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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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oh yeah mr john oliver a hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so kate was really. seriously send us an e-mail. breaking news story russian diplomatic sites in the u.s. including russia's oldest consulate in san francisco have officially closed now by the u.s. state department. and shelves and cover doors these are the pictures that artie's rugby video agency filmed inside one of those now closed probably sees russia's trade mission in washington d.c. . the counterterrorism chief has revealed britain has the highest number of islam is the extremists in all of europe.
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was here out why. a member of the black yeah we only got black people right. and police lieutenant in the u.s. has been fired after this dash cam video showed him assuring a woman during a traffic stop the police only kill black people. very good evening to you my name is neil harvey you're watching our international trade mission in washington d.c. has now been officially closed to more diplomatic probably sees including russia's oldest consulate in san francisco will also be closed today and these are live pictures for you so the deadline is passed the building has now been cleared out in
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washington and what we anticipate now is the u.s. or thirty's going in. just to clarify that everybody's moved out and it's anticipated that they are going to have a look around as the just how legal that is will that is another question that we will be looking into these are live pictures that as you can see more in force with officials and other authorities there outside now the russian diplomatic mission in washington d.c. . just minutes before this closure all to see managed to get inside and have a look around see what the scene was then this was a few minutes back and as you can see the russians have cleared out pretty much everything is gone kind enough to leave a plant that will need some watering everything else those pretty much gone tables have been politely stacked. with the chairs they have left one and two potted plants and
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a calendar from the russian national air carrier aeroflot but apart from that pretty much everything has now gone u.s. security agents are poised to search the building we saw them students standing outside the building at any moment now in washington and also at the russian consulate in san francisco and that includes the flats of diplomats as well they will be searched earlier on saturday russia some of the deputy chief of the u.s. diplomatic mission in the country and express their anger at what is described as an illegal raid and an act of aggression. we consider the planned illegal search of russian diplomatic premises in the absence of russian officials and the threat we have received to break down the door of the building is an unprecedented act of aggression. ok let's bring about a guest that's me to thank a volley labor and human rights attorney dan good to speak to the u.s. as we understand they're about to go in and conduct searches now in the diplomatic
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buildings and also in the diplomats apartments the big question is just how legal is this. yes my opinion is that it's a legal including under the vienna conventions on diplomatic and consular services which the u.s. is a party to these diplomats have diplomatic immunity first of all the property is russian property in fact you know once you go into a russian embassy or consulate you really aren't russian property. there is as you said early on this is unprecedented i don't remember a situation particularly involving the u.s. and russia where the u.s. decided it could just enter including by threat of force. rushes property in russian territory the russian consulate. and this is
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a move that's been condemned of course by by moscow what do you think the reason would be for doing this for searching a trade mission and the fact that they've given the morning of course not very much but enough time to clear out whatever they want to clear out what they're expecting to find. well that i couldn't say i think this isn't so much about trying to find anything in particular i think this is more of a sign of aggression against russia it is. obviously in retaliation in part for russia's. kicking out hundreds of diplomats several weeks ago but of course that in turn was in response to the newest round of sanctions imposed by the u.s. congress in those seem to come out of nowhere those came right after trump and putin had met at the g twenty and agreed to work on various issues including ukraine in syria so. it really seems to me that there are folks in the u.s.
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establishment who do not want friendly relations with russia and are going out of their way to make sure that we don't. and that is quite troubling to me that in appears were it to hide of the new cold war with russia done i can understand the sense of closing the consulate in time for cisco and the two onyx is in washington and new york but why the need for this additional measure to conduct a search just trying to untie going to rise to that great than just a little bit of needle on top well that's what i believe it's an act of intimidation obviously now of course they're claiming they're doing this all of this. in response to these claims now longstanding though not proven that russia somehow meddled in the two thousand and sixteen elections again and there's been little to no evidence produced on that as far as i'm concerned. do
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they think they're going to find some smoking gun so to speak and in one of these raids maybe but again i doubt it and i think again it's a process of both intimidating russia and it may be a way for trump also didn't reflect. some of the claims about his being in the tank for russia by saying i'm actually going to investigate. russia myself which because apparently it was his decision to do this so it may be a political move on his part in any case i would reiterate that i don't expect the u.s. to find anything in these raids and i do believe these raids to be legal unnecessary and that the situation between the u.s. and russia is becoming increasingly dangerous. and when russia gave the u.s.
