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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 9, 2017 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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north korea we ask the chair of the u.k. all party parliamentary group on north korea who has the right strategy for peace. or donald trump and is the missiles and would stormont to be better used to how it is all still homeless it's not being used for much else at the moment we ask. if it's the end of the line for the northern ireland peace process but it's the first of the season because dreams are made channeling the. bung them a billion to be prime minister ninety percent of deaths in the troubles were caused by terrorism and not by the. goal the civil war coming up in today's going underground reversed while the effects of manmade climate change manifested themselves in the caribbean already scarred by the monroe doctrine syria making gains against isis was bombed by israel that whilst moscow which has been at the forefront of the battle against isis cautioned against self defeating nature nation policies against north korea and in south korea schools were injured in protests against u.s.
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made so-called missile defense systems being stationed in jew drazen make it clear that it's up to china to do more joining me now as the u.k.'s chair of the all party parliamentary group on the d.p. r. k. has been to north korea on four occasions crossbench peer will david alter thanks for coming on going underground you've been to north korea will be seven years ago some delegations in north korea say things have never been better under kim jong un as opposed to kim jong il who was leader when when you were there i've been towards life like well i've been four times i wrote a book about it but more importantly i chair the all party parliamentary group on north korea and we have witnesses who've been before us we coughed a week giving their first hand testimonies and more important than that the commission of inquiry established by the united nations and which reported three years ago these are their words they said this is a state without parallel two hundred thousand people in the gulags in north korea day by day atrocities some think of things like the v.x. agent the most toxic. nerve agent in the world being used against kim jong nam in
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a civilian airport in kuala lumpur think of what happened to his. relative by marriage jams on tech who was executed by the regime or the head of the defense and security stopped all the testimony given last year in london by the number two in the north korean embassy who defected the most high ranking official in north korea to defect going to. given that the witnesses that you were taking evidence from it's in their interest to say what they're saying to the young man arrived at my university office four years ago he described twice from north korea he showed me the scars on his back where he had been tortured he'd been abandoned during the periods of the famine when two million people died in north korea he described how he had been able to escape first time was repatriated by the chinese he escaped a second time and his vivid account of what happened to him wasn't make believe in many of the other people that i have met who have been in the camps and escaped from the camps there was an extraordinary woman called heywood who gave evidence before members of both houses and she described what life was like in those camps
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and anyone who is skeptical about this should read those accounts but they should more importantly read the united nations commission of inquiry account at the end of which the united nations said that those responsible for these agreed violations of human rights should be brought to justice with a referral to the international criminal court for crimes against humanity and of course we know the crimes against humanity are so often the accusations come to those that have been against united states foreign policy and nato policy well it's not just about united states that's the doubt about evidence being presented at these international organizations well i don't have that doubt and i'm not hostile to the united states i mean favor of the rule of law and it's the rule of law nor the rule of law take someone like omar al bashir the president of sudan indicted by the international criminal court not because of united states but because of the genocide committed against other muslims in darfur just coincidentally two million who died in south sudan during the civil war you think dres way should be taken to the international criminal court for destroying. africa's richest country libya oh
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don't be ridiculous is not to reason may has destroyed libya anyway historically that sort of support is to triple work well people support policies that go wrong and their inquiries into these things and i'm not saying that people in western countries should be immune from prosecution quite the reverse if you can demonstrate that they only if you can demonstrate that they are responsible for genocide or crimes against humanity then they should be indicted so period because a britain of the united states wiped out twenty percent of the population of korea men women and children millions and millions of people correct three million people died in the korean war two and a half million of them were koreans a quarter of a million chinese died servicemen because the british were both going under fire here thousand british servicemen died thirty thirty four thousand americans died it was a catastrophic islam a will leave their career twenty percent of the population was wiped out by britain and america well should britain and america face the international criminal court for what it did to north korea these events took place between one hundred fifty
