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tv   Headline News  RT  September 14, 2017 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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two more russian speaking children whose parents were killed fighting for isolate iraq have returned back to russia has been packing a campaign to find the youngsters families back in. the spanish government puts pressure on hundreds of dependents mayors in the rest of regional catalonia head of tobas referendum. the turkish president rounds on his nato allies after they raise concerns over an arms deal with russia. good morning while i was kevin zero eight am thursday morning here in moscow right
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now richard around the world thanks for choosing out international first in today from us the story of two little children from families that traveled to iraq to join the islamic state terror group who have now been returned back to russia to be reunited with their relatives it's believed these children's immediate families were killed in the fighting over there hear on our t.v. have launched a campaign called bring them home to help authorities trace the orphans relatives here in russia you can see behind me bad learn and they were found in mosul on territory once controlled by ice still it's hard to get any information about them too traumatized to speak after what they've been through it is thought that ad was rescued from a basement where he hid with his mom two brothers and a sister he was the only survivor jacqueline bouvier met the youngsters as they write you back in moscow. both children were clearly traumatized clinging to the adults their finally bringing them little how do you take. touching her leg and at
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one point she lifted up her pant leg and you can see bandages and scars from when she was injured during her time in mosul now we learned a little bit more of young of long story was probably around nine years old he told those that he was with apparently that he was in the basement for a long period of time in mosul surrounded by other kids in terrible conditions and that it was constantly hearing the sounds of bombs fault. lines father died separately not line was in a basement with his mother two brothers and sisters he was the only one who survived the antibodies or were found in mosul and then sent to an orphanage in baghdad for just a few weeks ago we filmed them both were too traumatized really to be able to speak it was clear the both of them had been injured and they needed to find their way home. because if you know that. to be
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a woman. that . could you show you. the news night to get. nice. now that video was all part of our bring them home campaign we aired it multiple times hoping to find their relatives and get them home sadly these two are just a few among many many children for no apparent list and alone far far away from home but we have learned that at least for ideas and there is going to be a happy ending they were shown pictures of their relatives they recognize them and will shortly be reunited. course is just a small snapshot of what's going on choose to another two children arrived at the orphanage after they were rescued from the iraqi city of tal afar that was recently
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liberated from the terrorists who were there to meet the old ones. coming up us then the last meal pop my mom. for you. is not. just a riddle you. can see why i said lloyd want to.
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keep track of the stories this morning more than seven hundred mayors in spain's restive region of catalonia face prosecution by the national government there voicing their support for next month's or dependents referendum. but remember that when a citizen has a problem with justice just one system was the problem of the one seven hundred twelve my problem with justice is just as there has the problem is in this case the spanish justice system and not the seven hundred twelve because this has never been
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seen in europe at least in the democratic you are going to everybody. this is a great surprise this has never happened here thought more than seven hundred meson united this is why they have called this meeting our unanimous position is to act together that our priority is to work to guarantee as a referendum so what potentially the next while the spanish prosecutor's office has announced that it will seize any printed material relating to the election along with the ballot boxes authorities were also granted permission to engage with any individuals or groups from zero to the referendum organizations founded support the leave campaign and they're regarded as unlawful and they were found guilty could face up to eight years in prison alongside a twenty year ban from public office earlier we saw mass gatherings of people voiced their desire to separate from spain they say the referendum will go ahead regardless if the result is yes cards alone it will look to proclaim independence within forty eight hours. we spoke to says he's ready to face prosecution. this is
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a trade and is about democracy is about the right to decide for follow people and i think it's really really difficult at the well if how letting people a boat in democracy and supporting this act of a marker see the referendum could be could be a trick out of it as a crime i believe in purely in democracy in a way i want. to protect to defend the democratic rights of our people and if i have to explain this to the provincial prosecutor i want to have any role and pulled out in the end everyone everyone will realize that what we need is common sense when you hear this stuff and you know one when it is to try to calm things down. by respecting and result and by respecting. free will of the people. present there one of turkey is
