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tv   Headline News  RT  September 5, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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syrian soldiers rejoice break islamic states see. mr hussein is the. final nail in the coffin of syria. also while the u.s. calls for the toughest possible sanctions against north korea president say young young will never.
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give up on the program. police in germany sparking. values and women to go jogging. following a brutal rape case in the country. just after ten in the evening here in la. the fifth good to have your company r.t. international we begin with our breaking news this hour the syrian army has broken islamic states three year long siege of the city of terrorism and eastern syria. well here you can see the moment that. troops cut off.
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at long beach waiting for. defense ministry says the no imminent liberation of the city marks a major blow to the terrorist group in the country russia has been providing support for the ongoing offensive. on our correspondent in the region of homs been following the latest developments in the fight against iceland's. but three years and two months
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besieged it is or one of the longest blockades in modern history. was completely cut off from the outside world dozens and hundreds of kilometers in every direction there was isis. out of the city was a dangerous helicopter trip. mckinney the only comes from so little bunnies kindle. fire or have a job at the bottom five. times the situation seemed hopeless until. now lease is the final chapter of the battle of the elements of the syrian
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military have broken the siege they have reached a defended taking thousands of square kilometers from isis in brutal battles you could have predicted that the syrian military would reach did resort in such a short time but evidence again that isis in syria is crumbling. while isis is on the retreat they were told it will be plenty of brutal battles ahead but this is a turning point by breaking the siege of data the syrian government has won one of its most significant victories during this civil war reportedly isis puts up stiff resistance as the syrian military approached the city they sent more than
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fifty suicide car bombs in order to impede the advancing military units russian forces had to carry out hundreds of air strikes on isis targets there intrenchments their bases as well as ball making factories weapons factories more than that the russian navy launched a salvo of cruise missiles at isis targets and that is order in order to open up this corner to into the city siege has been broken but it hasn't yet been lifted isis still surrounds did a sort of they also hold a number of districts inside the city and it will take a big. battle to clear those and to advance further outside the city nevertheless this is a significant victory that is be celebrated in datasource both by the defendants and the civilians who have suffered so much during the. move the one who despite what may be syria is celebrating with their allies as
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well this is a tremendous victory against isis. senator dick block from the u.s. state of virginia believes the liberation of duras or will mean the end for a lethal in servia the relief of vieira was or was a spectacular strategic victory by syria and its allies it is one of the greatest theater campaigns of the war and its spells the beginning of the end for isis there there could be two years of fighting ahead like the war has been won for all practical purposes two years ago i suspected that the year i was or would eventually fall to isis it was totally isolated it was one of the most heroic defenses of an outpost in all history and it puts
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syria in a posture where they they were in a race against against the us backed coalition the coalition was trying to seize rocka before syria could seize year olds or syria has won that battle and it speaks well for the future of reuniting syria and re-establishing the entire borders of syria. living on police and city. been facing harsh criticism after they advise women not to go running alone it's in response to a female jogger being raped in a local park peter all over as the story been a lot of criticism of the police force in leipzig for these comments not least of which coming from the mayor booker young the mare of leipzig there he slammed his
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own police force it follows on from the rape of a woman in a park on friday and now the woman who said to be in her fifty's was punched and kicked so hard in the face that she required emergency surgery when she was found police then said in response that women shouldn't go out alone to joke that they should jog in pairs and then followed that on with a quote when the run past someone look around to make sure that you are not about to be attacked well that prompted stern criticism from all across the media from people online in particular they said from the mayor of leipzig who said that women should be safe to be able to to run alone or however they want to run in the city's parks and around the city there he also followed on with this. the state's answer to suitable incident and two previous similar incidents must be to put more police on the streets and parks i have been calling for these four years. of issued
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a description of the man they're looking for in connection with that rape he said to be aged between twenty five and thirty five have dark hair and a short dark beard when it comes to the criticism though of the police force this isn't the first time german officials have come in for this sort of critique it came back in early twenty sixteen when the the mayor of cologne was savaged by the media after she said that women should remain an arm's length away from strange men when they're in public that was following the sex attacks that took place during new year's eve celebrations in the city of cologne there so it seems that the lights the police the latest to come in for criticism after what many have seen as a very insensitive way in an inadequate way to deal with this investigation into what seems to have been a particularly brutal attack a sexual attack on a woman in a park there. the russian president has said that tougher sanctions against north
