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korea says that the united states will be fully to blame for any response it decides to give to new u.n. sanctions accusing washington of using the international body to isolate going yeah . nationwide protests in france turned violent a speedball their throw projectiles and. new labor law that's due to come into effect in the week. with islamic states territory in syria crumbling the race to retake oil fields from the terrorists with russian assisted and u.s.
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bank forces both closing in. r.t. and. north korea says that washington will be fully to blame for the response it decides to give to new u.n. sanctions speaking at a news conference that d.p. r. k. is envoy to russia accused of using the un security council to isolate that's after a new resolution on tougher measures against state was adopted unanimously in new york got more details from our correspondents and the dean of. speaking at a news conference said the north korea shan forty two russia accused the u.s. of using the security council as an instrument to isolate feeling on.
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the latest sanctions imposed by the u.n. security council a result of the heating this u.s. attempts to isolate and suffocating talk country. place in violation of our sovereignty that's why we totally reject and condemn these sanctions he also added that washington is trying to shift the blame for instigating townshend's on the korean peninsula is sad that so the u.s. is wrong if it believes that it's north korea would change as position after this new wave of sanctions. we've been on the u.s. sanctions for ten years it was the u.s. that instigated the u.n. security council to come up with more resolutions on sanctions against north korea so we're used to living in such conditions and we still managed to achieve everything we wanted if washington things will bend under these new measures and change of position it's an illusion to know all this was the way south through the u.n. security council unanimously adopted a resolution which was trapped by the u.s.
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to impose tougher sanctions on calling it a hat of the foliage at the security council north korea warning that should this resolution passed pyongyang would response to with action and in a statement which was released on the state media platform the foreign ministry said that if the u.s. does rig up a legal and unlawful resolution it would respond in kind specifically it was sad that the measures that north korea will take in response to these sanctions will cost the u.s. the greatest pain and suffering they had ever gone through and it's history but go to new york now and get very reaction from the states. is in the u.s. for a scaly what is it then in the. lucian the design good film gang so much it's important to know that there is anger coming from north korea despite the fact that this resolution is somewhat watered down than the want to original circulated by the
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united states the draft first circulated by the usa included a full oil and natural gas embargo against north korea that section was removed now the new resolution the one that was passed it simply caps the amount of oil and natural gas that north korea can import furthermore the original draft of the resolution specifically targeted kim jong un the leader of north korea it would ban him from traveling at a travel ban and it would have frozen his international assets and that section of the resolution would just drop completely the resolution that was passed was much more mild than the one that was proposed by the united states and it's interesting to note that we've heard an interesting change in tone coming from u.s. leaders let's take a listen they will be met with fire fury the shield stands guard. and the sword stands ready. a massive military response the response both objective
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and overwhelming nuclear threats show that he is begging for a war. we are not looking for a war the north korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return if it agrees to stop its nuclear program it can reclaim its future if it proves it can live in peace the world will live in peace with quite a dramatic change in tone from u.s. leaders but now it's north korea not the united states that seems somewhat reluctant to sit down at the negotiating table. processed have to violent in paris where people have taken to the streets to vent their anger at the president's labor reforms that due to come into effect in a week four thousand separate strikes and almost two hundred rallies of wrote to major cities but across the country from. the most say projectiles and flows have been thrown by the crowds.