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slander nato's concerns over the purchase of a russian defense system he said that from now on turkey would take control of its own security. they went crazy because we made the s. four hundred agreement but we supposed to do for them we've taken precautions and will continue to take precautions when it comes to our security and will fail for ourselves to take matters into our own hands there's no other way according to the manufacturers the s four hundred system can shoot down up to eighty targets at a time with a range of about four hundred kilometers the deal is proving to be a worry for nato allies they say it's incompatible with the alliance systems already in place in turkey. a nato interoperable missile defense system remains the best option to defend turkey from the full range of threats in its region important to know through all this though that germany a leading member of nato of course has restricted some sales and that decision i
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think is the one that's been a factor in the country's choice now analysts we spoke to say i'm kurds been left with little choice but to shop around even if it's roughly five years. why turkey has burned this is very simple turkey had experienced several military embargoed by deny fizzle from america and now you have been in the. top four. through turkey to reach turkey needs a lot in order for five. to defend the borders turkey and ankara have to decide which side they're on and i think over the past three years the united states has been along with nato allies big supporter of the turkish government as long as you know supporting their security and stability but i think the recent government and you know erdogan behavior has become a little bit volatile and unstable for the region and i think his idea of defying the west reaching agreement to buy weapons from the from russia does generate
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concerns and even though he is right he has the right to decide from what country he will buy weapons he also has to understand he's part of an alliance and that he has to respect certain rules and also regulations that go beyond the fact that he has the right to buy weapons from many countries that he chooses russia is not the alternative to nato fairest of all what turkey is doing search for five ethnic asian all for defense needs and the gulf war first and the second proved once again the turkey feels under what happens on the borders and. once again to get all the. feeling. thirteen european countries because of political reasons can. bring can put military embargo towards turkey it is it is not fair from turkish press speak to leave as the
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president and government as professor of attorney has to show some restraint and some stability in order for those embargoes to be lifted doesn't make any sense. and i don't know. whether turkey is stable or not is another political debate we are talking here about the possible by russian four hundred systems what the greeks did by in a way in the ninety's three hundred systems nobody was making so much of it if turkey buys it now then it is their problem it is it is not alternative once again i underline this. misunderstanding america remains for turkey number one security partner so russia is now a possible new partner for certain defense systems yes but if that is true if the us is a number one pardieu security it cannot you can be dealing weapons with a country that is not friendly to the us. just
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a minute russia is our neighbor. turkey cannot make policies because some of these are not like income american not this is our neighbor. and the conversation went on . hillary clinton is laying out her account of why she lost the u.s. presidential election in a new book out it's called what happened which you calls are starting to freak to donald trump and throws more than a few accusations of people countries and organizations which she says cost of the election is a washington correspondent. looks like hillary clinton is back in the headlines promoting her memoirs and giving interviews left and right to discuss. what exactly went wrong in two thousand and sixteen when she suffered an unexpected defeat to reality t.v. start on the trot. and it seems like she's compiled quite the lists of exactly who and what took place hillary rodham clinton spent the last ten months trying to
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figure out why she isn't president of the united states forces that were worth twenty sixteen russian wiki leaks are. nothing from the democratic party. my primary opponent and a lot of his supporters the sexism and the. resentment the stereotype. a lot of people didn't want to hear my plan. for an even more detailed explanation of hillary clinton has just released a new book entitled what happened in the book clinton managed to blame everyone and everything under the sun including jill stein. and of course. mentioning him and russia about three hundred thirty three times clinton even leveled attacks at senator bernie sanders for impugning her character but here's
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what else happened the e-mail scandal when it turned out clinton lied about handling classified information as secretary of state there is no classified materials investigation found that there was classified information so it was not true let's not forget the constant shaming of supporters you could put half of supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable zx and then there was a major strategic miscalculation when she chose not to campaign in the rust belt losing the democratic fire wall that obama won in two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve the same voters bernie sanders won over during the primaries hillary clinton says she doesn't plan to run for president again but she's definitely making sure she steals the spotlight. on our washington d.c. in the book. game of thrones which. you couldn't resist picking up.
