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tv   Headline News  RT  September 5, 2017 4:00pm-4:29pm EDT

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coming up on r t d p r k's the latest nuclear test has the world on edge we have the reaction from five world leaders and more from shaam in china. then as texans continue to deal with harvey's aftermath another threat develops we're monitoring the approaching category five hurricane. plus reaction to attorney general jeff sessions an ounce meant today that the trump administration will and the obama administration's deferred action for childhood arrivals program.
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hello there it's tuesday september fifth four pm in washington d.c. i'm on your car until you're watching our team america we begin this afternoon as five world leaders are gathered in sherman china for the ninth annual bric summit under normal circumstances the international relations conference which heavily focused on economic development but as artie's summoned over sario reports the focus has shifted to the ongoing military tensions in the region the hydrogen bomb test in north korea that rattled neighboring china and russia happened just hours before russian president vladimir putin touched down here in china ahead of the ninth annual brics summit now the nuclear test time somewhat overshadowed the true purpose behind the brics gathering where leaders from brazil russia india china and south africa meet to discuss economic development and bolstering emerging economies still there was always side talks at these summits and putin chinese president xi jinping wasted no time. i'm addressing north korea's actions together with other
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brics leaders they released this statement in the declaration saying we expressed deep concern over the ongoing tension and prolonged nuclear issue on the korean peninsula and emphasized that it should only be settled through peaceful means and direct dialogue of all the parties concerned now this is in contrast to actions the u.s. and its allies have taken since the nuclear test the u.s. south korea and japan are looking to exercise military options while here and we reached out to japanese president. urging a diplomatic solution and we spoke with russia's deputy foreign minister here who said that this military pressure has failed in the past it's a very delicate moment old responsibility restraint is needed on the part is having said that once again we deplore the illegal. missile technology. missile launches that nuclear device. by
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north korea as the bric summit wraps up here in sherman eyes turn to russia where putin will be meeting with south korean president at the eastern economic forum that's wednesday and thursday north korea is also sending a delegation to the conference no word yet on whether the north and south plan to hold talks there as well reporting from china cmon dollars ario r.t. the un security council met this week to discuss uncertainties circulating out of pyongyang but as are reports some claim leader kim jong un's moves are exactly in line with what he's been proposing all along it's the tenth time this year the u.n. security council has never part of the threats coming out of north korea according to u.s. ambassador to the hailing kim jong un's actions cannot be seen as defense of kim jong un shows no such understanding his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is. bag for war according to haley the u.s.
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does not want to go to war but also cautions the country's patience is not unlimited here she's alluding that the u.s. will defend itself when north korea issues threats with missiles pointed at u.s. territories. but an article from the washington post points out that pyongyang actions have been clearly telegraphed the author refers to a statement from the official korean news agency it said the army's top missile unit was drafting a plan to create an enveloping fire. well a plan would be sent to kim who would then make a decision mid-month and as you can see in these photos of kim burning ear to ear the agency reported on august fifteenth that he went to see the missile unit's leaders to review the plan and on the heels of the joint south korean military exercises on august twenty first the news agency quoted cam as saying he would keep an eye on the foolish and stupid yankees seen these annual exercises as a pretext for an invasion and fired intermediate range ballistic missiles allegedly
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capable of reaching guam just two days before the end of the exercises when u.s. followed suit by way of sending another fighter jets and still planes on a bombing near south korea's border with north korea on the final days of the drills and the article cites several warnings from kim new years kim said his rocket scientists were in the final stages preparing for a launch as was carried out back on july fourth and the u.s. is taking notice on sunday u.s. defense secretary james mattis said any threat to the united states or its territories will be met with a massive military response it's a serious warning yet again pyongyang north such warnings before it washington and sweets are team. this area an army has officially broken the islamic state three year long siege of terrorist or anything and syria russia's defense ministry says the now imminent liberation of thirty is a major blow to the terror group in the country russia has been providing air
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support for the ongoing offensive artie's. has more on the latest development in syria this is of course the long awaited news on the and of the dare is sore blockade we were waiting for the confirmation and first we got it from damascus we saw a tweet from the syrian president he congratulated his soldiers of course a very important day for the syrian army and for the whole of syria and just about an hour and a half ago we got the news from the russian defense ministry there saying that it happened and this was the point when we started to realize how dramatic this military operation was thanks to bits of information that was coming from the russian army we understand that as the syrian army was making some rapid advancements towards their. had to regroup somehow to obtain some sort of new positions that are of strategic importance there and then came the caliber
