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tv   Headline News  RT  September 3, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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i know how. this work was because did it busy dancing quadrille cultural fusion called the grammy's. north korea confirms a successful hydrogen bomb test after an earthquake was detected in the country's north the. us security services search russia's diplomatic outposts in san francisco and washington after they were shut down on the state department's orders russia has slammed the inspections is a clear violation of international law. we are witnessing an example vandalism you need to match the nations it's not legal to be called russian corporate she. would have been expect you so she's going to get asked if you don't call comes out. and also on the weekly islamic state leaves behind
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a baby trapped ghost town after each driven out of the city of tal afar by the iraqi army will have an exclusive report from the ground. hello good afternoon welcome the latest developments and a look back at what's been happening over the last seven days to you watch the weekly here on our take he. has reacted to north korea's latest nuclear test saying the country continues to be hostile and dangerous to the u.s. earlier on sunday pyongyang successfully carried out a hard test the country's state television and that it took place in a northeastern province and was felt in neighboring china as well as russia with more his partridge in china. there's been widespread condemnation coming in from russia and china as well because this move comes in violation of the u.n.
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security council resolution just ahead of that new testing that we heard about north korea announced to their central news agency that the country had developed an advance hydrogen bomb this was very briefly then followed by that earthquake six point three on the richter scale in the north east of the country now what north korea then said is that they've developed a particular type of warhead that's been designed so we can be on an intercontinental ballistic missile the likes of which was tested last tuesday as it flew over japan u.s. president donald trump at the time he said that all options were on the table and this contributed to the strong rhetoric that points to rhetoric that each use throughout the escalation of tensions on the korean peninsula and north korea better get their act together or they're going to be trouble like your day shouldn't ever have trouble in this world. and this man will not get away with what he's doing believe they will be met with fire and fury. like the
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world has never seen this is the first nuclear test a promise of ministration the last one coming in september twenty sixth a point in the meantime the u.s. and south korea have been practicing widespread military drills also japanese fighter planes have also been going overhead as well much to the annoyance of p.r. nyang and since this latest testing south korea has also responded with some very strong language. searches we decided to discuss with the u.s. the deployment of the most powerful strategic assets of the american military that would enable us to neutralize north korea's nuclear facility and missiles i am sure will strike capability. for meanwhile moscow though has been calling for calm they believe the only way to solve the problems on the peninsula is by negotiation they believe that all the interested parties should get round the table regime dialogue as that's the only way to solve the problems any other means to president putin to quote him says off tile. part of reporting that we discuss the escalation of tensions within the pendent strategist andrew feels it is unlikely that north korea
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will wish a war upon itself. i think the time for coercion is over because i think that north korea has successfully cross the water shit and then once treated as ability to deliver a very powerful hugo weapon. it's. a full scale hydrogen bomb elise's as powerful as the nuclear bomb dropped in and the washer and i the saki alone both korea has already demonstrated his ability to deliver. missiles flying over japan near to where the wind is so i think that the threshold has been crossed the want to share this because the time for more rhetoric and also sanctions. if this is really over there what the law really wants is the fourth wall that is a war with the demise of the regime what we want is some. cars assurance are of
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the region's the ability. now the russian foreign ministry has said that washington is demanding moscow sells its diplomatic properties to the u.s. that after those outposts were closed and searched on washington's orders moscow slammed the move as a deeply hostile act aimed at undermining u.s. russia relations with more on this his the direct cheeta. u.s. security forces have conducted searches in the facilities we do have is a number of videos and to show the facility in san francisco when the inspection took place and you can see from one of the videos that the security officials were actually searching the apartments for the residence still in there the trade facility in washington was being searched but we have had some reactions and the head of the trade commission has told journalists that who feels that the search is a take a. week using an example of families and you need international relations it's an illegal takeover russian corporate she. would have been expecting so she wanted.
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to be am local time the u.s. doesn't think we have to go magic immunity anymore there's also been other reactions and we had reaction from the russian foreign ministry the spokes person there has slammed the search and i read this that you as a diabolical circus that's illegal and pointless and we just have to take note here that the diplomats and their families only had two days to vacate their properties there now if we look at the reasons the u.s. has stated that this is a response to russia's decision to reduce the size of the u.s. mission in russia back in july twenty seventh teen we've also had a reaction from the russian foreign minister himself so good i've spoken out about the decision to close the facilities he's also said that russia is not the instigator of those moves measures or the sanctions. he was not russia it was started by the u.s. administrator and with the only purpose of us russian relations completely u.s.