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she's very politically minded and lead the quest is to state the amount of. what that means. now having said all this why aren't i could you point out that my. mother did you make on the mistakes yourself to lose the election without any of the other things she talked about what i will say no matter.
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you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable. everyone who isn't. isn't it basically you're saying that there's there's nothing you're going to do differently as a way to try to win over his supporters i am yeah and let's start from that premise appears in the paper. to your head the people who think i care. how about while we're talking to history on the way it was a movie about the last russian tsar is dividing audience is and will tell you to watch sweden's conducting its biggest war games in almost a quarter of a century try to work out why.
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syria paradoxical the. reason was a situation like israel and palestine is not a country where i meet a lot of people without hope. everybody agrees. is a very serious situation people have been much more then in any other active conflict today. with this manufactured. public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves.
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nor middle of the room sick. before the break a movie about russian tsar nicholas the seconds whipped up a storm of protest before it's even at the cinema screens it's erotic scenes of outrage people who want to but then. free speech is partridge explains. a film about the love story between sonic and it's the second and the battery now has unleashed a standoff in russia and it hasn't even yet been released. but you still think that it's a. good thing. the
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film is called matilda after matilda. the real life love the last saw before he married the protests against the film perfect internet the streets and even call of an inflamed italian packed one skier says it offends orthodox believe it as it exposes the personal life of azhar who's been made a saint by the russian orthodox church you can't touch saints you can show them having sex because that offends the feelings of believers this is not censorship this is about the violation of people's rights opposition has turned violent protesters set fire to cars parked near the office of the director's lawyer threats to burn cinemas that show matilda have resulted in two chains counseling it before release prompting condemnation by russia's culture minister vladimir putin ski to calm down the hysteria any attempts on the ground to ban the release of the film
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any attempts to pressure private or municipal cinema as a pure lawlessness and censorship that's directly against the russian constitution and with the film's russian premiere still more than a month away the director himself is stunned by the strength of feeling especially as the public haven't even seen it you know all this discussion came as a surprise to me when i first started to work on it i could never believe something like this could happen the absurdity of the situation is that those who are protesting against the film haven't actually seen it no one has seen the film yet missiles isn't the first. first film to court controversy martin scorsese's last temptation of christ elicited cries of blasphemy and bans for depicting a sexual jesus wrong how is the davinci code was also boycotted for proposing jesus and mary magdalene had a daughter and the catholic church asked it up but it's not just religious issues that while steven spielberg's e.t.
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was forbidden to kids in part of and in a via due to its negative portrayal of adults e.t. really had to go home that maybe those who oppose these artistic interpretation should remember that the best way to make a film successful is to furnish the protesters could be more effective by staying away and leave defining opinions to the film critics. reporting next week is conducting its biggest military drill in more than twenty years on an island in the baltic sea his big old friends are the argo and why this neutral nation thinks it needs such a large scale exercise there is a video out there on sweden that peaceful beautiful land full of green fields good food and very generous social programs.