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cruise missile launches bother watch an army that were launched from the frag admiral in the mediterranean and these strikes were very important because they destroyed a number of things that were crucial for islamic state their hideouts their underground tunnels artillery units and military depos but of course some terrorists on the ground were killed as well and that is very important because everything counts in this crucial battle now besides this i can tell you that when according to the russian military the syrian troops were advancing in order for this not to happen in order for the blockade to remain. a islamic state sent dozens of car bomb vehicles towards them and these were also wiped out in the wash and strikes so really this is the drama and thus of course you can see the celebrations that are happening when the syrian troops that were coming from
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damascus and the ones that remain trapped in their resort were reuniting so just take a look at how happy these people were no no no. no . no. to these are the soldiers the people with weapons celebrating but you do realize after three years of blockade how much of a relief this is for the locals the civilians that have been trapped in their resort using support strike by russian aircraft and cruise missiles syrian government forces. who positions and broke the siege on the city of president units of the syrian army are expanding on the breakthrough and are engaged in street
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fighting to liberate the areas held by terrorists the crushing defeat of ice in the dairies all region and liberation of the city will be a major strategic defeat of the terrorists in syria if we look at the news from the front line i mean these are the things that were coming every day every week from syria one town being taken another town being given away but if you really look at the map the syrian army have been making some very serious advancements in that part this is where the dare is or province borders the halmos province and this is not just some village or some talents just really important and again bear in mind that here we're talking about three years. a siege we're talking about aid food medical supplies the only way for these things to be delivered inside the city was through air drops so that's why these things are very important and here's a reminder for you of the day resort scenes all together.
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to get. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for berks county in eastern pennsylvania lehigh county in eastern pennsylvania southeastern carbon town t. in northeastern pennsylvania western northampton county in eastern pennsylvania until five pm at four o eight pm a severe thunderstorm was located near warner's ville for eight miles west of reading moving northeast at twenty miles per hour hazard sixty miles per
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hour wind gusts and penny size hail source radar indicated impact expects damage to trees and power lines locations impacted include allentown redding easton lee heighten bethlehem emmaus wyomissing northampton wilson hometown nazareth palm cuts down jim thorpe hammered it's leading to fleetwood sinking spring laurel beale and moment stores for your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has issued until five pm for the following to be used in pennsylvania birds carbon lehigh and northampton. but he wants to give credit to for example the syrian army or the russians but the fact of the matter is that in this situation it's very black and white the good guys in this scenario where the syrian army and its allies and the bad guys were isis and another reason as victory as possible is because the syrian army and its
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allies weren't able to focus on the years or and weren't busy trying to defeat other rebels the rebels in east aleppo for example have been defeated and so these hearing government was able to divert its resources and actually give deers or the attention it needed how does the islamic state able to hold a seizure over the country for so long you alluded to that somewhat because the syrian army was distracted for so long but what happened to civilians there as far as we know. well civilians were basically cut off from everything and they could only get supplies through airdrops and for a while the air drops have to had to stop because isis was shooting at airplanes or had taken over areas of the airport where they were helicopters were able to land there was a or it's been a really really difficult situation for civilians as your opening reporter has
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stated but also with isis this is coming on the heels of isis collapsing everywhere so it specially in iraq and iraq the border between iraq and syria was a huge gateway for isis to bring in both forces and weapons and now to that isis is collapsing and various areas across iraq especially near the syrian border it's increasingly difficult for isis to get the reinforcements it's needs and it's essentially surrounded at this point so it was able to hold off the siege because at this point isis is just there's too many forces stacked against it and we should note it was less than a year ago i believe the u.s. accidentally they say bombed syrian forces fighting isis right there in paris or meanwhile though rania the u.s. is battling isis in syria and they're defacto capital rocka what can you tell us about this fight is it different from the battle over there is or.
