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tv   Headline News  RT  September 14, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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yeah john oliver of arc to america is this. we are verily better than. the sea people you've never heard of lo jack the. rest of the world so very. seriously send us an e-mail. russian submarine strike are still targets around the syrian city do this or is moscow continues to support government forces in its campaign to liberate the country from terrorists in neighboring iraq claims responsibility for two terror attacks with at least fifty people dead and internet he's accused of deleting hundreds of negative reviews on hillary clinton's new book called what happened in which she explains his shock defeat to donald trump in the u.s. presidential election.
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good evening you're watching international the russian that you think was targeted a number of eisel held areas with missiles near the syrian city of did israel. as the details. of strikes are really quite significant because many see darryl's or as sort of one of isis last remaining stronghold in syria that we could be seeing the beginning of the end of i saw a final push to take back what little land they do have left at this point and the pictures we have of the seven cruise missiles being launched from two russian submarines in the mediterranean sea really do show a lot of destruction being conducted at their targets and of course a statement from the russian defense ministry has confirmed already that all of their intended targets were hit and that includes eisel control centers communications hubs and possibly most significantly an ammunition stockpile all and daire is or now of course the. paul adair is or really started last week on
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september the fifth when the landmark progress in the city was finally seen as syrian forces backed by russian air force were finally able to break the three year long blockade of the city and it's also believe that a number of very high level eisold militants were killed in the massive air strikes conducted by russia and while fighting of course does continue in the city today's successful strikes by russia really do bring syria one step closer to finally fully liberating that city and possibly the country as a whole from islamic state. well to wrack now at least fifty people have been killed another eighty wounded in twin attacks in the south of the country according to local media and officials islamic state is claiming responsibility in the first attack one terrorist detonated a suicide vest in a restaurant on a highway linking the province with baghdad seven more than open fire and then shortly after that two suicide bombers one of whom was driving
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a car rigged with explosives blew themselves up at a nearby security checkpoint it's been reported the majority of the deaths were in the restaurant and that many of those in there were raining pilgrims and a risk contributor to the on one of the new site bleated ice a loss in iraq in syria might lead to more similar attacks after it lost more soul and a lot fodder it's trying to make up for these losses but i think another part which is perhaps more important is that are a source of the losing territory is now going from not from a terrorist group which used to hold the territories to a group which no longer holds territories and focuses on carrying out you know these are these terrorist attacks which are similar to attacks it carried out it's already inspired in paris or in tunisia or elsewhere but now in iraq and syria maybe you're going to see more and more of these attacks the more isis loses power
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is going to turn into a terrorist group which focuses on you know launching or targeting civilians. meanwhile two children who were rescued from arsenal held territory in iraq have now been reunited with their relatives back in russia it is believed the youngsters immediate family were killed in the battle for the city of mosul here with r.t. we've been running a campaign called bring them home and it does help authorities track down the relations of health and russian speaking children well this is adland he said to have been rescued from the basement where he had been hiding with his mother she brothers and sister as the fighting raged he was the sole survivor from his family and the little girl. r.t. first met the kids in an orphanage in iraq and after a long journey they have made it would please to say back home to chechnya and i with their relatives. i.
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we did not even know that he was going there he told is that he was going to france for treatment. and only after his death on the first of may we found out that he was there when they said that they are looking for russian children we started looking for our grandson many thanks to ramzan kadyrov he helped as a not. meanwhile two more children have arrived at a baghdad orphan age after they were rescued from the iraqi city of tal afar which was recently liberated from terrorists and we hope to as part of our campaign to be able to track down their relatives.
