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exactly what north korea's internal great leader style power structure has been built upon since the nineteen fifties in the korean war and for a student wonder stands the real history of the united states you can't exactly blame them remember it was the united states in the soviet union who split the country into along the thirty eighth parallel remember it was the us who slaughtered an estimated one fifth of north korea's entire population through carpet bombing during that war which still technically hasn't ended. fear is what has kept kim jong un and his family in power fear is what the us military industrial complex relies on fear is why nuclear weapons even exist and fear will bring us all into world war three unless we start watching the whole. world know. the. real thing which. lies
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at the bottom. with the like you not i got. the complete. with. the. world the watch the large trial to roll them to and i am top of the wallet five world leaders are gathered in shopmen china for the ninth annual bric summit under normal circumstances the international relations conference would heavily focus on economic development but as our teams summoned hours are reports the focus has shifted to ongoing military tensions in the region the hydrogen bomb test in north korea that rattled neighboring china and russia happened just hours before russian president vladimir putin touched down here in china ahead of the ninth annual bric summit now the nuclear test has somewhat overshadowed the true purpose behind the
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brics gathering world leaders from brazil russia india china and south africa meet to discuss economic development and bolstering emerging economies still there is always side talks at these summits and putin chinese president xi jinping wasted no time addressing north korea's actions together with other brics leaders they released this statement in the declaration saying we express deep concern over the ongoing tension and prolonged nuclear issue on the korean peninsula and emphasized that it should only. through peaceful means and direct dialogue of all the parties concerned this is in contrast to actions the u.s. and its allies have taken since the nuclear tests the us south korea and japan are looking to exercise military options while here and reach down to japanese president. urging a diplomatic solution and we spoke with russia's deputy foreign minister here who said that this military pressure has failed in the past very delicate moment old
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responsibility. needed parties having said that once again we deplore the illegal. missile technology. missile launches that nuclear device. by north korea as the brics summit wraps up here in. russia where putin will be meeting with south korean president at the eastern economic forum that's wednesday and thursday north korea is also sending a delegation to the conference no word yet on whether the north and south of there as well reporting from china. north korea. over the over the holiday weekend here in the united states where do we go. question on everyone's mind is where. well that's i think it's not a game i think there is no in the game everybody thinks well who is going to fix
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north korea and who's going to fix this you can't do it through sanctions i think that's ludicrous and to pretend as if you know one country that you're sanctioned as opposed to put sanctions on another country. never does anything just if you if anybody can remember the part of that time when sanctions actually worked and made everything great and human rights improved in a place because they said well you can choose from france please let me know please read on our facebook page watching the hawks but i don't think about how ben so this is another one where. it's great to get out there and get out swinger so we're going to sit around but i don't know that it's actually doing any. you know what's interesting is is. bricks for russian president vladimir putin had told reporters that you know ramping up military hysteria is a worse move to to you know sort of sanctions on one hand or you got you know the hysteria you know hysterics over military and interesting point while he said that and m.l.a. friendship quote all the the and i all the american press and all c.n.n.
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and m s n b c in fact to talk about all the press was that you know a comment he made about whether or not trump is not a variety and or husband that was literally all they could they could or that's about when there's actual real world consequences and war could begin and people will die people are already starving and. what's also important thing he said well when i ride the president. quote it could lead to a global planetary catastrophe and a huge loss of human life there's no other way to solve the north korean nuclear issue save that peaceful dialogue yes all you can do is have a peaceful dialogue that's really because you know all reports that we get from the inside of north korea is that as i said earlier their whole kind of system of government in this kind of you know great leader style system of government is built on the fear of united states and the you know that's it and you have
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generations who have grown up in the us where they don't know anything about the outside world and they they know what they've been told that's why we can sit and laugh and it's so fun to just like make a joke out of north korean people only can have three different haircuts ha ha ha no these people have been living under this some of them don't you have people who don't even know really what the rest of the world as you're saying like there are people who you look at a picture of pyramids they have no idea what you're talking but they don't exist as you're talking about a cult of. you know it's very cult like it was in white were horrible horrible things happened we were carpet bombing them and under that can you can understand why a certain amount of seclusion starts to take place and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger when asked about why north koreans are so adamant about holding on to their their weapons is there was an author south korean native suki kim who had taught children in of north korean sort of elites so she had this inside view of a place like that and she said there's quote there's literally nothing else they