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about iraq as much different because there's so many people involved you've got the u.s. involved you have the u.s. backed forces which are the syrian democratic forces which is essentially just another name for the syrian p.k. group the kurds in syria and you've also got the syrian army involved and syrian allied forces involved and so it's a very complex fight with people on different sides essentially trying to defeat isis but also getting in each other's way and the u.s. in this situation is basically trying to use the battle and rocko to try and. basically land grab for the forces the kurdish forces and the backing so it can have some sway in syria and perhaps even split syria fascinating while now assad is clearly one and the goal of removing him seems are from power seems impossible why is the u.s. in syria and what exactly is the strategy. so
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the u.s. is in syria because it wants leverage in the region and i mean syria is basically the epitome of how the us has losing the region because it lost really badly in syria it has almost no leverage and one of the reasons that wants to have leverage so badly is because at this point eric is adversaries in this region have one iran and hezbollah and the syrian government and this is the big nightmare scenario for the us is these different forces that basically are against u.s. interests in the region against israeli interests being able to have a land bridge to one another and so the u.s. is remaining in the region the whole purpose of that is to try and stop these forces from being able to work together more fluidly which is basically how it's going to be from now on you brought up israel recently you published a report at alter net from your time in syria titled how
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a free syrian army unit uncovered the rebels israeli connection and switched sides that's a pretty hot scoop rania can you briefly explain what happened and why it's significant . well this is sort of been an open secret for many years now which is the israeli support for the rebels in the golan heights and the rebels in the golan heights are dominated by this road which is all it is affiliate in syria so essentially the israelis have been supporting acting in a supportive role towards. on their border on the you know the the border with the golan heights and initially there was a group of people group of syrians who had defected from the syrian army enjoying some of these rebel factions called the f.s.a. and they actually ended up defecting from the f.s.a. back to syrian government forces after they learned of this collaborationist relationship between the f.s.a. forces of the border that essentially turn into another and the israelis and for
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them in the know the golan heights is an area that's still occupied by the israelis and they're from the golan heights so this is like there was this was the big big red line and we don't work with the israelis so for several years now they've been actually working back with the national defense forces in syria which is like a paramilitary organization that's allied with the government forces and they have their own for gays and units and one of the brigade commanders in the golan heights was actually killed a few months ago in an assassination by illness and five days later the israelis are buried five days later led a tack of rebel attack against these forces after they killed their leader and this was the first time that the israelis actually gave direct air cover to these jihadist groups to this for a lead attack and it was a really intense spears battle and the they didn't win but the israelis targeted several different syrian army and syrian army. bases and groups and so the
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point is that there is this relationship that isn't often discussed but it's pretty open at this point and it's really it's a dirty game the israelis are playing at the border but i suppose it's also a game the u.s. isn't playing in syria since the beginning viewers can see more of your reporting on alter net's gray zone project we appreciate your reporting from there ronny and also your time this afternoon your evening thanks so much. this morning attorney general jeff sessions announced the trumpet ministration will end the obama era executive order known as deferred action for childhood arrivals or dhaka he called the program which has provided sanctuary from deportation for nearly eight hundred thousand young immigrants quote an unconstitutional exercise of authority ahead of this decision several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the white house right now to hear the announcement and the reality that this is something that is devastating for our community we want to make sure that people
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understand the impact this having we're talking about over a million people it's mostly it's back up but also their style their executive orders to be the impact that some are talking about people who are my age and younger are about to lose everything is very important for us to remember that dreamers are everywhere i mean we are doctors we are nurses we are teachers we are community organizers that are truly trying to make this country a better place and the fact that this would be taken away and we could get deported would just completely terror life support i really do believe the majority of americans support a permanent solution to be would have to put action to an immigrant community as a whole and you know i think republicans have came out in support from speaker ryan to senator mccain senator flake center tillis and i was the democratic party overwhelming support such a permanent solution to this moral cause that we're fighting for. following this in an announcement participated smarts to the department of justice and u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement buildings while in new york hundreds of
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immigration rights protesters rallied in front of trump tower according to the n.y.p.d. thirty four demonstrators were arrested the trump of ministration is slated to leave the program in place for another six months allowing some time for congress to find a legislative solution before the government stopped renewing permits for dreamers . while texas is still recovering from hurricane harvey and will be for some time weeks to come now officials are turning their attention to yet another storm which could possibly be more dangerous or to correspondent tradition of it is following that for us trinity what do we know. as being called a catastrophic hurricane it is now it has intensified into a category five hurricane with maximum winds of one hundred eighty miles per hour there is only been three category five storms to ever hit the u.s. there was an unnamed hurricane to hit in one thousand nine hundred nine hundred thirty eight hurricane camille in one thousand six hundred nine and hurricane andrew one thousand nine hundred ninety two hurricane irma is already the strongest
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hurricane ever to be recorded outside of the caribbean and the gulf of mexico and it's likely to make landfall somewhere in florida in this coming weekend many florida residents are already preparing for the worst stocking up on things like bread and water stores are already selling out all the stuff with harvey i mean that's that's kind of the extent of the problems that they've had there in the polls we've had you know more storms here not that long ago. we got hit pretty good before so people were doing what i do. generator on amazon and should be coming on friday also some you know dry foods and stuff like that i think right now it's a little bit too early to tell but it's a good time to be repaired. the storm is life threatening for the united states including puerto rico the u.s. the british virgin islands and the the medical republic haiti cuba and the southeastern bahamas the u.s. weather center anticipates arma total devastation. the water.
