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tv   Headline News  RT  September 11, 2017 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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this. is being used by. the un. security.
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forces. children of suspected. this at a refugee camp in iraq following a series of defeats suffered by the terror group was among the first news networks to access the facility. disclosed for security reasons. the following report which contains the first video interviews with people.
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yeah the palestine it says china. because it's because it is such a dumb was a vision of. the earlier this year this woman's husband was killed in mosul he wasn't one of the good guys he was an islam extent fighter until you know it's not simple and you know yes for that visit. with the full of. they had nowhere left to run the wives and children of presumed isis fighters finally surrendered the biggest concern now is safety and security the u.n. has asked us to blur these women's faces not to reveal their names and most importantly not to tell anyone where they're being held because isis so do a lot of hatred in iraq they spilled a lot of blood and there are people here who would come over just to throw a grenade across the fence we filmed this woman convert. the necessary
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attention to their own safety the first thing many told us is that they never wanted to be here in the first place. and. people like the killing. them women. and students. please and i mean at the gun used to teach if it happens i'm going to look like they're not but. almost all of these woman a foreigner as a dead giveaway isis encouraged bringing families over there terrified they fear the iraqi army they're even scared of aid workers and the goal is to. get. care. tell us this is. what
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you did with a new. system school just dust affections and that's all she can give that is registered to miss. china she didn't have to have some of the best one on the any such as if she had said yes until a business in the new new bill of us was me just as accepted he is not. finite due to my alice is yet another. man's not the day that the woman really found russian speaking but the majority of turkish. and blue eyed europeans africans chinese and asians americans many iraqis see them as something alien to fog. too deep to forget the ideology.
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of. the c.p. . that feeds them. to see if you think for a moment i feel i need to be i'm not young person if i'm pluckily. that much ok that. you have a problem is the kids there are families from dozens and dozens of different countries currently held by iraqi forces among them more than a thousand children and many of the orphans many will be able to tell you their names because of trauma or age and getting them out is paramount. that's the main thing yeah. but far from any family. groups including the un around the clock to
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establish identities but it's slow and dangerous work and falls to the woman to contact relatives let them know they're still alive or not it is my opinion. some of these women may be telling the truth others may not they've. just by being here some even to come. and it will be up to cool it's in iraq in their home countries to establish guilt and the children. every century hostages in a war they don't even understand more i guess d.m. . from iraq. tougher sanctions on north korea following its latest nuclear test the resolution
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was drafted by the united states. in case the us eventually does the illegal unlawful resolution on harsher sanctions the d.p. r. k. shall make absolutely sure that the us based you price. now looking at what it would take for washington to fulfill its economic threats a lot of the loud and angry noises are coming from washington directed against their longtime foes in pyongyang u.s. leaders are now even discussing an oil embargo economically punishing those who do business with north korea the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions and it's not just bombast the trump administration is actively planning to block all trade with d p r k i have been executive order prepared it's ready to go to the president it will authorize me to stop doing trade and put sanctions and then dust
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trade with north korea the president will consider that at the appropriate time once he gives the u.n. time to act so what country does trump have in mind well it's no secret that ninety percent of north korea's trade is with china so is the usa ready to target beijing that's a little bit easier said than done at this point there's huge business interests that are at play and over two trillion dollars in u.s. debt the tell'd by china the usa is currently pressuring russia and china to vote with them at the united nations in order to put sanctions on north korea. where we live that the posts have maximized and pressure north korea including through sanctions has been exhausted we have repeatedly stressed that the russian chinese joint initiative namely the roadmap for korean south mont is open to new proposals and additions so far no alternative has been presented. now there are many other issues that are also at play here according to the government of south korea over
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eighty different countries currently do business with the north it's not just longtime foes of the u.s. on the global stage but longtime u.s. allies countries like singapore the philippines and even nato countries germany and france so would the punishment apply equally to everyone is the usa ready to put sanctions on eighty different countries it would mop and art see new york following washington's tough rhetoric over the past several months jonghyun that last week claimed it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb in response the u.s. ramped up its military presence in the region investigative journalist. says it's unlikely that washington will be able to force countries that do business with north korea to stop. it will be very difficult to impose to force the whole wall to keep the sanctions or the level of sanctions that are being recently proposed particularly when it comes to china oh i think that china will be doing
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quite a lot to show that is neutral in this case but the north korea is a very close ally of china historically actually china helped north korea at the sort of wife against the western invasion doing this so-called korean war this is a direct hit over cation against north korea. that this is also a message that is sent to the wall what we will do this to you if you disobey who do this to you if you really fault the flaws. and past the hour here in moscow former president mikhail saakashvili has made an unusual return to ukraine entering the country illegally on sunday a crowd of supporters swept him across the polish border onto the ukrainian side saakashvili recently became stateless after having had his ukrainian citizenship revoked by the country's president i.
