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tv   Headline News  RT  September 13, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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merry go round. one. we can all middle of the room sick. from shows little faith the new u.n. sanctions against north korea and warns of tough first step should the country fail to abandon its nuclear ambitions. are not a big deal those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. the road to wrack our new anti documentary tells the stories of those fighting to drive islamic state from one of its last syrian strongholds. and in a new development the world anti-doping agency confirms the accuracy of a leaked document that shows ninety five or ninety six russian athletes have been cleared of any wrongdoing.
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very good evening to you my name is neil harvey you're watching r.t. international. donald trump seems unimpressed by the latest u.n. security council sanctions against north korea he hinted to more action will still be needed to be taken to do you rail pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing. not big i don't know but has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen well certainly disturbing to hear these words from donald trump in the aftermath of a vote at the u.n. security council that was widely perceived as a victory for diplomacy the words that we heard from u.s.
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leaders on the floor of the security council were rather diplomatic and favorable to peace and cooperation at this point we're hearing u.s. leaders again talking harsh talking about the possibility of sanctions against russia and against china if they don't comply with the new u.n. resolution if china doesn't follow the sanctions we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the u.s. and international dollar system and that's quite meaningful so now we have these words from trump downplaying the u.n. resolution and many people whose hopes had really been raised for peace and diplomacy being victorious well those hopes are starting to dampen now they're starting to be some some fear that perhaps once again we are in the danger of a global conflict or some kind of war breaking out in the crisis in the korean peninsula could be once again intensifying despite what was seen as a step forward for diplomacy and international cooperation this is just another dip
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on the roller coaster in saying this seems every week with the war where it goes up very high than than maybe this in conciliatory talk some cooperation some diplomacy and then more threats of military force and it's really hard to know what to make of this yes we do have a positive that is the original u.s. draft was watered down considerably it was acceptable to the russians or the chinese but then we have this fire breathing talk coming from young beginning we don't know what the next step is going to be the real question is. going to be when do we actually get to a diplomatic track that allows both sides to step down and to my mind that's got to be something like the double three s proposal that china has put forward the russians agree with but is absolutely unacceptable to washington it seems little surprise that ping yang isn't exactly happy about the new sanctions i heard that despite the fact that nowhere near as harsh as the u.s. originally wanted them to be north korea is
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a bus that russia says it's wrong to believe the sanctions will change anything. we've been on the u.s. sanctions for ten years it was the u.s. that instigated the u.n. security council to come up with more resolutions on sanctions against north korea so we used to living in such conditions and we still managed to achieve everything we wanted if washington thinks will bend under these new measures and change our position it's delusional or from filmmaker john pilger believes that the u.s. is acting like a bully. the problem is not north korea the problem is not russia of the problem is not china the problem is the united states the problem for the rest of the world actually now is the containment of the united states sections are relevant in the sense to this whole debate what is needed is a peace treaty with north korea between the united states and north korea and
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the government in seoul but where it's all heading is the most worrying thing of all. the decision our islamic states grip over the country is rapidly collapsing with no major city any longer under the full control of the terrorists creep the made battlefront is dead resort where the syrian army is now close to pushing eisel out of the city locals have already started to return there in fact after three years siege was broken with the help of russian airpower however some pockets of i still resistance remain. they told us first don't forget you're in syria you forget all about it second if you have to go to bed early t.v.'s banned radios banned cell phones a bad woman can go outside dressed so that the only thing which can be seen is her
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eyes. we saw them breaking into houses when they approached our house they were banging on our door because banging and banging first i didn't open it for them but they smashed it down it got inside a smashed up all the things in the house. i spent seven days in the jail and then i was taken to the chief of the court sentenced me to sixty lashes they may be stand against the wall. for the old enough to my next year and i was driving along the main broke when a bomb went off and a fragment of the bomb hit my name feet and he died as of late we didn't have enough time to save him some people called an ambulance but he couldn't they say
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that he died even before he got to the field hospital. laments in the most saddam when we were living under the blockade we had no cucumbers tomatoes apples or potatoes i have all that now thank god we get groceries and food boxes from the rather cross we're very grateful to them and i'm very happy that the blockade has been lifted. along with civilians a syrian army brigade was trapped inside that is so it during the sage it held and defended several blocks of the city that included a military airport and managed to talk to the base chief commander. so. a siege was also rehearsed on the airport this siege was quite severe since i still terrorists attacked the airport and other military elements daily we had an operation to and everyone knew how to do. their role the soldier had his role the
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leaders were side by side with the soldiers we fought to the death none of our soldiers ran away and we defeated i saw their bodies were in the ground even before the siege was broken we received munitions by air drop because all the roadways were under eisel control and using those munitions we fought i still wonder why they weren't able to break any of our minds hundreds of them were killed all their attacks against the airport failed even when using car bombs and suicide attacks we faced them down bravely. documentary team has been to the very heart of the battle to rid syria of islamic state of crude traveled to the scene of fierce clashes to film those fighting to banish the terrorist group from the country. wrecked cars now surrounded by u.s.