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and one hundred fifty three the international criminal court is time expired in that really respect any waste the statute of rome says it cannot investigate earlier events but the chinese and the north koreans were also responsible for the vast lot of huge numbers of people this was a war that took place for three long years i'm going to rerun the clip while there is a way that britain and the united states should have any business in north korea or in the green peninsula is another argument you know i'm going to wait a minute the united nations were they passed a resolution saying that an international force it wasn't just the british and the americans should go in in order to prevent korea from being overtaken by the communist forces there who were supportive that time of course by russia and by china so the young men back the feeling of twenty percent of the korean peninsula the un didn't start out with that objective there was a war that was already underway and they save the lives of many people without it there wouldn't be a free and democratic and prosperous south korea today you presumably favor sanctions against kim jong il and of course i do but you heard the testimony about what sank. did as regards the family that killed two million you say the sanctions
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didn't do that the least and the system in north korea did that and again i'm not an advocate for the system in north korea quite the reverse i love the people of north korea i hate their system the ideology is responsible for what has happened in north korea it's the g.d.p. of south korea's twenty or twenty times more than that of north korea a quarter of all of north korea's wealth goes into armament it's got the world's fourth largest standing on twenty percent of its population was killed the only thing was destroyed would you i mean there is a historical importance here sixty years ago china said it wanted it was developing nuclear weapons would you have sanctioned china for developing nuclear weapons sixty years ago i'm in favor of a deescalation of nuclear arms race it was khrushchev who of course famously said that if there was a nuclear war then the survivors would envy the dead it's in all our interest to try and reduce nuclear tensions which is why russia and china have voted at the security council for sanctions because they believe that the escalation of a nuclear arms race is wrong the hydrogen bomb that has just been detonated by
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north korea had a capacity greater than the bombs dropped on hiroshima that's the scale of what we're up against so north korea is deliberately violating international law i don't think anyone should deliberately escalate the arms race what we should do is try and reduce it however i think we're probably now at a point where certainly i don't believe that there are any legitimate military options that should be used in north korea i think we are at a point of mutually assured destruction as we were in the cold war which is why we need a mixture yes of sanctions but also diplomacy containment and deterrence if you do take leave chinese position one could say they're on. nobel peace prize winner coming under repeated attack for seemingly defacto advocating the it's been called genocide against the range of muslims of myanmar burma. as a young member of parliament i went illegally into the qur'an states of the wrong two occasions and i wrote reports about it at the time and i detailed what i called a genocide that was being committed against the korean people i was able to go back there last year and although burma is not perfect nevertheless that war with the
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qur'an the people one of the biggest minorities inside a very multi-ethnic country about hundred different minorities that war is over and in terms of the trajectory and also the cheers achieved over these last two or three years has been remarkable one little bearing in mind that this was a military dictatorship and where people like her were in prison for nearly two decades i campaigned for throughout the whole of that period she has not been able to work miracles she said to me you know i'm not mother theresa he said there is a limit to what i can achieve so far but i raise specifically with what i've seen only the day before in the village where muslims and buddhists have lived peacefully for many many years the dresser has been burnt out people's homes have been burnt out the muslim community has been pushed out and i met the leaders who described to me the events in the reclined state she is still in many ways held hostage by the military in burma the military or energy interests and we have more of a gas pipeline i think sometimes people see things always through the prism of economic
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interests she believes passionately in the rule of law and the development of constitution and i'm sure that's why i've been arguing i raised it again in parliament that the british should do all we can to ensure that there is citizenship rights for those working girls who are legitimately and many have been to several generations living in my just vainly on a home issue you're arguably one of the most famous lords in the house of lords because of your views on abortion your anti pro-choice position research morgan this this conservative backbencher is being called a contender for the tory leadership contest which hasn't quite happened i know we don't shouldn't be talking just about personalities what do you think of the fact that as soon as mr rhys morgue. makes his views known the entire commentary. mainstream media say this invalidates any possibility of a career in politics well being that because i was liberal chief whip in my days in the house of commons and because i promoted a bill to reduce the op a time limit on abortions from what was then twenty eight weeks gestation my former
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party decided to introduce a policy saying that it would be party policy to support abortion what had always been a conscience question ironically on the very same day they passed a resolution on animal welfare that included protection for goldfish being sold in amusement arcade and front and i said intellectually and emotionally i no longer could find this compatible so i left my party on this issue coercive liberalism it's a big mistake for people in the central left to try and impose things like this on people who hold a different and contribute but the perfectly good reasons the first of all rights in the universal declaration of human rights is to right is the right to life now every life begins at conception or it doesn't if you don't believe scientifically it begins at conception tell me when you think it will begin and if you can convince me of that then i'd be happy to support that position but while i believe science tells me that life begins at conception then i will argue this is the paramount human right and all other rights derive from it because if you don't have the right to life the others are worthless little thank you pleasure.
