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tv   Headline News  RT  September 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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if. you are new thinking is about to be slaughtered in north korea the united nations security council votes today what it could mean for tensions in the korean peninsula. rescue missions and cleanup were underway after armor battered the state of florida and bring you the latest from miami. then sixteen years later the families of nine eleven the victims remember the tragic day here but first responders still suffering to help the facts of the toxic exposure.
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it's monday september eleventh five pm in washington d.c. i'm natasha sweet and you're watching r.t. america we begin this hour with possible sanctions coming from north korea the u.n. security council is expected to vote on a resolution that the u.s. drafted if passed this would impose even tougher sanctions on north korea following its latest nuclear test are to scale up and looks at what it would take for washington to carry out its economic threats. a lot of the loud and angry noises are coming from washington directed against their longtime foes in pyongyang u.s. leaders are now even discussing an oil embargo economically punishing those who do business with north korea the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions and it's not just bombast the trumpet ministration is actively planning to block all trade with d p r k i have been executive order prepared it's ready to go to the
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president who authorized me to stop doing trade and put sanctions on that anybody that does trade with north korea the president will consider that at the appropriate time once he gives the u.n. time to act so what country does trump have in mind well it's no secret that ninety percent of north korea's trade is with china so is the usa ready to target beijing that's a little bit easier said than done at this point there's huge business interests that are at play and over trillion dollars in u.s. debt that's held by china the usa is currently pressuring russia and china to vote with them at the united nations in order to put sanctions on north korea we believe that the policy if maximizing passion on north korea including three sanctions has been exhausted is we have said that repeatedly we stress that the russians chinese to into an issue to have namely the benchmark for koreans testament is a new proposals and additions safe no alternative has been presented that there are
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many other issues that are also at play here according to the government of south korea over eighty different countries currently do business with the north it's not just longtime foes of the u.s. on the global stage but longtime u.s. allies countries like singapore the philippines and even nato countries germany and france so would the punishment apply equally to everyone is the usa ready to put sanctions on eighteen different countries it would mop and art see new york. the tension in the korean peninsula has from south korean politicians considering the idea of bringing american nuclear weapons to their soil all not everyone in the country is on board the front of that the first time u.s. nukes were deployed and south korea and our teams alex ahead of its has the story check out this chart of basically tells you everything at the height said brown with the cold war the korean war itself we're looking at are both nine hundred and fifty warheads of all types and sizes in south korea and that was because of the
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that was going on around that time so president truman himself he was considering using nukes against the chinese during the korean war so much so that he actually sent warheads to okinawa and sent some nuclear ready bombers in that direction as well so this is nothing new when it comes to the korean peninsula now after this time a lot of the weapons were removed and we're talking about the missiles as we're talking about the cruise missiles the surface to surface but tons were left behind and that's what we call today probably tactical nukes i mean that's the more common term now these things could be launches something as simple as a howitzer they had to cool names like dating crockett and on its jaunt to matador but these weapons are obviously nuclear weapons and are very lethal a howitzer in fact could shoot out a weapon that had read the same megaton loads around fifteen megatons as what we saw in hiroshima so this is no small payload when you're thinking about it to take out troops formations now the range was about five miles to about fifteen miles and
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then of course you got the planes i could come in and they could bomb those bombs obviously were much bigger we're talking about two hundred kilo tons with a seventy mile range of we're talking about missiles shot from south korea to north korea or any of the offending areas now and one hundred seventy thousand where most of the stuff got phased out and they were just left behind with those tactical nukes and then in one thousand nine hundred one because of the nonproliferation agreement and pushing it forward. the united states decided to pull all their nuclear weapons out of the korean peninsula and we know that during that time it was a dictator who ran that country in south korea so military dictatorship is not some place that you would like to seeing uclear weapons so they actually were moving along developing nuclear weapons until the nonproliferation treaty agreement which candidate in the u.s. pushed korea basically to step back and stop trying to create nuclear weapons and there's a lot of talk that even after that agreement was signed the nuclear weapons program
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continued in south korea that in fact today because of the knowledge that they have within eighteen months they could turn around and build a nuclear bomb so surprisingly a lot of koreans actually support that poll after poll and year after year up to now and we're seeing that there is a sixty percent support rate amongst south koreans to have what they're calling peaceful nuclear bombs to use as a deterrent against the north never heard of a peaceful nuclear bomb but that's what they're calling it and so this program according to officials does not exist anymore but that type of turn around time says that south korea is pretty advanced when it comes to nuclear weapons and it's a debate indeed and then not only from politicians but down to the street the fact was with politicians we're hearing that a even general mattis has talked to some politicians within and other officials within korea or south korea i should say about this idea of bringing nukes in that into that direction but if you hear from the foreign minister and here is a quick quote from her very different ideas she says we have not discussed the
