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tv   Headline News  RT  September 3, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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how. do you account for. the attack on north korea is an option is to meet with his military officials says it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. russia's foreign ministry slummed us searches of
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russian diplomatic sites is being an illegal. in the season san francisco and washington were shut down on the state department's orders. a review of the week islamic state leaves behind a booby trapped ghost town after it's driven out of tal afar by the iraqi army we bring you an exclusive report. good evening to. you watching the weekly here on r.t. international. tensions on the north korean peninsula ratcheting up with pyongyang announcing it's conducted a successful test trumpets hinted that a u.s. strike on the north is possible. president we were tracking were real.
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so this is a very ominous message coming from the president who posted on line that all options are on the table when it comes to north korea and that he was in fact going to meet with his generals and a number of other military officials to discuss the crisis now mattis his secretary of defense recently stated that is always a possibility to find a diplomatic solution to such a crisis but trump himself has already repeated that speaking with north korea is not going to be effective at the same time we have a number of world powers china and russia calling for all sides to show restraint but trump it seems a sticking to his guns and is going to continue to escalate the aggressive rhetoric that we've heard from him as of late they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see north korea better get their act together where they're going to be trouble like you day should ever have been to trouble in this world. and this may not get away with what he's doing really now of course this is already
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gone past just of the war of words between washington and pyongyang the u.s. has of course already it bolstered its military presence in the region and continues to conduct drills with south korea in the area much to the displeasure of north korea and trump received a lot of backlash for these comments these aggressive comments he's been making recently both abroad and at home but on his side the u.s. state department did say that the way that trumps talks is just the only way to communicate with north korea. exacerbating the president spoke to him to kim jong un in a language that secretary tillerson has said and said this morning in the kind of language that kim jong un will understand. but clearly america's tactics have done nothing to quell tensions in the region in fact they seem to have escalated them if anything but it doesn't seem that america has any plans on the horizon to change their strategy with north korea leaving the rest of the world in fear and that we
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could begin getting pushed closer and closer to the brink of war. let's discuss the latest escalation of tensions in the region. security analyst and former u.k. army officer a very good evening to you charles. i'm going to start hope you forgive me for this with kind of a worst case scenario recently senator lindsey graham said if there was conflict with north korea the north koreans would fire missiles upon south korea possibly japan and thousands of people would die that the u.s. would be doing all the damage the north korea what do you think the actual capabilities are of north korea at the moment how far can they fall and what kind of payload can they deliver. yes it's a good quote to use because senator lindsey graham of course has been one of those that has been more hawkish in saying that although that would happen if there was a war america should still consider that because there would be thousands of deaths as he put the responsibility of the world with north korea at the moment the
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situation is that although north korea poses a threat to its neighbors it has just demonstrated it would appear a greatly increased capability in terms of the yield of its nuclear weapons it claims that this weapon would be capable of being placed small enough to be in placed on a long range missile an i.c.b.m. that could presumably reach as we know from the previous test can reach japan and possibly could reach the targets including guam and places like that of american interests in the pacific but really the main threats are because that militarization hasn't yet been proven but undoubtedly in the relatively near future . that will become true and so as time goes on north korea if it is a threat becomes more of a threat to a greater number of countries but in a way i want to clear the main threat that is preventing the work prevent an attack
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on these facilities and on north korea generally isn't necessarily the fear of using nuclear weapons it is the fear that has long been that it has such overwhelmingly powerful conventional forces particularly in terms of ordinary conventional artillery that if america attacked there would be retaliation not necessarily against america in the first instance but that could be absolute devastation wrought not just on south korea but also on the capital itself that could kill itself many tens of thousands it could be. growing into graham's talking about rather than the specific nuclear threat of retaliation and actually become more and feature interesting and just one more thing on the threat. that the u.s. has and i understand missile defense systems in south korea the missile systems just how much infrastructure is there in place to shoot down any missiles the korean. missile capability.