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can rely on the fact they're a nuclear power is the only reason anyone will begin. with them at this point it's their survival regime change is what they fear that's what the whole country is built on dehumanizing the people making them pawns of another game and using all of those people and that fear came to the only person using most people in the united states is now in the game of using the north koreans us pawns in political game and that's a part where you have to just stop you do you do. this weekend a site no one had heard hide nor hair of china and claimed that they were they were hit by a major denial of service attack within hours of an endorsement by former candidate for president hillary rodham clinton who tweeted quote i'm excited to sign up for a verite media platform for the sixty five point eight million will you join up and something to what what is very well according to them there it collects and good to
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know where the facts stats and quotes for politically engage seditions each there it is the verified item of information marked with a seven digit identification code who exactly are these sixty five point eight million that would be the people who voted for hillary in the general election and a reference to her winning the popular vote and making sure the rest of voters who didn't get in line and back hillary know exactly how much they mean. queen region of the d.n.c. you only need to see the kinds of facts verite is going to be preaching to their own choir within a day of launch a big can textual eyes the facts of the election for us saying quote so under islam the mainstream media helped put trump in the white house this isn't a news site or an independent fact checker this is a marketing for hillary clinton and her book it's more excuses and pats on the back for a democratic party that failed its members donors at every voter in the united states
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by refusing to accept its own complete lack of self-awareness you know find it fascinating one of the big accusations of the you know probably is you don't really disagree with one of the big dark years asians that's the kind of level that like trump in the republican ideology of the republican side of the country is that they only you know live and breathe their own news cycle right on their that was all probably like north korea only not so much news and you only live in your little town and you only listen to certain things right and so this is going to only the only thing that you get now i see the democrat side always the liberal side of things going the exact same thing we're going to create our own site with our own or our own statistics and we're going to verify them so now you know it's true for our way of thinking right i mean that's basically just that's so in yourself. that's creating and selling yourself your own right and this is what happens i
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think what you see it is a lot of people that have been within the clinton dynasty as it's called for so long one of the bigger problems i see is that you have people who have failed to get something done failed to do their job very well who suddenly come out of the clinton dynasty like well i'm really great she lost twice and i'll tell you what's funny about this is peter dowd the c.e.o. of verite actually served as the internet director for hillary clinton during her two thousand and eight campaign. a campaign by the same one which obama's internet was miles ahead of her and credited pretty much for one m. election and adding twenty or thirty million dollars thirty million people to the voter rolls it is in fame that this guy is out there trying to make a buck off this really really. what's crazy is when you break down like the policies of the site when you really get it because there are claims that the fact checking and contextualizing. means blood there are
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a couple of major problems with that. number one is that there is nothing radical or innovative about their system they post you know their post basically quotes the image formats that can. put on your page and there was verification members and you know and it's from sources that they trust their sources that they choose to deem like ok this is a legitimate source or anything about following mainstream news media is that it's next to impossible to find like you know three newspapers or three internet sites that all tell the same story and they don't think. that it's crazy and they don't date their post still date like they're you know like the tweet was that they're referencing the references but they don't bait their own posts of listeners putting it that's absolutely ridiculous it's crazy and that this is the thing with this that i find there's two little things i just want to say is one of the verge actually called i think put it in perspective really well you said the site is the
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blue maga hat of web site and it's no different than you know any of the bright parts or whatever one of the things i thought was interesting is that peter dow has been going on this tweet storm ever since it happened just calling about the haters spectators they're coming for us this was all about hillary supporters they were just being marginalized they were marginalize yeah ok they don't ever see oh yeah that was the thing the one thing is that it hasn't been reading frenzy over very it's. launches proof why it needs to exist but remember this is all in caps so we should be yelling at there is no thanks to a we in the media. there's no science for media for hillary voters. no one loves hillary i'm. all right go to break or courtrooms don't forget to let us know what you think of. facebook and twitter still full shows at our t. dot com and we are excited to announce that you can now watch watching the hawks
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and all of your favorite r t america shows on t.v. channel three two one coming up we present the second half of our interview with writer and poet adele ben artie's truly chavez brings us a tale of two hurricanes stay to watch. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us exactly it's the law in austin the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same. apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love jack tonight president of the world bank so he doesn't really mean it seriously send us an e-mail. years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly
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love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have better live better and i think they are and turning whenever my my baby says my book was published in the year two thousand more than home for a million americans have been killed by firearms in the us. yes we did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see. i decided to return to the subject to track down who i'd met those years ago i don't know this but we are not. new to the game this is how. the economy is built around.
