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tv   Headline News  RT  September 12, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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thank. the u.n. security council sanctions against north korea after the resolution was. drafted . blank syrian possible stolen from the states government with german authorities believe in. the hands of islamic state. a devastating hurricane. businesses in the affected areas face criticism over the prices.
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are starting midday here thanks for joining us on r.t. international we have new. the u.n. security council has adopted new sanctions against north korea the latest resolution prohibits the purchase for example of textiles from the country it also restricts the hiring of north koreans as foreign workers plus the document puts a cap on pyongyang's oil imports but this is an enormous step back from what was originally proposed by the u.s. in new york and explains. this is a very different resolution than the draft that was circulated by the united states the original draft of the resolution that the u.s. circulated have actually called for a full oil and natural gas embargo against the d.p. r. k. forbidding north korea from importing any oil or natural gas well the resolution
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that just passed is far different simply caps the amount of oil and natural gas that north korea can import now the original draft that was being circulated furthermore called for a freezing of the assets of kim jong il and an a travel ban on north korea's leader forbidding him from leaving north korea that was not included in the resolution that just passed now immediately after it was unanimously passed by the fifteen members of the u.n. security council quite a change in tone from u.s. leaders regarding north korea we heard nikki haley speaking before the u.n. security council today and kind of calm tone saying that the north koreans have not passed a point of no return that there are peaceful and diplomatic solutions to the crisis but we've heard some very different words from nikki haley herself as whether as well as other u.s. officials in relation to north korea they will be met with fire. the shield stands guard. and the sword stands ready massive military
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response of the regime both objective and overwhelming nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. we are not looking for a war the north korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return if it agrees to stop its nuclear program it can reclaim its future if it proves it can live in peace the world will live in peace with it we also heard from the representative of the russian federation now the ambassador for the russian federation he talked about how russia's opinion and russia's perspective has been and russia maintains that it is not acceptable for north korea to have nuclear weapons furthermore he went on to emphasize the double freeze proposal put forward by russia and china calling for a freeze in provocative military drills in the south and in exchange for a freeze on nuclear proliferation and provocative activities from the north this is
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the ambassador of the russian federation speaking before the u.n. security council. it's a big mistake to underestimate this russian chinese initiative it remains on the table at the security council and we will insist on it being considered now the resolution that was just passed emphasized a call for the six party talks to resume from day one russia and china have called for negotiations and a diplomatic solution to the crisis and an easing of tensions on the korean peninsula and it seems that that view put forward by russia and china from the beginning of this crisis has prevailed with the resolution being passed by the fifteen member body the u.n. security council the experts we spoke to think that a diplomatic solution to the korean crisis is still possible despite the fact that the u.s. is pushing tough measures against pyongyang. i think that they wanted some action to be taken and they knew that china and i believe also russia would not go along
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with what the draft was it was really recipe for extinction for north korea korea has also said that if there's a peace treaty signed between them and the united states and there's a halt to those maneuvers they would suspend nuclear and missile tests by the united states has brush this off as absolutely unthinkable and so i think that's the real reason that we have an ongoing crisis so you know what you have here is basically nikki haley having initially distributed the most extreme. and. perhaps even historically this latest round of sanctions which was supposed to be extremely hard hitting but instead the last did the influence of both russia and china in pushing for diplomacy actually signals a possibility and even though things have gotten about as grim as they possibly
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could with regard to u.s. policy toward north korea there is a rational pathway at hand. following the adoption of the resolution russia and china reiterated their call for a double freeze plan on north korea i mentioned just a bit earlier by the correspondent under the plan john yang would stop its nuclear and ballistic missile tests in return america and south korea would stop their joint military exercises and the head of the vote the north korean leader warned that washington would pay a price if it's tough a draft resolution was passed. a correspondent on a program called reports from seoul. considering this ancient resolution passed by the u.n. security council is the toughest to date concerning north korea's ballistic missile and a nuclear weapons program and is furious before the vote even took place the government
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issued a very harsh statement warning they will act tough on the quote us gangsters and promised pain and suffering. the fields calming measures to be taken by the d.p. ok he recalls the u.s. the greatest free it's has through its entire history now to get some perspective on the government in pyongyang i spoke with a member of the national assembly here in seoul. libya. for a. call that they think they could because they don't have any nuclear weapons if they have nuclear weapons united states war has a. very special. because they have nuclear weapons do you think. has to be. thinking despite much talk out of seoul underscoring their
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commitment to a diplomatic solution this week it was announced by opposition lawmakers they will include requests for u.s. tactical nukes in their twenty eight thousand budget proposal i asked mr ha if he supported this action and how it would make koreans say for nuclear weapons. they want to have some kind of territory one obstacle tries to supreme try and. china is putting some kind of sanctions in south korea. but i'm not so buying this week a delegation of opposition lawmakers from seoul will head to washington where they will likely be made. this request for tactical nuclear weapons china is on the record saying such an act would be a red line as they're staunchly against the presence of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula so if such an action is to be carried out by the trump administration it would surely only inflame tensions further in seoul on your part
