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we can. see. russian submarine strike targets around the syrian city of. continues to support government forces in its campaign to liberate the country from extremists also ahead the. officials prepared to launch a campaign for independence from spain and are met with fierce resistance from madrid which is threatening to prosecute hundreds of the region's members. telephone terrorism. calling a series of hoax bomb threats that led to my. affecting over one hundred thousand people the special services for those responsible. clinton
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opened her election defeats in her new book. she thinks cost her the chance to be america's first female president. eleven am in new york five pm in paris and six in the evening here in moscow this thursday september the fourteenth welcome this is our international our top story this hour the russian navy has targeted a number of held areas with missiles near the syrian city of terrorism let's get straight into this because i'm joined live by artesian clean jacki what exactly was targeted in these strikes the wider question how significant in the syrian conflict could they be what could really be. quite significant the russian navy successfully
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launched seven cruise missiles from two of their submarines located right now in the mediterranean sea at eisel targets in syria now a statement from the russian defense military has already confirmed that all the intended targets were struck and that included eisel control centers communications hubs and even an ammunition stockpile all in the city as you mentioned the war now that's currently a very significant city in the fight against isis all in the region right now given that just last week on september the fifth syrian forces backed by the russian air force were finally able to break the three year long siege of bures or and that was a city which was considered to be one of few remaining strongholds and it's believed that in the massive russian airstrikes that took place a number of senior i saw militants were in fact killed so of course right now in parts of the fighting does continue but today successful strikes by the russian
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army will help bring syria one step closer to liberating that city completely and hopefully the country as a whole from islamic state jackson to go live with thank you. officials in the rest of the spotless region of cuts allouni are preparing to launch an independence campaign on thursday evening it comes ahead of a referendum which madrid has called illegal is trying to prevent spanish authorities have already shut done this separatist official website although it has since moved to a new domain the government has also warned the electricity to polling stations in the country's main postal company has been ordered not to deliver any documents related to the vote. like comes as more than seven hundred murders in the region are facing prosecution by the national government for voicing their support for secession. but remember that when a citizen has
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a problem with justice just one system was the problem of the one seven hundred twelve have a problem with justice it's just as the has the problems in this case spanish justice or not to some one hundred twelve because this has never been seen and you know at least in the democratic your members are going to everybody. this is a great surprise this has never happened if there were more than seven hundred my united this is why they have called this meeting our unanimous position is to act together that our priority is to work to guarantee as a referendum. the spanish prosecutor's office also a ninth did will seize any printed material relating to the election along with the ballot boxes authorities are also granted permission to take action against any individuals or groups promoting the referendum and organizations supporting the leave campaign are not regarded as on lawful anyone following deal think could face up to eighty years in prison on the twenty year ban from public office on monday
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there were must gatherings those people voice their desire to separate from the space they say the referendum will go ahead regardless if the result is a yes council only it will look to proclaim independence within forty eight hours one council spoke to says he's ready to face prosecution for the cause. this is a freedom there's about democracy this is about the right to decide for all follow people and i think it's really really difficult at the well if how letting people of both democracy and supporting this act of the most closely that i find them could be could be a trick out of it as a crime i believe in in democracy and why i want. to protect to defend them about the rights of our people. and if i have to explain this to the provincial prosecutor i want to have any problem to do that in the end everyone everyone will realize that what we need is common sense when it is.
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and when it is to try to calm things down. by respecting the result by a respected. free will of the people i. know if you've ever pundit is there life after losing a presidential election really clinton is showing there is nearly a year after her shock defeat to doublecheck she's released the book called what happened aside from a few personal touches a stint and said so to explain what real role did her company throwing more than a few accusations out people countries and organizations which she says cost her the chance of becoming america's first female president our washington correspondent samir account flicked through some of the chapters. looks like hillary clinton is back in the headlines promoting her memoirs and giving
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interviews left and right to discuss what exactly went wrong in two thousand and sixteen when she suffered an unexpected defeat to reality t.v. star donald trump. and it seems like she's compiled quite the lists of exactly who and what to blame or says that word work in two thousand and sixteen russian wiki leaks. i inherit nothing from the democratic party democrat. my primary opponent and a lot of his supporters. resentment the stereotype. a lot of people don't want to hear my plan. for an even more detailed explanation hillary clinton has just released a new book entitled what happened in the book clinton managed to blame everyone and everything under the sun including jill stein. barack obama and of course. mentioning him and russia about three hundred thirty three times clinton even
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leveled attacks at senator bernie sanders for impugning her character but here's what else happened the e-mail scandal when it turned out clinton lied about handling classified information as secretary of state there is no classified materials our investigation found that there was classified information so it was not true let's not forget the constant shaming of supporters you could put half of supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable zx and then there was a major strategic miscalculation when she chose not to campaign in the rust belt losing the democratic fire wall that obama won in two thousand and eight in two thousand and twelve the same voters bernie sanders won over during the primaries hillary clinton says she doesn't plan to run for president again but she's definitely making sure she steals the spotlight with response on. our to washington d.c. . well in the blue clinton goes on to compare herself to
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a current tour from the front to see t.v. hit game of thrones with people online only able to resist it. they shouted guilty guilty like they really just salads and game of thrones chanting shame shame well so see lannister walked back the red. state police and the mind is a place to stay no matter. what that. having said all this why are not defined so how.