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lisa. let us. yes thirty dollars. if you. will tease correspondent kelly boy who has been following the protests throughout the day. and one of the big newspapers here in france will miss him i know my son's christening old these are the biggest street protests to take place in front ever since he was elected president this year and people here are very unhappy about the labor laws that he wants to implement it he wants to shake up the job market and
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make it easier to hire and fire and now he thinks will tackle misuse of money high unemployment rate here in front it is almost non of the rage in the u.k. and germany the trade unions are dead set against the changes and they have come out in full force hitting the streets in the past sounds and in paris today in order to say no to manual microphones or changes to the law now this is being seen as a bit of a litmus test because i know mark one sees spent a lot of the summer trying to placate some of the smaller trade unions here nevertheless today's demonstration has been organized by the largest trade union and we've been speaking to people what the french railway network to add traffic controllers even people who watch as comedians in cars it comes as old that was we know you can choose. that they believe that this represents the likes of the
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employers in front i know it's the employees take a listen to what they had to say. this lowers anti social because it's reliable for workers. but in the world this law doesn't provide workers with rights to work doesn't give privileges in both the public and the private sectors we defend the interests of workers what conditions retirement. to draw for effects eighty million workers the majority of french workers and will significantly limit their rights to make it easier to fire people even when it's not justified that. it's about to lower which is harmful for us this would leave us without any more guarantees monument one major bit about last week when he referred to all the people that a. lot can't remember. but that is the phrase that is really galvanized
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a lot of the protesters here in batman poured oil on the fog that may have put more people to hit the street this sunday a lot of that we've been talking about being a rock ruckus at the wall tonight on the president used to take functions well and he was all about that later on looking foolish in the old is to be sure there's a double precision of city mop up he's only thinking about it for me to put him in the school even if made it clear he's also feel that it's going to take him a disputed it'll be within the. unload on the face of the protests here at home until on the president who is determined to push these last three days that he has a strong mandate in order to implement his jetted off to the french caribbean in order to deal with the fallout you have hurricane of that so the first ten week being billed as a showdown between the pro-business president who's come to power to shake up the. john locke that and the trade union movement and even as the last note which you
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don't see want to see that was the plan for this little bit more it was very a lot of them like in the next week. in france a scene violent t. labor law protests in the past is a quick reminder. paul smith who's an expert in french politics in the u.k. has nothing in university believes that it's too early to tell if my chrome will be
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up to the challenge. it's the same as we've seen over the last ten years the trade union movement or at least possibly in france likes to mobilize people and there's a sense that these these changes or radical but i think what we need to what we need to look at very carefully is just how many people really want this test is being seen as a what today is being seen as is a test of the strength the depth of position and also the strength of one of the trade unions the main trade union that that called the action today the c.g. to it really remains to be seen whether over the months to come whether this government unlike its predecessors is able not only to talk the talk about xi to walk the walk and that's to say to deliver the reforms it wants to deliver. just inform you about the news that has just come in we're getting reports of a mass evacuation this is in barcelona close to the world famous i get out of the nearby shops as well as to metro stations in that area have now been cleared and
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explosives experts are currently assessing a van they say contains a suspicious package the van was parked close by to the cathedral soon as new information on this story comes it will bring it straight to. the syrian army breaking the siege of dairies or islamic state hold over the country's rapidly collapsing and the fifteen percent of syria remains under the terror group's control and that no longer includes any major cities this is according to russia's defense ministry it also says that this week alone four hundred fifty terrorists were killed and a large amount of key i saw in for structure including ammunition depots were destroyed in all ten tons of humanitarian aid has been delivered to the previous b. c. there is or. and it seems that u.s. banks could if militias are also heading from a different direction. looks what's a stake as the two forces close in on each other. what has the.
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american led coalition in northern syria been up to lately rocko short thing but there's more here's this weekend statement by the guys in charge of an hard to resolve syrian arab coalition commences offensive tools don't resume. their resort it's only the biggest city in the country's east which just had its blockade broken i grew our. government troops are already inside doing the de eiseley so why would the coalition get involved. it was a mistake quick correction the coalition's on the way to boot islamic state out of the hub or river valley not quite their ads or but just to the north of the city all sorted keep reading the prestigious mistakenly released an unapproved drove regarding the fight in the river valley the draft indicated that.