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until our team. has been stolen from the government and germany is with or to say that over eleven thousand of them are to fall into the hands of islamic state being a bit afraid of the terrorists. to your details not with. eleven thousand blank syrian passports could be in the hands of isis starts according to an investigation that was carried out by the build on sunday newspaper citing documents from the german police and from the german interior ministry wants filled in with a person's details these passports codes allow terrorists to and to europe undetected using a valid passport disguising themselves as refugees developments in connection with the refugee situation has shown that terrorist organizations a using your butt unity to smuggle potential attackers all supporters into europe
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in germany undetected fake or altered passports a mostly used for illegal entry without further motives like carrying out a terrorist attack this is more news that should to worry germans after it emerged earlier this month that a group of sixty former members of a group linked to al qaeda may have traveled disguising themselves as refugees another group are accused of war crimes and carrying out numerous massacres we've also seen an uptick in the number of those accused of having being fighters with terror organizations facing trial here in germany one of those is the rebel commander it to him if he's accused of having tortured people in syria he entered the country as a refugee at the end of this month prosecutors from stuttgart will bring charges of murder and belonging to a terrorist organization against four syria nationals accused of being members of
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joe but. we contacted the german authorities and asked them what they have to say about the potential risks of terrorists arriving here in germany using refugees as coppa islam be known as so-called blank post balls was stolen from the syrian regime these documents are listed on the interpol last documents database so that the passports can be matched with passports presented on the right. not quite blonde say after to two blank passports potentially being in the hands of isis isn't going down well with some of the problem itself is far bigger than we actually realize and that the mainstream media is able to it's a broadcast and bring to the attention of you know the citizens of the world the countries did it ill thought out these policies on immigration and dislike border controls that we've seen in european countries i think the result of that is really one survival i don't think they have any idea of the sheer magnitude of these straits and this problem
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a lot more needs to be done and if it isn't done we're going to see significant terrorist incidents the sheer number of terrorist incidents we witnessed over the last three years that are linked to isis in european countries shows that even with a small number of terrorists that are off the radar the governments don't have the ability to cope so if we're looking at such a high number you know in the thousands and i think that definitely going to be struggling to do it to cope and woefully incapable of doing such german authorities uncovered a half thousand cases of people trying to enter the country using false documents and twenty sixteen and the news that isis may have access to over eleven thousand blank syrian passports means that migration authorities are going to have to be on watch to make sure the documents handed over at the border much the real identity of those doing the handing over peter all of. how many of
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those who went to syria and iraq to fight for islamic state brought their families with them but with the terror group suffering a string of major defeats the why children of a large number of killed fighters have wound up in a refugee camps with uncertain futures he was first to talk to some of the widows of foreign extremists in an iraqi camp where hundreds of families are stranded that ok sion identity is will not be disclosed for their safety. well it's. because if you're such a dumb was it is now but also to the. people of the. know now please show me. your computer. please and any of these things you know how to make you think that
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i'm going to know. how to. cross live now to northern iraq to speak to melanie markham iraq media coordinator for the norwegian refugee council thanks for joining us here on our to today your organization in fact is on the ground in the very calm we've been reporting from what do you think will be the fate of the families of presumed i saw fighting. yes first of all i think it needs to be clarified that these people only have. links to isis fighters the only thing that is shore is that they have played pro forma isis hilarious links to isis don't go beyond that the proven links at this stage two thirds of the group of children so they won't be found guilty of any crime. that this situation though they're very very uncertain situation we hope that it's resolved fairly quickly we have
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a report we've spoken to some of the former wives or even widows of suspected fighters in that they've explained what they were doing there in the first place but your there now what are some of the nationalities you're seeing amongst the refugees. sorry what one of the some of the some of the nationalities. so this is a large number of. people here but the rest of it is that makes their. he's from central asia handful of families from europe and. asia is around fourteen to seventeen nationalities represented here all together it's quite a mix of people you have in that one refugee come there in the northern part of iraq i must ask you the wives or widows who were married to fighters who are now i know you're saying that most of them also suspected but the ones who. should
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be treated in the same way as their husbands. concerned everyone is as a civilian unless they have been investigated and prosecuted for a crime there's no crime being married to someone who has committed a crime and is. now a crime in be a child of a criminal so it's particularly important that the human rights of these people are out held especially while the future is being determined but how do you how do you understand if one or two or more of them have actually been radicalized them so. religion in and of itself is not a crime and in fact it's a fundamental human right that people should be able to practice their religion and a lot of the women here have said that they came here because they wanted to practice islam and live in islamic states again that in itself is not
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a crime and people should be free to practice religion their own religion. running very very long time here just very very quickly indeed when do you think we will start to understand what the future will be. that's the question that everyone is asking and the situation here is only intended to be temporary so we're hoping that it will be resolved as quickly as possible certainly we want them to be staying here weeks and months. and the conditions are not that kind of. melanie welcome to iraq media coordinator for the norwegian refugee council joining us from northern iraq thank you very much indeed for your time today thank you. well in the meantime with the russian backed syrian forces breaking the siege of dead as all and u.s. backed kodesh ministers heading south the race is on to retake oil fields from my soul that story in full after the break.