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there was a time when the name macdonald was invoked in parliament to disparage british labor party leaders for their embrace of imperialism capitalism and betrayal ramsay macdonald not nowadays though at the first pm q since british m.p.'s got back from their summer holidays gerry coleman's reference to macdonald concerned they fast food chain the reputedly serves one percent of the entire world's population every day this week workers at mcdonald's restaurants took strike action for the first time in this country the boss of mcdonald's steve easterbrook is reported to have earned eleven point eight million pounds last year while some of his stuff are paid as little as four pounds seventy five. does the prime minister back the mcdonald's workers case for into zero hours contracts mcdonald's is queues in moscow falling under the gaze of a statue of the poet pushkin became a symbol of the defeated soviet communism was not an issue to raise i'm a wanted to get involved in the issues that take place in mcdonald's is
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a matter for mcdonald's to deal with tourism a didn't want to talk about you about zero hour contracts whereby bosses bypass minimum wage legislation she wanted to talk about tony blair thirteen years the labor party was in government and still not. on may appears not to realise corbin had nothing to do with the labor government over those thirteen years as to coleman's charges of dishonesty may targeted the dishonesty she sees in corbin the actual gentleman talks about manifestos and people getting back on their way i might remind him that in the labor party manifesto there was a commitment to support trying to end our nuclear independent nuclear deterrent i surely sure shortly after the election in private he told people he didn't agree with that. but yes the right sort of a failure. the rights on the gentleman signs on the labor party benches and did not
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support the labor policy that he's labor leader and he still doesn't support. the uselessness of nuclear deterrence in korea doesn't bowl the tereza mayor says she would have no hesitation in pressing a button to kill hundreds of millions of people corbin who leads the largest socialist party in western europe of course leads a party in westminster that is largely neo liberal and against his principles without any aunts is called the last. squares with a razor may only being pm because of a bunk to hear the two northern irish paramilitary wing the prime minister had no problems finding a billion pounds supposed to do you. well mysteriously minutes later teresa mayes position on allegations of u.k. armed forces atrocities in ireland match those of the democratic unionist party she is alleged to have bribed to be prime minister ninety percent of deaths in the troubles were caused by terrorists. but of course he would understand
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if he would appreciate the investigations by p.s. and i of course a bunch of them as they are independent of. after the break is time running out for peace in northern ireland we speak to the fame about teresa mayes billion pound bunk to be prime minister. to i'm going underground. but now china has taken the bold step here in the twenty first century and after they've built our economy on the backs of all american jobs all the american jobs to china and the middle class out of church members like years ago fifty years ago thirty years ago before the world trade organization they were accepted into the average you know chinese person was surviving on dirt like they were nation but now they're all for middle class but clan mining because.
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as long as you run support still the intel international community should say to run this is not acceptable you should stop financing still from our perspective it's those ballots hamas saw this is what they do in other places but this is something that i believe israel should see to goodere with schools with the united states and with other states and to say ok it's not just you know a small israeli problem. welcome back is juries or me is ruled out the prospect of a u.k. and irish joint authority in northern ireland the deadlock in stormont continues to affect the lives of its constituents just like the one billion pound agreement to keep the conservative party in power reports confirm that homeless claims in the region of increased maybe by forty percent of the children in northern ireland are
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among the least healthy in western europe meanwhile the engine faina being arguably busy blaming each other and stalling on issues of power sharing joining me now is the shouters works person on the treasury brick sit and work in pension sammy wilson m.p. for eastern trim sami welcome back to going on the ground so direct rule return to terrorism well i don't think that both sides carol think of direct roomies a return to terrorism but what we do need in northern ireland now is some government we haven't had any government nigh for six months it's fairly clear that shane fee and have no intention of coming back into the executive and unfortunately because of the way in which our system operates if they don't come in then nobody can go in and you can't leave a country ungoverned for a long time and it would seem that the only alternative then is to have to recruit it is not our choice and i still believe that local politicians who are making local to safe and and we have. locally responsible by people the irony will be of
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course a chin feehan which is the republican party which wants to separate northern arm from the rest of the united kingdom will not be leading to a situation where on a kind of bull ministers from westminster all making decisions where people in northern as a contradiction and their stance but then so contradictory in many other things i mean one of the things which they're demanding to get back into government is that policemen and army men be prosecuted for things which happened thirty years ago in the same week of course gerry adams is saying under no circumstances must the murderer the murderers of a farmer in his own constituency be brought to justice because it would be unfair that we return and that would disturb the priest or the peace process jury considers a freedom fighter but hasn't seen fame go to result already to go use saying on a government is request was issued only running the north of us there should be a united they've got a result you will know their way or that's not a result i mean as far as we're concerned we we want northern are to be governed by