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did you make another mistake sure so to steal elections without any of the other things. i will say that. you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of the core of. every loser. isn't it. basically you saying that there's there's nothing you're going to do differently as a way to try to win over i. let's start from that premise the people. here have the people who think.
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a wave of bomb scares across moscow on thursday led to eight schools being a factor waited over one hundred thousand people have been affected by hoax threats right across russia over the past week. without a doubt this is telephone terrorism telephone hooliganism the president shortly after that series we're calling started the relevant services are taking steps to find out who's behind it. nichiren joined me earlier with more details of by the evacuation. wave of evacuations across russia due to these bomb scares are not just talking about a few cities in one region of russia we're talking about cities across the country it's an immense scale and affecting some one hundred thirty thousand people just in the past two days as four hundred twenty buildings had to be evacuated and what has been an increasingly peculiar week all kicked off on sunday morning in the west siberian city of they received a bomb scare there that evening another bomb scare was reported in the central
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russian city of resigning from that it's just snowballed and now so far these bomb scares have been reported in almost thirty cities and it's still ongoing they're targeting areas with high densities of people we're talking about schools shopping malls cinemas bus and train stations and in the subsequent searches no explosive materials or suspicious paraphernalia has been found but what they've been very successful in doing is creating mayhem panic in disorder in these areas with large numbers of people thus far it remains a mystery as to who will water is behind these hoax calls it's believed that the third it's a being made anonymous anonymously through internet phone calls and the latest theory we have coming from sources citing revulsed the russian international news agency are that these calls have been traced to numbers coming from abroad and the individuals responsible have links to i so these are unconfirmed at this point
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there are other theories circulating such as these phone calls are part of some kind of drills there's also the possibility or very that this is a virus but of course there's also the theory that this is just a prankster intent on creating as much panic and disruption as possible now an investigation is underway to get to the bottom of this and then maybe we'll find out what's really the case. another tragedy in iraq with dozens killed with life real. one more right after this. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really
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packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted the night my president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an email. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want. to go on the press it's like before three of the more people. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. i. let's start back in iraq where at least fifty people have
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been killed another eighty wounded in twin attacks in the south of the country according to local media and officials islamic state has since claimed responsibility and the first time terrorists opened fire on a restaurant on a highway linking car province with. shortly after the two suicide bombers one of whom was driving a car rigged with explosives blew themselves up by a nearby security checkpoint it's been reported that the majority of the deaths were in the restaurant i'm not some of those in it were iranian. let's go live now to jamal wakim professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut and it's always a pleasure to have you on the show could these be retaliatory attacks from myself for losses we've seen losses in mosul and far for instance recently. well i believe now that i've heard from most editors that it's controlled in the
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past few years whether in iraq and syria is using a new tactic which is attacking civilians and habits of cities. by the lone wolves where dormant until recently and were activated just to keep violence. whether in iraq or in syria and we might even have attacks and lebanon and other countries so the whole region is still under threat of what starts by isis but this time using the new method which is to attack civilians bombs will be. cars etc another disturbing staff here if you want to put it like sad for iraqi authorities is that it happened today the attacks in this size of iraq previously i feel were present in the north
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is this perhaps a signal that their forces are spreading as you say lone wolfs are pitting allied. well i believe that these lone wolves were not meant for a long period of time they were already there and now they got the order to get activated so i believe that also comes at the time when the iraqi government thought it was able to dispose of the threat by isis but. threatening it by other means so i believe the fight against terrorism is a long fight i don't see and then. and i believe that we will witness more and more attacks whether in iraq or other countries you know just to pick off another point just perhaps show how adaptable this threat this type of extremism is despite major losses we've seen in syria and in iraq it continues to rear its head in new places
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. well this proves that it has a very flexible structure a. new environment. creates new means. chooses new objectives to keep on. being present on the scene to prove that it's a long way to get the good over and the most. dangerous thing about this group is that it doesn't. declare the objectives so there is no way to negotiate with the come up with a political solution that will be there by and so i believe this makes the fight against terrorism more and more difficult just briefly on the overall picture here dr eisold we know is being driven out of its major strongholds in those countries iraq and syria how important is this for defeating the terror group is that the
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only way it can happen. well. we need to admit another fact which is that these starters. and i had below g. and i believe they are the enjoy certain support by major states there were a lot of media reports that claimed that was supported by western powers through terrorist groups as a means for. a war by proxy waged against. let's say regional powers or international powers so this was. the one nine hundred eighty s. one thousand nine hundred so i believe that we need to understand the operations of these groups from this perspective in order to understand it but i did you an objective to find this what you should do to build this problem that is spreading not only in the middle east but also in other countries. in europe or always
