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tv   Headline News  RT  August 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. coming up on r t breaking news in trolls and south carolina police responded to a deadly shooting in a hostage situation we'll bring you the latest. and defense secretary james madison just sending arms to kiev in a move that many feel shows the united states who think to ukraine. then the effects of charlottesville being felt worldwide controversial statues facing scrutiny and many places coming down.
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it's thursday august twenty fourth five pm here in washington d.c. i'm ashley banks and you're watching our t.v. america we began today with breaking news in charleston south carolina where a hostage situation in a downtown restaurant has just end it let's get right to our teeth simone don't result in monitoring the situation this afternoon so what happened actually according to police one person is dead and the shooter is in critical condition after an hours long standoff and hostage situation police got the first call it twelve seventeen when shots rang out at the height of lunch rush at a restaurant called virginia's on king it's a popular southern cuisine place in the heart of the downtown business section police say the shooter did kill one person inside the restaurant somehow they were able to remove the victim and get him to the hospital but other hostages were held for our worse a section of downtown was shut off from the public and residents inside that section were all. and on lockdown during that time more than two hours into the
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standoff at around two thirty in the afternoon a loud bang rang out in the middle of a press conference and then post and courier crime reporter andrew knapp tweeted paramedics just carried someone out of virginia's on king in charleston on a stretcher soon after that moment police began breaking down those barriers according to authorities and the other hostages are all ok authorities say that after failing to negotiate with the shooter for hours police shot him and he is in critical condition well even before all of this took place as the scene was still unfolding the charleston mayor told media they already knew the shooters general motive. witness accounts say a man walked in to the restaurant with a gun and said something along the lines of there's a new king of charleston or there's a new boss in town ordered everyone down into the back of the restaurant where many
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of the patrons were able to slip out of the back to back doors some of them crawling through those doors so to recap one victim is killed the shooter has been shot and is in critical condition and the mayor said he believes the described worker had a history of mental health issues ashley thank you so much simone for that report that was a moment reporting. clashes between police and refugees in the streets of rome are causing division within the community the incidents are the latest in the escalations of italy's a recent migrant influx so far this year some one hundred thousand migrants have made their way from libya and to italy and authorities estimate another seven hundred thousand are already in the country as a swede explained some question of this will alternately affect the country's risk for the buildup of terrorist cells. just one block from rooms main train station mattresses broken chairs and trash over the past few days it's where some one hundred refugees have been living in called independencia well they took up camp
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after roughly five hundred squatters were evicted this past weekend who had been living there for nearly five years but they were saying it was a battleground among migrants and police used water cannons and the tons when the refugees were orders to vacate media reported science of a sign reading quote we are refugees not terrorists in italian well it's an ongoing battle as the prime minister of libya warns that terrorists could be entering europe on boats posing as refugees this as just days after a terrorist or poorly killed fifteen people in barcelona spain and police say they've linked the suspects to groups in northern africa according to the head of the un backed unity group in tripoli quote if god forbid there are terrorist elements among the migrants a result of any incidents will affect all of the e.u. well despite this lingering across europe human rights watch criticized the police's use of water cannons however the italian please union said in a statement that officers use water cannons because of the risk of explosions
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caused by liquids and that officers had been hit by rocks bottles and pepper sprayed two people were arrested and doctors without borders said its medics treated thirteen refugees including one for a broken bone well since two thousand and fourteen some seven hundred thousand migrants have arrived in italy from northern africa really to hunt. thousand asylum seekers are reportedly in state run shelters in washington to talk to sweets or to drug administration is threatening to a not saying against four countries who refused to facilitate department of homeland security deportations these countries include cambodia eritrea guinea and sierra leone spokesman david levin has been cited saying they come from a list of countries consider quote recalcitrant or insubordinate for failing to accept the terms of the u.s. is that immigration and customs enforcement apparatus according to trump himself there are at least twenty three countries that refuse to take their people back
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after they've been ordered to leave the u.s. furthermore citizens from these four countries could face a visa restrictions that would prevent them from entering the u.s. entirely. defense secretary james mattis stopped in ukraine today timing his visit with the country's independence day while in kiva madis pledged his personal support for bolstering u.s. support for ukraine to counter what he described as russian aggression correspondent on perm tell brings us the big news from the secretary's visit and how the trump administration is cozying up to the country. defense secretary mattis certainly assuaged any fears in kiev that the u.s. will not provide lethal weapons to the government strongly suggesting he personally supports the plan currently sitting on president trump's desk speaking alongside ukrainian president petro poroshenko mattis emphasized the special bond between the countries. are you one hundred percent.