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going to the post in the us rebuild bob i want. you. there's no. i was good i just a little bit. i don't because he was a boy what a. if
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you've ever wondered if there is life after losing a presidential election hillary clinton is showing the race to defeat to donald trump she's now released a book called for happened when aside from a few personal touches and anecdotes. to explain what you do to her campaign throwing more than a few accusations at people come to these. organizations a washington correspondents mirror that. looks like hillary clinton is back in the headlines promoting her memoirs and giving interviews left and right to discuss what exactly went wrong in two thousand and sixteen when she suffered an unexpected defeat to reality t.v. star donald trump. and it seems like she's compiled quite the list of exactly who and what to play verses that word work in two thousand and sixteen russian wiki leaks are proud i inherit nothing from the democratic party bernie's not
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a democrat jim collins letter my primary opponent and a lot of his supporters sexism and the massaging the resentment the stereotype. a lot of people didn't want to hear my plan. for an even more detailed explanation of hillary clinton has just released a new book entitled what happened in the book clinton managed to blame everyone and everything under the sun including jill stein julia songe barack obama and of course of lattimer put. mentioning him and russia about three hundred thirty three times clinton even leveled attacks at senator bernie sanders for impugning her character but here's what else happened the e-mail scandal when it turned out clinton lied about handling classified information as secretary of state there is no classified materials our investigation found that there was classified information so it was not true let's not forget the constant shaming of tromso.
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orders you could put half of supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable zx and then there was a major strategic miscalculation when she chose not to campaign in the rust belt losing the democratic fire wall that obama won in two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve the same rust belt voters bernie sanders won over during the primaries hillary clinton says she doesn't plan to run for president again but she's definitely making sure she steals the spotlight with response on. on our to washington d.c. and in the book clinton does go. to a character from the fancy t.v. it's game of thrones and it goes a mixed response on. they shouted guilty guilty like the religious zealots and game of thrones chanting shame
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shame well so see lannister walked back the red king. is very policing the mind is a place to stay no matter. what that. having said all this why aren't i cried so i had my say. did you make another mistake sure cells to lose the election without them maybe other things. i will sit down that. you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of the horrible
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. everyone who isn't. isn't it basically you're saying that there's there's nothing you're going to do differently as a way to try to win over his supporters i. am let's start from that premise for losing the people. here have the people you think. meanwhile internet giant amazon has been accused of deleting negative reviews of clinton's latest memoirs from its website and the ad was immediately after the book's publication which. five hundred pages long by the way hundreds of one star reviews did appear and that led to a rising over whether they had been posted by people who had actually read the book and saw the comments were them removed quickly here's what amazon had to say about
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the issue. it's no role to decide view as helpful or unhelpful in making that decision we do have mechanisms in place to ensure that the voices of many to drown out the voices of a few customers are. the guidelines amazon participate in the usual then that the mainstream media do their propping up clinton the propping up the democrats removing any negativity just as they did during the election campaign constantly criticizing donald trump managed supporters and constantly saying she was going to win she lost this is just the next chapter if you don't mind me say in her loss well i'm surprised that that many people have actually read the book or even bother to read the book why would you want to really read a book by the loser. now the u.s. is building up its presence in poland at the moment more than a thousand military vehicles of them four hundred are cracked and they do include
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nearly two hundred tanks an entire infantry division as part of the existing nato force in eastern europe while the u.s. general heading up the european deployment does say it is in response to troops which start today between russia and bella roofs he added that a deal is needed to allow the free movement of troops across europe similar to the use open border shang agreement and that would allow u.s. units to be deployed in nato member states with that country's permission but so far only five are set to back the idea meanwhile american troops are also taking part in sweden's biggest military trials in more than twenty years a rule seventeen here is taking place on an island in the middle of the baltic sea is me girl francis santiago on why the neutral nation does feel the need for a large military exercises. there is a very oh out there on sweden that p.