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notice to clear out seven hundred fifty five employees for the buildings here in moscow they gave them a month to do so the u.s. gave russia less than forty eight hours in a game is that perhaps donald trump trying to show that he's being tough on russia that he doesn't have any kind of friendly relationship with them. i do think that dad is probably what this is about and as you say we're talking about human beings here you know we're talking about people who live in the united states who may have lived here for years. and to treat people this way. is very disturbing to me and again you know you talking about san francisco this consulates been there a long time california has a lot of russian russians there and this. particular consulate in san francisco gives out i saw an estimate maybe thirteen thousand or so veces per year this will
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really hurt. russian people you know real people who need these services and of course it will hurt the diplomats who are being affected by this so i think folks have to think about you know the human cost and in all of this. to speak to my guess that labor and human rights attorney thank you thank you very much. we want to the news now the u.k. is home to more extremist than any other e.u. country that's according to the book's counterterrorism coordinator he also warned that future terrorist attacks in europe are inevitable and the situation has been looking at why britain tops the list. i was. both but i was a god was. recurring
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terrorist attacks in europe and the u.k. have become an unnerving fixture for europe's major cities as it turns out britain is at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to the number of extremists here there is many as twenty five thousand fanatics in britain more than any country in europe that's according to the use anti-terrorist chief three thousand are considered a direct threat by m i five and five hundred under constant surveillance to compare france with six terrorist attacks in the last two years is said to have seventeen thousand radicals spain the most recent victim of a major terror attack in europe just over five thousand so why is britain europe sixty most capital where the fight to bring the supposing that in the highest number of jihadi some twenty five thousand does surprise me a bit because i would have expected france or proportion of belgium to. number
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given particular the alienation of the muslim communities in both those countries but i know one i'm not surprised that young muslims are quite alienated from her society and that's growing of research the impact of what britain itself has done and we should remember britain has been next the united states the main program for satanists in various wars we have seen around the middle east the thirty five deaths caused by terrorist attacks in britain this year in westminster manchester and london bridge were carried out by perpetrators on the radar of the security services yet despite that awareness those terrorist attacks were to avoided and more are expected to happen we are going to suffer more attacks the groups propaganda no longer calls so much for people. to travel to the caliphate but to launch attacks in their places of origin or of residence even on a small scale with homemade weapons across europe while some perpetrators were known to the authorities others appeared to be leading ordinary lives and were even described as good guys this raises the question of just how many so-called good
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guys are totally off the radar or are currently in the process of being radicalized twenty five thousand people the security services can monitor that number of people every twenty four hours some of those attacks we've seen have been one wolf for tanks it's very difficult if an individual or even two three small number of people planned something that was just simply wanted to get a hold of a vehicle get a hold of naives it's very difficult to pick that up so if the security services can't guarantee the safety of citizens who can the u.s. extended a european travel alert for americans this week making it clear that europe and britain are not the safest places to go and r.t. london. we spoke to the former head of britain's counterterrorism security officer who thinks it is impossible to monitor such a large number of extremists. certainly you know with carter numbers anywhere there are not going to be enough votes offices to keep watch on them but certainly twenty
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to thirty thousand people of interest in the security services that's one thing of course that boils down to probably about two or three thousand people who are really concerned and the police and security services are going to what it's no surprise it's feigns been attacked they've got the same problems as everywhere else and of course there are suspects that are in a month's society wrekin that this is very difficult to police we're going to see a lot of terrorist attacks worldwide over the next twelve months and that's just the way it is and unless we can increase our intelligence and the u.s. are pretty good at intelligence and it's over sherry then all of us are going to suffer from terrorist attacks. that's comforted has emerged showing a police lieutenant in the united states telling a woman during a traffic stop that police only kill black people and he made that remark after she
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said she was too scared to reach for her phone. your own head in your lab rather i didn't want to. have. it you're out of whack you are remember we are black yeah we'll black people right. away. the lieutenant was subsequently fired his police chief criticizing those actions they also called him an honorable man whom we know for years. i feel that no matter what can't you try to take those comments in the statements were inexcusable inappropriate. for a number of years and i'm always perceived him to be an honorable man but he made a mistake. surveys conducted by media outlets showed that last year the number of people in the us killed by the police came to more than a thousand since the beginning of this year the figure is already above six hundred
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fifty of the different racial types the share of black people among those killed is not in the majority according to the mapping police violence survey since the beginning of this year fewer than thirty percent of those killed were black but in general black people all three times more likely to be killed by the police in the us than the average american plus a back in two thousand and fifteen thirty percent of black people killed were unarmed we discussed this issue with ronald hampton a retired d.c. metro police chief told us that the fire the tenants remark was racist. believe me it probably has come up in the twenty eight years that he's been on the police force cobb county georgia has been known to ha racism as well as activities by the ku klux klan still is right next to to calve kenya where land isn't and they have been the issue down there before so this guy what has happened to this guy and the mistake is that now destroys caught on the camera and in video
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not only video but we saw that and heard the sound too so now he can't get around the fact that he used this race this term as well as it also to me is the indication of his behavior over the easiest so i don't necessarily believe the person who said that they've known i mean he's honorable person i don't believe that. the joint syrian and russian operation destroys eisel vehicles will tell you after the break. here's what people have been saying about rejected and i. just. feel the show i go out of my way to punch him because it's really packed them. yap is the john oliver of r t americans do the same. apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank take
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. it seriously send us an e-mail. seemed wrong. but i. just don't. get to see palin just come out. and it gets me because betrayal. when some find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the russian foreign ministry has released new video of strikes destroying i saw
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armored vehicles in a day resort in syria and the strikes were conducted this part of a joint operation by the russian and syrian army's goal to liberate the city of dairies or for myself since the thought of august the syrian army has made significant gains. there is or has been completely surrounded by eisel for three years now only a tiny portion of the city is actually occupied by the syrian army and almost one
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hundred thousand people trapped by isis. as you are not very good and even a bit as isis terrorists traded our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i had her in a water tank so that the terrorist didn't take her as a slave although i did as a courtesy the situation in there is or is catastrophic terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days by secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and later used in the suicide bombings.