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issue with the u.s. it is difficult to talk about a hypothetical situation but south korea and the u.s. have been closely cooperating in all matters and we will continue to do so in the future now surprise surprise in the united states you have people like john mccain saying hey this might be a good idea to send weapons that way but as it stands right now there is absolutely nothing official to the extent. we know how south korea is protected when it comes to nuclear weapons it is still under the u.s. so-called umbrella of nuclear protection so there are weapons and in the right direction if south korea does get hit the u.s. protects japan as well and all of its allies in that region but as it stands right now so the korea officially has no nuclear weapons on its soil but as we can see that could change very very quickly and to talk more about whether south korea would deploy nuclear weapons on its territory we're joined now by when's the myers
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author of living beyond war a citizen's guide and a board member of the war prevention initiative thanks so much for joining us. glad to be with you again and so under can dunk own north korea appear to test its six most powerful nuclear bomb and has test fired intercontinental ballistic missiles as north korea's weapons program is rapidly expanding why one it south korea want the extra protection. well in terms of the extra production of tactical nuclear weapons there are extremely poor idea for at least four reasons first of all they make it much easier to cross the line between conventional nuclear war second they're not always under the total control of the head of state but are sometimes delegated to high ranking military officials on the battlefield which leads to a greater. possibility of chaos and confusion. it's only
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a small weapon such as fifty pound nuclear mines are vulnerable to theft by non-state actors and finally they only incentivize north korea or anybody to build similar weapons and the arms race goes on and even though south korea's foreign minister said that redeploying american nukes wasn't being discussed the country's defense minister did say that some south korean lawmakers and media are strongly pushing for that option so do you disagree i do. first of all so korea has a powerful ally and united states and united states has made it very clear they're looking to bleed a rate north korea if it actually rationally so putting full size nukes or technical who can do it south korea again were taken out one thousand nine hundred ninety one i believe would be a huge mistake and do you think china can work with both the u.s. and north korea to alleviate some of the tensions that are going on i do and i'm
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sure they are right no i mean it's very much in their interest to do so. and why didn't they haven't really done much as of right now though do you think it's because of the economic impacts that north korea plays in beijing. north korea is a very very tough nut to crack obviously china does not want north korea to collapse because that makes problems for them. we have but turning to the united states we have a leader in the united states who is somewhat unpredictable just as the north korean leader is somewhat unpredictable our peoples in the two countries the united states and north korea know very little about each other there's a brilliant piece in the latest new york who everybody should read especially experts evan osnos has a letter from pyongyang about how little we know about each other. and now the u.n.
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security council has met ten times regarding north korea what are your thoughts on the u.s. by frank ships that are in the works right now. well i think they're probably a good idea i think the model ought to be tenants model of containing the soviet union if we can contain the soviet union for the fifty years we can contain a poor small country even if it's nuclear ised until it goes through some sort of positive transformation which it will eventually and do you see hope for the us and what creative people have to wait until kim jong un is no longer in power to see a change in relations between the two countries not necessarily i think we should be talking to him as much as we possibly can and trying to. remove the tremendous ignorance we have about each other and i think this one larger issue that we need to the united states needs to consider and it's not considering it all right now and that is the one hundred twenty two nations signed
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an agreement outlawing nuclear weapons totally and we boycott that whole treaty process we should have done exactly the opposite we should have let it and got on board that more than anything else in the long term is going to. disincentive our eyes conjunct to continue to pursue his aggressive program clear out of time we'll have to leave it there thank you so much was the myers author of living beyond war and that is this guy thank you my pleasure. after making landfall on the fate of florida our man has weakened to a tropical storm as of this morning but if they're already has warned it's still dangerous millions of homes and businesses have lost power and at least four people have died in florida and at least one in georgia for more on this we go live now to marina quite high and miami so we know you were in miami over the weekend tell us more about what happened and how residents are dealing with the aftermath. well the
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destruction fell short of what was initially forecast but make no mistake erma unleashed a lot of damage and flooding on miami and many cities along the east coast now. initially made landfall in the florida keys as a category four hurricane but then she shifted and moved up the west coast of the state none the less even though miami did not get hit with the i miami did feel ninety nine mile per hour winds and those winds caused a lot of damage we saw trees uprooted falling down on streets on homes there was a significant storm surge that flooded parts of miami including brickell in downtown miami this is the type of flooding that many say they have never seen it look like a river of water was was running through downtown miami of course a lot of people stayed inside those who were not told to evacuate we should mention
