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tv   News with Ed  RT  September 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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washington calls with the strongest possible measures against north korea over its latest new clear test as russia and china seek a deescalation also in the headlines and. celebrations in syria as government forces make a final push to liberate the city of. islamic state. tens of thousands of people flee amid a brutal military crackdown on the muslim minority. next be back with a roundup of the headlines in around an hour's time stay with us.
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i marcella thought this and this is one of the lead interview networks in brazil i am host of the political debate program cross talk i'm very pleased to be with you with this very important event we are you largest drive yet but i don't look forward to the opportunity of talking about greeks my name is chris elder lewis from the south african broadcasting corporation c.e.o. in beijing i look forward to welcoming my counterparts from peter brookes come to us in a first step the prime way televised debate. you told my name to the machine and the hope. to the union to the point.
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yet the ninety three summit is to be held to trying to do your job and for the very first time in history see t.t.n. is inviting four other t.v. stations from the other brics countries to come to beijing and produce this one hour special program for the opportunities and challenges facing brics countries as well as developing countries so ladies and gentlemen let's give it out for my four co-hosts. thank. you to the bell from our t. thank the flu shot from n.d. t.v. india thanks to settle lewis from south african broadcasting corporation thanks marcello torres from brazilian television system s.p.t. thank you hand behind each of us as
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a group of folks senior representatives and to sting. wish guests of from each break country as well as guests from other countries who are interested in the breaks topic the warmest welcome to all of us well. now this year's break summit has to be held on to the theme breaks a greater partnership for a brighter future so the world is watching closely how brics countries can expand their common ground amid differences this is also the on so we will be looking out today. to the best of times. by developing countries has emerged as a new engine in the for. the multi-layered cooperation has taken shape. in more senior farming. syndrome by don it's all use your search for your model.
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and new bank is given in developing countries a louder voice. that works. with economy goes at a sluggish pace and type localization protectionism and populism in the west is strong. with them brics member countries haunted by sluggish economy. so can bricks speak with a united voice. is it a new force or a potential threat to global economic over. time comes who. can break stand the test of. cam brakes stand the test of time and that is also the question will be discussing today so my fellow co-hosts welcome once again before
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we go into specific segments let's have. a quick introduction to tell our audience is what exactly we have come here what questions will be asking you know our guests and what do we want to take away from this forum i mean from china's perspective we understand that altogether our population is about three billion our economy is almost a quarter of the global g.d.p. and our economic growth a lot together is almost half of the world's economic growth and in terms of global governance we are way below that standards and this is what china would like brics countries together with developing countries to achieve to have more equitable more fair international governance so that you know people in developing countries interests can be better representatives i don't know what is the russian perspective here we have to remember where we started out as bric you know without our south african colleagues here that was an invention on wall street it was goldman sachs it was about how they were going to make money off of us sorry
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exploit us ok over the evolved immensely where brics now because we're living in a very i think very tragic time on the international stage i think there is chaos in the west particularly in the united states where they're supposed to lead the world and know this is our this is a very important juncture because brics has been around for a while but it has to start leading now with alternative parallel structures on the international stage i call it a world without the west because the west is not leading it's time for us to lead so you'll be focusing on media media ok what kind of role brics can play in that regard vishnu from your perspective with thank you very much i think brics is an incredible opportunity for all of these nations to truly work together in the partnership that brics is already supposed to do symbolize but let's face the facts coming into this rick summit india and china have had some very serious differences mature diplomacy has been able to resolve at least for the moment. standoff that we
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have see india and china need to work together will this be symbolized will this actually fructify into something substantial outbreaks that's what i'll be looking at today by the way defense editor and principal anchor from ended t.v. so naturally you probably will be looking more at security national defense and that line ok chris out of from the south african perspective for south africa in particular we see brics as a very important grouping to provide that alternative voice both politically and economically on the global stage in particular for example when you look at infrastructure development or the lack thereof in my country and in other parts of the african continent we're really looking at with excitement the new development bank which will then function of these key infrastructure projects which will bolster both growth and development not just in my country but of course in other countries on the african continent as well what would really want to engage on as
