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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  August 17, 2017 7:29am-8:01am EDT

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greetings and sal you taste. what exactly is infrastructure oct watcher's good question according to the good folks at merriam webster's well infrastructure is the underlying foundation or basic framework of a system or organization it's the system of public works of a country a state or region it's all of our roads our sewage lines our airports our electrical lines it's a thing that makes our towns cities and countries run and here in the united states the supposed shining beacon on the hill sadly our infrastructure is failing all around us that spelling actually in pretty catastrophic ways according the experts
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over at the american society of civil engineers or the a the infrastructure of the old red white and blue is sitting at a very black and blue grade of d. plus yes apparently the shining beacon on the hill is in desperate need to replace the bulbs behind the shine and throw some support trusses inside that bill in fact according to the a c e we need about two trillion dollars worth of balls and trusses for our crumbling infrastructure over the next ten years now while we don't have an army of property brothers we do have president donald j. trump who took to the stage this week to announce a new move to fix our infrastructure issues take it away to all my administration is working every day to deliver the world class infrastructure that our people deserve and frankly that our country deserves. that's why i just signed a new executive order to dramatically reform the nation's badly broken infrastructure permit in process. so with president trump and transportation sector
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secretary elaine chao playing the roles of chip enjoy the games let's start watching the hawks. it looks. like you know that. we. welcome everyone to watching the hawks. so. you know i think we do need a fixer upper in terms of this country massively two trillion dollars worth of. wealth two trillion would be nice let's start with his proposal i mean he's basically saying he wants to get
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a trillion dollars going but we know from his budget plan that it's only about two hundred billion he's currently allocating towards infrastructure so i guess the idea is to get to source it mostly from the private sector and i mean we've talked about this last century of wars focusing a lot on the issue of infrastructure of this country and obviously it's nice to get financing from the government would be great to try to convert a lot of our military spending i think there's a lot of military complex corporations that are very well suited towards doing infrastructure work building high speed rail and things like this but if we're not going to get it for not going to force the government to do this i have no problem with giving tax breaks to the private corporations incentivizing them to helping on that front i mean that's an interesting thing to bring up because it's always a hard you know any time you bring in private corporations to you know help build anything you know there's going to be a price to try to attach to it whether the price tag hits the average so the same with you know road. fees every ten miles the old bill the bill the meter you know
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or you know it's going to be tax breaks over here some things like that when you look in trump's recent executive order that kind of got overshadowed this week obviously by all the situation in charlottesville it he's hoping to basically shorten the environmental permitting process right now that process can last anywhere from like five seven sometimes longer as many years he wants to get that down the white you know two to three. you know yeah i think there's i mean look there's we have seen a lot of abuse when it comes it seems to me when it comes to like using environmental legislation to basically prevent construction in this country and it goes back frankly goes back to teddy roosevelt there when it conservationism the idea was basically we're going to hold like set aside all these massive tracts of land as you know federal property and for conservation and we can't hurt the you know the desert turtles for example a tortoise you know if we can't have a road built because there's a tortoise population there and so it became
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a little bit absurd sometimes when it came down to how they were using environmental excuses to prevent construction and development of obviously this you know this nation is so vast and you know there's so much reach territory that needs to be developed if you think about the amount of population we have that's been packed into l.a. new york going to few key cities the middle of the country is pretty underdeveloped it is very much it is and i you know i think that there's ways that you can balance the two i mean you need to have a green you know part of your brain that says ok i don't want to lose those tortoises in that area the world that we have been is there another spot we've got to move this highway to without having to lose the ability for the transportation you know that's why i think today in the burgeoning green energy you know waiting to explode all around us already is in certain sectors that can be that answer to where that way we can balance the environmental needs of the country but also and you know get the infrastructure needs of a country the order the executive order also you know he wants to. also kind of
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streamlined the point you know right now you might have to go through twelve thirteen fifteen different agencies to get the permits if you want to kind of all have all that flow through one agency he also an interesting way enough it ended the executor will and the obama era kind of flood standard that was put the required the required federally funded projects to build in order to withstand the future super storms that would come from climate change that part i do i'm a little you know those storms are coming and when you look at new orleans and you look at all these things that happen over them where they believe in climate change or not building you know building projects in order to prevent them from being ripped apart by a storm down the line that to me is actually kind of smart by way he is not stripping out entirely these bases and they go back to jimmy carter era standards as far as storms again i mean sure whether it yes you want to build your levees you obviously that was an issue of not having reinforce those levees for
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a long time they don't you know it's disrepair so the idea is do we always have to build for super storms super storms are going to come occasionally and i think it's more of like saying look that's the one percent chance of the super storm let's realistically build for the normal causalities which is you know you know looking are looking now what little we also don't know a lot about his budget you know the most we've gotten so far even before the executive order was about six pages i believe he released in may earlier this year his four point one trillion budget when you look at his budget infrastructure plan the fact sheet that they released made you know targeted want to target federal investments it wanted to encourage self-help they want to align infrastructure investments with them so these are best suited to provide sustain the fish investment and then want to leverage the private sector and private sectors come up quite a bit of going forward look we want to use private sector you know whether through tax breaks and things like this to try to get them to help build these projects and interestingly the democrats pushed an alternative plan their plan is. to try.