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a moment to resume this is not the case i thought first of all they were meant to be anti eisel forces we have very little to do with syria other than killing isis many times in the studio of explain the great strategic importance of controlling their resort and the state islamic state will find itself and if they lose it a different perspective there's still plenty of oil around this area once. you get it but even before islamic state gets fully erased from the map of syria government troops may well come across coalition forces or vice versa trust me this potential proxy conflict would be formidable to say the least earlier this year the pro-government forces were hit by u.s. airstrike at least five to. times in the deserts of southeast syria just because they happened to turn up in the wrong place at the wrong time the united states conducted strikes against two technical vehicles later this morning after that
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first incident the united states also shot down a suspected program drone speaking of sudden clashes breaking out as various and forces come together just recently and north american troops along with kurdish units came under fire by the turkish backed rebels the ones that the kurds well when it comes to the east watch this space as it gets a bit crowded there was. a huge trove of blank syrian passports has been stolen from the country's government german authorities is saying that more than eleven thousand of the mud to fall into the hands of islamic state in that fake passports give the terrorists easier access into europe on these peter all of it has more. eleven thousand blank syrian passports could be in the hands of isis starts according to an investigation that was carried out by the build on sunday newspaper citing documents from the german police and from the german interior
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ministry once filled in with a person's details these passports codes allow terrorists to into europe undetected using a valid passport disguising themselves as refugees developments in connection with the refugee situation has shown that terrorist organizations they using the opportunity to smuggle potential attackers all supporters into europe in germany undetected fake or altered passports are mostly used for illegal entry without further motives like carrying out a terrorist attack this is more news that sure to worry germans after it emerged earlier this month that a group of sixty four members of a group linked to al qaeda may have traveled here disguising themselves as refugees another group are accused of war crimes and carrying out numerous massacres we've also seen an uptick in the number of those accused of having being fighters with terror organizations facing trial here in germany one of those is the rebel
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commander able to him if he's accused of having tortured people in syria he entered the country as a refugee at the end of this month prosecutors from stuttgart will bring charges of murder and belonging to a terrorist organization against four syria nationals accused of being members of joe but. we contacted the german authorities and asked them what they have to say about the potential risks of terrorists arriving here in germany using refugees as cover is long be known but so-called blank post balls was stolen from the syrian regime these documents the listed on the interpol lost documents database so that the passports can be matched with passports presented on a right. that quite bland say attitude to blank passports potentially being in the hands of isis isn't going down well with some the problem itself is far bigger than we actually realize and that the mainstream media is able to it's
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a broadcast and bring to the attention of you know the citizens of the world the sheer number of terrorist incidents we witnessed over the last three years that are linked to isis in european countries shows us that even with a small number of terrorists. off the radar the governments don't have the ability to cope so if we're looking at such a high number you know in the thousands and i think that definitely going to be struggling to it's a cope and woefully incapable of doing so german authorities uncovered eight and a half thousand cases of people trying to enter the country using false documents and twenty sixteen and the news that isis may have access to over eleven thousand blank syrian passports means that migration authorities are going to have to be on watch to make sure the documents handed over at the border much the real identity of those doing the handing over peter all over. while i still fighters are trying
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to make their way into europe thousands of previously gone to fight for the terrorist group in syria from abroad the lion's share of foreign i saw recruits came from tunisia russia france germany and the u.k. are also among the countries though from where a significant number of citizens left to fight for i saw. many of those who went to syria and iraq to fight for islamic state took their families with them but with the terror group suffering a string of major defeats the wives and children of a large number of killed fighters they've ended up in refugee camps with uncertain futures marty was the first media channel to talk to some of the widows of foreign extremists there in an iraqi camp where hundreds of such families have been stranded the location and the identities we have chosen not to disclose for their safety. now is not important i guess for that does these eight people to. leave people like you guys still there it's
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a. gamble that. someone wasn't hurt that's how it is that's. the legal fate of the wives of myself i this isn't clear yet in europe last year around six hundred people were put on trial for terrorism more than three hundred fifty prosecuted for ties to jihadism should the wives of vital fighters be treated in the same way as other islamist extremists we discussed this issue with political commentators andree walker. well i think the most important thing we have to do is avoid these people coming back to our countries these people have joined a terrorist organization they wish to join a state that isn't the united kingdom isn't america isn't russia what we're talking about wives and children of isis fighters who have gone out to syria to iraq to kurdistan and have been found themselves inadvertently getting in broiled as part
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of as much a victim as anyone else has been in power these atrocities let's be clear what the argument that no one saw is making is that you are an adult war have chosen to join a terrorist organization just because you're married you should have no responsibility for that whatsoever of what mr savage but you are in a terrorist organization so i want to not have you make your own piece of this is a side i'm flying beside me so let's be clear on my position and let's be clear what i look at you actually look a little later a name for yourself as a showing for the majority of iraq just take the air piece out and keep talking the position of the majority of british people in my view is that they do not want terrorists back in the united kingdom they do not want the wives of terrorists back in the united kingdom but there may want the children who are entirely innocent to return to the united kingdom and with that in mind i put my earpiece back in these women many of them will be innocent people the children the innocent people they didn't sign up to a terrorist organization it's not like joining