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oh no you know you have to assume this whole region we're very rich. we understand. the story is broken. or why don't you know we're going to be. good for you will work through. your very understanding. from life for me to be there in form it's. what we. are you. sure you're pretty. modest went on to point out the u.s. recently approved a one hundred seventy five million dollars worth of equipment shipments to the country including specialized defense equipment the government has been locked in
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a civil war since coming to power in a coup in two thousand and fourteen at the time u.s. assistant secretary of state for european and asian affairs victoria nuland highlighted the hefty contribution american taxpayers have made in the country since the fall of the soviet union you've invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic train. of the plan critics of the plan to send lethal weapons to crane say it will only escalate the conflict as head of the russian foreign ministries department for nonpoor for ration and arms control declared quote the masterminds of the plan to sell lethal weapons to ukraine apparently proceed from the assumption that the situation in the east of the country isn't explosive enough already and that it's needed to add fuel to the fire secretary mabus said his trip to crane was meant to strengthen the u.s.
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relationship with care of president trump must now decide whether or not to take it to a level which can be summed up in one word lethal in washington on your part until r.t.e. authorities continue their investigation into the barcelona terrorist attacks the main focus of attention as now in the small spanish town of report that's where the mom and question preached in the local mosque it's also where all the members of the terrorist cell grew up last week they carried out twin ramming attacks in barcelona in the resort of cambridge's leaving fifteen dead it came just a day after what was believed to be their bomb making factory in el konar was destroyed in an explosion peter all over travel to revolt to find the homes of suspects and speak to locals what knowing them since childhood. radicalizing force that it. couldn't believe in the police now believe the reply was at the center of the plague. this small spanish town took away in the foothills
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of the pyrenees is hardly what you think of as a hotbed of islamic terrorism but it was here in the fall that the terrorist cell which attacked barcelona recruited were indoctrinated and radicalized eventually going on to carry out their deadly mission. was. but it was here that the terrorists that rammed his truck into crowds of people. lived. the twenty two year old moroccan was gunned down on monday following eight four day manhunt by authorities i was the our. local people here say they can't believe he lived within their community. they
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play football together on the beach nearby with other kids from the neighborhood they were brought up here since they were little but. of course it. they were behind what happened around here can believe it the seem to be very nice people who want to be really roaming around but it's just here they came up to the saloon with a whole slew of things that the sale melted into a pole society attending the local high school and being a fixture on local football fields so how did say seemingly quiet group of quiet teenage is a quiet town and is part of a jihad to sell the answers to the vast many are looking towards the mosque that they attended it's here that they're understood to have attended prayers led by our society who's been accused of being the real. behind these terrorists saudi
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authorities pointed the finger at him and now that's being reiterated by some of those accused of being part of the. have appeared in court but who is. what do we know about the. moroccan national we know that he had a criminal past in front back in twenty ten he was sent to prison here in spain for his part and a drug smuggling operation and it's in jail where he's understood to have become radicalized in fact he's believed to have spent time with those who plotted and the madrid bombings we also know that back in twenty sixteen he spent time in belgium around the time of the bombings on the metro the airports in brussels. he is believed to have been killed it was announced by authorities that his d.n.a. was found at the site of a bomb making factory did exploded in at the moment the authorities are writing
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that off as that his own potential weapons of. course him out in the end. as the investigation continues arrests continue to be made including that of the owner of an internet cafe that suspected members of the terrorist cell and no into a frequented and begs the question just how many small tranquil communities like this could potentially be harboring fatal terrorist cells peter all of a. telephone are is the latest objective in the u.s. backed war on islamic state it comes after the recapture of moles all following the nine month campaign that left much of the fifty and we want however the operation to liberate telep our which has been under isis control for three years has done little to ease the suffering of civilians there are to. explain.