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but actually this video turns into something hard and heavy right away turns out it's promoting the largest military exercise of the past two decades. border. you know. i. i. i. like. and not just any exercise but one designed to do. deal with a quote a larger sophisticated opponent the one that will approach from the east nine hundred thousand participants just from sweden alone as well as military forces from eight other countries have joined these drills called our rora seventeen and you guessed it the united states is also there the united states. and partners
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are doing this this is normal business for us that's going to be our posture normal business we train all the term we work soldiers work always to be at the highest level of preparation not alert but being prepared that's that's our job that's what you would expect us to be ready just like you expect the fire department to be ready at the hospital to be reading very nice business as usual but not for sweden it's getting back it's mandatory military draft which was cancelled mid two thousand and two but now in twenty thousand at least four thousand swedes will get the call all in the swedish military is now going to enjoy a nice growth in military spending for the next few years even the low key swedish resort jewel of gotland with its sandy beaches and intriguing limestone has been introduced to the swedish military they've been stationed there since two thousand and sixteen and still to no avail no attacks have come from the east but wait
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a second there was a russian spy submarine alert a few years ago the scandinavian military went full swing into a large scale search mission in the end it all turned out to be nothing but a fishing boat seriously so now this week's military are staging these massive drills to make sure they can protect the nation from an attack which they themselves deem i quote unlikely seems like an overreaction i wonder what is that about perhaps stockholm taunting a thread that doesn't really exist. well a swedish peace activist he spoke to believes the country risks becoming dangerously militarized because of its ties with nato people are upset with the military agreement because it's one more step towards militarization of our foreign politics and adding one extra very dangerous component which is nato there's no scale that is necessary according to me. it will be twenty thousand to
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ten thousand is not really the question i would say that military exercise of do not make so make of it make us safer i think that we are going in the wrong direction i would say that. the largest lobbyist group for nato in sweden i mean there is a lot of money to be made from armament there's a lot of money to be made from getting closer to nato there's a lot of political careers that can be done from playing on the threat as well as taking part in the aurora drills the u.s. is also building up its presence in poland with more than a thousand military vehicles including nearly two hundred tanks and an entire infantry division as part of the existing nato force in eastern europe the u.s. general heading up the european deployment says it's in response to the drills conducted by russia and belarus this month adding that the military showing good is needed now he said to allow the free movement of troops that would allow u.s. units to deploy in territories of nato member states that the country's permission
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. believes that europe will be wrong to think that further militarization will secure peace. if europe wants to have games regularly and take a kind of threatening posture towards russia or feels that the showing rattling favors is going to bring security and peace i think that's wrong nato of course is really headed up very much by the u.s. so if nato wants to do something that means generally that it's the u.s. wants to do something and if they want to move troops quickly across europe i'm not sure that every european country even necessarily agrees with the mission missions sometimes go along i think there are many things that have interfered with some of the original sovereignty europe some of them have been perhaps positive many would see the european union as certainly
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a positive step but the militarized form of unification is not good. america's national debt has passed the historic twenty trillion dollars mark but it seems in order for the u.s. was even noticed and explains boy. there the ever increasing u.s. national debt just recently went above the milestone of twenty trillion dollars the final big chunk came as part of a fifteen billion dollar loan to pay for hurricane relief expenses now normally this new spike in national debt would have been announced to the public on this billboard on the side of the i.r.s. building in manhattan and like we've done many times here on r.t. we make that debt clock center stage in our reporting. here in midtown manhattan is possibly the best view of america's ugliest economic state economists predict that
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the student debt bubble will burst sometime in the near future the job market is drying up and wages are going down the america. continues accruing trillions of dollars in debt but the debt clock billboard which used to flash the sobering statistics to new yorkers that were passing by and was a kind of iconic part of the new york city skyline is now gone though there's talk of putting it up in another location all the wars foreign aid subsidies and social programs still being billed to the u.s. taxpayers the billboard may be gone but the rising debt and the creditors clamoring to be paid certainly have not and while the display is no longer up showing the figures at this point the debt is still rising and the clock is still ticking up and r.t. new york. another write race related scandal in the u.s. support his conduct has been followed from a prestigious festival in the state of oregon for mocking the accent of his friend
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an african-american tenor however the singer himself said the whole thing was an innocent joke he's been victimized and i'm very upset about it it was an innocent joke that has been entirely taken out of context on from the deep south a math you of to make fun of must southern accent just as the eye of the make fun of his british accent story his understood woman overheard the two friends conversation then she reported it after that muffy holes contract with the university of oregon was terminated despite the fact that he's been the artistic director of his music festival since twenty fourteen his dismissals provoked outrage on light. was. the. pressure on first sloganising to reinstate holes is growing with other musicians rallying to his support to the original bubbly phase.


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