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it was it was like. it was like a nightmare today is the first time i've really broken. and i feel like i need this i need to talk to. i need to get it out. because we're strong. we're going to make it we're going to pull up our big girl panties and move on. we have no insurance. none. flood insurance was just too expensive homeowner's is not going to cover anything but maybe sewage back up which we had. and that's extremely difficult to listen to according to there are approximately four hundred thirty thousand claims for aid and nearly fifty four thousand people are currently staying in government funded hotel rooms the president has asked for an additional seven point nine billion dollars to add
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to the theme of a fund to help victims recover absolutely horrifying trinity charges reporting in new york thank you so much. thank you and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash our team america also check out our web site r.t. dot com slash america you can always follow me on twitter on your current bill quick reminder our t. can now be found on direct in vietnam three to one question will. all the world. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties aren t. american play r.t. america offer much more r t america personally. and many ways to use the landscape just like you do you really use big news good actors bad actors i mean you could
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never your all. so the park and all the world's a stage all the world all the world's a stage we are. hillary clinton recently tweeted a link promoting a new social media platform called verity dot com and it has kicked off in the most hillary clinton is way over there it is a sort of twitter where users are able to put together a little quotes or factoids or other small bits in other words more useless noise that random people can put together instead of living their lives or you know doing
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something that actually contributes to society instead they can spend their time making little cards on various dot com a new social media platform because that's what we need right more social media which is doing nothing but dividing us right now and to further drive the point home that there is just another device of two and it's the tagline is actually media for this sixty five point eight million meaning it's a media platform only for hillary clinton voters meaning those who didn't vote for clinton are not welcome this is coming from the woman who said she was about being stronger together mind you this is the woman who said she's about unity and love not hate and divisiveness this is the incredibly divisive social media platform that woman is now backing whose tag line is we're only for clinton voters others can see. the funniest part about this we're new site is that each little card a user makes comes with an authentication code in the corner each card it says very
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dot com authentication code one two three four five six seven or whatever the number is and that is the course to make people feel better that the information is not fake news but it's authentic and has been vetted by various unseen overlords like you can trust this stupid little quote and. sure because we verify it's true we being these faceless gods behind this website god actually behind a website is actually petered out a guy who worked on clinton's campaign he's supposed to be some sort of guru for digital politics which is what makes this last part of the story so funny because we're right outside clinton promoted verite this site got hit by a d.d. o. s. attack it got taken down with right by hackers immediately so the new social media platform made by one of clinton's digital gurus does nothing but let clinton voters spend more of their time spewing out suppose it vetted hate and it got hacked
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immediately yep sounds exactly like the social media platform i'd imagine coming from her. job market and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't expect will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. please.
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please please. call the feeling of freedom. everyone in the world should experience to lead our lives and you'll get on the old the old. the old according to just. welcome to my world come along for the ride. home and walk off selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles but still the few socks credit tell you that stubby gossip the tabloids by files of the most important news today. often advertising telling you are not cool enough and wants to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our.


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