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the problem is first of all there's a lot of literature to show the anti missile capabilities of the u.s. as indeed israel using similar systems and other. systems designed to shoot down in him coming projectiles that their capabilities have been consistently overstated perhaps the majority of launches from a country such as north korea could be intercepted but of course the problem is if you've got a situation where one or more projectiles missiles are carrying nuclear weapons you can't afford even one to get through and that is what is going to dominate i think particularly military thinking. in respect of tackling this north korean issue and of course that is the essence of the talents which is why the situation the united kingdom the us china and so on possess nuclear weapons because there's always the danger that one will get through no matter how sophisticated air defense system and
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that that balance of the talents then is in theory at least designed to keep the peace and arguably many would argue and many would argue has done so many argue would say the opposite perhaps in terms of its relevance to peacekeeping but in terms of the north korean threat of course it's a great conundrum for the world general in the region because in attacking north korea which may prove to be the only way to stop this program they may well actually instigate the kind of conflict and destruction perhaps even nuclear destruction which the strikes at least publicly intended to prevent if they if america and other countries or other countries were to attack first of all it would be very difficult to take out this program i think because it's so well advanced now and secondly there will be a lot of redundancy in replication in placed in a program so that if one facility is wiped out by others can take over and also they are very well protected and hardened perhaps underground facilities in any
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case but secondly of course as we've mentioned the main problem we carry out some kind of military strike is the threat of retaliation against america necessarily at this stage perhaps years down the line or even months down the line but certainly now the very grave threat that would exist to north korea's neighbors south korea particularly the capital what do you think that is actually trying to achieve here . what he's trying to achieve i think is what he's made clear that he's trying to achieve and i think not to be supportive of him necessarily but i think to a large degree he has achieved that and that is that he's achieved he's trying to achieve security for his regime for his government the united states has repeatedly . not just under trump but of course in previous administrations as well have repeatedly threatened north korea certainly from the perspective of the north korean government in terms of not just the rhetoric the kind of rhetoric that we've seen very recently from trump for example but to be honest it's not greatly
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different from the kind of rhetoric we've seen at least more subtly point from previous u.s. leaders towards north korea and also in terms of the actual demonstrations of intent that the united states have carried out increasingly in the last few months but again have gone back of the last two administrations in terms of very large scale exercises deployment of missile systems and so on all of which america if it was on its borders would undoubtedly see as some kind of threat and certainly north korea has stated it sees as a threat and also if we look at the past seventy fifteen years of history of american foreign policy it's certainly very arguable without american foreign policy has acted in a way a more general sense to make nuclear proliferation more likely and simple reason is that when you look at countries such as libya iraq gave up their weapons of mass destruction those countries then suffered conquest and destruction from the united states as a result that isn't necessarily an argument that i would support there are certain
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elements of that argument that i'll support support of war and it's certain are people case but what's important here is really the nub of the question you asked which is from the perspective of other powers around the world they see united states policies cresses as expansionist and as a threat and they say also that countries that have nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction to terence don't get attacked by the united states those that don't have these two talents do get attacked and this i think is one of the consequences that in due course will be seen. as a result of one of the results of american foreign policy the west foreign policy actually over the last ten to fifteen years charles. fascinating analysis really appreciate you coming on to speak to us charles schubert security analyst former u.k. army officer. now washington says that it was looking for explosives when it radius recently closed russian diplomatic sites in the u.s.
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that's according to russia's foreign ministry which is slam the move glop one of you said wrong this action was aimed at keeping the anti russian agenda life of an illegal takeover like this is very rare in international relations especially on this scale and at such short notice the intention was to humiliate inflict pain and to put people in an uncomfortable situation is unprecedented in global politics particularly for the u.s. a contract founded on respect for private property this action is beyond good and evil are. well staff were blocked from accessing the buildings of russia's consulate in san francisco and trade mission in washington d.c. this video you can see now is what was filmed inside the trade mission minutes before it was closed as you can see pretty much everything has been cleared out their shelves and coders the diplomatic staff they were given much time in which to form this they were given really just thirty six hours notice to clear up and to
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get out. meanwhile it's time for cisco searches were being conducted not only on the president to diplomatic side but also in the apartment of staff than this and their families on the move was a deeply hostile act undermining u.s. russia relations to explain all his. doctors. we do have is a number of videos to show the facility in san francisco and the inspection took place and you can see from one of the videos that the security officials were actually searching the apartments for the president still in there the trade facility in washington has also been searched and the head of the trade mission has told journalists that who feels that the searches are. we are witnessing an example of vandalism international relations it's another. russian
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group which. we haven't been expecting so she wanted to get asked. them to pm local time the u.s. does the things we have going to community if we look at the reasons the u.s. has stated that this is a response to russia's decision to reduce the size of the u.s. mission in russia back in july twenty seventh teen we've also had a reaction from the russian foreign minister himself so good i've spoken out about the decision to close the facilities he's also said that russia is not the instigator of these moves measures. so this sanctions story was not launched by russia it was started by the us administration with the only purpose of undermining u.s. russian relations concerning the u.s. we're not seeking conflict with this country we've always been friendly towards the american people and we're still open to constructive relationships but as you know it takes two to tango now it looks like our american partners are breakdancing on
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their own time after time so as you can see the relations between the u.s. and russia are still pretty tense the u.s. state department says the searches are legal claiming diplomatic immunity is referred following any closure that the vienna convention states immunity remains in place until diplomatic staff leave the country. vienna convention on diplomatic relations article twenty two point one the premises of the mission shall be inviolable the agents of the receiving states may not enter them except with the consent of the head of the mission. article thirty nine point two when the functions of a person enjoying privileges and immunities have come to an end such privileges and immunities shall normally cease at the moment when he leaves the country think international down very clearly the one hundred sixty one fianna convention of to class relations says that any diplomatic affiliated premises no one country. and any incursion on that territory is an attack on the country that is hosting
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that diplomatic mission so this is the breach of the international law that there is some sort of meaningless parade of power by raising america the big issue here is now that this creates a bad precedent because with this event taking place now in the united states other countries may follow i guess embassies with which they don't have good relations i had with this is a collapse of of the international diplomatic system by what the americans and the u.s. government is trying to do. ok the bit more protests against the labor laws in france we'll show you the video and get the full story after the break.