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. beautiful land full of green fields good food and very generous social programs. but actually this video turns into something hard and heavy right away turns out it's promoting the largest military exercise of the past two decades. of war. he added and that you and i think some camps seventy two small let us down see the whole. economy that they're not on good books that he and. i. and not just any exercise but one designed to deal with a quote
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a larger sophisticated opponent that one will approach from the east nineteen thousand participants just from sweden alone as well as military forces from eight other countries have joined these drills called arora seventeen and you guessed it the united states is also there the united states with their allies and partners are doing this this is normal business for us that's going to be our posture normal business we train all the time we work soldiers work always to be at the highest level of preparation not alert but being prepared that's that's our job that's what you would expect us to be ready just like you expect the fire department to be ready at the hospital to be reading very nice business as usual but not for sweden it's getting back it's mandatory military draft which was canceled the two thousand and two but now in twenty thousand at least four thousand swedes. will get the call
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all in the swedish military is now going to enjoy a nice growth in military spending for the next few years even the low key swedish resort jewel of gotland with its sandy beaches an intriguing limestone has been introduced to the swedish military they've been stationed there since two thousand and sixteen and still to no avail no attacks have come from the east but wait a second there was a russian spies submarine alert a few years ago the scandinavian military went full swing into a large scale search mission in the end it all turned out to be nothing but a fishing boat seriously so now the swedish military are staging these massive drills to make sure they can protect the nation from an attack which they themselves deem i quote unlikely seems like an overreaction i wonder what is that about perhaps stockholm taunting a thread that doesn't really exist as sweden's favorite album once sang that's the
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name of the game at least when it comes to russia media france and thiago r.t. . but in a member of the no to nato action group does believe the drills are being forced upon the swedish people despite a lack of popular support. this is the first three meeting of the land agreement that sweden took with the united states this was the first spring it went to the parliament we know that the swedish people did not want this agreement but pushed it through the parliament this by the fact that we are against it there are several parties in the problem and they're against that they pushed it through and this is the first big maneuver to show that one can train together we hear every day on our newspapers in the t.v. you hear the interviews with the military saying oh this is very important we must know these training exercises. that officials in the restive spanish region of
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catalonia are launching an independence campaign this evening comes ahead of a planned referendum which madrid has called illegal and these trying to prevent spanish authorities have already shut down the separatists official website although it is since moved to a new demand the government has also warned that it could cut electricity to polling stations and the country's main postal company has been ordered not to deliver any documents related to the vote meanwhile more than seven hundred mayors in the region facing prosecution by the national government for voicing their support for secession. remember that when a citizen has a problem with justice just one system was a problem but one seven hundred s. have a problem with justice it's just as the has the problems in this case spanish justice and not the some one hundred twelve because this has never been seen in europe at least in democratic europe. this is a great surprise this has never happened before more than seven hundred main united
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that's why they have called this meeting our unanimous position is to act together our priority is to work to guarantee as a referendum. while the spanish prosecutor's office also announced it will seize any printed material. relating to the election along with ballot boxes authorities were also granted permission to take action against any individuals or groups promoting the referendum and organization supporting the leave campaign and now regarded as unlawful to anyone found guilty could face up to eight years in prison and a twenty year ban from public office on monday there were mass gatherings as people voiced their desire to separate. they say the referendum will go ahead regardless and if the result is a yes catalonia will look to proclaim independence within forty eight hours one catholic we spoke to says he's ready to face prosecution for the course. this is a freedom is about democracy is about the right to decide for all of our people and
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i think it's really really difficult at the well if how letting people a vote in democracy and supporting this out of the muck receive the referendum could be could be attributed it as a crime i believe in in democracy in a way i want. to protect to defend the democratic rights of our people and if i have to explain this to the provincial prosecutor i want to have any problem to go down in the area everyone will realize that what we need is common sense when it is. a one when it is to try to calm things down. by respecting the result by respect to the free will of the people. the u.s. senate has voted overwhelmingly against an amendment to the defense authorization