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the people who were elected to govern northern ireland i.e. the assembly members but if that doesn't happen then the only alternative is to have direct rule and of course for a unionist perspective that draws northern ireland closer within the united kingdom that is a good result for unionists it's a bad result for republicans. and one well i don't believe that it necessarily will do that because i think that even within the republican community it would be quite clear who is responsible for that situation on the chin fee and by their own child agents by refusing to negotiate with parties to try and set up another executive in northern ireland so before we get to why in favor of doing this you completely rule which in vain say the reason is your bizarre environmental legislation which led to farmers heating heating sheds outdoor sheds and getting paid for it by you know that of december. we all thing is it never mentioned that this least as mine that
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was the reason for bringing the family dine and of course they don't mention it because they they themselves were involved in the sation to introduce that scheme their own ministers administered that skiing and encouraged people to take it up so they want that really put in the background not a say hundred grammes egypt was led by the do you know by well the carrying out of a lot of words another horse that's been exposed as wrong because of the statements made by the executive which they were members of the scheme was administered and was promoted by sion feehan ministers so they moved on from the we're told on yes we can get an irish language act unless already in foster stand aside as first minister on this we can get a legacy system which only looks at what the police and the army did but doesn't have any investigation into what terrorists did then they're not prepared to have stormed up and running your body and shin fein have been running this area for quite a while and yet northern irish should have the worst health in western europe what
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exactly have you guys been doing so that nor the nerve and a quarter of the children are in poverty and homelessness is just in the early part of twenty seven has risen forty percent well it's a bit ironic that despite the figures which you've given shin feehan would still prefer to spend hundreds of millions of pines on promoting the irish language i do thought it much better to feed children get the medication and have a proper health service and of course we have secured one point five billion pints from the government because of the support we get in westminster that isn't being spent because we don't have an executive up and running and some of that money one hundred million part of that money was designed directly to deal with those people who live in deprived areas who need to suffer social disadvantage and who require some support from the state yet we can't do any of that because in want something i say many of us will say i would have to agree if you're going to get that regard as on one side that you did secure that to get a raise or keep your resumes prime minister but just very very briefly the context of all this. negotiations in the talk of
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a hard border is this we going to end up saying a bomb in a london train station is a price we're paying for bricks it because of this overriding context of a lack of political authority and you know and again actually we're in a strong position and we have used our position here in westminster to try to ensure that the concerns of northern ireland by the border and the movement of people across the border are reflected in the government's negotiating position and indeed if one looks at the the paper which the government put forward during the recess a bite the situation in northern ireland it really light the hardboard in fact to put forward lots of propositions as to hide the hard border could be avoided and that was not a result by the way of any input from sheffield because they have abrogated all the responsibility in that that was a direct result of the interventions by ourselves but you know again it's a it's a wrong make the people who are complaining most about bracks that are the ones who have removed themselves from any ability to have an input into government to say
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that we will for them thank you well we just heard from the unionist side there but what about those who oppose british rule to get the republican perspective i'm joined by shin fein m.p. for western rhone barry mccall duff thanks barrier down in london you've got a top secret file with you different now that we have a prime minister here in westminster only in power because of your your. was the do you pay that was wee bit of mischief on my part just to bring me top secret failed but we'll leave it set in there for now if you don't mind but i suppose on the serious issue of the coalition between the tories and the d u p you know i wouldn't be boasting about it too much because i think one of their first actions was to deny a pay increase to emergency service workers and public sector workers so that was a great dared for either britain or evident in the sandstone. jesus well well yes
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you know this to be seriously against what the d.p. have done as regards northern ireland getting one billion pounds as alleged bribe. to keep tourism a prime minister you go if you win that elections you go one of billion in extra budget well we did win this embley elections. we did extremely well we've got a very big mandate that can't be ignored but what i would say is that in the last ten years the tories have taken one billion pounds of the the budget of storm and one of the difficulties in our society is that the government departments don't have enough money to deliver public services and that's sent as a direct result of tory austerity policies but now you've been propped up by the u.p.a. they have bought and unconditionally to support the tories and they've given them a blank check to carry out austerity and my own community house cuts to the tune of twelve point five million pounds even the bribe is going so far as to say that it