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a club where you sign up to get a membership form they followed their husbands into a war zone people who have not committed any wrongdoing who are no risk to the state the answer is to integrate them we have the national security apparatus in place to be able to tackle these issues right now. nato member turkey has signed an estimated billion dollar deal to buy russia's advanced s. four hundred missile system. the as four hundred missile system deal has already been signed by officials as far as i know the first installment was also transferred this process will continue between turkey and russia well the delivery of this particular system is a russian s four hundred system which is surface to air missiles and what we're looking at here is the first installment the first payment on a deal that we estimate is was around two point five billion u.s. dollars and russia's new system is the next generation edge of fence system and we're looking at a range of targets aerial targets ranging from aircraft and also non nanda craft
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drones and also very in types of missiles and to take those targets down we're looking at a system that deploys three different types of missiles this new system is apparently twice as good as the old one so let's look at further at some of the capabilities of this particular system it can engage of two eighty targets all at the same time it has a maximum target range of four hundred kilometers and a maximum target speed of four point eight kilometers per second so powerful stuff we're looking in terms of those who've bought as we say we're talking about the say china have already requested it and also it looks like india out there they're interested in this particular deal as well and it's also being deployed in syria so that is that's the particular deal that's what the system can do but also what are the why do implications because we know turkey is a member of nato it has the second largest army amongst the allies there and washington has already voiced some concerns there have been some so worrying moments from the pentagon about this deal going forward which now of course it's
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going through and in the meantime there's been a decline in relations between anchor and washington or is it the same time we've seen an improvement between ankara and wasco also at the same time when president president earlier announced this particular deal he said that all the differences with russia are all in the past and particularly any contrivances that they might have had well in their dealings about syria. despite u.s. concerns over turkey's military dealings with russia washington has confirmed its commitment to military corporate. nation with ankara the pentagon added that it's ready to accelerate delivery of its own anti missile systems to turkey but adam gary managing editor at the duran online news site believes that the deal shows turkey now prefers an alliance with moscow and washington on only has itself to blame turkish relations with the united states have generally been quite bad and getting worse ever since the attempted and ultimately failed coup against president urged on in the summer of two thousand and sixteen turkey certainly wants to
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bolster its defenses it doesn't feel the united states is a reliable partner either economically or politically and there's a lot of objective truth to that russia is much more geared to being an economic partner to turkey than the united states and unlike the united states with both under obama and trump didn't really show turkey much respect russia does which is saying quite a lot is russia and turkey were in a very bad position in terms of relations as recently as may two thousand and fifteen so things have come a long way in a very short time in terms of turkey wrote turkish relations with russia and in that same amount of time they deteriorated remarkably rapidly in respect of relations with washington. members of the trumpet ministration of calling on congress to reauthorize a controversial surveillance law it's set to expire by the end of this year are to smear a can has more. well the u.s.
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justice department and the intelligence community are seeking a reauthorization of title seven of the foreign intelligence surveillance act this is causing a rift between proponents and the civil liberties groups attorney general jeff sessions and national intelligence director daniel coats are actually urging congress to allow the federal government to carry to carry out warrantless surveillance of foreign targets they're seeking. to tame the n.s.a.'s sweeping surveillance powers contained in section seven zero two of the fisa act now the laws are collecting data on foreign spies but this also allows the national security agency to tap the communications of foreigners located abroad for just intelligence purposes now the trumpet ministration has been pushing for section seven o two to become permanent as its supporters say it's crucial for preventing terrorist attacks but its critics have been voicing concerns that the n.s.a.
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also harvests private communications of americans which violates their civil liberties leaving private information available to other intelligence agencies this also includes a domestic communications without warrant components the government has also been accused of collecting data on an unknown number of americans under this law and solely between sweeping surveillance and civil liberties it's very difficult to predict which way congress will go as there are advocates and critics across both sides spectrum. ok let's get a quick reminder of the news coming out of this evening the area around the world famous so good out of familiar cathedral has been evacuated by shops as well as two metro stations in the area have been cleared of people exposes exposed security assessing of containing a suspicious package that was. spanish authorities. said it was the original
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intended target of a terrorist attack that occurred last month which instead was changed to calls ramming into people killing fifteen we'll bring you more details on this story as they come to us. thanks judy until it internationally saving latest news headlines updates on the breaking news story. it is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took the whole gist i came to god and meant that the debts tie game and in the spiral. many lives have been broken by excessive the banks got you into trouble and all the big bankers got big.
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by the banks but i didn't think of the. creditors people see no future bad face would have become ill to job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is debt a life long trouble or is there a way out of those actually trying to argue no would be right to judge a bill for. a few more. manufactured institute of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the famous. we can all.


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