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well is such there was always the belief from these developing nations that the world bank and the international monetary fund was just not working for us so that needs to take center stage as well but most importantly and i think what came out of that clip that you just ran as well is that these breaks countries the leaders of these brics nations really need to speak with one voice on an array of issues of mutual interest in particular at multilateral institutions even at the united nations if you look at issues of peace and security for example is very important to be played there as well brazil what will you be paying attention to while despite the ops and downs of the global economy all of the brics countries to different extents of course they grew a lot in the past few decades and also they believe in the relations now that they're having a louder voice the international community wants to hear from them in crucial issues like the environment the planet cannot tackle climate change without a fool commitment of the brics countries and the question here is how. to keep
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improving living standards but in a way that you have wisdom in the use of resources very important questions indeed and we are faced with a lot of challenges on that front looking forward to all of these basically but. ok we have an unprecedented format i believe all together all of us will just have one hour so nine minutes for each of us ok and we'll be taking the order of politics national defense economy climate change and china as the host will wrap it up in the end ladies and gentlemen i'll be ready to talk brakes yes yes yes ok peta. you know one of the things that i find very interesting is that all of these countries together and i think it can create a demonstration effect people will follow brics as well our neighbors in each person specific case but we have to get our message out and one of the things that
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really i find very pressing and very bothersome is that we still have western narratives that dictate what we talk about it's about media and we have since the two thousand and eight financial meltdown we have a lot of media that's very concentrated it isn't concentrated in the countries that we come from it remains in the west and i look at all of our logo is here you know and i'll go to our indian colleague first me. we are necessary why are we necessary i would say we have to break the monopoly of western narratives about our parts of the world because they still dictate the pace that's right i absolutely agree with you i really believe that breaks is is an organization which can in effect. potentially you and replace g seven if you look at the creation of the brics bank that's certainly something which lends a lot of bark potentially to all the brics nations when i hear the phrase in western media the international community says the international community thinks
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the international community promotes what are they talking about because they're not talking about us most of the time this is the kind of discursive change that we need because the international community is the united states and its allies nato throw in japan throw in australia a couple other a few other countries in the middle east ok that's their international community we need to break out of that we need to take this language to ourselves we need to be looking at peta you have done a good job on that i mean r.t. has done a very sharp job on that it's like well i thought i was already running the way out of some of the people call us quite notorious i'll take it is a do you take that i mean i'm i'm flipping this around i read it kerry and i to i take it as a i we are like a thorny crown if you know what i mean i mean i as i've said to colleagues before i remember the first five hate mail so i don't particularly care about the last fifteen hundred but it shows we're making
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a difference and that's what we're supposed to do make a difference here meet with journalism in the mission of journalism i think is in tatters in the west right now and we have to use the rule of law facts verifiable facts and always try to stay away from sermonizing because that's what the west does it serve and i says the rest of the world in the service of its own interest here and i've asked i asked my colleagues would like to react to any other. well i think the internet's changed a lot of international. in a positive way when you have more diversity in the us but also advent of the fake news that's spreading like a plague and i think that the role of. a serious media organization or the journalists is try to bring. news that can be trusted to fight. the term fake news came into vogue way and it only came into vogue
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a few months ago after the the election of donald trump in the united states we could make an argument about brigs it as well but they are the perv ayers of fake news not us and the readers won't want this book of a grammy it's a boomerang against him peter we are the ones when we need to distinguish between what fake and what's not as journalists credibility and fact checking every single time not just because you're going on twitter on facebook and you take that and think that that is fact we've always got to check and ensure that we remain institutions of credibility and disseminate the correct information i think in general when you say we're now disease better than best because the wall street journal and washington post the new york times all of them they get things wrong and they never pay a price we always do when we are the true stories that they don't like it's called fake news you want to say something. i was thinking that you would be very helpful if the brics countries the media of the brics countries do something for each other
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as well in terms of describing i would love to see. your your program cover more russia point or do that for india to cover in a row i think that's really important boyd and in fact you know prior to this program beginning we've been discussing amongst ourselves the importance of. of media within the brics community and this is a process a program like this which we want to actually repeat next year as well because brics nations need to stop thinking about themselves and need to start thinking about each other israel and the media has a big role but i think also we have to you know the dollars and cents of media media ownership is very very important and it's very i think scary right now look who owns google look who owns you tube look who owns facebook who owns twitter
