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tv   Headline News  RT  September 3, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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this is what it was because. we have many military options we are not looking to the annihilation of concrete namely north korea but we have many options. u.s. defense secretary james mattis promises a massive military response if. the us. successfully tested the. russian foreign ministry. says of russian diplomatic sites. and washington was shut down on the state department. and you know review of the week islamic state.
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driven by the iraqi army we bring you an exclusive report. joining us this. new weekly here on art. tensions on the north korean peninsula ratcheting up and washington looks in no mood to calm the situation with the u.s. defense secretary jim mattis promising a massive military response for north korea should it threaten america. we have many military options and president wanted to be briefed on each one of them any threat to the united states or its territories including. or our allies will be met
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with a massive military response a response both active and overwhelming. well the u.s. defense secretary made that statement after president met with his military officials to discuss the situation over the korean peninsula ahead of the meeting donald trump and hinted that a u.s. strike on the north was possible. for president we would take real. and earlier trumpets tweeted that only force will work with pyongyang it all comes after north korean state television announced the country had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. was made after an earthquake measuring just above six on the richter scale was detected in north korea it took place in the country's north eastern province and was felt in neighboring china and russia experts that we've spoken to believe the u.s. is hostile rhetoric has pushed north korea to act defensively. this is
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a full scale diplomatic crisis and i think our president has not really framed this issue as such i think this is in some ways a war of words we know he's very fond of twitter and saying provocative things our president and our government is not devoting the resources the political will that are needed to find a solution to this problem need to amp up the resources at the state department warm bodies people who understand north korea the culture the language get them working on this issue what the north koreans are trying to do is love cost more to start a war what do they gain from having a war because america's of course the military is the most powerful in the world and they're going to easily destroy the whole career the north koreans want surance of the billet away from the threats of region change and they do not believe
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anymore kind of rhetoric and that's why they want to have this trump card in hand in order to do to do secured a long term deal. washington says that it was looking for explosives when it recently raided close to russian diplomatic sites in the u.s. that's according to the russian foreign ministry which slammed the move. what one of you said wrong this action was aimed at keeping the anti russian agenda life and illegal takeover like this is very rare in international relations especially on this scale and it said short notice the intention was to humiliate inflict pain and to put people in an uncomfortable situation is unprecedented in global politics particularly for the u.s. a country founded on respect for private property this action is beyond good and evil our. staff were blocked from accessing the buildings of russia's consulate and
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services and its trade mission to washington d.c. this video you see now this was filmed inside the trade mission minutes before it was closed and as you can see everyone's vacated and taking everything with them they were given long to do all this but thirty six hours of warning that they got to clear everything and clear out themselves. meanwhile in san francisco soldiers are going to not only on the premises of the diplomatic site also in the apartments of the staff members and their families will not move is being a deeply hostile act aimed they say at undermining u.s. russia relations with more. of the. longer. we do have is a number of videos to show the facility in san francisco an inspection took place and you can see from one of the videos that the security officials were actually
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searching the apartments for the president still in there the trade facility in washington is also being searched and the head of the trade commission has told journalists that who feels that the searches are. we are witnessing an example of vandalism you need international relations it's an illegal takeover russian democracy. we haven't been expect to so she wanted. yes we don't flock of them to stupid am local time the u.s. doesn't think we have just magic immunity anymore if we look at the reasons the us has stated that this is a response to russia's decision to reduce the size of the u.s. mission in russia back in july twenty seventh team we've also had a reaction from the russian foreign minister himself so good i've spoken out about the decision to close the facilities is also said that russia is not the instigator of those moves measures that sanctions already was not launched by russia it was
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started by the us administration with the only purpose of us russian relations concerning the u.s. we're not seeking conflict with this country we've always been friendly towards the american people and we're still open to constructive relationships but as you know it takes two to tango it looks like our american partners are breakdancing on their own time all the time so as you can see the relations between the u.s. and russia are still pretty tense. your state department says the searches were illegal claiming diplomatic immunity is revoked following any closure but the vienna convention states immunity remains in place until diplomatic staff leave the country. vienna convention on diplomatic relations article twenty two point one the premises of the mission shall be inviolable the agents of the receiving states may not enter them except with the consent of the head of the mission. article thirty nine point two when the functions of a person enjoying privileges and immunities have come to an end such privileges and
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immunities shall normally cease at the moment when he leaves the country thing international lays it down very clearly the one hundred sixty one fianna convention of to plastic relations says that any diplomatic affiliated premises nifong country . and any incursion on that territory staff forces an attack on the country this is hosting that. diplomatic mission so this is breach of international law but there is some sort of meaningless parade of power by raising america the big issue here is now that this creates a bad precedent because with this event taking place now in the united states other countries may follow i guess embassies with which they don't have good relations add to this is a collapse of the international diplomatic system by what the americans and the