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or what's left of it and now dr west of you is south saw the new ground zero in iraq and they're a huge iraq the army back by u.s. led coalition power is facing off against isis which has been entrenched for three years and brute side so throwing everything they've got. trapped in the middle thirteen thousand should be do you think there's stark choice still risk being killed in a coalition air strike being used as human shields by isis who'll make a run for it very you are in the crossfire to make it through the desert the merciless heat. isn't easy choice. we are hungry we need clothes we
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need food and water yesterday we get contaminated water even the animals from drink it we're living in terrible conditions the un dear mr video travel but it is obvious that it danger in the suffering that the rules are getting out of credit card debt ceiling of ice it may only be the first step there's plenty of that goes to go if you travel throughout iraq it's very heavily militarized. numerous checkpoints on magic transport routes to get through those checkpoints you need documentation if you don't have it or if you have the wrong kind of documentation you are prevented from moving further on the people who fled to understand it being prevented from going into east mosul and settling then and also coming into the couldst. bill and other places and could astound way that displacement camps on top of all of that there's a sense of paranoia here imagine. you were
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a soldier manning the checkpoint and you see a hundred people approaching you now you couldn't tell the real refugees from isis infiltrators or indeed suicide bombers who had just trying to get close to blow their vests so the security precautions are absolutely necessary but they will make the lives of refugees and the easier the operation to liberate stella far as only just begun but we can hope it doesn't like least like mosul city in ruins thousands dead more missing and buried under the rubble and with nobody to hold accountable white house adviser jared cushion or kicked off a renewed push by the trump administration to restart peace negotiations between palestine and israel today however a palestinian political analyst says quote the level of optimism from the palestinian leadership and people towards the trump administration is zero hundreds
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of palestinians took to the streets of ramallah today to demonstrate against the political leadership of the united states this comes after palestinians expressed increasing frustration with what they say as a failure by president trump to offer a clear vision for peace specifically they are calling for an end to israeli settlement construction on occupied land and a commitment from the u.s. to establish an independent palestinian state. coming up on our t.v. protests in charlottesville virginia are inspiring similar movements around the world we'll have that story in just a moment stay with us. there's a real irony going. to be like that in a responsible way to the point where it's always well that's what the term is because it's always been it's been serious to you let them already know hold still
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surveillance you feel you have already as well as you and as the president has used the social you know really sort of the story goes it's garbage it's real and it's. good politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to express an injury. or some want to. have to do it for us this is what the three of the people. interested in the while using. i think the average viewer just after watching
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a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you know what they're working. space x. has launched its twelve mission this year more than any other company or country
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that afternoon space x. launch the form of fab five satellite from the vandenberg air force base and california artie's bridgette a fantasy has a story from los angeles. around noon local time space x.'s falcon nine rocket launch the foremost sat five earth observation satellite which will be operated by the national space organization of taiwan the satellite was sent into low earth orbit and after separating from the rocket the booster was sent back to land on a drone ship in the pacific ocean for most sat five will operate in a sun synchronous orbit its primary payload is an optical remote sensing instrument which provides two meter resolution images in black and white as well as four meter resolution images in color the satellites a secondary payload is an advanced ionospheric probe this is the first space program taiwan's national space organization has designed and developed and integrated the program's mission is to quote promote space science experiments and
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research to enhance taiwan's self-reliant space technology capabilities and to continue to serve the users of foremost to the global imagery services the form of mission has faced setbacks since two thousand and thirteen when space x. initially plans to launch so this mission is a win space x. is now on track to reach its goal of launching twenty rockets this year until today space x. and russia were tied with the most orbital launches in two thousand and seventeen but space x. has now broken that tie and taken the lead in los angeles bridgie to santos r t. e.s.p.n. made it made what many are calling a fumble this week the sports network decided to remove sports announcer robert lear from calling a football game at the university of virginia because of his name similarity to confederate general robert e. lee the network said it felt it was doing the right thing a by reassigning elite
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who by the way is asian american but many have criticized the network for the decision just this week the city of charlottesville decided to cover its confederate statues and a black shroud lets all comes in nearly two weeks after hundreds of white supremacists descended on charlot spill to show support for the city's statue of robert e. lee. the protests in charlottesville over the removal of a statue of general lee are inspiring similar movements and other countries around the world from canada to gaza heroes of the past are facing scrutiny like never before arty's alex my holiday has more in toronto so it looks like america has a leader again this time inspiring people to take a good look at their history yep that's what people are doing monuments statues and whatever school names school names are the one that we're talking about in canada sir john a macdonald he was the first prime minister of canada and now he is under