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dollar plan over ten years but they want to get it directly from public investment and the congressional progressive caucus says that that would be paid for by closing a bunch of corporate tax loopholes a new tax on wall street transactions and at the end of the day repatriating funds held by u.s. companies overseas so hopefully they'll find a way to balance these two things in the middle of love to see that and i always love to see the tax wall street clause in there be always fun when. we think of censorship what often comes to mind are orwellian bureaucracies in communist countries or american puritans ensuring moral cleanliness in literature and the arts what doesn't come to mind is our friendly google home page and its reassuring search bar in the age of the internet anyone outside of china might expect open access to all kinds of information at our fingertips with just about anything available for our visual pleasure silicon valley seems to a different vision as recent studies indicate google has been adjusting its search function stifling traffic to political material seen as controversial or simply out
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of the mainstream originally designed to counter terrorist platforms seems to have taken even more political initiative according to a new kind of punch article under its new so called anti fake news program google algorithms have in the past few months moved socialist anti-war progressive websites from previously prominent positions in google searches to positions up to fifty search pages from the first page a sense you're moving them from the search results any search or will see from the war on drugs poverty and terror to the war on fake news in a world that celebrates fake stars fake politicians fake realities fake friends and enemies let's get real and google it. man. this is a crazy story because it's kind of like it was one of those things we all felt like was happening you kind of wondered if it was happening to the search for that like the other day about like a month later i don't see anymore but then the counterpunch and it was at the world
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socialist web site. actually went out and kind of crunched their old numbers and well they have been at that hard as you know the socialist web site was hit by this google censorship apparently with a sixty percent drop in returns on google searches that's incredible and you know i don't know if google's respond to these old allegations because well they've had other issues they've been dealing with those working over the last couple weeks but it's really interesting and we're seeing this kind of. you know we're seeing this kind of weird saw some sort of shift you could almost call it more and more these days i mean you just had trump's department of justice you know want to force dreamhouse this internet hosting company to cover customer data visit a customer data to turn over their customer data on visitors to their pages and like the disrupt twenty dollar order and the people who are protesting in the inauguration the digit one point three million hits the week after the after the inauguration alone is a lot of data but it's probably wants to get just to hand it over right but it also
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there's a slippery slope with all those that's exactly the point i mean that once you start as we know we were our lives are becoming more and more and you know it meshed with the internet where you have a digital footprint of a digital reality and so obviously many people have over the years said look you know thanks to the patriot act you know there's more and more basically leeway for the government to utilize you know spying obviously the n.s.a. we know the n.s.a. leaks came out from snowden but we always say look it's extremist groups now like you know it's in vogue right now to say well if they're censoring you know let's say they're censoring the right white supremacists right now or you know they're censoring jihadi terrorist groups we have no problem with that kind of censorship but it just harkens back to me to that old you know that the poem basically that was written after the nazis came and basically said look first they came for the trade union unionists and i said nothing they came for the socialists and i said methinks i wasn't one of them then they came for the jews and i said nothing so i wasn't one of them and then they came for me and there was no one left to say anything and that's what i'm a worried about when it comes to censorship well and it's also interesting too because google still a private company so if google chooses. to do this. kind of thing that's their
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discretion that's the. kind of now that i believe. the government's not telling them that that we know of the government is not telling them they're just saying they were private business we're going to choose you know that's the whole point is obviously as a private company they have that right now obviously it's up to us to say maybe we don't want to use that search engine anymore now we know google has a history of course of working with the government because of the fact of not only are they capturing you know. some people allege that they're actually accessing your emails themselves as well as google search words you type in even maybe your smartphones when you're using them because they can use it for advertising purposes but they've also had a relationship with the n.s.a. inclusion going back to the prism program that snowden revealed that they were giving data to the n.s.a. they've also had to google executives that have been giving classified security meetings with with the n.s.a. so there's a lot of question about google's relationship to the deep state it's an interesting
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conversation i think that has to take place we also talk about infrastructure earlier that you don't know what point do search engines and the internet itself you know can you make that argument of some point that there are public utility of this today's day and age where it's no longer simply maybe it's one of those things that we don't want the government to have a hand in everything but you know people depend on these things so you know i always pay attention to who's there when you're searching. as we go to break don't forget to let us know what you think about topics we've covered our facebook and twitter. dot com coming up a. new interview with controversial musician roger waters.