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what politicians do you think to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to.
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let you go on to be this is what the three of them will be good. interested always in the water. for. twenty posture in moscow thanks for joining us with russian backed syrian government forces breaking the siege of dead as u.s. backed militias appear to be heading to the same place but from another direction. looks at what's at stake as the two anti terror forces move closer. what has the. american led coalition in northern syria been up to lately rocko short thing but there's more here's this weekend statement by the guys in charge of an hard to resolve syrian coalition commences offensive tools don't resume. their resort
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it's only the biggest city in the country's east which just had its blockade broken i do our. government troops are already inside doing the d isolating so why would the coalition get involved. it was a mistake quick correction the coalition's on the way to boot islamic state out of the hub or river valley not quite their ads or but just to the north of the city all sort it keep reading the prestigious mistakenly released an unapproved drove regarding the fight in the river valley the draft indicated that. a moment to resume this is not the case i thought first of all they were meant to be anti eisel forces we have very little to do with syria other than killing isis many times in the studio of explain the great strategic importance of controlling their resort and the state islamic state will find itself and if they lose it
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a different perspective there's still plenty of oil around this area once. you get it but even before islamic state gets fully erased from the map of syria government troops may well come across coalition forces or vice versa trust me this potential proxy conflict would be formidable to say the least earlier this year the pro-government forces were hit by u.s. airstrike at least five times in the deserts of southeast syria just because they happened to turn up in the wrong place at the wrong time the united states conducted strikes against two technical vehicles later this morning. after that first incident the united states also shot down a suspected pro regime drone speaking of sudden clashes breaking out as various and forces come together just recently and north american troops along with kurdish units came under fire by the turkish backed rebels the ones that the kurds well
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when it comes to the east watch this space as it gets a bit crowded there is or. has weakened to a tropical depression after previously reaching a category five in severity it's already dumping rain across the u.s. states of georgia and alabama and continuing north west. has left a path of devastation with the death toll rising to ten in america and thirty eight in the caribbean shelters filled up with thousands waiting for the storm to pass the hurricane has left over six million without power as wind speeds reached one hundred thirty miles per hour also thought of course two hundred billion dollars worth of damage as people still struggle from the off the mosque many also question the authorities response to the crisis is oxys its america. in times of natural catastrophes like hurricane there's certainly room for heroism and
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heartwarming tales yet many of those affected by the disaster are left to fend for themselves is a story with a new list destructive power and safety to consumers to learn about it just get out of its way now that's very blunt advice from authorities getting to safety however has been proving not so easy for many. hundreds of tourists were left stranded on billie's for the night including the brits and their family spirits for the government's inaction a similar situation unfolded for the canadians some waiting hours hoping to board a plane only to be told they were in on the list. is just unfortunate that was our own governments in a situation like this you know word and you don't see any action. now imagine trying to get away when airlines with ticket prices some reaching the
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tag three thousand dollars some airlines have apologized for them while others have tried to justify it as a last minute fare hotels are also taking advantage of the storm charging up to three hundred dollars a night and social media is fuming with anger over expensive accommodations price gouging in general has. and cited as one of the most common issues at the moment. the cost of food and water and fire rocketed as companies claimed items were running out of forty's were forced to open a complete hotline which has already received more than eight thousand calls unfortunately it seems government apathy and price gouging are just as predictable when preparing for a hurricane and the effects of the storm itself. on our team washington d.c. so journalists all over the world have gone to extreme lengths to brave the wrath
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of hurricane and live broadcasts we've seen wind swept drenched clothing and dramatic footage was joyous try to make their reports under extreme weather conditions all the while telling people to stay safe and stay inside some say practice what you preach and stop. if you're told to evacuate. get out quickly. i don't need state the obvious. implication. that.
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everything was fine until alternative media came along everything was fine until the internet everything was fine until facebook and twitter and you tube and and various video platforms and periscope and everything was fine if you don't give us something exciting we're back to this again so it's an existential threat they're
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there fighting for their lives and they will do anything up to one including dying on television to get that most wanted to viewer attention. thanks for sharing this tuesday with us here on c international your worldwide headlines continue in about thirty three. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flaming. lips. we can all middle of the room sick.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love jack tonight president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail.
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i'm simone del rosario and dylan in berlin de france you're watching boom bust broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. coming up on the show expensive airlines accused of price gouging as floridians attempt to flee hurricane wilma a head of the storm facebook find why spain is asking the social media company to fork over more than a million euros for violating your privacy and later big band china may move to ban all exchanges dealing with crypto currencies while russia is that going to take a different route to standby all that and more boom bust starts right now.


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