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tv   Boom Bust  RT  September 5, 2017 1:29pm-2:01pm EDT

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i don't. want to do as you know but i live. i miss all my you know you know you know. that i had for them but to be trying to tell them they can use what to. say to me. and then yesterday when you know that when then when your leaving us for you guys have.
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done. with the schools that have been. pretty high. most of them while being briefed and well being targeted by the small boys so this is when they deal with. it. you don't look to me yesterday. as one. i. why move the problem that big people being equal to all because someone come on
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to the know me this in this in these i have a need i go to house school fees to take the kids. welcome i give them good for them it does mean i was been welcomed by golf is good to have so i try try to the problem where your nephew can get ten. k. that's a move was about it was. not you not the you never know how. much. you know why you have. was not. how. it is.
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you know. money was. the best idea. and this is what is that it. was and that was the way he met that yes that was a no no. yes and done no one's up to close enough ones are not done one might of tonight's up the definitions and up and back on me. when seeking out a new. south south. i want to go when i meet. them. and their accents get so many i'll just. run it is proving once and. i know that i'm going to lose you that. i didn't. want to do i do i need.
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you to do. that. right things are there's a lot you need. this is it would be a. disadvantage to me the best. you know would be right. i'm going to let you know we're not beach. south well now i do. no no i think. i do want to do what i need you know me as a way to get in for my fun for right now yeah we've heard. me say and believes that one of the you know is that when a young man you seem to take to the by it's a very hate you know he sleeps with. you feels like he's clinched.
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it's. that michelle's are not these are the household manufacturers and so they tend to think about this was a practicing secondary infertility so best deal intoxicate when you snip to me that's for sure according to the young men it feels like just to get people to go fight she. told the. some of the people who believe that when a student need to shrink your costs maybe you are asked by yes for sure if you go and sleep with one now that granny so it's labeled the cost is one. on one debate and if they get sick you get a good chance you get. what you say because i needed to get your that's key get. you. you know yes you see that i was
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at. my next guest do they mean for me i love this that you know better than you in the face i'm talking you find it you're going to help keep going to play if you going to eat you out by me some will let you go one two and i. know. i can be up. to. one between fifty to eighty eight to find one five yes she can only do the job on skills the one place for me i should know of the physical skills and it can be to keep you from. what.
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has out. i did. exactly how much are. we. when you talk up old school cultural you still block spots with young women or ordered ladies or did old grannies get moche to go because of insecurity to. begin to believe about point. out that he saw many cases when he. asked who they were that's what god may do to you some people say oh i was i was
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a have been betrayed by six people by the people. who. are allowed danger to others and a very bad decision to let them if they didn't it. was difficult to prove. that they were always where he was sure that if he. was there he will still say to me as he should to me it's ok to. take care. of this there should look for. selling it should be. mostly not the fact that their front seat was there so it's just i don't believe that memphis is. the first home bill is a great truth because. it's a trip to the. walk a lot of people today. one of the world are full of yes.
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this is gentle local to live below i don't live again i must of been come from this once came businesses that they do and most of them depend on the states and also. the founder. be engaging in crime or even. places that are not. the. trouble.
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i mean bradley's there. as a single. last. month. says i. need to run london now one that really. is not. good. it. was one of. the all. of the room for not.
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being in a kitchen the going to. work was about when you meet your friends and you know experience. or not. it's a bad day. to go. into a good deal into. doing. my. main thing is i think you. know my. feet. and you don't know and of course you're sure so no one will know as sure sure i'm on the. mountain and then you are one and may not be
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a million and. one not if you want. me to me call me. nothing please not you. can only do investors and give me a soft. mobile. payment for a. good deal. equal.
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not. by. too much work what you smoke wouldn't sammul. so you're into she didn't need. when i almost choked some seemed wrong. but old quotes just don't hold. the world to get to shape out just because to add to it and in again because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look
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for common ground. where. the. it will make. me again. maybe naive then a. lot of them i tried to donate my own name i want to ask them to eat me out on them as well as for us to love the. cutest body of them or get a spot it would point the love up to this the idea of this sort of feel pokey what it means to you but being asleep. to see and to free more you have more to discuss see see more last moment all the. more the your yes your repeated in the bodies of the.