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and case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington to washington control the media the media. and voters elected to businessman to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to the press this is what before three of them can't be good. i'm interested in the water.
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welcome back in other news this week the iraqi government declared the former islamic state stronghold city of tal afar liberated but little remains of the city aside from the many booby traps left behind by the terrorists but i guess the i've said is this exclusive report. then the islamiah by the islamic state will remain you'll find graffiti like that plastered over the bridges and buildings in tied up frog iraq he sent his haven't yet gotten around to covering them up what with being busy fighting. was. why the lawyers didn't want them to and i says sure to leave behind plenty of
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surprises booby traps every red intel a five they have ten the city interest zappa's nightmare and coming in here we were moved multiple times not to touch anything no matter how innocent it might seem for we know behind these. could be explosives booby traps brams behind the time even in the right switches. would be one where officers went into a house and sat on a sofa and exploded and along with half the house they had booby trapped the sofa another example they were explosive to light switches when you turn on their lights the house explodes they were bombs into refrigerators and even the door handles when you open the door and explodes. i've just come back from tell a fine you can didn't lie down in the bed without cyprus check and first drop bombs and wires everywhere we don't touch anything. will do all we can to disarm everything but
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there's only so much we can do some houses will have to be destroyed. this bomb was intended for those but the planes and helicopters destroyed the roads and i still couldn't get the car bomb out our engineers found it and dismantled it if it had been used it would have done as great damage they disarm the explosive canisters and detonated them in a controlled explosion. iraqi troops wouldn't let us into the center of telephone still far too dangerous but having spent some time here in the suburbs we haven't seen a single civilian most of them ran when your patootie presented itself as the battle began braving the merciless desert in order to get away the fear of the iraqi ministry in the u.s. led to release and the. night. of the city of
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combat the question is how much of tal afar there be left to come back to more i guys. from iraq. hundreds of people took to the streets of paris on wednesday to protest against president of manual labor laws designed to make it easier for companies to hire and fire workers dubin ski reports. the demonstrators have come out again in front to show how unhappy they are with a manual one perform on the working they have to start a manual my own is being a man only supports business i want. the rights of look at this is what people have been saying to us said that keeping your tax work in the workers going against it because it has no wish and we can share the work. resents
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the big bosses and those who want to come back services social protections and everything achieved by workers i don't agree with that. it's about ideology to be able to sound. stop work in fact he wants to get rid of employee protections all together it's a big attack of the hierarchy corporate deals will now take over those are some of the reasons why the demonstrators hate feel so passionately against these reforms to the working code but not everybody is unhappy with the plans to reform the working through the front lines of forms that suggest it will mean more as well have more ability to hire and fire people to negotiate over salary in terms of additional hours that people work and that's why the head of the employers' federation has actually come out not just in support of this reform but is actually
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emanuel not going to go all in when he introduces that working reform some people have described this as being a bellwether for my presidency because this is his first major time to pass a big piece of legislation here in fronts but recesses have failed mainstream see. will be able despite his continuing plunging popularity in the public in the polls to be able to push this reform through and to appease the french people. ski altie paris. the spot tower festival in red square during the best military orchestras from all over the world is until its final day the new. this year.
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i. did a call should have attended the final day of the festival. reza where has to read all colorful and write this as it is hosting the final day of the international military music festival now crowds of people gather square get a chance to see ensembles from fourteen different countries where there are colorful uniforms playing a dance from across the square now this grand facet of all welcome some of the past bands and uniforms not only from russia but from across the world we just saw one hundred and twenty i cal take my player is some macho along the square as you can see fireworks are right behind my back now that it's marked at the performance
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of the armenian military band now in addition to the best russian military bands and gods in the trauma center also. specialists from as far away as egypt china has trailed and now we talk to some of the people who came here to russia to be a part of this festival. it's my second time in moscow and have the festival a very good impression and i really like working with such kind in the it's very interesting just being in the festival. this is my first visit to moscow and it's absolutely beautiful especially dancing here in the red square it's just a dream come true for the sunni believe. from the first of all is just is the first time we're in this year we were able to. sing this song. as
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well as all retire to sing in russia. and you know what i think it's worth playing out with these pictures it's not often you see the red square a lot this red square really rocking with the. music first of all it's a ten year this is the fall. what a beautiful way to end things that just leave you with a bit of that city. lol
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