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u.s. government is trying to do. you know the news this week the iraqi government declared the forward islamic state stronghold city of tal afar liberated but little actually remains of the city aside from the many booby traps that have been left behind by the terrorist let's find out more from our correspondent. then when the islamiah by the islamic state will remain you'll find. that plastered whenever the bridges and buildings entitle frog iraq he sent his haven't yet gotten around to covering them up what with being busy fighting. was. why i know you didn't want them to what i said sure to leave behind plenty of surprises booby traps everywhere intel a far they have ten the city into a sap as night and coming here we were moved multiple times not to touch anything
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no matter how innocent it might seem for we know. could be explosives booby traps behind the times even in the right suites has. been one where officers went into a house and sat on a sofa and exploded and along with the house they had booby trapped the sofa another example they were explosive to light switches when you turn on their lights the house explodes they were bombs into refrigerators and even the door handles when you open the door and explodes. i've just come back from tel afar and you can didn't lie down on the bed without cyprus check and first drop bombs and wires everywhere we don't touch anything. and will do all we can to disarm everything but there is only so much we can do some houses will have to be destroyed. this bomb
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was intended for does but the planes and helicopters destroyed the roads and i still couldn't get the car bomb out our engineers found it and dismantled it if it had been used it would have done as great damage they disarm the explosive canisters and detonated them in a controlled explosion. iraqi troops wouldn't let us into the center of telephone saying would still try to but having spent some time here in the suburbs we haven't seen a single civilian most of them ran when your opportunity presented itself as the ground braving the must in the desert in order to get a ring through of the iraqi ministry of the u.s. led to a release of brits to. write a frog list of the three who have come back questioning how matter of tal afar
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there be left to come back to more i guys. from iraq. u.s. led coalition confirmed this week another sixty one civilians are likely to have been killed by strikes in iraq and syria in the month of july the coalition completed the assessment of thirty seven reports resulting in sixty one unintentional civilian deaths the coalition assesses that cities more likely than not at least six hundred eighty five civilians have been unintentionally killed by coalition strikes since the start of operation inherent results. meanwhile active military operations either backed or carried out by the us continue in both countries but the tearing organizations have been raising the alarm over the impact on innocent lives but america's defense secretary believes that locals understand why coalition forces are fighting. the good guys. and people on the battlefield
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know the difference. i saw with my own eyes three houses destroyed and they're striking isis fighters first went there and run away then the jets bombed where they were seventeen civilians were clear that they would go on the roofs of people's houses and start shooting they wouldn't let people live through this later. with all of the civilians still inside. one of the planes bombed us heavily this happened in downtown misled and around i saw the slaughtering people many were killed and houses were destroyed. but i'm of the coalition shelling targets civilians hit civilians four story houses full of people all over the neighborhood certainly many have been killed and one of the my cousin he died in iraq or in an airstrike the u.n. estimates that an average of twenty seven people are being killed in iraq every day situation in the syrian city of rock are mentioned there is of particular concern
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to the united nations thousands of civilians are still trapped there between isis cruelty and intense coalition airstrikes or the nicholas davis who's written extensively on the invasion of iraq suggests that the number of civilian deaths there and in neighboring syria is much higher than reported. what is coming from the coalition are not in fact estimates of total civilian casualties what they are is a very limited number of individual incidents that have been reported and so therefore the u.s. so authorities have had to address them and conduct some sort of investigation and this is this is very very limited this is the way the u.s. has conducted warfare through ouch its so-called war on terror and it is relied on the media to accept these completely
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absurd. numbers that it puts out as a serious estimate of the numbers of civilians being killed this is you know this is this is absurd that we will be talking protests in paris over new labor laws after the break. when else seemed wrong. when all. just don't hold. any. yet to shape out this day become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around.
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preparations from washington to washington to meet. the media the. voters elect the businessman to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. welcome back let's return to our top story this hour the u.s. defense secretary james mattis promised a massive military response for north korea should it threaten america. we have many military options and president wanted to be briefed on each one of them any
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threat to the united states or territories including. or our allies will be met with a massive military response the response of. washington d.c. correspondent joins me on the line there just listening to this seems like they defense secretary going on the offensive in terms of rhetoric how much does this raise the stakes. yes that's actually kind of an unexpected and drastic change in tone coming from modest there who is really starting to sound more like trump now he did add that america is not seeking the annihilation of north korea but it's highly unlikely that those comments will be of any comfort to anyone in north korea given how quickly his stance changed from there's always the possibility of a diplomatic solution to we don't want to kill you but we certainly can if need be now these statements are made even more ominous given of comments made by president
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trump before he met with madison the other generals let's take a quick listen because we were real. earlier on sunday trump did tweet that all options are being considered when it comes to north korea but it is clear that the military option seems to be becoming the favorite for the trump administration meanwhile we have china and russia urging all sides to show restraint but it seems that team trump is going to stick with the aggressive rhetoric that we've seen from the president as of late. they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never seen north korea better get their act together where they're going to be trouble like you they should say ever have been in trouble in this world. and this may not get away with
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what he's doing. and this is really already escalated past just a war of words we've already seen america bolster their military presence in the region and continued to conduct drills with south korea much to the displeasure of their northern neighbors and trump has gotten a fair amount of backlash for some of his aggressive comments both here at home and abroad but the u.s. state department for their part has defended his comments saying that it's simply the only way to communicate with the north korean leader. it's exacerbating the president spoke to him to kim jong un in a language that secretary television has said and said this morning in the kind of language that kim jong un will understand but clearly america really has no plans of changing their tactics despite the fact that all of their aggressive rhetoric and saying that talking will not work and attacking north korea has only lead to further threats from north korea and more missile tests by washington seems
