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center must form in its combustion yet. on the plane into the would only come in then washing with us the double nickel to solve them a vision. probably a globe on the thought coffee cup at home in the bushes up her own sobs in our caucus suppose it's in the in the to toss me still young a minister that's to send them to their own interest as only one language can govern and some that was sufficient have a management of almost finished months of drought comic a kind of organ these artists keep post on the ng and these i'm such a tour are neck and neck a kind of star in the us and in the on the other hand these. but what if the city no longer exists as a communal place for its inhabitants if it increasingly becomes a travel destination with global marketing potential what sort of inhabitants would the city then. either i'm not as missing something valuable probably a cultist to not sell something about them will probably. not but i will mentor by
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you will need this in the last ten minutes if not tonight to make you not accepting the delegates a call to the. reality. that it's economy but it's a tough. was designed to stress results dubrovnik is suffering a brain drain the exodus of qualified workers and notice their skills are simply no longer in demand. but some take a different view of the changes in dubrovnik. body are going to not yet run on the shit you lot and i do you found that when you told all about the fun of it especially when you come out of it i skimmed on armor i thought it was a good day and i wanted to do them yet i'm not gonna get me through the break he wanted to decrease the nitish it was beautiful and i don't want to try to get the simply abused up not to be touching for a minute you only for the night will. disappoint you know from an airplane and it was you. well it's not that much going on that you might be doing this just let
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this go to what would it be like that i did not you came up to us and them our lives to set up a room business in dubrovnik with an escape route in which visitors have an hour to solve a puzzle and adventure game inspired by the game of thrones series. almost a snare which it does actually says will follow me and i didn't feel a beat that is to do all that but does one man lead usually and i didn't cheat which. one is we both will believe it but it should bless the united states but it's there because it is they are a wonder that you can see it. now twenty six year old diana hopes for a lot of tourists so she can make money with her idea please i'm definitely my mom was the i'm going to die just now men as much missing as melkus that. what would
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happen that i think was like a good enough was that the paper mill puts the sun on monday night and i'm the boss and i feel it. up with smoke at the time you can help another motorist. the city is an exception there are jumps here across the country a third of young people are unemployed in dubrovnik though tourism has completely disrupted social and economic strength jobs the tourist guide here in the northern a professor a cleaner more than a teacher who can blame young people from wanting to be on the winning side. just because of a fetish of going on the you have to find keep it indeed i spy on boys as much as though but only because i'm going to have them across to coca-cola. yet but i know what all the others company mirasol to get out i'll see it took longer that he may do it on the eco call a proposal i get out of the soil was almost zero judgment. it's me but on the
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morrow i'll see it tonight as it would endorse a career choice and he or she was going to always. get a magic analysis. cola culture as a souvenir memories of the city merged with the brand what sucked woods to enterprise to brush nick. leverage off but i. didn't talk about numbers it took a boat. forward. but whose power is it how self determined can the city remain that increasingly sells itself the danger of being controlled by international investors and consortium's is great. but it's also in the nature of democratic cities that the citizens fight back. the venetians who remain are not giving up without a fight. they've been blocking the judaica canal now for two hours preventing three
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cruise ships from leaving. politicians scientists and citizens action groups have been arguing for five years about alternative concepts for cruise tourism but so far without success. the idea of a dot but i would find out though is i mean they're going to like it that it can be ott very very noisy here to murder sheep ya finance that's your nap got it in out your my bird whale go to can get up and up up up and i mean to comment on. that and. it looks like a battle between david and goliath between a few activists and all powerful corporation. they stop rolled and reap the profits
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and tax the supply coming. out of. it. because if you. get. through. your. life and. the travel companies sell the passage through the lagu as a cruise highlight. they still cool with then this if they had to sail around the city what consequences would it have for the private company of d.t.p. . questions the port authority cool down south but they didn't want to make a state either on camera nor in writing. the cruise market is dominated by the anglo-american konovalov cooperation that twenty five subsidy or is included talian
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sounding names like costa co-chairing and the germany based aida proves. this such a mighty console chim the tool is saleable. just a moment that was the value. of the first issue because then i mean. i'm going to take a. shit if you want to ship that they made a fair million ways to. me if you didn't sound up with. the most real much of me. and they intend to repeat the strategy meanwhile unesco has warned that venice is status as a world cultural heritage site is threatened less measures to protect the look who are adopted soon the un. income's itself take action in this regard it can only