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has gone far enough but since fein live given up the. struggle as it were i mean you can't just blame the twenty eight crash for statistics that show that the worst child poverty is in western europe is in northern a that homelessness in twenty seven you know forty percent well if you will tory was thirty or your poor administration you know should feel as a political party and some of your preliminary points in the question just make and apply and terms of who fought an armed struggle or whatever but and respect of way we don't have political institutions operational at this time there are a number of reasons one of them is the links between the d u p allegations of corruption and government that's one of the reasons another reason is there for refusal to implement things that have already been agreed for example legislation to promote. to protect the irish language i'll get to the irish language budget in
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a second just what direction does it remind us about the corruption of wealth and the renewable heat and scent of program was presented over by the u.p.a. it is summer wilson said the scheme was administered and promoted by shouldn't frame ministers and indeed the scheme when it was going to be closed in frame members asked for it to be kept local not the case not the case and that was minister martino my lawyer who facilitated an independent investigation and two there are hitch a scoundrel allegations of corruption which are against the u.p.a. we will be party to an executive. a reconvened assembly if there is respect if there is integrity and if there is no head or smell of corruption and an executive blues i think they say your you went along with the corruption in the irish language budgeting you think it's fine to spend the budget on irish language teaching over and beyond what is being spent. on homelessness well
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not at all i mean it's silly it's pure able to make money to promote language rates and homelessness to do that in the same sentence is not an acceptable thing to everybody wants from plain services for homeless there has to be hospitals and education at the heart of our priorities we have a d.p. one hundred million given to the private areas of the six counties some people are alleging that basically your own southern island and basically you want to wins other you know to be associated with a sturdy cuts of the north well that's what all this is written feel and it's not about the corruption is not even about the legacy issues of atrocities committed by the british shouldn't feel and wants to be and government north and south as quickly as possible not to be part of the system but to have fact meaningful change if you want to know what's going on i genuinely would refer you back to the letter of resignation from. the lip martin mcguinness and martin began to said that he for
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ten years was leading in the assembly reaching out to unionists. friendship trying to develop a culture of equality and respect the u.p.a. threw that back and as fans and in our faces they were supported not matter by two governments which were quite negligent standoffish the british government and they risk government and but basically as a legacy of wanting to get as and as the republican cause as it all is irish marches in the struggle for westminster to run more than. is defacto know there may be a raise i'm a firm with running the north to do all they really is we are pushing for an irish unity referendum we have a major legacy issues which is very briefly the brazilian favors president got two and it's called the two for i was on this program recently talking about sandinistas in the garage who he supported during the dive in eighty's and without prompting a mention in the same sentence in frame saying in frame of basically sold out the
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poor and the vulnerable of the north and as part of this tony blair organized good friday agreement well i would say the power of the vulnerable are voting for but and respect of crucial legacy issues i meet with the police ombudsman about fast quite often and this clear to me that the british government and starve in his office of necessary resources the coroner's office the british government somebody said to me recently we'll probably concede irish and dependents before they concede the truth about the detail to their authority warn aren't very michael duffy thank you for the show with your money the sixteen got about your nine eleven to ask a follow up is diplomatic about the falsified build up to major was in the middle east would have killed wounded or displaced millions around the world till then you can judge by social media will see on monday september eleventh the anniversary of the cia back again. the democratically elected government of chile which would
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inspire revolutionaries around the world to forever fight against washington sponsorship of terror torture and dictatorship. it will go on making love me again but making it back into a book i would give one. to maybe naive then a gentile one of them i tried to make my own name i. was going to be out on them as well for us to loudly love the. cutest body of the more guinness body of one point the love of this new idea but i decided that i just feel pokey what it means to play the piano being the fleet will. be he'll win the league in that regard and organized sport but it's so eager to see and everybody had discussed the seymour last moment on the bus one of. the your yes your repeated in the bud is
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a bit about me. going to see. if you're going to get books. this year let's just see just outside. of just so sad much kids how do you get to some muscle fischer's amused that you settle on the same issue into the last combine yes the thesis and if film does you just cut the same music scene to scene called dishonesty to do so.
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as a humanitarian aide. for the. government forces fighting to retake the city's last remaining. point to the united states the american. here on the program we look at. with just a few weeks to go before elections.


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