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fire school teachers in the province of ontario are asking that his name be removed from schools in this province and for good reason sir john a macdonald was a big supporter of residential schools basically where native kids were sent off to be turned into europeans now there's a lot of controversy about this like we've seen controversy in the states and some people are saying that you know what this just isn't fair for example john baird jon baird is the former canadian foreign affairs minister he says political correctness on steroids that's what he's calling this john baird is one of the people he could blame for what happened in libya so his opinion of what is political correctness on steroids are not to be taken with a grade of salt especially when you get a quote from sir john a macdonald listen to this one of the school is on the reserve the child lives with its parents who are savages he is surrounded by savages though he may learn to read and write he has a simple way he is simply
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a thousand who can read and write india children should be withdrawn as much as possible from the parental influence so you heard it from sir john a macdonald himself back in the eighteen hundreds this was the attitude so first prime minister of canada great but this man was one of the people responsible for genocide kids died in the schools they were so. actually and physically abused it was unbelievable what happened to these people i've met people that were going through the residential school system and they are hurt to this day they can't get over it the nightmares that they have and the hurt that they feel what was put upon them by the canadian system so it's a debate and it's a good thing to debate now this goes beyond canada think about gone and gone to put up a statue of gone to go on t.v. peace loving god you don't we all love going to well not so much not gonna and for good reason again gone to be hated black people believe it or not this is something that we didn't do not here in our history books so students of god are our ticked
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off about a statue there and it goes beyond just gone to think about you know christopher columbus discovered america did he really discover america we have statues of him all over the place the band was a genocidal maniac he killed hundreds of thousands thousands i don't know how many people he killed in north america but it was a lot of people when it comes to columbus he didn't discover america we know the vikings discovered america this is history written by the catholic church there's even evidence the vikings went all the way up the length of period before columbus ever set foot in north america so the revisionism that we're seeing from the past is being corrected by what's happening we know also we can talk about ukraine there was monuments that are pulled down there of lenin in northern ireland we see it every day there's monuments put up for champagne and for for the orange order people that died during the fighting in that part of the world now those monuments are there to inspire kids to feel the same way there's a wall between the catholics and protestants still up in northern ireland the
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belfast dates that close each and every night and finally how do we take care of this problem well the russians have a good idea it's the russians fall in monument park where you put all your monuments of the past together to remember what the past was all about but let's not glorify people that caused issues in the past and that we're human beings that we would not necessarily fit into society to well today back to you. well that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america and check out our website r.t. dot com slash america you can also follow me on twitter at actually banks underscore or t. and don't forget to question more. where you are watching our two of our four students for.
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in case you haven't heard any good stories about how our congress people have lost touch with regular people lately i've got one here for you now it's about democratic senator claire mccaskill from missouri and her privately she's cut a lot of trouble for that plate over the years she has to fly from washington back to missouri on it over the weekend it was an eight passenger turbo prop worth about two million dollars she owned it back in two thousand and eleven it came out she didn't pay taxes she owed on it for more than four years so she owed about three hundred thousand dollars in state property taxes she was also caught using taxpayer dollars to fly the plane around for many reasons including at least one trip political in nature which set off an ethics complaint so the plane was big trouble
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for mccaskill especially because she was doing what lots of politicians do trying to sell herself as a do gooder out to just help the poor instead of as an ambitious hard working woman going out there and get nervous that's the only image she was trying to create didn't exactly square with owning a two million dollar plane that she dodged taxes on so finally she ended up selling the plane telling reporters. i have convinced my husband to sell the damn plane i will never set foot on that plane again and she did sell it she took a loss pocketing a measly one point nine million dollars now her word choice and attitude were interesting back then when she sold it because they made her sound as if she was the victim of bad p.r. now that she saw the plane as an affront to the climate burning up the atmosphere so she could fly around in private or to her constituents who were not millionaires
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she didn't sell it because of those reasons she sold it because it had become a p.r. headache that's what her attitude in words conveyed when she sold it back in two thousand and eleven and that's what her words at a recent town hall just confirmed on august nineteenth at the kennett town hall a constituent was talking about how americans view travel as a right and flying in airplanes wherever they want is part of that and as soon as you heard claim that attitude came right back because she said would you remind that when they come after me about my husband's private plane that normal people can afford it got that democratic senator claire mccaskill thinks normal people can afford a two million dollar private plane and she's very upset she had to sell hers just for appearances she should just kept the day on plane because we all see what's really going on anyway.


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