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the business. world is more relevant than speech. over the. speech a similar legal feud between supporters of israel and roger waters the rock star from pink floyd fame. happens to be at the center of that debate following years of work on a controversial boycott divestment and sanctions movement. recently sat down with waters she joins us now to explain his position on the. mainstream media's role in the controversy. right yeah. assuming interview you did with mr waters you know i
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think it's before we go the first clip i just want to you know it's interesting to see how he's kind of become the center of this major controversy over to us in terms of because it will be going to sleep really saw you know in your interview with him i mean did you get the feeling that there was something that he expected to happen to him. but you know i think perhaps because when roger decided to take this issue on it was around two thousand and six i believe and he had been scheduled to play a concert in israel and an activist reached out to him to explain why palestinian civil society has come together and asked artists from around the world to participate in a cultural boycott of israel and so he took it on himself to educate himself on the issue and you learn very quickly that there's a very powerful lobby in the united states. which protects the interests of the israeli government and blacklist essentially artists and other figures who speak
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out against it and when roger made this decision i think he was probably one of the most high profile people to endorse the movement and so as a result we've seen efforts to shut down his performances all over the country so it kind of came to a head this year what he called already over a new york for performing in israel despite calls to uphold the boycott you talked about this let's take a look. and defending his band decision to play in israel radio head from men thom yorke said playing in that country isn't an endorsement of the government pointing out the group doesn't endorse trump but still plays in the states why is israel different. question all right. tom is wrong about no doors saying the purpose is simply israeli copeland playing. spokes person so if that government have said how excited this is the best thing. happened for the
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house but which is the explaining to the rest of the world. what a wonderful precious democracy israelis. and willy nilly when they cross the picket line they are making a public statement they do indorse the policies of the cup what ever they say because that is what will be reported in israel and that is what gets reported around the world that is why radiohead of being so soundly criticized by anybody with progressive ideas about human rights. because they have taken that step the other thing is about no performing in the united states or trying to boycott you know it's that the people of the united states have not got together as a civil society and asked performance from the rest of the world not to come and perform in the united states because they are an occupied people and there is an
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organized resistance against the occupying army civil society in palestine in two thousand and five started the b.d.s. movement themselves this isn't something imposed by a bunch of. musicians this is something that they started that day who denies it and they have made an appeal to all artists rights as musicians actors directors anybody in the rest of the world to observe the picket line which they have shown and asked us not to to to to observe a cultural boycott of the country. stouffer brother that was a very interesting i really liked his kind of answer to you know the criticism of you know kind of threw back at him so i will play a draw but i think you've. covered up pretty well well the idea that obviously that is being called to do so by palestinians not only outside of israel but inside of
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israel so why should explain a bit more for people who don't understand fully what is b.d.s. actually calling for you know what would they like israel to do. basically recognize the rights of the palestinian people i think is what somebody who supports b.d.s. would tell you. there are calls from the israeli government to and the system of apartheid essentially which separates palestinians from participating in normal civic life the way their israeli counterparts to and absolutely the right of return to palestinians around the world who have been displaced as a result since israel was founded and and the lines were drawn and forty eight and then the subsequent way we've seen the borders expand and continue to push palestinians out and it's very simple i mean that the boycott divestment and sanctions movement calls on for a cultural boycott of israel divestment from israeli companies in universities and
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individuals things like that and sanctions there is a big debate over sanctions and the role they play it you know specially since we've been talking about sanctions against russia and dreams about iran but people will point out b.d.s. was a tactic he used against the south african government and when you're dealing with a government people consider to be apartheid who are living under it sanctions are actually a very effective way to end the government which is why you know we asked why do you think in russia or run are we really trying to cause the government labs or venezuela for example i want to jump over to see all sorts of very interesting to say about what kind of the mainstream media. narrative and treatment of. himself in the middle. you know so well let's take a look at what do you have to say there were. why is it when you start to call out injustice is or inaccuracy in the status quo people are immediately slapped with a label because we're living in one thousand nine hundred four you know when my
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children were young teenagers insisted that they read brave new world so there you have to read all children should read and oh well that might be a bit of welles maybe maybe it's because it was something in french but in fact that is where we're living now where propaganda is more important than facts far more important and that is a huge news story this whole thing about fake news is that people have understood the truth facts free knowledge history education none of these things for him poor in order to retain a position of power you need to be really good propaganda you need to be really good at selling big lie often and loud and the last thing but you won't in the mainstream media is anybody shining actual real to anything so people who