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backed syrian democratic forces consisting mainly of kurdish militias clashes are ongoing as the terrorist the still in control of several blocks of the city and spoke to the director of the documentary about what her t.v. experience. when we went to make this film we had no idea what we're going to come across we had literally no idea we started to build our story. three points are on the road to rock and the first point was the medical point the second point was the women's point and the foreign volunteers point. was. the one quality that you know it's all of them is the very altruistic they're very idealistic anybody want to criticize them they would say well they're coming like foreign militias to fight a war that's not theirs but it says they mean they think it's their war. acting
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community every country and people are paying attention for one day two days and acting as if everything will be normal. no that's not what we were attacked several times snipers usually so the main problems around iraq are snipers and mines and the drones the little drones that isis sons with little grenades so they drop the grenade and groups boards and so there is actually one that i talked while we were not have been on a permission yet we were about to go to operation. the grenade exploded in midair so it dropped from it didn't calculate the height so if it fell lower it would be done. the most shocking story was one that happened when it got to be
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morning and when everything got to be peaceful and all of a sudden someone showed up with a huge sword. and started beating random things just executed a few minutes or maybe an hour ago his three kids all of a sudden maybe two minutes later we heard screaming and he just started running into a space just started running there without a rifle just with a sword i think. strikes from the americans because they probably saw them on satellite so they were isis. you know was one of the medics we were filming. we were the only generation that will never go back to that. and it's. more firsthand accounts from one of the key battlegrounds in syria watch the full documentary it will be here on r.t. international next monday. and the new development to the president of the world
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anti-doping agency's confirmed the authenticity of the document leaked to the u.s. media now that document revealed that wada had cleared ninety five russian athletes from ninety six so from nine different sports that was subject to its drugs probe. is across the story. this letter was from an internal water report want to be in the world anti doping agency and that is said to be said that going by insufficient evidence that's the key phrase here that ninety five ninety six russian athletes that have been implicated across nine different sports will have now been cleared so as we know this is something that's been hanging around for wasn't the mclaren report they gave evidence of apparently there are occasions of state sponsored doping and everything then has been carried on from there but we have had some early questioning as all of them occurring reported the i.o.c. actually the international olympic committee they'd also raised questions about the mccarren report a key point that they had used is how to demonstrate that came up time and time
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again based on those allegations so that there have been rumblings that some of these allegations that some of the athletes implicated we're talking about a lot of athletes i mean if you look at how they affected the paralympics all the russian team couldn't go to the paralympics they were effectively banned and also one hundred eighteen russian plates from the rio games also didn't go so if we look at all those parties the blanket bans how it affected those who are guilty and of course those who are innocent as well have been affected over the past couple of years it's not down to how the process continues when to find these athletes have effectively been given the all clear by wada so now it's a case of all the international sporting federation come together saying that's rubbish start this let's put our cases forward and get the rest of the athletes cleared of who comes in the wake of three russian cyclists in a court case against wander over the buns soldier but more the u.k. has asked the university says the agency will have a hard time defending itself. that is that what i did doping agency will want to stifle this the very last thing i want is to have to go to court to defend it
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you know defend its decisions i mean. big decisions do what i need a big agency really wants to get rid of this it wants to try to bury this and make it go away now it really depends on just. prepared they are to dig in their heels they presumably have teams of lawyers behind them and if they push it right to the bitter end then he will be a case where mclaren is forced to disclose his evidence and that will be very interesting i'm staying with our take more news coming up after a short break. the
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field we go. every. if you. will. according to josh.