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we're not seeking conflict with this cold truth always been friendly towards the american people and we're still open to constructive relationships but as you know it takes two to tango now it looks like our american partners are breakdancing on their own time all the time so as you can see the relations between the u.s. and russia are still pretty tense. well the u.s. state department as the is our legal claim diplomatic immunity is revoked following any closure however the vienna convention does state that immunity does in fact remain in place until diplomatic staff leave the country vienna convention on diplomatic relations article twenty two point one the premises of the mission shall be inviolable the agents of the receiving states may not enter them except with the consent of the head of the mission. article thirty nine point two when the functions of a person enjoying privileges and immunities have come to an end such privileges and
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immunities should normally cease at the moment when he leaves the country let's have a reminder then of how it all started back in december then president barack obama expel thirty five russian diplomats over alleged election meddling choosing not to respond in kind though on the same day president vladimir putin instead invited the children of u.s. diplomats in russia to a new year party at the kremlin then in july after the house of representatives overwhelmingly passed a new anti russia sanctions bill moscow cut the u.s. diplomatic presence in russia to the same level it has in america and then that led to extend sanctions analysts told us that the raid is a clear violation of international law. international lays down very clearly the one hundred sixty one fianna convention of to plastic relations says that any diplomatic affiliated premises not from country. diable and any incursion on that territory is therefore seen as an attack on the country that
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is hosting that. diplomatic mission so this is breach of international that there is some sort of meaningless parade of power by raising america the big issue here is now that this creates a bad precedent because with this event taking place now in the united states other countries may follow i guess embassies with which they don't have good relations with this is a collapse of all of the international diplomatic system by what the americans and the u.s. government is trying to do. in other news this week the iraqi government declared the former islamic state stronghold city of tal afar liberated however that the remains of the city aside from booby traps left by terrorists all around. this exclusive report from the ground. then when the islamiah by the islamic
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state will remain you'll find. that plastered whenever the bridges and buildings entitle frog iraq he sent his haven't yet gotten around to covering them up what with being busy fighting. was. why the lawyer doesn't want to go through what i says it's an evo hind plenty of surprises booby traps every red intel a frog they have ten the city into a sap as night and come in here we were moon multiple times not to touch anything no matter how innocent it might seem for we know beyond any of these. could be explosives booby traps baboons behind the time even in the right has. been one where officers went into a house and sat on
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a sofa it exploded along with the house they had booby trapped the sofa another example they were explosive to light switches when he turned on their lights the house explodes they were bombs into refrigerators and even the door handles when you open the door and explodes. i've just come back from telefon you can didn't lie down on the bed without cyprus check and first drop bombs and was everywhere we don't touch anything. do all we can to disarm everything but there's only so much we can do some houses will have to be destroyed. this bomb was intended for does but the planes and helicopters destroyed the roads and i still couldn't get the combo oh engineers found it and dismantled it if it had been used it would have done as great damage they disarm the explosive canisters and detonated them in a controlled explosion but it's strange isis folded. almost too quickly.
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there is evidence that around four hundred families of isis fighters were allowed to leave on august twenty fifth in an unspecified direction the rumor among iraqi troops is that as many as two thousand isis fighters have been given safe passage out of. into syria again this is a rumor and we can't confirm it but it would explain the an expectedly easy fight iraqi troops wouldn't let us into the center of telephone saying would still far through but having spent some time here in the suburbs we haven't seen a single civilian most of them ran when the opportunity presented itself as the battle began braving the months in the desert in order to get away the poor of the
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iraqi ministry in the u.s. led to release and brits to. turn right or file a frog menace the bill through and we'll come back a question of how matter of tal afar there be left to come back to more i guys dia . from iraq. meanwhile the u.s. led coalition against islamic state confirm this week another sixty one civilian deaths are likely to being caused by air strikes and artillery strikes in iraq and syria in the month of july the coalition completed the assessment of thirty seven reports resulting in sixty one unintentional civilian deaths the coalition assesses that sit is more likely than not at least six hundred eighty five civilians have been unintentionally killed by coalition strikes since the start of operation inherent resolve. well active military operations either backed or carried out by
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the us continue in both countries humanitarian organizations have been raising the alarm over the impact on innocent lives but america's defense secretary believes the locals understand the reason coalition forces are fighting there we are the good guys munition people on a battlefield know the difference. i saw with my own eyes three houses destroyed in an airstrike isis fighters first went there and run away then the jets bombed where they were seventeen civilians were clear looked like they would go on the roofs of people's houses and start shooting they wouldn't let people live it's later jets would bomb the houses with all of the civilians still inside. one of the planes bombed us heavily this happened in downtown misled went around i saw the slaughtering people many were killed and houses were destroyed. but i'm of the coalition shelling targets
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civilians hit civilians four story houses full of people all over the neighborhood certainly many have been killed among them my cousin he died in iraq or in an airstrike the u.n. estimates that an average of twenty seven people are being killed in iraq every day situation in the syrian city of racker mentioned there is of particular concern to the un thousands of civilians are still trapped between eyesores cruelty and intense coalition strikes authentically davies has written extensively on the invasion of iraq suggest the number of civilian deaths there and in neighboring syria a much higher being reported. what is coming from the coalition are not in fact estimates of total civilian casualties what they are is a very limited number of individual incidents that have been reported and so therefore the u.s. so authorities have had to address them and conduct some sort of investigation and
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this is this is very very limited this is the way the u.s. has conducted warfare throughout it so called war on terror and it is relied on the media to accept these completely absurd. numbers that it puts out as a serious estimate of the numbers of civilians being killed this is you know this is absurd. you watch in the weekly or not he will be back. the field we go through. every the world should experience.