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who who actually care about the predicament of the human race or about the future of this small vulnerable planet or about their fellow human beings and if they're being oppressed to kill durant or any or anything it's best to keep them out of the way because they may interfere with the general narrative. or you know what strikes me as obviously you know this the pink floyd's the wall album is what the classics of all time i mean if you are opposed to avoid i think his answer would be if you were discussing why doesn't he actually perform the wall in both israel and palestine and just try to use as opposed to trying this time stations don't work precisely because you isolate you create an. it is i'm actually sometimes better to try to work with them with the populations within a society. you know i actually have talked to roger about his plans to play and i think that that will be remain to be revealed i don't want to reveal anything that he's planning to i think he would be open to making some sort of
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statement about people coming together he did actually play in israel after he canceled his initial performance in two thousand and six when b.d.'s was brought up to him and tried to do it in a place where palestinians could also come and be a part of his concert and he said you know he gave this performance to israelis and they all loved him all of the lyrics to his music and then at the end he said something about you know we'd like to extend freedom to the palestinians and all that he said the concert was well i only what i learned after i want to jump to the last little clip of your interview because it's interesting as it kind of talked about how the merit of kind of pushes us closer closer to global disaster so let's take a look at the last. it's deeply and desperately dangerous particularly in the world we live in where we still. have countries that have nuclear weapons so that we could you know we could be sitting here talking and what
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a surprise it would be if there's a war and all the lights go out because of some of the magic there and then suddenly we are as they happen wow and that's what we've all been talking about and the wise man have been warning us for years and years and years just last week they came out and they said they didn't stay close to an off minutes to midnight this is the closest we've been to the nuclear catastrophe since the end of the second world war and and yet. when we talk about what we should get we talk about heightening tensions with russia well yeah yeah yeah and it's why you know why you have you have to ask you so why it why would we why would you do that why would john mccain want to be going and having a war with russia why would be we want to have more and more boats in the black sea or wherever that why why the substantiation we've with russia why not why not make maybe maybe that's the only tiny bit of sense that something that
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might be a good idea to actually have conversations with the russian guy a couple members now but the foreign minister seems to be and when they sense a problem now a quick yeah and also people people i think would do well to. read the interviews to olympus to him to be putin because when you actually listen to it if you if you compare. putin with donald trump which man which you wrote the sit down and have a conversation ways. good interview with. roger i give him credit he doesn't shy away from speaking his mind which i think we need more we need to say more in all of our artists musicians in today's day somebody put it well to me he's a what counterculture rock star should be he's not afraid to challenge the mainstream narratives in a way which even friends his own position i mean they're threatening to shut down
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a concert of his in new york city for a support of b.d.s. or in new york state and he's going to go up against a job on it thank you as always for coming on always a pleasure to have you or jane all right. with microbreweries all the rage these days leave it to nature to put the true micro in micro brewery in put all those drunken entrepreneurial hipsters to shame yes it appears that the goldfish and they're all wild crucial and carp relatives are quite the little distilleries. a team of researchers and scientists led by kathryn for journalists at the university of oslo in norway have discovered that the orange tissues have a ball of their own specialized brewing system that kicks in when faced with low oxygen environments like a pros in lake or pond essentially the process works just like most vertebrate animals when the body is forced to metabolize carbohydrates but rather than producing the dangerous byproduct of lactic acid our little goldfish bruce lee form about them all which is then easily expelled through their gills so the next time
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someone tells you that you drink like a fish you can correct them and say no i drink like a goldfish. all right he certainly i certainly. hope for you to remember everyone in this world we are not told. you all i love you i am tired and for. people watching those talks and have a great night everybody. isis militants and just to try. to be true. to the rhythm. here in the only two groups of militants says. those groups leaders who declare
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their determination independent extinct in the philippines. after two months of. keeps finding hidden weapons and explosives. relations in areas where civilians used to live daily it's. not going to. this is. a. walking dead. fish he says he does. the pharmaceutical industry the medical insurance industry and the bankers they are profiting from the american holocaust and the american economy is so dependent on
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the revenue from the american holocaust that it's very difficult to understand how this train of death is this freight train these box cars of death is going to. get us the kind of you're going to start a fire and i'll just.


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