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geo political analyst patrick henningsen believes that the russian air force has been k. to the syrian army's recent gangs. might be the most important choke point right now in the syrian conflict because of its geographical location regionally russia's been making incredible advances with airstrikes with the syrian armed forces on the ground isis being basically pinched on both sides of a sort of a greater regional area that they had more or less strategic control over. a year a year and a half ago eradication of isis but not just isis also. is absolutely going to stabilize the middle east as a whole syria can be seen as a stabilizing force an important player in the middle east.
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city council has voted fourteen to one in favor of renaming the federal holiday not will school columbus day from now on though it will be known as indigenous peoples day. explains why. at a time of heated discussion over america's historical figures and their often controversial past los angeles has become the most recent city to vote overwhelmingly in favor of renaming columbus day to indigenous peoples day the opposition to honoring christopher columbus whose brill treatment of native americans is often overlooked coincides nicely with the recent fight against the symbols of the confederacy new. democratic economics energy poor african american and. that there is the christopher columbus statue that was vandalized someone took an axe to christopher columbus is that there is no red paint all over the statue removing columbus his name from the national holiday is meant to be a way to make amends and acknowledge america's bloody past but is the relabeling of
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a day really the best way to help america's indigenous people it's not going to affect people who do anything that's going to change their situation unfortunately the better. day might be a good thing. or a cloudy day we can get if we can get something for them in terms of a date that's perfect and then that way we can do like i said go ahead and start talking about the issues at hand and then we can work towards getting getting more more for them people should be other centers and care more about other people than they do more people care about themselves these days than they do other people focus more so than just change the name incomes for native americans tend to be relatively low and unemployment high in two thousand and fifteen the poverty rates were the highest among any groups in america so perhaps efforts would be better spent on trying to improve the everyday trials and tribulations of the native americans instead and something important to note is that in l.a. many who are trying to keep columbus day as the holiday offered the idea of having a separate day and naming that indigenous people say but the idea was shot down
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leaving one wondering how much does renaming a day really and help the indigenous people of america and also why is this getting a second wind now perhaps has something to do with the anti confederate phenomenon . r. t. washington d.c. . it all started with mass demands for removal of confederate monuments across the united states the issue is now spread to texas where the city of san antonio moved a statue with travis park overnight following a city council vote let's recap now some of what's been happening. i don't care if it's a george washington or thomas jefferson statue or robert they all need to calm down .
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and executives have decided the play by play announcer robert levy will not be in the broadcast booth for next saturday's college football season opener because of the similarities between his name and the famed confederate. and breaking news story this hour russia's trade mission in washington d.c.
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has now been officially closed two more diplomatic buildings including russia's oldest consulate in san francisco will also be closed today this is all in accordance with the state department order and let's bring you some pictures now of these are actually live pictures now coming from outside the former russian trade mission in washington d. c. it is believed now that state department officials are inside the building searching searching for what nobody knows will they find anything. you know yes we will wait and see access to the diplomatic sites is now prohibited however just minutes before it was closed artie's really video agency were allowed inside to film the premises in as you can see i said will they find anything will it doesn't lead to find anything unless they're looking just to spruce up their own apartment with a nice potted plants because as you can see the shelves are empty the corridors are empty even the chairs been put upon the desks there's an aeroflot calendar and
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there's a few bits of bare basic furniture some shelves and really nothing of interest would appear different extatic were given just thirty six hours to clear their desks and get out and they have done so on children. time is up for me that's all for this hour we'll be back and i would about thirty four minutes with the latest had lots. of things. that it. was.
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only good. thing for you that you got. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turn some countries into pigs these are the countries with we can recall them is that needed austerity policies if you are in a situational flow bloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost a decade how good are the results. by the people gathered in which to watch the world get people to see what i. knew she was i mean to for legal. challenge.
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while the same mission is still in place who one of the consequences is to we. will first. the truth be considered is the consequences are actually quite acceptable. time after time here we are back with a new series amidst the threats of nuclear war in korea continued u.k. back there strikes killing civilians in yemen u.s.
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troop escalation in afghanistan and millions of lives around the world destroyed by climate change coming up in the first episode of this new season of going underground. factory david davis doing in washington today we speak to the father of british foreign secretary boris johnson about russia secret recordings money traps and attempted murder that might have surrounded the british vote for breath and award winning author and foreign correspondent charles glass explains how we came in the past few days to an exchange of fire between u.s. soldiers and cia from the jihadists in syria and from the headlines we reviewed the building brinkmanship in the baltic and the fast food workforce the huge chip on the shoulder on the civil coming up in our first episode of the new season but first while we've been away there's been no let up in the continuous allegations that donald trump is somehow compromised by his relations to the kremlin not now it goes by on us mainstream media without questions being raised to.


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