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books. to some muscle features a means to do so little the same issue in a. film. called dishonesty so they. just. give me a new job to do. because. we have fish issues with you guys i've used not only please oh but he has yet to hear the issue come to new see this play out is to each his will can be you could see
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and save it. quite agreed to me this isn't true at six fifty it's a kind goldstein's cadence to change big kids i do. i used to know the feeling living in one big time enjoying my morning. for. you like the. sun shook a. little being the morning. this is how i
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began but to before you have broad based yes. but we've closed two of them and close overlap of one set is still maliciously that i mean the guy who can take on even at two hundred people over. to take them to cause to be somebody some of them fighting yes some of their father and they have died for some good a good. for. me my. life. but one living. on the road that we never really i don't. know what i am just.
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a little a good one i love the idea then feeling i have. i have two boys. but. i'm going to visit one. which had. asked baby so we are going to use it to have attacked it quick question. sure but all oh. yeah they. did. mean that.
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both. can be. solved. as i. thought the dog would go to. guinea. i thought that the young women na-na na-na na-na. na-na. mean nothing but. that's us they really didn't. need the end.
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well doug why do cause when you feel you wouldn't welcome a thought that when you see mr carney of the above at the denial because obviously you are reading probably all eyes on me and i'd gladly give. it the tired. when da went out to gun. and who. doesn't say to me. this oh. yeah. yeah yeah new food including a sign is that what i asked you it was just an off. switch i wanted to. just leave and i'm. not going yet i at least i believe i. just. said that
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he did he. did not joke you know i know you don't want to be you wanted me. to start with i don't want to miss my. magic. you know one of them are just awful because then i want to delete the number who doesn't but why did he out. oh yes when you know enough and they justify what the condition is about. not just among the number one of the boys i'm sick with it's what i want these. are all white cleaners i had in that respective areas that is in the fight slums where they walk so our chinos when behind us they go through what you call clear weeks intensive after that is this true with tendencies. to adreno was treated for one mia so the train
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alone saved a chino was being helpful when mia as the chick or me want to teach my youth not to be up find out. about what we're going to need going on now for our. own time off work. so when i got this young girl. with this i was out with us out of the for the switch because they want to connect up. to the minister such. as yourself that you did because you have no question. but you got them and i am going to be going them up one zero. zero. zero. zero. zero. to five. and fifteen it's just.
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going. to be given me. no no no. back to you. i have come. to this group you just never know if you saw me the next what you do growing. by. is that ya know i'm glad i'm not a knockout ok i need. to know going i mean it wasn't different. you know my yeah yeah yeah yeah king. well i was not just one. zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero.
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zero. one day was working from my to go into the house when no one could from behind it just a night and to me i didn't know if someone. behind behind me so catch me which made me decide to goodell and after catching me i used my hide my hands to bow down and i quote they actually don't know what they were of the money and the money to make i sound when i knew which make me to finish them off and they've been that way to my house saying you have a. name now mark let me ask do you know when i think trucking gold look i love when i'm not let's go out. she. wants. to know your. info on that in.
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the. corner and. i thought. no. no i do. that. you need to. know.
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if there's work to do. with. it. i mean. if that's what you say you did at.
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the. ok to me in. and he said that that. is a fair bet for you for less but for the us.
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it will be. if you believe you can be claimed that game over country b. . and it's good to get if we work on speed to win yes but if you do run not supposed to be played believe me you are not going to be because you're going to judge this kid's to defend us since you can't talk in the mud you kind they were shit you can give money but in the event he. was me i'm. ready. to keep.
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the. peace at least he's done yet. who don't ya soup oh he did. i'm not going to.
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live . live. like a walk to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't believe that you saw credit tell you that will be gossiping probably by file for the most important day. of the occupy movement as he tells me you are not cool enough to buy your product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will want to come up.
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syrian soldiers rejoice. three year long seen. defense minister say the imminent liberation of the area will drive the final nail in the coffin of in syria. the u.s. calls for the toughest possible sanctions against north korea president who. will never meet your program under such terms the north korean.


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