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with the german general election now less than two weeks away western media have been busy trying to track down russian hackers to this should have already started meddling in the european powerhouses vote in the washington post article one security expert is quoted as saying that it just doesn't feel right that the russians haven't yet struck the report and the reason may be that germany has nailed the art of cyber security it also states that no evidence of any attempted meddling has actually been detected and is checking into takes a closer look. if you haven't been in a coma for the past year you've likely heard a thing or two about alleged russian interference and america's recent presidential election the cia has concluded russian hackers intervened in the u.s. election with the purpose of helping donald trump when packing and leaking that the administration says the russians carried out connect the dots russia did it and while those claims were never backed up by any solid evidence just a lot of speculation and hearty assurances that hasn't stopped the world from
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pointing the finger at moscow and also predicting that the big bad kremlin would do the same again in europe the russian hacker scene is huge german security agencies and cyber experts are alarmed own evidence points to russia that's why we cannot rule it out why we are preparing for a similar efforts to influence germany's election many warned that the upcoming german elections would be a prime target for those pesky russian hackers so security was bumped up and investigations were launched but even a year long search by german intelligence for potential russian interference failed to uncover any evidence of kremlin backed meddling or not though that hasn't stopped anyone from seeing russia as democracies enemy number one a recent article by the washington post examines what sinister implications there could be behind the fact that we have yet to see moscow's hand trying to steer berlin's vote it's just not an election anymore without russian hackers with one think tank director saying the silence worries him quote it doesn't feel right the
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article edges that the lack of evidence doesn't necessarily mean moscow is innocent perhaps they just haven't been successful or moscow is simply biding its time and it goes on to say that russia's attack me only be seen after the election speculating that russian linked networks may try to manipulate the vote count so remain alert the washington post even quotes a german security association that works closely with germ intelligence agencies who came up empty when looking for sophisticated attacks coming from russia we did not find any evidence that there are more sophisticated attacks coming from russia in the pre-election period. but that lack is credited to germany's resilience in stringent new legislation against the spreading of fake news legislation that doesn't come into effect until october but you know whatever the article also concedes that perhaps moscow decided to leave berlin alone because they're close trade partners something that putin himself has said in the past. is that we did not interfere in the u.s. elections so why would we created the problems here we have good relations with
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germany it's our largest trade and economic partner in europe but he is russian after all statements really only become fact when western powers make them so the clear message for russia is you're damned if you do hack and you're damned if you don't. the president of the european commission has delivered his state of the union address in strasburg started by thanking only twenty seven of the twenty eight members of the e.u. despite the fact the u.k. will continue to be part of the block for another one and a half years and for britain instead of thanks a warning. on march twenty ninth twenty nineteen the united kingdom will leave the e.u. it will be a sad and tragic moment we will always regret this and you will regret it quite soon at the end of his address everybody got up and applauded except for a group of british army plays among them are called briggs city and nigel raj but it wasn't just the members that gave us the world.