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a reminder of you were six hundred sixty thousand people in miami dade were were instructed to leave their homes that was the largest evacuation this county has ever seen those who did not evacuate were put under curfew and told to hunker down and stay inside i had to relocate to a cement house where there was nettle shutters put on the windows because let me tell you once those winds were whipping you heard it you heard things flying around outside now we know of three construction cranes in south florida that came down because of these winds two of those cranes came down in in miami we spoke to some residents who were assessing the damage of their homes after irma left take a listen to what they had to say a little bit more damage based on their trajectory of the storm as you're told the storm is going all that far west but i think a large. amount. whether you feel like you could
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have been worse. could have been. i should just echo what that person said it could have been a lot worse had this the eye of this hurricane hit miami but in the meantime this city this city is still under a curfew that begins at seven pm to seven am nobody can drive on the streets that is because there are so many shrubs and trees and palm trees that are scattered all over miami dade county that law enforcement officials and first responders have to go in and remove so that this city can function normally of course a lot of people are antsy want to get back to their homes but but officials are saying be patient and stay off the roads come seven pm you know kind of this really important and we're so glad that you made it out ok and before making landfall in
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florida irma had a devastating path through the caribbean killing ten people in cuba can you tell us more about that. is sure did it it's so sad you know not a lot of attention is being paid to the to this destruction and devastation caused by irma before she reached landfall in the united states but we know that the cat erma was a category five when she hit cuba this according to reports is the first time cuba has been hit with a category five since the nineteen twenties as you mentioned at least ten people were killed when the hurricane blew through there we saw. being flooded this is an island that is already is suffering economically we can just imagine how much it's going to cost cuba to rebuild all the damage that's been caused by hurricane meanwhile and see martin we know that twelve hundred people were evacuated over the weekend because so much destruction they are as a result of you know this was
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a fierce hurricane blowing its way through the caribbean islands so many many of them destroyed a lot worse than what we've seen in florida so of course there are the. those islands country like cuba are just beginning the rebuilding process people even having to be evacuated because there's nothing left there that's how big it will lead that people could habitate in so of course they're being evacuated to a better areas in the meantime and so from what we understand now the storm is heading toward alabama georgia and tennessee so what are officials saying in terms of emergency recovery and we're also we're seeing reports of looting can you tell us more about that. salut lee it depends on what place we're talking about in certain places of georgia alabama florida where where this hurricane hits it might take quite a while we do know according to utility officials seven million people lost power
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over the weekend between florida and areas of georgia by nine am this morning florida power and light said nearly two thirds of florida customers were without power obviously it gets very difficult when you're dealing with temperatures like those in florida in georgia where it's getting up to ninety degrees and you are without air conditioning officials from thema are asking everyone to be patient requests that went into the president today will have three components public assistance which will assist. governments at all different levels state local will assist charitable organizations. the municipal and clatter of utilities that's going to be more some of the will have an immediate assistance in terms of debris removal and emergency action some of it's going to be the longer term rebuilding of infrastructure. in the meantime police officials say dozens were
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arrested for looting over the weekend there is video of many people going inside of a simon sportswear store as well as of foot locker in fort lauderdale and running out of those businesses holding boxes presumably of sneakers or shoes it is quite a pity that given such such systems warnings in such dire circumstances like a like a deadly hurricane coming into the state that people would take advantage of the of cities being put on a curfew and at that time go into businesses and attempt to loot them but police officials say there has been dozens of arrests as a result of those looting attempts believable and now with hurricane jose on his way what will it impact florida and surrounding areas. well while irma has now been decreased to a tropical storm attention of course is turning to jose which officials say is
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located about three hundred miles northeast of turks and cape coast but officials say jose is packing winds of one hundred miles per hour is that means that as a category two hurricane the governor of florida did make comments about jose here's what he had to say you know that also has been explained to me this morning the weather briefing that. is also pushing water into the northern part of her story which is which is preventing the one point out it's fast it's not usual that a state would just be recovering from one hurricane and keeping its eyes on another one possibly coming its way but that is where florida finds itself right now incredible marina part i am reporting from miami thank you. as we continue to witness record shattering extreme weather many are turning to the topic of climate change and how humans impact the environment but this you know decisions made by humans thousands of years ago on the african continent may be one contributing
