hard the terrorists win when you question. so where do we go when a post capitalist world a poster you know profit over people society you actually did a video or a few videos on. in syria a region that's doing something really interesting and i've hardly heard it talked about. mainly just from you to tell me more about. yeah interesting enough version of it was such an inspiring story basically the the very long story short it's
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kurds have been an oppressed group for hundreds of years and there's in northern syria there's a part of syrian kurdistan called rouge region and basically what they've done is they've created a flat structure and still creating a flat structure a gala tarion very very feminist community or communities it's a string of communities that are anti-capitalist anti patriarchy and at the same time are fighting isis and syrian rebels and the proxy war that's going on between the us and so they're fighting on several different fronts but their main front is that they're fighting for their right to live in an equal society of their choosing they're fighting for their autonomy and some people call it an arche some people call it democratic can federalism it doesn't really matter what you want to call it but it's a beautiful example of community building even even i mean obviously capitalism hasn't fallen but it's a great example of what we can start doing now before capitalism falls because if
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you look historically in the ashes of fallen systems human beings have a tendency to rebuild a version of what just about all because we want to feel sort of comfortable in this maner that we're used to but the problem with that is that hierarchy hierarchical systems will always default to some level of oppression and what they're doing their job is is completely disbanding these hierarchical systems and creating something that's flat structure and we can start doing that by by taking those kind of examples so taking away from the broader and bring it down to the specific if this is a kind of post capitalist system how do they get someone to do something if they don't just give them lots of money who takes out the trash well you take out the trash because that's your job this week or i mean think about it like. when you were a kid i mean you still take out the trash in your apartment right because you don't want your apartment to smell horrible it varies. and i think you brought up
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a good point a while back i don't know if it was in stand up or what but you don't ask your grandmother for money to help her with her groceries up the stairs you know do it because that's what not being in is and so if you have this sort of community structure where everybody helps each other out and you care because that's my water source that's my that's where my kids play as well then you have this sort of caring that is mutually beneficial and so therefore you will help that person or you will take out the trash if you see it because this is your spot and that sort of community building like job as well starts on a street by street basis so each block has these sort of community councils and that's that's the that's the has to be the basic building block yeah i mean we we have been atomized i'm separated so much as the people in our community the doesn't seem to be like we need to get outside of that in order to get sort of this like place where we all and the same entering help we're going to you know climate
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change this idea of divide it improvised and conquer we've been taught that it's our job as individuals to fix climate change but i mean we as individuals i can't all of a sudden one day be like oh the military industrial complex which is the largest polluter in the pool on the planet i'll just fix that today as i'm recycling hold on but i switched my wife. i thought it was done that we should i said we did it you should keep switching your light bulbs but don't think that that will fix everything because if reasonable tote bags fixed everything we'd have racial equality when movie paid as much as men climate change wouldn't be an issue so but we've been taught that we're individuals not citizens and we need to switch that thinking and understand that we are part of a human community and it's our job to work together to fight the system that is the biggest. later that is the biggest oppressor it's not it's not whether you recycle your water bottle well said i'm torn on my toe back now the told but i don't know
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carrick but i. finally just repeat where people can find a book or t.v. show your poetry or live performances in your home made quite a pot so you sew on what i'm doing so well. so the book is available art killing apathy dot com which is my my website and art killing apathy dot com slash performance you can find where i'll be so far i have dates in new york l.a. san francisco and d.c. with more being added hopefully and the show is called act out it airs every friday night at ten pm on free speech t.v. it's also online every wednesday you can find out more about that at occupy dot com slash act at all right there it is thank you so much for joining me let's go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in seattle and washington d.c. email redacted tonight at our t america dot tv for details and tickets also check out our podcast called moment of clarity it's free on i tunes and stitcher i'll be
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right back. i'm john harshman and i will give you what the mainstream media can't sell to big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read. to stand losing this is just the dance the right questions to the right answer.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't tell me you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ins up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you know what they're working. welcome back to redacted and i hate so i have new evidence that our voting system on a on a on a scale of one to ten our voting system is
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a pile of garbage just being fast during stink lines coming off of it pile o. garbage ok there's this there's this hacking convention in vegas called def con ok and they had to have you mentioned they had what they called the voting village they had a room that was just a voting machine to various guys because a lot of states you know states cities they have different kinds of voting machines so they had a bunch of these it all like driving voting machines in this room and they let hackers come in and they said do what you will let's see let's see how hard it is for you king of the nerd kingdom the hacking nerd kingdom can you get into these machines ok now i don't know. others i don't want done i don't know anything about hacking about code but i will tell you this they hacked him all they got into just about all of them ok they they just they tore him up they tore up these machines
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well a lot of them took not even that much time ninety minutes or so a lot of them one of the machines they even rick rolled. a machine that we're going to give you up we're going to have to you dan develop thing they day made the machine do that that is the ad for a voting machine that is the equivalent of wiping your ass with it all right the women vote machine which is another type of software and some of these machines it was used to virgin you know from two thousand and three to twenty fifteen when it was finally decertified then christian cave that they were able to break to get in to this win but machine that was used for years in virginia and other places the encryption key was what i wrote it down here they were able to get this out of thin air they figured this out they encrypt it was a. b. c. d. e.