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at all but the european union is not europe and europe is not the european union. wants to force the european union to become a single state yet we know that the euro is not a success story we have extraordinary levels of unemployment and social instability . in the chief apparently he didn't take the verbal attack on his vision of europe to well as the risk it to get me to be harangued got up from the seat and left the room. but begs it was not the only topic that dominated you because address and the u.k. are the only country that received the warning the president also made quite a lot of surprising statements talking about the future of the euro and the scope of his powers to discuss all of these topics now with notice marius joins me on the line now he's a professor of european institutions at the university of crete the more appropriately
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a member of the european parliament himself for greece very good evening to you notice we're going to listen quite a bit to what john had to say first of all good behavior from stroudsburg very good evening to you first of all i want to talk about a surprising proposal he made let's hear exactly what he said. it would make the european landscape clearer and more understandable if the european ship was steered by one and the same captain at the helm. what do you think of that idea was man having so much power in the e.u. is that a good idea or not. i think we have to understand that the european union is of union of states and this means that the states have to be represented and they are represented in the european council and so the council has its own presidency we have all the people of europe that are represented in the european parliament and so we have our
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own president in the parliament and then you have the european commission which is supposed to express the. good let's say or for the union itself that's why we have are three separate the institutions which have an institutional balance which is very important and i don't agree with the idea of mr young go to have only one president this means that we are going to have a unit that is state and this is something that do not agree i believe that the european union should continue as a union of states and not a unitary state i think i'm going to further this now it is highly in the speech there can be only one they can be only one president and he also thinks they can be on one currency has to be the euro say what he said. almost at the euro is destined to be the currency if the entire european union. so there's no alternative to the
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euro do you think those countries who haven't signed up for it will appreciate this being forced upon them or not. well the mystic you get didn't address the main issues concerning the functioning of the of the eurozone first of all he didn't say a new word about the democratic deficit that exists within the eurozone we have the euro group would say plays a very important role and it is an institution that has not been elected there's no accountability there's no visibility in its own decisions also the european central bank. and independent institution but at the same time there is no. accountability or way to works this says the situational issues in turn so off for the economy we have the working of the euro which actually has helped more or less
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only the german economy which has absorbed a lot of money and they have trading surpluses but the countries of the south the are suffering they have a trade deficits they have huge unemployment they have a very expensive europe a euro and this means that the euro zone area and the arrangements have been working more for the strong countries that is to say mainly one year the netherlands and france and less for the countries of the south so i think we need to have many changes in the workings of the eurozone itself and mr euro. has not addressed the main issues that are on the table for the moment. notice if you look at the turn you go to mr a year ago i think it was more appropriate than any of his will ever realize places to speak to you notice maurice
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a member of the european parliament for greece thank you. i appreciate you guys joining us this evening hope you'll stick around about the latest news headlines. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. have to go right to the press this is what before three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first. candidate donald trump ran on a campaign but not only question many foreign policy for the dogs he's but also lashed out against neo conservative views of the world today the president just surrounded by men in uniform some are calling this a soft coup. syria paradoxically. was a situation like israel and palestine is not a country where i meet a lot of people with hope. everybody.
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is a very serious situation people have been much more to say. you know the sleeves to day. time simone del rosario filling in for lindsey france you're wanting boom for broadcasting to you over around the world from here in washington d.c. coming up on the show tax credit reporting company equifax facing lawsuits over its failure to protect customer information and if a company like equifax can't protect its data what other industries are at risk
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waging economic warfare china sides with the u.s. on sanctions for north korea after its latest nuclear test but the u.s. is already threatening beijing on the repercussions for failing to comply plus styne rocketing sealing of the national debt hits a new milestone twenty trillion dollars. tells us how everyday americans are affected by spending spending out of control standby we have all that and more and boom bust starts right now. the compromised credit reporting company at with facts is facing dozens of federal lawsuits since exposing one of the largest banks in history last week equifax revealed thieves may have stolen the personal information for one hundred forty three million americans since then the lawsuits have been piling on more than
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thirty and counting as of monday in a securities fraud lawsuit equifax is accused of misleading shareholders about its ability to protect consumer data the agency knew about the hack more than a month before the truth came out and this lawsuit claims the company inflated financial statements and share price before being exposed overnight after the announcement about three billion dollars disappeared from equifax market value and shares dropped as much as seventeen percent in one day and this week it continues to fall more lawsuits are criticizing equifax is offered to provide a year of free credit monitoring to customers complaints claim the offer is an introduction to pitch costlier services down the road and on monday key lawmakers demanded a detailed account of the company's security systems concerned to customers sensitive information was not properly protected. in the age of the internet of things no connected to.


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