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factor to the vicious hurricanes we've recently experienced r.t. correspondent on a parm pill filled with professor david writes of seoul international university to discuss how humans may have transformed the region we know today as a herrick deserts and how that desert plays a role in the formation of hurricanes what was the african humid period can you explain what that is but the african here human period is the time when the earth's orbit was aligned is such that. just the middle latitudes the southern middle latitudes of the earth received a lot of sunlight and that sunlight caused the conditions to be warmer than they are today for example and that encouraged the growth of vegetation across the southern new latitudes of the earth and that vegetation and that vegetation created a feedback mechanism whereby there was more rainfall falling over this are than there is today so the sorrow that exists today is very different from the one which
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existed or the way that region existed thousands of years ago the sun haro the past and during the african humid period is completely an analogous to anything that. we have on earth today but also included even tropical plants and so savannah type vegetation it was a mosaic of the sahara as it existed between you know it's a ten and eight thousand years ago. had. extremely diverse geographies and a lot of lakes and a lot of different animals living in it that we associate with grass and environments when and why did that change. well it started to change around eight thousand years ago a little bit longer than eight thousand years ago and that was primarily due to natural changes in the earth's orbit where the earth started to kind of wobble away
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from the sun a little bit. and the thing that i argue that is. it's a little unorthodox is that what i did in the paper that i wrote for frontiers and earth sciences is i lined up all of the events where driving occurred extremely rapidly or vegetation change occurred very rapidly at least in my opinion rap more rapid than what you would see with natural cycles and i also plotted when and where domesticated animals first appeared and what use what you see if you line the data is that when where domesticated animals first appear after domestication began around eight thousand years ago over seven thousand years ago and then spread outwards from northern africa into southern and western africa if you plot all of those data points up what you see is a really rapid transition from
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a very diverse ecosystem full of a very varied types of plants and animals to one that becomes dominated by shrubs and becomes drier much faster than what you would predict if it was just a natural climate cycle well according to the national oceanic and atmospheric association quote the role that the hard desert plays in hurricane development is related to the easterly winds generated from the differences between the hot dry desert in north africa and the cooler weather and forested coastal environment directly south and surrounding the gulf of guinea in west africa the result is a strong area of high altitude winds commonly called the african easterly jet if these winds were constant. we would also experience fewer hurricanes what are your thoughts about that i think if there was more vegetation on the sahara that it is. it is is likely that there would be fewer hurricanes hitting the east coast of the
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united states and. mexico. because. the way hurricanes work is that you have an atmospheric low pressure develop because of convection out of the warm tropical oceans and when the when the when the moisture convex and when the moisture goes up into the upper atmosphere it causes a low pressure at the surface and a high pressure up at the in the upper reaches the atmosphere and there is also high pressure dominates over the sahara desert which is what keeps it dry and low pressure over the gulf of guinea which is where the tropical congo rain forest belt is found and that causes swirling out swirling atmosphere conditions and once the moisture gets up into the atmosphere from the ocean.
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then you basically have a situation where there's already countered there's already swirling atmosphere conditions because of the difference between the sahara and the gulf of guinea and if there and that has to do with a and and vegetated hot and vegetated desert versus a cooler tropical rain forest environment and so yeah if there was vegetation on the sahara than it would be there would definitely be fewer hurricanes eight thousand years ago people probably didn't have any idea of what the impact their actions would be on the environment long term as a scientist how do you compare that situation to the one today now we have better knowledge set so i would you know i hope that people can take the knowledge that the science tells us that we are changing our atmosphere we are warming because of putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere the bigger issue is if we affect
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policies that. allow us to warm our atmosphere more we're going to see can do. ns were going to get more hurricanes and more extreme weather events more differences between. vegetation between places like the sun horror and the guinea rain forest where you get these dynamics which make conditions much more right for hurricane formation extreme weather events desert a vacation droughts passing lanes floods these sorts of things these extreme events lots of them are formed because we make choices on where to poor choices and where to settle and poor choices on how to treat our atmosphere and treat the landscape the base that shelters us from a lot of the extreme events professor david wright thanks so much for your time this afternoon thank you. more than a thousand wives and children of suspected isis fighters are awaiting their fate in a refugee camp in iraq r.t. is among the first news networks to access the facility our correspondent. visited
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the camp and filed this report mom. says china. because it is such a dumb was that it is. this woman's husband was killed and. he wasn't one of the good guys he was an islamic state fighter until you know it's more simple you know you ask. people with the food. they had knew when to run the wives and children of isis fighters is finally surrendered the biggest concern now is safety and security the u.n. has asked us to blur these women's faces not to reveal the names and most importantly not to tell anyone where they're being held because isis sued a lot of hatred in iraq they spilled