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washington or washington. voters elected to businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. without a doubt poverty and a collector social ills that cross cultural borders and hit no hard no matter what
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your race or creed and yet diverse pockets of society face starkly different realities when it comes to dealing with hardship i do want to fidel is an author a poet a community activist who knows firsthand the tough reality of life in inner city baltimore earlier he joined our show to discuss the nuances of class and race in his community as well as how his work seeks to inspire young adults by showing them the beauty and the struggle. like not for ability because he was a it was a majority white school and. there's white there's right he was basically getting upset because we was always talking about you know the conversation was based around like blackness and he was like you know like my family grew up poor to you know my family poor right now you know and we time them right you know we get there you get i'm sorry and we sympathize with everybody this is our struggle and i'm not trying to negate chores and then valencia said you know why porn is is not sexy
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enough for the world is not sexy enough for the media so that's why you are you know all right sheryl you are issues i care about which are you going to and i care about anybody that's suffered from oppression any group of people which is complex and there is. the reason why your story isn't given the coverage like how black people stories are because she just said it is not sexy enough you know for the media for the world to look at you give them some. earlier you know white people can complain all i was on board the plane all they want but there's still a level of respect that you're going to get in at least the united states that a person of color is not going to get if they're coming out of a similar situation or you. and if they're coming from a rich background this level of understand earlier you know as an educator you see first hand how police violence racism the election system politics the
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media all of this is negatively impacted. young people across this country living in poverty what should we be doing to mitigate the trauma on emotional a the we're seeing caused by the system that we live under while still fighting to dismantle how do we balance those two things. like i always say it's not one. but i believe. with skills that you have like you know what i've got you here so where you are right today ya know we got so you know they can get someone else their price so we need to take our skills and pass them on to the youth i don't just say you know if somebody come to you like you know. have it in him in days i'm starving and you say you know just wait you know he got you like this just keep ranting. where you've got
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a whole pantry full of food that's criminal you get i'm saying give them food right if somebody said that they want to get you they want to get in the media you're going to try to find if you can do it then direct them to someone like me and you know we do our thing through literacy we get kids excited about it's teachers that come out time to say you our kids have to read anything all you want to but we you know show them your work and they love it you know they still copies of the book from school and i do this shows that my book need to be a requirement because they are still in the crucible you know going to mean it's the end of. you get them say and we have friends that want to be best friends his name is tom he's a personal trainer he get paid. several days a week he does free. work out for the people and maybe who can afford it you going to. you know he's one of the people who he collected cameras that he give to you for you get thousands of dollars from organizations and get those cameras and give
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them to you've given us. that they don't have to spin or entrepreneur you know shit journey so take your skills and just pass when you can how you know one aspect you know in other ways doing that but i think that's because it's one thing you can give someone you know a loaf of bread you could give someone you know for work or better better for you can give someone a fish or starving but it's actually more helpful to teach them how to fish for them and there have been a very well you can share and give all you want but it's better also themselves everybody here so you can get your own you know about it it's really important. what is the beauty and the struggle that keeps. you focused on that because you can right there is there is something about it when you don't grow up with things and you know when things are perfect i find that those of us who have gone through whatever we've gone through that that struggle or whatever it is
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brings us together what's the beauty of this trouble free. i was say it's the people it's the people you know absent i know people who friends you know on a same people saddam mothers overdose at the scene. all of these things you get him . into all of his heart you know people still found time to smile and laugh and have fun i feel like death the type of energy that i need to be around you get i'm saying people would have been through they've been suffering since they'd been five years old. and they still find a smile and still find time to lead again i'm saying when somebody out probably would have been blew their brains out by now so it's the people are going to sound even been around my my family. they crazy you can assign but as genuine you know you don't have to worry about them going behind your back or them having a secret motive because they love little conny not. going to say i don't care about
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the newspaper feature you know excited about it but don't care about none of it like my father told me yesterday he was like breaking down he's going to ask. you know if you aspire in a nation of people or not you're going to say so instead genuine and that's what i want to be around i don't want to go to l.a. and i got it you know look over my shoulder every five minutes is see who really for me and who will not you not want to be. my space again i'm saying you know one day i hope that we can make like one of those big cities you know because there's a lot of local celebrities and bottom line people get excited when they see students get excited when they see me as a rapper name young move as a rabbi name scola they get excited when they see the when they see them and you get i'm saying what if we can just stay here and not just go over in the alley or just run anywhere else across the country we could stay here and we can be celebrities here and we can give back here and we can just travel and do work places but keep all of the love and energy here beautiful thank you so much for