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on sunday saakashvili attempted to cross the border by train but was forced out by god's you later caught a bus and got past a checkpoint with the help of hundreds of locals who actually overpowered the guards ukrainian police say he will now face criminal charges for illegally crossing the border something saakashvili denies the former official was once an aide to ukraine's president but then fell out with him so here's a quick reminder of saakashvili divisive korea.
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the a. in the in the in the in the. in the in the on the in the. not looking how to western dogging so once the closest of allies. rivals. remember this guy. the former georgian president turned
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ukrainian governor has gone from state's man to state less in less than two months the western backed star who'd once led the anti corruption rose revolution in georgia launched an offensive on the former breakaway republic of south ossetia and even been hillary clinton's nobel peace prize nominee so what had gone wrong. in twenty fourteen he flew to ukraine amid the my down uprising gave up his georgian passports to become ukrainian and set about reforming the city of odessa but it didn't go as planned. ironically really is opponent is ukrainian president and former friend petro poroshenko another darling of the west who brought saakashvili in to help drive the kind of change that had once made him such a hit in georgia but the two have clearly fallen out of love apparently saakashvili lied while applying for citizenship and bar shanker has since renounced that
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citizenship of his university powell while the latter was visiting his own call in new york. both men were backed by washington both raised to power on the wings of popular uprisings and both are now all but failing so i can't believe seems a spent force he's without a state wanted by his native georgia and not wanted by his adopted ukraine maybe it's time for another period of us exile while poroshenko zone popularity is in tatters the latest poll says only two percent of ukrainians still support him the revolutionary idealism that brought him to power amid the flames on the my done has descended into disillusionment. perhaps the chosen leaders of popular uprisings are always vulnerable to having the various support that put them in power taken away or maybe it's just some. thing about ukraine either way the two one time friends and western allies are playing out
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a very public spat during personal decline little commentator martin summers told us saakashvili his dealings with ukraine underscore the chaos still gripping the country has really of self is wanted for corruption in georgia was as we know and of course the danger of him coming back this is that the ukrainian authorities who fall met with the most experience in but it's georgia to face trial there so he said the bit of a risk or trying to come back into the country is very old play such a big role in ukrainian politics and seasoned ukrainian and being given the governorship of the adesa region which is very key region especially because its goal has russian population parachuted in really boy boy the western powers think what's going on is just shows how do you disagree. all. you know the revolutionists and incredibly sour nobody really knows what to do next the qualities in free fall they're not going to be joining the european union. they're talking about joining nato but all that will do is press potentially spall for the
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war. to tackle soaring gun violence sacramento city council in california unanimously approved a controversial program that pays criminals for not participating in gang activity the program dubbed advance peace is set to run for three years and is funded by private donations the idea behind it is that only a handful of criminals are responsible for almost all gang related crime the amount paid to participants varies based on success and involvement in the program now the money is just part of the program the main focus of which is to give support and partnership to gang members of founders of the program believe those who commit gun violence of victims of the violence themselves and we asked the sacramento residents whether they support the idea should be paying people not to kill people it just seems silly. to me i mean i was taught that behave myself to be a good citizen respect people. and not shooting people and
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here in the city council wants to pay someone to behave themselves doesn't make sense to me criminals are going to take the money. and still commit crimes. the softer criminals ok about i can see because it helps feed their families and so they don't have to do the drugs anymore but it depends upon how hard the criminal. is the implementation of the program was prompted by a gang related shooting at the end of august which killed one and wounded four in sacramento a gun related homicides on firearm assaults are a big problem the amount of gun violence continues to soar. here are concerns over sacramento is growing again.
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the mayor has promised to do more for the area so is anything changing. you can measure the number of crimes that are reported the number of guns that you receive but you can't measure the number of crimes that have probably prevented. this. mistake fornier are basically admitting that they can't deal with the gang violence situation. so what they're doing is they are setting aside several million dollars to pay certain gang members to not commit.