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a lot of blood and there are people here who would come over just to throw a grenade across the fence we. in order to avoid unnecessary attention for their own safety the first thing many told us is that they never wanted to be here in the first place but it. was a neat idea was that the lack of accountability i think the alice fifty kept the memory coming to you. within it there's a bit of that it's a pumpkin piece and i knew about these things you have to me keep track of them but i want to know what i know now that that's done almost all of these woman a foreigner as a dead giveaway isis encouraged bringing families over there terrified they feel the iraqi army they're even scared of aid workers and the goal is for that
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education that i. kept was that i. can't. recall let's tell us if that's. what you do it's a no brainer system school just does the fetches a new social credit card is the registration it yet and then to china she didn't have to have some of the best one on the any such errors that she had said yes until a business in the new bill of us most of us doesn't accept he has come up with a delicious dish on that finite duty of which is by alice in yet another sitting in hands not the day that the woman we found russian speaking but the majority a turkish there were also normed and blue eyed europeans africans chinese and other asians americans many iraqis see them as something alien to fog on sky to deeply to forget the ideology of terror
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the fear is that of the last several days of the shooting match and if you think he's complicit. keep. them up. to see if people put. their money on perfect pump luck. that much. you have a problem is the kids there are families from dozens and dozens of different countries currently held by iraqi forces among them more than a thousand children and many of them orphans many won't be able to tell you their names because of trauma or age and getting them out is paramount. that my. infant sister and now in
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unicef care but far from any family groups including the un around the clock to establish identities but it's slow and dangerous work and falls to the woman to contacts relatives let them know they're still alive not to find it in your. results of the indian government in vietnam. some of these women may be telling the truth and those may not they've broken just by being here some even to come. and it will be up to cool it's in iraq in their countries to establish guilt and the children. are essentially hostages in a war they don't even understand. from iraq. french
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workers will strike again tomorrow as unions continue to show their rage at emmanuel macross new labor reforms a recent poll shows sixty percent of those surveyed are worried about the president's plans are to use poly boyko has more from paris his popularity really slumped over the summer he's now got the lowest approval ratings according to one poll of any french president at this point into their presidential terms and one of the biggest reasons for this slump in the ratings is the label or reforms that he wants to push through that's going to make it easier if he manages to push them through to hire and fire workers especially for small and medium businesses he was elected on a pro-business platform and he wants to give small and medium businesses greater flexibility here in france to allow small companies to bypass trade union agreements and herein lies the problem the trade unions here on happy about these
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reforms they see all this is an attempt to weaken their influence and to diminish their power here in france where they traditionally have rather a lot of it french workers very highly protected with the labor laws as they currently stand but there is high unemployment here in france that is something that emanuel has said that he is determined to tackle by pushing through these changes to the labor laws to morrow is set to be the biggest test of his presidency so far because the two big trade unions here they are going to be calling a general strike and they're going to be demonstrating on the streets of many cities here in france including paris against these reforms emanuel not going himself remains unequivocal he says that he has a strong mandate in order to push through these reforms in order to implement these changes to the law and on friday he had a thing or two to say about the people that oppose him. take
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a listen. to see it in detail in unison i will be absolutely determined i will not yield in any way not to slight because not to cynics not to extremists music and actually the french government spokesperson tried to backpedal a little bit on those comments by saying that actually he was referring to former presidents over the past thirty years as is the orlan chirag who didn't have the courage to push through these reforms they were always watered down in some way and he said that courage takes great risk nevertheless gianluca million sean the socialist leader here in france he had a quick witted response to. take a listen to what men and shawn had to say fools cynics slackers all in the streets on twelfth and twenty third. alcoholic's people who are nothing more illiterate slackers the declarations of love from across to the french are multiplying well
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it's not all the trade unions that are going to be protesting here in france tomorrow emanuel micron's team spent a lot of the some of courting some of the trade unions here in france and making peace offerings and it appears to have partly worked one leader of a rather more aggressive trade union here has said that they will not be participating in the strike tomorrow and that there's no point starting a fight when it's already over so you can see macro team has been using this sort of divide and conquer approach towards these reforms towards the trade unions we're going to find out some more oh if that's approach has what. coming up on our t.v. day will never forget survivor as first responders and family members member of the tragic attacks in new york city sixteen years later will be right back. to the real irony going. to be told what to think that
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a responsible voice knew people when they were always well that's what it was always expensive all the things you do you know what you already know hold still so well and he's you know you have already more elbows and resources than trump has used social media that it will really sort of the story goes it's garbage in real. good holds and you should. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so do you want to be president and you. want to reach. out to the right person to see what. are you before you get. pushed to the wall.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't tell you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.