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somehow i don't know how does hackers did it they were able to get in a receiving so these guys in the storage article book or article on access to the database we can take voter suppression orders from the voter record. multiple times they own the database thank you the word john. ok now you're starting to understand just how incredibly hackable our voting machines are very very active. now most of them you have to be in the room ok they're not connected most of them are not connect to the internet so most of this is done in the room is done with the pieces it's done by touching the hardware it's done with u.s.b. ports one of the biggest things you can do want a voting machine is just create chaos in the voting booth if you would just make things confusing and stop then then people don't get to vote now this is how our system was hacked in the primaries by by hillary in the d.n.c. right phoenix arizona they close something like seventy percent of the polling
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places so people are waiting in line for hours on end so they just go home so that's one of that's another way to hack our system you just create chaos you just close vote vote vote in places in brooklyn new york one hundred thousand people knocked off the polls in the primaries right hundred thousand mainly bernie voters knocked off of all gene go read headlines you can read articles about it right now they're still up go read a hundred thousand people knocked off the polls so not only does that not go that hundred thousand on the polls but people in line to say what do you mean i'm not trying to vote it creates chaos in the voting places and then people get to vote. our system is incredibly agile so maybe you're asking all if you're consistent all hackable why is that never happened in the past that or votes or elections have been act have ok in two thousand and twelve do you remember this karl rove freaked out on fox news on the night of the election when they called the election for obama he was great that it was stark and that ohio would suddenly and mysteriously
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swing to romney's favor at the last minute he just knew it would put as you a straight on question you went through this in two thousand you almost went through it in two thousand and four do you believe that ohio has been settled no i don't and it is look if we if we if we are calling this on the basis of seventy four percent of vote be in and when seventy seven percent is in secretary of state website i got the director of the ohio campaign for romney on the other in the line refreshing the page every few seconds and this went from being when we started this conversation three or four minutes ago one thousand nine hundred ninety five vote margin for president obama to just now nine hundred ninety nine nine hundred and you know he freaked out so much that fox news actually sent meghan kelly running through the old the ballston of fox news where the camera crew to go talk to the nerds in the nursery crunching the numbers they sent her dad was like that's the that's the fox news or equivalent of a cold could be
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a standard the bowels of fox news with a camera to get i can't even imagine the smell deep inside fox news is going to be horrific. but you went down the no why was rove so sure that that that that this would that this was something crazy would happen because it had it had happened in two thousand and four john kerry was set to win ohio which would have given him the presidency he would set the active post that he would win everything said he would win and then suddenly and he was winning the votes were fairly winning suddenly after eleven pm something crazy happens the computers went down on election night and there was then rerouted through a backup server that had ties to the republican party suddenly when the server came back up everything that's right george w. bush miraculously ahead in ohio how could this have happened it's amazing it's a miracle for the republican party karl rove thought that same thing would happen
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in two thousand and twelve that is why he was certain that those were that the calling in for obama was wrong one possible reason why it didn't happen that karl rove was wrong is anonymous anonymous came forward and they claim credit for disrupting the plan to steal the election they claim credit i don't know if they did it or not but they said they did. now each of these articles about def-con about how hackable our machines are that came out this week each of these articles they all tried to find a way to insert russia into the story a little little paragraph here or there like russia don't forget russia now is the thing. almost all of these hacking you had to be in the room for you had to touch the machine you had to use the u.s.b. port you had access to the to the hardware or whatever it was so it was that russia had nothing to do with this and that whether you are one of these people who wants to be like. russia bookie they did that. even if you know
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even if that is your thing which you're wrong but ok even if that is your thing it doesn't matter you and i want the same thing we want to fix this voting system all right yes you are completely wrong as to how this thing has been hacked as to how the primaries were act against bernie you know hacked in various ways whether it's the software it's shutting down polling places whatever election fraud as a whole you and i are completely in disagreement but we want the same thing we want to legitimate voting system we want to voting system that is not currently ranked worst in the western world for voting integrity and how do we do that so basically you want i want to say it's kind of like if you had a roommate and there was a cockroach infestation and you were like we got a really nice guy was in your room it was like absolutely because they are reincarnated nazis and their son to take over my soul with their with their
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neon. gas guns and you're like i don't even know what the you're talking about but shore we're agreeing on the exterminator we both agree whatever i don't know about your nazi thing but exterminator it's kind of the same thing here you are absolutely wrong as to what's been going on with our legs and but you and i agree let's get a legitimate accountable voting system we need paper ballots until such time as we can block chain fully accountable on hackable voting system you and i agree. so let's do that how do you do that well you've got to go after our lawmakers you've got to go on a local level on a lower level because a lot of these cities decide on their own which what they're doing whether what kind of machines they're using go back to paper ballots intil we have blocked change it's that easy. dammit why are we voting on these pieces of crap. all right that's all the time i got to go do it fix our system hurry we don't
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much time keep fighting. and. there's a real irony going. you showed like a little thing a responsible choice in the people and there was always what was always seen examples in your last call for area no wholesale surveillance you feel you have always while those who knew and who do so as not to interact has used to sell a song you don't like always on the story because it's garbage real genuine.
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i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied the deep n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the u.s. . the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable.


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