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interesting get your take dr jamal wakim professor of history and internationally at lebanese university in beirut. america's national debt has passed the historic twenty trillion dollar mark but it seems in the us under the radar explains why. the ever increasing u.s. national debt just recently went above the milestone of twenty trillion dollars the final big chunk came as part of a fifteen billion dollar loan to pay for hurricane relief expenses now normally this new spike in national debt would have been announced to the public on this billboard on the side of the i.r.s. building in manhattan and like we've done many times here on r.t. we make that debt clock center stage in our reporting. economists predict that the student debt bubble will burst sometime in the near future the job market is drying
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up and wages are going down here in midtown manhattan is possibly the best you america's ugliest economic state but the debt clock billboard which used to flash the sobering statistics to new yorkers that were passing by and was a kind of iconic part of the new york city skyline is now gone though there is talk of putting it up in another location all the wars foreign aid subsidies and social programs still being billed to the u.s. taxpayers the billboard may be gone but the rising debt and the creditors clamoring to be paid certainly have not and while the display is no longer up showing the figures at this point the debt is still rising and the clock is still ticking cable mop and artsy new york. so the german election fast approaching the country's foreign minister has been criticized for a t.v. interview he gave to her sister channel r t deutsche peter over joins me live now
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with the details hi there peter so what caused the criticism that low. well. a senior figure in the social democratic party here in germany he sat down with our sister channel artie deutsch for a talk about what was going on in the elections the questions though that he was asked later by beagle online one of the most respected media outlets here in germany were well along the lines of why did you sit down with that russian propaganda outlet that snark human in order to give more interviews as you may have gathered i am here also giving you an interview to clarify my position in any case i'm reaching out to people of russian origin who live with us in germany and do not read spiegel online well the interview took place in the city of yen or in germany it's a city with well a very large russian german population and certainly this was an. buttering up the
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russian side in the interview that he gave with r.t. doyle she was incredibly critical of russian policy particularly when it came to ukraine too in particular to crimea of course we have to remember this is the sitting german foreign minister speaking for the sitting chairman government he certainly wasn't pulling any punches well he was prodded he was pushed he was continuously asked about r.t. in the end he said i'll speak to anybody i'm just here trying to get votes. i want people to vote in germany's interests and in their own interests we want this country to prosper and that's possible only within the united europe but those who are turning against europe will weaken our country in the long run. there is something of a state of paranoia that exists amongst media outlets certainly so media outlets that the moment you speak to russian based outlets you're immediately in the pocket
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of the russian government in the russian media and it seems that even one of the most respected publications in germany spiegel has gone down a similar line in this interview with the german foreign minister with regards to his speech him speaking to our sister channel r.t. george. thanks very much. peter all of our live from berlin. more people are joining our project nineteen seventeen alive which replays events run the russian revolution through twitter paulo quevedo a best selling novelist cesar project is one of the most interesting experiments to appear in the social media network and he'll be playing a part in it what is twitter existed a hundred years ago. so we set up dozens of real twitter accounts all in the names of historic figures from vladimir lenin to the russian emperor then from factory workers to soldiers then we turn to actual history diaries letters and memoirs into
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real time tweets history because i'm a dynamic role played only a counseling by the russian telegraph the fictional media outlet and they form a unique twitter ecosystem under the hashtag nineteen seventy live. well we also have news paulo will tweet for a month from the twitter account of mata hari the. time but who was also a double agent acting for both germany and for france there's just a month left before she meets her fate and you can follow her on many more historical characters on twitter under the russian telegraph a comment or you can also simply look out for tweets with the hash tag nineteen seventeen live. and if you'd like to find out even more about that go on to a website or to call a plethora of information about that on more of the day's top stories waiting for you this is r.t. international.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporation corporations from washington washington controls the media the media the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. syria paradoxically. parties and was
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a situation like israel in palestine is not a country where i meet a lot of people with. old though everybody. is a very serious situation people have been much more than in any other conflicts to date. this is a story of one of africa's giants. know his teeth that shot. on his neck isn't that a long. list giant is rather modest and keeps a low profile that's not him either. people are often scared of this particular
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giant but he is nowhere near as dangerous as that one. is a friendly giant every day with the possible exception of weekends he saves human lives. his name is isaac a giant rat. and i like his brothers and sisters he was born with a passion for travel. isaac's birthplace was a special training center in tanzania. it's
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called which stands for development of landmine detection equipment that's what isaac is these are mine sniffing rat. rats are everywhere they are sociable to all circumstances and they fifteen seem deal with humanity since ever. they actually traditionally get rid of all our garbage and they've been doing that. for always. mind sniffing rats up put to work in former hot spots where learned mines are among the most deadly remnants of conflict they're often found years after was ended and serious injury isn't the only problem. imagine how it must feel to live with the knowledge that there's a landmine lurking somewhere near your home. when i was a close up field and to help make the problem of landmines a thing of the cost.


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