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and you. will. according. to. the same wrong. just don't. get to shape out to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back to the weekly now hundreds of people took to the streets of paris someone's day to protest against president new labor law designed to make it easier for companies to hire and fire workers correspondent shot at the been sent this report. but the demonstrators have come out again in france to show how unhappy they are with emmanuel not one square and perform on the working card they have just started a manual my own as being a man who only supports business i once took the rights of look at this is what people have been saying to us and said that keeping small talk is a tax work and workers were against it because it has no a show now and we can share the work don't. represent the big boss says he wants to cut services social protections and everything achieved by woodworkers
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turns a group without something. about ideology to be able to sound. in fact he wants to get rid of employee protections all together it's a big attack of the hierarchy deals will now take over those are some of the reasons why the demonstrators hate feel so passionately against these reforms to the working code but not everybody is unhappy with the plans to reform the working take in front of forms that suggest it will mean that in four years we'll have more ability to hire and fire people to negotiate over salary in terms of additional hours that people work and not see why the heads of the employers federation has actually come out not just in support of this reform but is actually emanuel not going to go when he introduces that working before some people have described this as being a bellwether for my presidency because this is his first major attempt to pass
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a big piece of legislation hearing front but recesses have failed to mange p.c. . will be able despite his continuing plunging popularity in the public in the polls to be able. this reform through and to appease the french people charlotte devinsky all see paris well as micro moves to reshape the economy anger is rising among french people latest polls do show that just three months into his term already less than half approve of his policies were at the same point in their presidencies predecessor in the cold nikolas sarkozy had sixty nine percent of supports and even francois hollande who became known as mr unpopular actually had fifty four despite those findings a government spokesperson claims the figures can be norden matt crowing will quote transform the country we spoke to the editor in chief of le purply magazine who
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believes that matt combs character is great saying with voters. in this country and the spirit of race it's not a surprise everybody. will be satisfied if. you should. write. a straight line polish prime minister said mr mcveigh was a. strike because what he said. what he said maybe later he's out of. place. criticized him. for it's something which is totally to much it can joke but it will make you sick things from start trouble she said for example the french all want it. to work. well the new french president is raising eyebrows too for a number of rather self-important statements on the world stage with some noting
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that he does seem self as a bit of a super hero and it has led to hear the calls for him to tone it down a bit. we have absolutely different positions to vladimir putin i act france will not pass on any he is ready to follow us and then we will have some progress on syria. thanks. i can't really imagine calling anyone other than yourself now if you have different views of their political views i can't even imagine something like that actually where. i think. the international stage is really cool you know also i am the one obliged to speak
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to any one every ten days. late the fellow tick i don't think it's smart move. i guess that's like the new thing nowadays to have no experience and thank you the everything you could pick. up i know. that constant bombing in the end the civilian casualties have become the norm in yemen the beginning of the week saw hundreds of gathering in the country's capital sana to mourn the victims of last week's saudi led attack on a hotel that killed sixty three hundreds of locals have also returned to the scene of the strike to protest against riyadh's continued bombing campaign in yemen the strike hit the hotel ten days ago aside from the dead more than a dozen people were also injured relatives of the victims and demanding justice.
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under the baton rouge they were just workers trying to make a living and they were targeted by. will play nice the yemeni people want to show their anger at this crime committed against them such as to my sons' were martyred by the saudi aggressors they were farmers they had nothing to do with the war i appealed to the international community to the united nations to punish those who committed this crime no one does or not would demand that the international community and the united nations which is remaining silent find a solution for these disparate people. and then in another incident fourteen people were killed when a society led coalition strike hit a residential building in the neighborhood the destruction brought down a whole apartment block the young girl was the only survivor from one family and she's now being treated in hospital word of warning life on the following images disturbing they know. fame to get you to date.
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and if you get a scarce get a little heat and nadya she is the only child who survived the airstrikes that hit the house in a town all of her family died her father mother and siblings. their parish. we found multiple fractures in her left cheek as well as cracks in the bone round her eye and across her forehead. well in response inside the led coalition said the bombing of the residential area was a technical mistake we spoke with a human rights activist about the dye situation in yemen. they have to be held responsible under international law unfortunately what we have is the power of the international politics that is supporting the saudi led coalition that is causing
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untold amounts of these war crimes secret council is dominated by two prominent members who are the ones who are selling the weapons to the saudi regime and that is where the main obstacle lies unfortunately and every move to commission an international investigation you will find that these two countries britain and the u.s. do everything they can to obstruct to that the saudi regime along with all those who are assisting them in this unfortunate creation of a manmade catastrophe in the yemen have to be tried for war crimes sooner or later . if you watch and weekly here or not he'll be back at the top of the.
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i would need to make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. in the primary go round lifts only the one percent told. us to do ignore middle of the room sick. to lose millions more you leave. the world. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was
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again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker.
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f. . sixteen am. sixty is issues for the us or entering into this war concert in protest against u.s. president to belittle writing. a piece of.


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