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make recommendations. but in such recommendations to. stop it. but if the. body. well partially the political but feeling good she thought he they she had the they don't name school she. you know me they don't ask if you look at the you know shampoo like a pea to cause the field as soon as cup of anything she could i mean take it out of course i mean it's a foul to put on a school because you ask oh no saul said as he stood up in excess you could i mean that in a funny show if i think one thing the advantage of a funny and knowing oval yamani count. for the cultural heritage designation though cities are committed to protecting not just the monuments but the overall appearance of the city. to stops and square becoming a camping site stewards point out the rules to tourists don't know why they have
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that i think that yeah no i just that's a bunch of it up for if i can is that out of and this is most famous square dates from the ninth century a historic site for great state ceremonies and festivals visitors should respect that. they as it was i believe what was in there where that they had. washed the feet but it depends on the form that though it's not that big bike that might be at it how could i go back that way because it's not that big by that had to go back to the beach and not feeding the pigeons in the square is also strictly forbidden the birds droppings damaged the buildings facades all fall to that but it's not allowed thanks. elfie be helpful. if i meet then you can receive a fine a losing battle the work of the law enforces reflects then this is fundamental
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problem with tourism there are just too many visitors and once they leave after a few hours the city faces its next major challenge. that. tourists leave behind. fifty three thousand tons of rubbish every yet getting rid of it is complicated with dennis is narrow alleyways and many bridges. in the city without road traffic gobby just to be removed by boat laborious logistics which coast eighty million euro zone. bond is borne by the local authorities. before the first tourists flood in then is has a big cleaning job on. the area around st mark's square is look at pinterest patch every day he and his colleagues make sure that the right to take over the city of the inhabitants have
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to follow strict rules about when to put the rubbish out. of. a lot of. a cozy bed. do you know what i say a person up also in all their pulls it out even when it's a forty they. did a party cause at a put all pull that off boy say they coude president abbas see. who else. was there. and it's a good old boy bought them a vehicle with. plastic paper nuku the period has to cope with mix rubbish every day the resident should not try to separate the weekly . look at it and yeah i would have bet that all going to was. a little
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late tuesday so that's only a day in diffidence out the day and this you pick a. made up out there so they fit in seattle so out of the opposed to continue to already fit but they have to fit into out that when you do the. if you need include used up all due to illness yeah get all. of the old stuff open on them all the forcing for the local sheeple mostly soley to judge if you can sort out your dad like a lot of old there was before you started also. with the florida. law last night said that on the outer lane i get. called but they are legally dead aquino only got informants in the us. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your
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last turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry finally i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was a game still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters in mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make.
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america has no desire. to occupy north korea. to go in there into. take out the president of north korea the difference is that both china and russia probably are willing to stand by and see korea develop a nuclear weapon and then try to contain it we're as poor as the rest of the world and can obviously sell really doesn't really think that's the best strategy. but politicians do listen to them. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president i'm sure. want to.
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have to go right to be precise it's like a full three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of the how. things should. go growing mountains of rubbish constant arrivals and departures pools of tourists always following the same trail the city's visitors are becoming an anonymous mass which appears to be that only to bring in the money. professor young fundable teaches the subject of economics on tourism at the university of venice he's looked behind the scenes of the tourist industry i'm specially interested in the sector. if you look at sort of the structure of the two museum in the street you see there's
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a lot of space for a forty formal gray or black guy in the victims it means people working indication without contracts and so forth and in fact talking with people from the. tax office in haste is saying that. that points out that naples and venice are the cities where tax evasion is the high. where not even the city authorities know precisely how many tourists come it's hard to determine what income they actually generate. among the highest earners in venice on the gondoliers they make up to two hundred euros an hour but the number is limited to three hundred sixty making gondolier licenses highly sought after they're in the hands of a few families not in the gift of the city the authorities charge only forty euros a year for using the canals.