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today marks the sixtieth anniversary of the terror attacks of september eleventh as we watched the attack unfold we saw clouds of toxic dust from the collapse of the twin towers overtake lower manhattan thousands of first responders were exposed to harmful fumes which continue to have damaging effects on their health our teams trying to chavez has this story. on this day sixteen years ago thousands of lives were changed for ever the terror attacks of september eleventh two thousand and one claimed over three thousand lives and thousands of first responders still continue to struggle with health issues because of that for on this day. the collapse of the world trade center released nearly two thousand tons of hauser is dust that coated the ground zero recovery site first responders were exposed to a multitude of the magic and toxic exposures if you like your mouth was on an
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exhaust pipe tom wilson was among the thousands of first responders and rescue workers at ground zero he spent weeks combing through the debris searching for survivors and the remains of men and women who perished when the buildings collapsed now wilson is thick diagnosed with cancer in two thousand and eight you see on my wrist here this is part of my list was taken out in a new trial he was rebuilt and then a two wheel gram you know want to be removed from my left but my wrist to my elbow implanted the ought to be into my neck to resupply the new tone and to make sure the cancer didn't spread i had a second action to remove the. node you see if the answers were in the surgery was successful and after six weeks of radiation wilson was put in remission but the future of his health is still uncertain he learned today more than eight hundred first responders and workers have died from illnesses linked to nine eleven and more than six thousand first responders are involved in the center for disease
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control and prevention the world trade center health program retired n.y.p.d. officer anthony flamm is another first responder who continues to suffer to this day i've been diagnosed with various illnesses. chronic sinusitis from an eye to gerd reactive airway does he sleep apnea. kushal can drive is. one of the you know all the illnesses and also the property as well. lammy have responded to lower manhattan within an hour of the attack he was dispatched to help the evacuation but knew something was wrong i realized that when i got through. and i knew something wasn't right and you know when i was escorting the remains of it that was one of the firefighters out of the pile. i was shot in the patrol car and i said this is not helping. at my i swore you know it was tearing up and they were they were red and i was feeling like discomfort nice that this is not right this is this is not right something's not right it is going to be
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a long term help but you know i knew a couple days later you smell that you smell them in there you smell death and clammy i continued to work not realizing the extent of his health problems until five years later two thousand and six i'd still sleep in a patrol car. and apparently somebody had stopped to ask for directions and knocked on the on the window. they had called nine one one to take what i was dead in the car and in two thousand and seven his career came to an end two thousand and seven i responded to a house fire and that was the end of my career i didn't know when i responded i don't know how i got into the house while got out i actually removed the people from our water didn't know what happened i blacked out. there are thousands more similar stories from the experiences of the first responders whose bravery and commitment to save the lives of others will never be forgotten today we celebrate them and honor those whose lives were lost on the tragic day of september eleventh
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two thousand and one reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . sixteen years after nine eleven activists gathered in front of the saudi embassy in washington to shine a light on what they call thought the arabia's culpability in the terrorist attacks . the importance of us knowing the involvement of saudi arabia is because this is not over and there are so many terrorist attacks that keep happening and when you look at the basis of these terrorist attacks it's the wahhabi idea lot that comes directly from saudi arabia and we know that there is still money coming from clerics within saudi arabia foundations with sin saudi arabia that are going to terrorist organizations so in less we get some clarity about what happened sixteen years ago we will never be able to stop the terrorism that we see continuing today
5:44 pm
the saudi monarchy is the number one source of terrorism around the world and i know the united states government would not that method but this is that but there is so much evidence against the saudi money that it can get involved with terrorism only the people who are corrupt and getting paid by the saudi monarchy are denying it the very reason involved in the nine eleven attacks the very reason that crushes its own uprisings democratic uprisings at home and abroad and the very regime that spreads the terrorism that donal's supposedly wants to protect us from. and also in washington d.c. protesters gathered at thirteen m. street northwest this morning to commemorate the one year anniversary of the shooting death of terence sterling participants first met for a candle bit light vigil before daybreak with two additional rallies kicking off at seven am and six pm although the aftermath of the shooting was caught on video one
5:45 pm
of the officers at the scene turned on his body camera shortly after the end. and even some to question what really took place over the past year no charges have been brought against either officer involved in sterling's death however family and community members continue to seek justice lawyers for the sterling family say they're still trying to secure access to footage from a department of homeland security camera at the scene and most recently in stanley followed a fifty million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against officer brian trainer. and for decades hollywood has been one of the central intelligence agencies biggest assets cia representatives have worked on television shows like homeland and films like they're zero dark thirty the agency has even used hollywood to promote regime change in north korea argues brigitta suncoast is in los angeles with the story behind hollywood's hand in the u.s. north korean showdown. in twenty fourteen japan's