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korea over its nuclear program are useless blatherer putin also believes that further escalations on the korean peninsula could lead to quote a global catastrophe he was speaking to media at the bric summit in china as kate partridge reports. it was a very comprehensive post summit conference by president putin but of course one of those key points was about north korea and north korea he took her with countries like libya and iraq where regime change had been opposed upon them and he believes that the north korean people are looking at that particular example and fear that threat of regime change being imposed upon them and he thinks that is the reason why that they're hanging on and they don't want to give up then you care tests if you. everyone remembers what happens with iraq and saddam hussein he stopped the production of weapons of mass destruction regardless under the pretext of searching for those weapons saddam himself was destroyed along side his family members. if
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you would in the country the first was noted and they remember that in north korea do you think that just because of sanctions north korea will forget its policy of creating weapons of mass destruction russia condemns those north korean actions we think they are a provocation then you could hear shouldn't because the north koreans as i told one of my colleagues yesterday would rather eat grass than give up on their nuclear program unless they feel safe president putin was pointing out that the u.s. response towards north korea has been sanctions are good as seems likely as well with yet more sanctions but president putin was it pains to point out that he feels that this is a dead end approach he doesn't back the need to rise asian all of the potential in fact he and president xi of china i mean very much against it saying that he was unacceptable but he believes that north korea will carry on regardless they want the militarization they want they need to rise sation of the financial and therefore they'll carry on regardless of sanctions so president putin think that's therefore it's a waste of time he also finds it illogical whereby russia and north korea have been
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put on the same sanctions this before and therefore didn't work and now the u.s. is saying that they want russia's help in trying to impose sanctions upon p.r. knowing really. it's absurd to put rusher on the same sanctions list alongside north korea and then ask us to help impose sanctions against new. of korea from the sanctions regime has hit a wall it is not effective but it is also to do with the humanitarian side of things no matter what we do to north korea north korea's actions will not change that millions of people will suffer president putin reiterated his policy and that of president here as well in that they believe the only way forward is through diplomacy and get around the negotiating table once again. or as the crisis on the korean peninsula escalates the u.s. envoy to the united nations has said north korea is begging for war on sunday pyongyang conducted its largest ever nuclear test the north's announcement that it
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detonated a hydrogen bomb the impact of which triggered an earthquake in the region prompted the u.n. security council to hold urgent talks he appeared to make little progress but the u.s. seeming to be at a loss on how to approach the situation the most of the words isn't unusual fog enough is enough i think enough is enough the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now time is short of action is required are countries patience is not unlimited the policy of strategic patience is over or is never something the united states wants the united states does not think conflict only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy all of our counterparts need to impose dissensions we will defend our allies and our territory the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies and indeed further to that america is said to continue
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deploying troops and weapons on the korean peninsula a top u.s. army official say it's to address the self destructive actions of north korea aircraft carrier strike group alongside specially equipped ships capable of intercepting mr ailes are there and it's topped off with a selection of planes and helicopters the military hardware will also be used in joint operations with the site korean navy there's iraq made a member of the u.k.'s horse of lords however believes such support is. i think this is not going to help peace on the korean peninsula because they really needs to be a diplomatic solution i think president putin is absolutely right and i think chinese are also looking for a diplomatic solution rather than raising tension militarily because the more we've seen in recent years the more military threats or rhetoric that is
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coming out of washington or south korea the response from the other side is not getting any we could at all and you know there are limited options that you can do and when you see country like north korea with nuclear weapons and all saw weapons capable of carrying these are. huge bombs then i think that people diplomats need to find a solution rather than military or russia and china offer there a solution to the hostilities but it won't see isn't it is hulu sort of the you know comprehensive settlement to the nuclear and other issues plaguing the korean peninsula can be arrived at so only through political and diplomatic channels we reiterate our readiness to help this process through the implementation of the initiative proposed by russia and china. china and russia have proposed an initiative for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula it is practical and
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feasible and aimed at easing the tensions and preventing further escalation and russia and china proposed what's being called a double freeze initiative it calls for north korea to stop its nuclear and ballistic missile testing in return the u.s. and south korea must halt their joint drills near north korea's territory however the u.s. dismissed the proposal. the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for free is insulting. when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an i.c.b.m. pointed at you you do not take steps to lower your guard no one would do that we certainly won't rush. civi un gave us his view on the escalation of tensions on the korean peninsula you can see the full and if you throughout the day on friday on sophie on co here on r t international sanctions unfortunately do not work first
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they ignore secondly they have been long time fact that of the certainly new set of sanctions may be not an invitation to the negotiating negotiating table but that of the new new further tests we facing on the political and diplomatic solution. of the chad and russia has already proposed even in july an action. to solve the crisis with an initiative on double suspension which was kind of distaste criticized by mickey haiti i don't know what she found so insulting in that then she is in that as she said if she has something better than the new sanctions maybe the united states could come up with it we would only welcome it. but exploring the other options open no two donald trump when it comes to north korea here's our tease and if you richard. the u.s.