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act had it been passed america's foreign military interventions would all have needed reauthorize ation by congress within six months but the act was originally brought in shortly after nine eleven and has given the u.s. a justification for launching a number of wars in the global fight against terrorism it gives the american president the ability to use force against groups that have attacked the u.s. and his ultimately pave the way for more than sixteen years of conflicts but we discussed the matter with ron paul a former u.s. congressman and also the father of rumpole the senator who was behind the amendment initiative he believes that was continuing because they are profitable. well i think what's happening is that. the pro-war group or solidified in congress their leadership always goes along their neo conservatives and they take this more aggressive foreign policy and constitution of the libertarians we are
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a minority and the media is entirely on the side of the neoconservatives and they represent you know the military industries and there's always an angolan people make money off of war and sometimes they say well we'll have a little war we'll have a little cold war and this will help our profits and they don't intend it to go back further of us so often it gets out of control and actually the policy is totally out of control because here it is sixteen years in this ongoing wars over there and there's no no end in sight except we need to continue our efforts to wake up the american people so that that thirty six votes turns into sixty six votes and then we put pressure on the media the person to represent us and present the truth. has called a wave of how exposed threats in the capital in the russian cities telephone terrorism more than one hundred thousand people were affected
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a mass evacuations over the last week the carron has more. wave of evacuations across russia due to these bomb scares are not just talking about a few cities in one region of russia we're talking about cities across the country it's an immense scale and affecting some one hundred thirty thousand people just in the past two days as four hundred twenty buildings had to be evacuated and what has been an increasingly peculiar week or kicked off on sunday morning in the west siberian city of homs they received a bomb scare that evening another bomb scare was reported in the central russian city of resigning from that it's just snowballed and now so far these bomb scares have been reported in almost thirty cities and it's still ongoing. this is telephone terrorism term for. the president. after this series we could have started rather than services or taking steps to find behind. the targeting
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areas with high densities of people we're talking about school shopping malls cinemas bus and train stations and in the subsequent searches no explosive materials or suspicious paraphernalia has been found but what they've been very successful in doing is creating mayhem disorder in these areas with large numbers of people thus far it remains a mystery as to who will water is behind these hoax calls it's believed that the third it's a being made an honest anonymously through internet phone calls and the latest theory we have coming from sources citing revulsed the russian international news agency are that these calls have been traced to numbers coming from abroad and the individuals responsible have links to i so these are unconfirmed at this point there are other theories circulating such as these phone calls are part of some kind of drills there's also the possibility or theory that this is
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a virus but of course there's also the theory that this is just a prankster intent on creating as much panic and disruption as possible now an investigation is under way to get to the bottom of this so then maybe we'll find out what's really the case. counter-terror experts believe that the perpetrators will be traced although it can be a lengthy process it doesn't fit into the. thinking more in terms of looking at the narrative and some of the analysis coming out from those security sources that this might be lead to terrorism if this. sort could. be definitely. the russian security agencies would that make this offer weeks in my ticket to but they would definitely. south korean president mean jane has ruled out the possibility
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of deploying nuclear weapons to his country despite growing tensions with north korea. i do not agree to south korean news from develop our own nuclear weapons or relocate an article nuclear weapons in the face of north korea's nuclear threat respond to north korea by having our own nuclear weapons will not maintain peaceful agreement neutral that announcement does come after south korea's defense minister did ask his american counterpart for more nuclear weapons to be sent regularly to the peninsula he explained the call for more tactical assets saying that many of the country's lawmakers as well as the media strongly support the idea american tactical nuclear weapons were present in the korean peninsula almost throughout the entire cold war and were only withdrawn in one thousand nine hundred one as part of the global nonproliferation deal however recent poll in south korea show that about sixty percent of people would back nuclear armament. and that has been
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a similar debate to you on the recent deployment of american anti missile launches the system known as stad coast huge protests as demonstrators clashed with police at the base now hosting the military quit. the was tragic i was i was there i am god i am god i am the opinion poll has been agreeing to equip south korea with nuclear armament and also to install the anti-missile defense system now believe there has been a lot of going on on the american side to trying to rope the forty's popular opinion in south korea it also explain why at present one has to change his
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position so drastically as it is to and now i think and desist for a difficult situation for present the moon because the situation now east on one hand the americans one tool can't dismiss our own just a decoy in seoul and china is the. pro thought that in china it's now the problem similar con thomas our system. near the north east asia and also deploying counterweight the system there now if the situation continues to escalate i think the biggest roussel will be the korean people watching out international thanks been with us a saving mornings and half an hour.


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