5:46 pm
a sony pictures produced the interview a comedy starring seth rogen and james franco the film chronicles the lives of two hollywood stoners hired by the cia to kill a north korean leader kim jong un after the movie was released the north korean government accused then us president barack obama of forcing it into theaters one of the film's consultants bruce w. bennett has reportedly been a close confidant to president obama and has also worked with the office of the secretary of defense and central command he was brought onto the film as an advisor by then c.e.o. of sony pictures michael linton who sits on the board of trustees at the rand corporation a prominent military think tank seth rogen even mentioned the connection to the new york times in an interview stating quote we made relationships with certain people who work in the government as consultants who i'm convinced are in the cia today bennett is still spreading his pro regime change rhetoric his opinions have
5:47 pm
appeared in publications from the washington post to those not traditionally associated with foreign policy like teen vogue and he hasn't stopped there than it recently suggested weaponize inc a pop music from south korea heard globally by influencing hollywood and its equivalent around the world the u.s. government is manufacturing consent for potential nuclear war in los angeles proceed to santos r t. a group of progressives met this weekend in d.c. hoping to create a new political party the people's convergence invited senator bernie sanders to lead the creation however he was a no show to the events a group calling itself a draft and bernie for a people's party gathered some fifty thousand signatures for supports of the new party with or without sanders you may recall senator sanders ran for president in the twenty sixteen election but lost to hillary clinton or the democratic nominee
5:48 pm
earlier we were joined live by draft bernie founder nick brown i began by asking him when he decided to create this political. i was a national political outreach coordinator during the campaign so i worked closely with the superdelegates it was my job to lobby party elites to support bernie sanders and did you see him as a true democrat during that time no not at all he was an independent is independent in spirit and his policies are always going against the grain inside the democratic party which is exactly why we're asking him to be consistent to that message and to that that history that legacy and start a new party that genuinely represents people in a way that neither major party does today are you surprised at him not responding and not showing up. it it was disappointing unfortunately that bernie sanders would not be able to come and sit down or or even greet accept the signatures fifty thousand signatures that we were presenting him people worked very hard in order to
5:49 pm
gather these signatures these are fifty thousand working people we're calling bernie sanders to a conversation about what we're going to do given that the democratic party is not adopting the progressive platforms that he and all of us have worked so hard to to advance and we know that you know the term progressive is that they knew it was you know there in the early one nine hundred so what makes you think it's going to be different this time around and right now we're basically a two party system what makes you think a third party will get any kind of attention it is this is not an effort to create a third party necessarily our system only permits two parties this is an effort rather to replace the party the democratic party with a party that actually represents the progressive populous left you go down the issues medicare for all single payer getting money out of politics and there is a super majority of americans sixty percent or more that are on board with all those issues that bernie ran on and yet there is no major party that represents
5:50 pm
them including the democratic party and so this is an effort to say it's time to retire one of the two parties and replace it with a party that does represent people on the left well it's interesting you say that because there's a lot of people both within the democratic party and also those looking outside maybe the republicans that have criticized the party what it comes down to i mean does nancy pelosi and maxine waters do they represent your views being on the left it's not even close not even close we don't even consider them part of the left i mean the democrats and republicans really when you talk about them you're just talking about two different wings of the billionaire spectrum because they're both funded by the same corporations the same billionaires both parties and so it's no surprise really when you get two parties that represent. the republicans being the right wing of the billionaire spectrum the democrats being the left wing of the billionaires spectrum meanwhile there is a massive electoral chasm with out representation major party representation in the
5:51 pm
united states and that's progressive populism those are the issues that bernie ran on and if the democratic party is not going to adopt them as it has shown that it is no intention to then it is our imperative and i think our responsibility to begin a party that will and speaking of the democratic party talking about hillary clinton she's gone under so called blaming tor you know kind of just. showing her book and everything else and blaming basically every one of everything except herself she even blames bernie let's take a listen to what an associated press reporter said. critical times of bernie sanders who she feels like has sort of as she said of the campaign sort of had these big pledges vague promises or things that he could deliver for voters without ever really filling in the specifics of how to get those things done so what say you nick that's exactly why it's so important to bring together progressives in order to basically converge around this consensus that number one the democratic
5:52 pm