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ok these are these are more or less universal institutions and it's a very tight. controlled ownership there we need as brics countries to come together to come up with alternatives to those institutions. actually about you know. owning most of the very influential media but. i think basically it known that as we were going to use it i guess if you remember the history of for example chinese history chinese invented what they. called it the compositor westerns use it to come and conquer china does the same thing we can do it. and we know we can't we have to do it because your algorithm can disappear i mean they can disappear you in plain sight and what we need to do is to come come up with alternatives to make sure that we aren't disappeared in plain sight i'm sorry i see behind our resilient colleague here go ahead yeah perspective from brazil if you
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consider that we do not have correspondents from brazilian newspapers that are actually. are in many of these other countries that are part of the breaks that makes us a lot of information that could be interpreted from a brazilian perspective and given to the brazilian public so what ends up happening is that where most things. reading. author foreign media on their interpretation of what it means to have a relationship with india our rush hours south africa and specially their fear again is china and that comes the actual loss because we cannot have our own interpretation of fact i call it twenty first century orientalism exactly true exactly true so tell us about all in the age of the internet yeah the question over here well. the west media was how the kind of. the chinese media especially this kind of pre-modern sat so whatever you do and then there were you point the
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finger at you so this time as thing you know when we did a program like this it's really a good showcase for us to voice out it's really important and i thought it comes to television all of us rely a lot on international deals agencies and they are all concentrated in western countries to have barrows in other countries to but the kind of coverage they do in brazil is not the same as the coverage they do london for instance and that's the kind of investment that we have to make we are t. is set up its own news service it's very very expensive you have to start from the very bottom and we've put a lot of time and effort into it and it's beginning slow we do pay off but if we could partner all around the table then you have diminished costs i think there's a need to do something i think there's a particular importance for us to know each other better because we have cool rating and we need to understand each other better the countdown clock as they
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should i continue you want to drive i like what i got from someone from our indian delegation real quick here before i get to i just want to point out. covert olympics and it was from the frame of brazil is not a very secure country. the freedom was too much pollution. alone pixie there is a lot about mismanaged yes we can hold a limpid game so stay with us until there are so many media looks at this if we end up in my section with a very good example thank you very much thank you yet there are so many of these examples really it's very bloody history but thank you very much peter for the nine minutes it was great congratulation you'd think so now time is on india's side that flow is yours vishnu. well you should thank you very much india comes into this brics summit after having
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gone through a very difficult experience along with our friends and our partners from china but i think it's important to reflect on the maturity shown by both countries in resolving the doctor standoff the border standoff where we've had. gods of i decide just a few hundred meters away from each other the issue itself as far as the boundary between india and china is concerned has not been resolved it was not expected to have been resolved by the break started but what has happened and i think this is a very positive development is there is a process of deescalation to a particular crisis in a particular area and we've got lots of concerns in this particular regard it is so important to have had that element of deescalation take place because let's face it china and india are not what brics is only about brics is about our partner nations
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i guess india and china are very important partners and players within the brics process but. concerns and there are many between india and china should not necessarily dominate the brics proceedings because it has so much more that brics needs to do but i actually wanted to ask a question to some of our chinese guests today in fact i wanted to go across to mr young cio of the china institute of international studies and i ask you so the first question should really read to rake in the media whether it's from china or it's from india we have one we have achieved a great victory we have brought the other side a message i did time like this when there is been successful diplomacy is there a danger of shrill rhetoric from either side played out in the media is a very good question let me put it this way in english there is
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a saying there should be. that pale rather than the pedals like the dog and now we do have a lot of differences and a sensitive differences between china and india but in general we do have a larger common raam than a common inches including the comp ration a common interest in trends in mean the brakes so compared with the whole dog and a tail we need to be a mall smart and the that is the cullman principle of the capitals and the pulse of the great peoples thank you so much and you know i mean i really respect that perspective because there is so much more then the differences we have no one is in denial of the differences but the fact of the matter is we need to focus on so much more i also wanted to do to flip the question somewhat. develop but he is the unesco piece chair at moneyball university in india. i can be somewhat more cynical perhaps and asked the question can we realistically have breaks working
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without india and china talking in the way that they need to be talking. well russian would like to say that we saw from our chinese friends that the tone would be different now i just want to point out the old point about the toshiba's gorton's the third party the fact is that if india and china collide with each other neither country will gain some third parties will gain so you have that kind of situation between india and china no i was quite confident frankly that the leaders of the two countries prime minister modi and president xi jinping will ultimately resolve this for the simple reason the higher you go in your analysis that is that the more into the future you go the broader you go into analysis the more comprehensively you go in going to ship india and china not just not just a four thousand kilometer boundary but