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and north korea stuck in a behavioral rut neither seemed willing to back down it looks so bad you might think a third world war was imminent but surely no one wants that so how does the world tackle north korea what are the options while option number one twitter war. president trump has been dropping twitter bombs on pretty every occasion saying pyongyang is looking for trouble and threatening locked unloaded military solutions and south korea and i should point out that it's a u.s. ally is caught in the rhetorical crossfire question is how effective all of these twitter bombs there's no reaction except from kim parading more of his ballistic missiles and even saying he now has a hydrogen bomb on to the next strategy option number two. trade wars and sanctions the u.s. and u.n. security council have hit north korea with sanctions over and over again since two thousand and six and guess what they don't seem to care and to add more pressure
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the u.s. has been hinting at seizing all trade with any country that continues to do business with them the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions but how realistic would this be that means that approximately eighty countries would be affected and that's not to mention the economic consequences for the u.s. itself option three. the scariest of all which still exists actual all out war the us are the only party openly threatening a military response at the moment and it looks like they could find themselves alone in this fight other leaders have been clear about not wanting to go down this road. you've argued i have to answer no to that i do not see a military solution for north korea i cannot accept it america's closest ally the u.k. is saying that even a conventional war could potentially wipe out the korean peninsula we keep hearing
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about the need for diplomatic solutions yet we hardly see any progress to resolve the deadlock so where are we now back at the beginning it seems but surely there should be no limit on diplomatic efforts now dear tutor r.t. . russia could take the us to court over the situation concerning their diplomatic properties in san francisco new york and washington d.c. if you're going to use them are you sure our american counterparts didn't let russia use its property it's a violation of our property rights i will tell the foreign ministry to go to court how well the highly praised the dish you system in the us works. well tension has been building since last december when the obama administration expelled thirty five russian diplomats there was no immediate response from moscow but president trump extended sanctions against russia in july over alleged election meddling
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moscow responded by ordering the u.s. to cut its diplomatic staff in russia to the same amount of people that it was in america on thursday washington demanded russia if it kate its consulate in san francisco and two other diplomatic properties there or we discussed the issue with author and russia analyst martin mccauley person would say the property is in fact in their name and under american goal of the owner of property and they have the right to enter the property so therefore to be very interesting because it will be a diplomatic case. if they do go to court then perhaps the the u.s. government will have to defend its position and the power in the united states is between there's a triangle the supreme court congress and the president and if this goes to court he might even go higher that the supreme court might be actually asked to judge so
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therefore this is going to be a long drawn out affair and one would hope that in the meanwhile some other solution would be found. turning our attention to france where dozens of workers blockaded a persian car plant against the closure of a subsidiary parts maker police have been deployed there amid rising tensions. well the reason the jessamine workers are blocking this particular factory which is owned by p s n a is because it makes. cars and is one of the people that buy parts from g.s. and m. and jess and workers of saying that isn't giving it another support to keep its own factory open. in a lawsuit top ten now we have seen quite muscular divisions and tensions today as the c.r.s. this is the french special sources have come in to actually remove some of those
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workers from blockading the site and some of the tensions have been popple there these guys are unhappy more than unhappy and that's because their own factory down in lawsuits or any of the city of tools in central france has been in liquidation and under threat of closure since december two thousand and sixteen and they say that taking the fight outside their own factory isn't enough anymore in fact what we've seen from the last few months is that they have tried to here make their voices heard as loudly as possible including by setting tires ablaze outside their own factory setting traps and saying that they would even blow up their own factory if it does eventually close well they've taken the fight now to p s n a today and that has made some people the p.s. in a factory unhappy as well as the local mayor who's criticized that move now there is a court judgment due in two days' time but that could again be pushed forward into the future as we've seen many times in the past and what these guys are saying is