party is not reforming and number two people are the effort to bring people into the democratic party bernie has been trying his damnedest to do that for the past several for the past year and many years before that in fact and you know what we see this that democratic party affiliation has declined since november has continued to decline as it has for the past decade and so americans are not looking for that americans consider this effort to reform the democratic party as the incrementalism that they themselves rejected during the bernie campaign and so that's why this weekend represented so much progress in bringing together hundreds of progressive dozens of organizations to the table to actually discuss how we create a new party together as a coalition and out of time but if you just enter this in ten seconds we see that president trump and bernie sanders were kind of similar they were your typical politicians but bernie sanders obviously did not win why do you think he did it when do you think he was too much of a socialist for the middle america you know that wasn't the issue whatsoever in
5:53 pm
fact bernie sanders began unlike hillary clinton he had no money he had no name recognition he had the media was completely against him the corporate media he had an annoying to candidate he had everything against him only things he had going for him or his revolutionary progressive message and his integrity and that is a currency in our politics today that is more valuable than all those establishment factors and that's exactly what we want to base this new party on all right we have to leave it there thank you so much for your time that is nick brandt the founder of draft bernie. well watching the hawks is coming up next right here on our to america joins us for a quick preview origins about its new watching the hawks we honor of the sixteenth anniversary of the attacks on nine eleven by delving into the patriot act and you noted state's recent relationship with al qaida and then we welcome the former youth vote strategist spokesperson for the trump presidential campaign salvatore.
5:54 pm
good name to discuss the future of left right politics in this natural disaster all right thank you so much tyrone thank you and that is it for now for more on the stories we have covered go to youtube dot com slash r k america and check out our web site r t v dot com slash america you can follow me on twitter at natasha's tweet question more. all the world. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of partners are into america r.t. america. america. many ways. just like you really. get that out. and in the end you could never you're on. the market all the world all the world all the world's
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a stage we are. a lot of people are saying that it's time we stopped talking about hillary clinton and i remember after the election being like great i can finally stop talking about her too but the thing is she won't stop talking about herself and trying to stay in the limelight and the more she keeps talking the more she keeps proving what a hypocrite she is right now she's promoting her new book about the twenty six thousand election what happened and to promote it she's going on a million t.v. shows dropping quotes to media outlets her p.r. team is releasing snippets to drive to get people to buy it and so once again we're being inundated with her messaging which is annoying
5:56 pm
a lot of people and that's making them remember when she went around selling her old book hard choices back in two thousand and fourteen and here comes the hypocrisy because back then she did an interview on c.n.n. with christiane amanpour and they got on the topic of children who were brought here illegally by their parents as in the dreamers which is one of the latest episodes of the big stupid show going on right now everyone is so angry that the president is threatening to kick kids out of the country when their parents are the ones who brought them across the border illegally as that controversy is swirling right now of course clinton is going to go around talking about it and now she's saying we must save the dreamers and that trump is just awful for wanting to kick them out she tweeted we had to fight with everything we've got to save the kids but in the two thousand and fourteen interview with amanpour she had something very different to say about dreamers entirely back then she said quote they should be sent back and that we have to send
5:57 pm
a clear message just because your child gets across the border that doesn't mean the child gets to stay so we don't want. send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that journey so in twenty fourteen while selling hard choices clinton said in no uncertain terms that dreamers should be sent back now while selling what happened she's joining the anti trump circus saying it's evil to send back the kids and that we must do everything in our power to help them stay now it's just another example of clinton being such a ridiculous hypocrite and she's not even fighting for a cause or anything she's just selling to another stupid book trust me i met with the hordes of people who just want to stop talking about or she insists on staying in the limelight herself she's going to have to keep taking the heat because her capacity is just too outrageous to let slide.
5:58 pm
what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put her up to see if your wife or. daughter to me. what your biggest. little bit on the right was so let's talk a little bit bored you say a few of the things that but what about. it's boring topic so simple. now i could do due to work more.
5:59 pm
it's called the future we don't need something. everyone in the world should experience flamingo and you'll get it all the old the old. the old according to just. look up the modern world come along for the ride. your launching and our team got special report tonight it's about me as one up but basically everything that you think you know about civil society has broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be the sons of normalising mind. we don't need people that think like
6:00 pm
this on our planet. this is an incredibly tense situation. greetings and sal you see this week marks the sixteenth anniversary of the attacks on september the eleventh two thousand and one a date that will be etched in the living history of the united states forever a day that will long be remembered for both its tragedy and its controversy because for all of the heroism courage and acts of compassion that they inspire there was another form of inspiration awakening inside those whose hearts beat fear.


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