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a whole complex of issues in which india and china are working together and can work together it's obvious that the two countries need to be good friends so my expectation is that kind of a friendship would be for the reinforced in brics i was a little dismayed you know to see the extreme overreaction to what in my view as a scholar was a very minor incident but i think there's a reason why the chinese is over reacting because over the cap past couple of years there's been a series of exam or indications of the kind of hostility we perceive that the indian government send the indian media has been adopting. china china as a potential target i don't know whether my experts would agree with me charles i make investments in india as well as in china and i have to agree with you wholeheartedly because we even see in the indian prez. attempts at starting trade war against china boycotting of chinese products chinese goods now in the chinese
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case i have to say the media is pretty unified in terms of wanting to play down the event so those of us who are in business don't see any possibility of a war because it really helps some third party but the media in from india actually had some ok that are state ads i take your point but i think that's a very very contentious point because the way we see it in india as we read the global times always read several of the chinese publications including publications online. accounts as well is that india is that china really wanted to up the ante in this particular case the use of the term war was used in common trees and editorials in the chinese media there is only one is a lot of times india did not want a war does not want to always we want peace yet when one china should not feel
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india to be a threat and i think it's questions like this no disrespect to you my friend that adds to the negative vibes which we don't need to british money why china doesn't see india as a threat. we don't see you as a threat you know you will be a shrill you have written articles where the headline says i am china india and the united states and yet participate in the largest maritime drill is probably there's a reason for going back to break so forget there's a reason for that but then again i answering that question would turn this breaks for into china and india which is less likely all right usually enjoying what you're writing to be about bricks and running out of time i think they should also look at ensuring that there is always a how viable meant among member countries it is for that to listen when that political issues are standoff that lead to. yes must. be only about traded investment but also put it out. while saying these.
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that is. yes than false names now yes and we need to think how to pray when those things coming again what it would be like to take all the time honey it is and could do show for a living would anybody if we could later on today if you had your head in the question she's answering roshi all six an important question what can be done in terms of a make it isn't that i think there's no reason this is as the russian side i don't get it was that the media plays an important role what happened in that on top of the summit was that they have a belligerent remarks from both sides of the media which made it difficult for diplomats to actually resolve this issue there's a mechanism called this but mechanism of special representatives which exists between india and china but had been a coordinated or core deal responses or less but as a response from media it won't happen so what i mean is build that mechanism off as ours and ensure that such incidents don't happen they've happened in the past we've
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gotten out of the eight or nine yes but this mechanism is extremely let's hope this mechanism will work are it a vision no unfortunately thomas nybo thank you very much and congratulations. to spiral downward this applies to both russia u.s. relations and the ongoing events on the korean peninsula. the point to which are. people buy gold gold gold buy gold there's always people buying gold and the professional marketeers understand this and when the gold price goes to
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a certain level they bang it down with short sales they're selling the gold make good or they're just selling it they're just doing short sales are not losing money they're just selling the gold short and then when it gets down to a certain level they can come where those shorts maybe profit us our short sell works you're buying back at a lower price for a profit and that's the problem with gold it's a market that's completely beholden to the console. it will. love me again but making it the ok to do i would. be maybe naive then a. lot of them i talk to and they. want us going to riyadh on them as well as for us to loudly look the. cutest body of a criminal get his body it would point the love up and this is the idea but for
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this sort of rush just over you know pokey what are you going to put up to me i'm looking wistfully. to he'll only get there and organized sport but it's easy to see and if we. discuss the seam on going on the biggest one. or the your yes your repeated in the bar but is a bit about me. going to. be good you're going to get books. just outside. just so sad much kids try to get to some muscle features a means to do so a little on the cement you know it let's combine yes the exhaustion if you don't if you just got the same you see this honesty such a. when
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i was still small seemed wrong but old old just don't call. me old but yet to shape out just because the ticket and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. bustle of the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it above. the above crowds of tourists disrupts the city's economic and social life inevitably close on the celestial god limited to all such as the photograph the traditional story the sun not scums by him somebody else you've done as we've done is by no means.


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