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coming on and. having me around actually after. the devastation wrought by hurricane harvey on houston is still all too real for many texans families and already another hurricane may be headed for the united states this time it's hurricane arma gaining power over the western atlantic as of barrels full speed ahead southern florida and cuba according to hurricane watchers or may be the most devastating storm to hit florida the infamous hurricane andrew one thousand nine hundred ninety two residents on the ground are preparing even as their fellow victims in texas are coming back home to find rest of them a destructuring me shocking reality when it comes to insurance coverage for more of these stories artie's. reports. erma is being called a catastrophic hurricane it has now intensified into a category five hurricane with maximum winds to one hundred eighty miles per hour it's already the strongest hurricane ever to be recorded outside of the caribbean
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and the gulf of mexico and it's likely to make landfall somewhere in florida over this coming weekend many florida residents are already preparing for the worst stocking up on things like bread and water stores already selling out all the stuff with harvey i mean that's the. problem. you know or or storms here not that long ago. before so people were. generator on amazon should be coming on friday. you know dry foods and stuff like that i think right now it's a little bit too early to tell but it's a good time to be here the storm is life threatening for the united states including puerto rico the british virgin islands the dominican republic haiti cuba and the southeastern bahamas the u.s. weather center anticipates erma to maintain category four intensity throughout the next five days although right now it is too early to predict exactly how the
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hurricane will impact the continental u.s. states of emergencies have already been declared in puerto rico the u.s. virgin islands and all of florida but while hurricane harvey have moved on from texas the aftermath will still be felt for months to come officials confirmed at least sixty three deaths now more than a hundred thousand homes have been destroyed many have lost absolutely everything some have returned to their home to find all of their belongings destroyed by the storm and since most of the homes affected by harvey do not have flood insurance residents are absolutely devastated total devastation. so. it was it was like. it was like a nine. me here. today is the first time i've really broken. and i feel like i need this i need to talk. i need to get it out. because we're
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strong. we're going to make it we're going to pull up our big girl panties in the move on. we have no insurance. none. of flood insurance was just too expensive homeowner's is not going to cover anything but maybe sewage back which we had according to a few mother are approximately four hundred thirty thousand claims for female aid and nearly fifty four thousand people are currently staying in government funded hotel rooms the president has also asked for an additional seven point nine billion dollars to add to the seamless fund to help victims recover reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . and now some good news out of something that was dark this week or virus that scourge of central america the left expecting mothers in terror and struck hard at the tourism industry lifeblood of the region see because defining feature was its ability to jump from the bloodstream into the brain attacking brain stem cells like
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almost no other microbe can usually that has meant babies arriving into the world of severe cases of microsoft and a wide array of neurological disorders but now that may all be changing as a team of scientists at u.c. san diego have discovered a way to harness the deadly virus to attack a real blastoma the notoriously hard to treat type of brain cancer cells the team is already succeeded in treating mice with brain cancer by exposing their tumors to zico now the only challenge ahead remains modifying the virus to make it safe enough for a human brain but still deadly enough to cure cancer who are going on an upswing or going on our. show now with a little out of all this darkness there's always something that comes out and. shows us that right thank goodness i don't remember every one of those will. tell you all i love you i am tired. of the wall as keep on watching those hawks and i
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have a great day and night everybody. how bad can it get how low can russia u.s. relations go at this point it's anyone's guess but one thing is for sure donald trump's call for better relations is now dead in the water. basile uno dubrovnik and venice are all fix travel destinations so it must be nice to live in a research. group. rather you. go crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life to them and hopefully before this on the celestial get out of the loop through all such of the traditional story some nuts comes my name somebody yes you don't ask me that is my money into a school my days
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a month on my feet while the city's tried desperately not to collapse a powerful corporations collect the profit of you should only food what you put to the supper will probably be global in the coffee cup the dollar you economy in the bush was up to the oem sobs knock up the supposed to me about your daughter and it followed up my daughter's. bio treat her. as a tourist phobia fulfill phone tone identity. on moscow with. mark zuckerberg at facebook. arguing about artificial intelligence is going to destroy the world must says maybe you will mark zuckerberg has already destroyed the world so why does he care let's find out all.
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of them i talk to. riyadh all dennis ross for. cutest body of his body it will point the love up this is the idea of this sort of feel pokey want to be with you but being the full equal. the seam on going all the. the bit in the butt is of the good. side much good it. is to some muscle fissures and means that you settle on the cement she wanna. be. called
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dishonesty so. close to liberation the syrian army recaptures a large fortified area in the city of did is all finally breaking a three year long siege by islamic state backed by the russian military also in syria even fuses damascus of using chemical weapons on civilians in italy province back in april this year that's according to a new report from the world body. the russian president says mounting pressure on point pyongyang will not solve the north korea crisis putin held talks with his south korean counterpart a beast an economic forum in russia's far east lets not be true even by emotion and .


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