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they're just not happy they're taking action because they feel this is the only way that they can make their voices heard more than two hundred men are likely to lose their jobs because they still don't have any resolution to what's happening outside their factory and instead of keeping the fight now outside their factory they're taking the fight to other factories including p.s.a. the makers of persian citroen and that's because g.s. n n workers are. supply is a pushover and citron and they say that they want to call companies like that to consolidate and to confirm that they will make this in the future to help save their own factory. a fifteen year old pupil has been arrested following an attack at a school outside of moscow the suspect allegedly fired an ergo none through smoke grenades video has emerged from a classroom close to where the incident took place be aware you may find some of it disturbing.
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thank. god. the boy is believed to have spent a long time plumbing be it and even worn to other people's not to come into school on the day of the assault medina cochin of the reports from the scene. this is the school where the incident took place this morning located some thirty minutes away from the capitol in the moscow region now everything happened on the second floor of this building during a computer class when the room was full of teenagers and they see that one of their classmates opened the door and stepped into the room he took out an ear and fired directly at the teacher right after that there was a lot of panic and some children got so afraid that they jumped off from the window onto the street trying to escape as
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a result seriously injured and the teacher was injured as well all of them are hospitalized and we managed to talk to some teenagers and their family members to get a better understanding of what happened this morning when you posted on the internet about it would happen on the eleventh of september she warmed on the students not to come to school that day the children love the teachers and even the direct to no ball got. into the class and started to follow during the lesson. he was saying something like everyone on the floor i've come here to coo he's been planning this for a long time but we thought he was a joke right after the incidents the school. the
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following is a severe thunderstorm watch a mountain from the national weather service the national weather service has issued severe thunderstorm watch number effective until nine pm this watching clued the following county maryland and mercer new jersey and the following counties in pennsylvania burks bucks delaware montgomery and philadelphia and chesapeake bay north of fools island maryland remember a severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather clued in large hail and damaging winds and close to the watch area while severe may not be imminent persons should remain alert for rapidly changing weather conditions and listen for late statements and possible warnings stay tuned to no weather radio commercial radio and television outlets or internet sources for the latest severe weather information repeating severe thunderstorm watch number four eight zero has been issued until nine pm for the following county
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maryland in mercer new jersey and the following county pennsylvania birds books delaware montgomery and philadelphia and chesapeake bay north island maryland. well i actually looked at the poll it's a plurality it's thirty two percent of one poll but they forget there's always been a very strong strand in france probably about a third so this confirms it which thinks let's get the u.k. out of the e.u. and then we can go ahead with our plans for a for a for a federal europe for a united states of europe for european superstate with no be objecting so i would simply point out that currently there are nine countries that contribute to the e.u. budget and there are nineteen countries that contribute to the budget after the u.k. leaves they'll be just eight that contribute and we'll the second biggest contributor so so at such time as we leave or when we leave i should say i hope
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it's sooner rather than later. our contributions will will no longer be there and the and france will find itself having to pay more. poland's foreign minister said germany should pay his country up to one trillion dollars in world war two reparations over six million polish people including three million jews were killed during the course of the war and much of the country was devastated it's true it was attacked in one nine hundred thirty. that's never been properly addressed and the damage is should be paid as poland's material losses amounted to at least a trillion dollars we spoke to i'm gary from the duran dot com. the proximate reason though isn't really about the second world war it's about a more much more contemporary dispute that the german government is having with the polish government about e.u. so-called refugee quotas.


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