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and they will go up to five thousand troops being paid from one on the day to the beginning and this money is being earned back in about five years time so yeah every earnings from going for a are about one hundred thousand euro per year the strange thing is although it's an extreme if you did that the license exchanges and table so there's no proof banks have been financing this kind of operation with a move across the city tax is going to live on the basis of a notional income of just thirty five thousand euros no receipts are required but who's counting in such a romantic situation. what i love what i like it down to is supposed to lead us on a mission level. i will wager that i led. the speech alec a charity did. not told him bad he'll want to
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do what i now do not the sort of you know an ok to want to what are you motions he out to want to well i don't want to i don't confound surely cantante because at the audit of the budget alone i know that's enough for the budget alone but i am of these depending. toward the sea finally appealing the fall of the regular james i see. you made the call that you got these were kids in the cold water ground because the your peers were here to look at you you know you put them on an eggplant to what i don't know the mustard with the she met you shall love it . but thanks to mass tourism living well together is no longer the case in many cities saloon that is famed for its cosmopolitan atmosphere but that's changing along with the idea of hospitality that being for example propagates but how can two wrist know if they're renting legally or illegally will be in be inform its
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customers about it in future the company declined to comment but the mayor is already taking action. that method is not the but then. the provoke upper limit that will be the mc at the lanes if i look down and. see arms or that i may know that the side that has that in that i don't know if i might have up less and see how much that seems as the sims may want to use i guess that's better for them as they see it out. at the mc that is not in addition the city is no longer issuing licenses for hotels and holiday apartments in the old city center . but a lot of people who let the tourists feel themselves criminalise by the current criticism like elizabeth cocytus who runs a blog on the subject she lets her own flat and those of friends. and they're left at the front row and i thought i think i'm
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a subtle soft on em but i think i meant i think went up a cent i laughed at sundance case i saw the end of the line and i think i saw more headaches. but i'm not certain why you care but i mean. the percent that are present that all know better than me that math. prevent or percent that one up in math make a. by he not of me that need be that level of alchemy b.f. i mean he had put up well that when guests arrived elizabeth cosigning us always meets them personally she explains with put the gum permitted in the building the. forty year old elizabeth applied for her letters license years ago it would no longer be possible in her area she sees the city's controls as a step in the wrong direction and out of. the molasses yeah but and they. what a sad looking of what i said i think that they're your household but i do know that if you know they're pretty much. ok ok i take it. that they have to
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tell you a no coward are a good idea a thousand lando it out at the same time don't let any more for the last say no follow you and if and if that's. a paradox is evident in barcelona on the one hand tourists ostracised with slogans on the other posters offloaded saying refugees will come but the mass tourism has not come about by chance is the result of long term placentas which on the one hand have canvas for more and more tourists while on the other hand have the years failed to invest in either affordable homes or subsidized housing at the expense of its citizens. and dubrovnik to some people who are prepared to accept the situation in the old quarter. member of an environmental party is fighting against the plan to extend
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the lease it out to a friend go to the consortium. was any good as it's going it's up to you out for the really rich and it's. obvious you're what i really thought i mean by a water pistol below the i didn't i mean for the water you put some gold. a lot. of good is a fact on this stuff in this field it was a. mistake to get out. but he had me live i. know probably when you. get a poet china style but attitude is that which is to get over to send out a big. business. book of his i didn't say. it was i mean i need to get out the notes with. me one of.
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the very architecture of the city might prevent this development one study has calculated the old sand that has room for a maximum of seven thousand people on some days more than double the number on the critical issue is that the medieval city lul three entrances and exits. proclaiming.