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unwilling to change their plan of action pushing the whole world closer to the edge of war or the war of words clearly escalating go gently into bring is right up today from washington d.c. . you know the news hundreds of people took to the streets of paris wednesday to protest against president emanuel microns new labor laws designed to make it easier for companies to hire and fire workers dubin ski explains. but the demonstrators have come out again in phones to show how unhappy they are with emanuel not once one perform the working code they have described emanuel my bonus being a man who only supports business i once took the rights of look at this is what people have been saying to us and said that keeping small talk is a tax work in the workers were against it because it has no
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a share now and we can share the work. represents the big boss says he wants a couple of good services social protections and everything achieved by workers turns agree with that. it's about ideology to be able to sound. in fact he wants to get rid of employee protections all together it's a big attack of the hierarchy deals will now take over those are some of the reasons why the demonstrators hate feel so passionately against these reforms to the working code but not everybody is unhappy with the plans to reform the working take in front of forms that suggest it will mean that in four years we'll have more ability to hire and fire people to negotiate over salary in terms of additional hours that people work and not see why the head of the employer is federation has
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actually come out not just in support of this reform but is actually a manual not going to go when he introduces that working reform some people have described this as being a bellwether for my presidency because this is his first major attempt to pass a big piece of legislation here in front but recesses how failed zooming ski season will be able despite this continuing plunging popularity in the party in the polls to. able to pressure this reform through and to appease the french people charlotte devinsky r.t. paris. well as michael moves to reshape the economy the latest polls show that he's losing popularity and know that you love our broadcast emmanuelle so if you're watching i have to say look away now because just take a look at that sixty two percent that's what it was when he took power down to forty percent and still heading south at this point. now michael spokesman however
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claims that the president will quote transform the country staying positive but if you look at what other presidents are doing at this stage in their careers they were doing quite a lot better nicolas sarkozy had a sixty nine percent approval rating even francoise along the man they called mr unpopular fifty four percent clearly a lot better than my own is doing right now some of the cues the new french president of arrogance in light of some of the things that he has been saying as well on the world stage. we have absolutely different positions to vladimir putin i act france will not pass on any he is ready to follow us and then we will have some progress on syria. i can't really imagine calling anyone other than himself and i think they have
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different views their political views i can't even imagine something where that would actually where. i think. the international stage is not really that cool you are now also i am the one obliged to speak to enter one every ten days. yet made the film tick i don't think it's a smart move by my i guess that's like the new thing nowadays to have no experience and thank you the everything you think. i know coming up at. the spur festival in red square drawing the very best military orchestras from all over the world has entered its final day the annual event marks its tenth
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anniversary. season didn't cut short of a ten did the final days. france where has terry doll colorful and raw. i need the seventy as it is hosting the final say of the international military music festival now crowds of people who gather aids and red square get the chance to see ensembles from fourteen different countries wearing their college full uniforms playing a dance monch and from across the square now this grand facet of all welcome some of the bastion of the small ming bands and uniforms not only from russia but from across the world we just saw one hundred and twenty i cal take flight player is
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some macho along the square as you can see fireworks are right behind my back now that it's a march to the performance of the armenian military band now in addition to the best russian military bands and the gods in the drama band send over so much all its specialists from as far away as egypt china israel and india now we talked to some of the people who came here to russia to be a part of this past of all. it's my second time in moscow and have the festival a very good impression and i really like working with such kind in the he's very interesting just being in the festival. this is my first visit to moscow and it's absolutely beautiful especially dancing here in the red square it's just a dream come true for the sunni believe. the impression i got from the first of all
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is just mobilises is the time we're in this year we were able to work with a russian. as well as all retire to sing in russian so i'm going to march out of the studio myself right now but back though it often out with the latest news. i'm larry you're watching are. for students more. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of voiced so that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm ed schultz is on our to you america i'll make sure you don't
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get railroaded that you'll get the straight talk on the straight news. questionable . in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington the washington post media the media over voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. hey guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america fits into the greater media landscape our team is not after all right but we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see from this bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking at lefties talking at righties oh
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there you go above it all look at world artsy americans in the spotlight now frankly i have no idea how to classify as it actually took me way more time and i care to admit. i haven't tonio and this is america's lawyer more than one million people united states and millions more across the globe suffer from when the tornado or flood is this painful often debilitating disease is one that currently has no known cause making it nearly impossible to prevent or even predict who's most at risk drug companies make billions of dollars marketing treatments for sufferers with medication carrying a certain the risk and while some drug companies have been honest about the risks to their drugs theory others have tried to cover up the dangers in order to score a bigger profit tonight we'll tell you about one of the latest arthritis drugs that's killed hundreds of people and how they.


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