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this encourage sexually or crime it's madness is saying we will help you we're going to forget the fact that you're committing violent crime you offer them cash payouts you offer them free government services government services in return for what you're talking about murderers rapists people who shoot innocent people that's a serious mistake if you want a society with any law at all because that's one in twenty minutes past the hour here on the russian capital a busy monday morning for your worldwide headlines back in a moment. my .
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leg. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington or washington controls the media the media and so voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before .
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joining us here on r.t. international at least twenty eight civilians reportedly killed and sixteen injured in u.s. led airstrikes in various provinces in afghanistan now according to the un's assistance mission civilian casualties from the u.s. aerial operations in the country have increased by forty three percent compared with twenty sixteen meanwhile afghan villages already turning to starting to return back to the homes after these latest strikes. and you can see they've started to clear the rubble allegedly left by the bombing campaigns against iceland militants residents fled their homes when the military operations began. when the afghan and u.s. forces started the battle against isis everything was destroyed people were living in the ruins. we fled when the fighting started and came back when it was so over
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to find our homes reduced to rubble. these are coalition strikes have been cut a large number of civilian casualties in afghanistan in fact it's acknowledged that over seven hundred civilians killed and nearly fifteen hundred injured in air raids and twenty seventeen now since the start of the u.s. military campaign washington has spent over a trillion dollars and over two thousand two hundred american soldiers have been killed. according to the un's assistance mission the number of civilian casualties due to u.s. airstrikes has increased by forty three percent this year compared with last year as i said with a substantial increases in the deaths of women and children and the figures were released after trump's announcement of expanding the u.s. presence in afghanistan previously he was very critical about the afghan military campaign we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks afghanistan is
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a total and complete disaster let's get with it get out of afghanistan president since he has no blue or foreign policy of the ground situation in afghanistan not easily interested in what harm he's going to cause as well as to civilians in afghanistan he has decided to send in at least four thousand more troops an increase in the backs which is causing civilian casualties which is going to isolate america from the average afghan he's only been opposed to usa and to president trump now the average afghan is going to hate america for what it is doing to the common people and most of the attacks which have recently been carried out it does leave the very men and children that have been targeted and not even the men and not a single taliban has been hurt in those so it is what intelligence we're battling strategy and heartless conduct of
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a few. has torn through florida coast to coast knocking out power to millions with winds as strong as two hundred ten kilometers per hour now at least three people were reportedly killed when the hurricane swept into florida with twenty seven already killed in the caribbean. of the storm made landfall on the southwest coast bringing down power lines and turning roads into rivers with more than six million people fleeing the storm's path it's. the biggest evacuation in u.s. history the governor of florida has repeatedly stressed that this is a life threatening situation. that in florida keys are in the florida keys on sunday morning after strengthening to a category four and then moved up the state's west coast where a second hit was expected around naples and fort myers the storm is now thought to be moving up the coastline toward some petersburg and tampa and over the past week has been devastating the caribbean islands leaving thousands homeless.
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so a twenty five on monday morning here in moscow you'll worldwide headlines continue in a little over a hot. shots seem wrong. well just don't call. me. yet to say power does they become active. and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. they're bred for a single purpose. they have a superman. they start training very young. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did i took a line the whole gist i came to god and that that the text i came and it was fire not. many lives have been broken believe excessive to the banks got you into
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trouble. big bankers got big. by the banks but i just didn't think of the ordinary men who lost mornings through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face from happening you know you become ill you do to a job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is death a lifelong trap or is there a way out of those actually come to bed or know would be right to just been through so much suspicion. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us and it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to talk you know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of r t a marriage is just the same we are apparently better than booth. and see people you've never heard of love redacted
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tonight was the president of the world bank though kate political climate seriously sent us an e-mail. well welcome to the. donald trump's presidency has been marred by habit domestic
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resistance from all sides but those republicans and democrats hampering the white house after story store ties with russia. as a trumpet of ministration been left isolated and powerless or does it still have cards. while i ask former reagan administration official author and political columnist. with the american media feasting on the allegations of the president colluding with russia and politicians doing the russian card to score points against the administration the white house is attempts to normalize moscow has so far been futile but with political necessity forcing the two sides to work on pressing international problems will the global reality overwhelm the domestic partisan games and bring about a long awaited for a while the world struggles continue to be held hostage by the new cold war. former reagan administration official political connelly's to forbes and other media welcome.


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