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see the most don't. the point of course already me appreciate it and i know you can get your last number of photos unless you and i see. general stairway scanning and the supreme commander of the land forces you know. that we also see improvement in our trade. over the first six months so just trade increases by almost fifteen percent reaching eight point four billion dollars. structural are a bilateral trade is gradually improving. share of. that was decreasing in russian exports and the share of products and non-ferrous metals is increasing in particular of. the petrochemical products. we both expressed our satisfaction with the progress we are making which based on the eight point plan proposed by mr abbott in the least priority projects wish these our bilateral
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commission for trade has been working so that you can effectively see the energy council as well he's going. to do it don't just look at the convention we have just signed to avoid a double taxation will further facility. economic cooperation japan has benefited from. participating in that you cannot promise x. can you can sit in bergen and we look forward to japan's participation next year again japanese companies. will use plants provided by priority development areas in russia. twenty sixteen g c. being helped launch. a cultural. about of scale and three more centers like this one will be built soon. project settlement one
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two are successfully implemented. she planned. to sell and she goes to japan. currently this plant is preparing for stage three of its. we also. continue to develop our cooperation. nuclear energy before the end of this year we will soon. come up with some joint projects to eliminate. followed after the fukushima disaster. we also discussed the. possible it projects for the future for i direct railroad line between russia and fully develop educational projects together russian and japanese universities have close ties.
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right now there is. in the student forum. taking place with the cultural ties have also increased this creates an atmosphere of trust between our countries . in april russian seasons open in tokyo and prime minister are the attending this event and the twelfth first flow of russian culture. in the november ship then it will be in the country at the st petersburg cultural forum was just what we are also expanding our sports cooperation of immediately after this event here but you know harvest and university mr robin and myself will attend judo tournament for shipping and young people and things will also you know. when you. attend the ceremony for the construction of the martial arts center we also discussed the peace treaty. joint development south korea will islands on
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august seventeenth the foreign ministers of our two countries had talks in moscow and identified a number of promising projects that little start with the move will kopper rate. fisheries on wind energy. culture waste management. and tourism are. greeted with mr prime minister. and we hope priscilla they did the procedure for. the japanese people to visit their ancestors' cemeteries. unfortunately because of poor weather the direct flight would not be arranged in this month and we'll try to make arrangements are really hoped that the weather will be nice to say yes of course we also talked a lot about the crisis on the korean peninsula before we discussed this issue
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before and during our telephone conversation and today we continued to discuss this matter in detail we. condemned. the plane medium range missile launcher that flew over the territory of chip pan and the latest nuclear test by north korea of course creates a serious threat to peace and stability in the entire region with these actions i reiterated our position when you see. the situation on the korean peninsula and especially with the nuclear program can only will be resolved through political and diplomatic missions first of all we need to decrease tensions and then start a dialogue between all the stakeholders. this is the work russian and chinese road map proposal is because but you know on the whole you are told to look the prime minister who is substantive and quite hopeful especially when he was on the
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call. other development. in military assistance i would like to express my gratitude to mr paul minister for that to all the members of the japanese delegation thank you. but of course you. want to be. here you go i. to come here again and again i was able to visit this wonderful superior level her stock i'm grateful to russia for a wonderful and welcome we received at my meeting with president putin committee we talked a lot about north korea is this serious problem that requires. the nuclear test conducted by north korea as a serious threat to peace and stability on the korean peninsula and the region in general this is a serious challenge for the global nonproliferation is so sick and i would share
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a common vision of the situation and i condemned north korea in the strongest quarter in. launching a. missile and conducting or going to nuclear test if north korea continues to go down this road there will be no knowing future full not to really need to make this clear for north korea russia and japan and. we should continue cooperating needing you need you know security she must. have made substantial progress. and we have an eight point plan. to progress on more than fifty projects. and we open. up to make it a. digital economy healthier thin vestment framework. of one million dollars to support roger.


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