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the funny. we can all middle the roots to. dilute the real root. max kaiser one for my guide to financial survival this is it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right. clearly not accountable and we're just adding more and more to the. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for a while because we are.
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welcome to say. it's bad lebannon bring a small country it is standing far against civil war in neighboring syria providing shelter to millions playing the violence and an example of future reconciliation. but can the syrian tragedy wake up the ghosts old violent past while today i talked to the prime minister of lebanon mr saad. the war in syria is threatening to spill over to its small neighbor lebanon division radicalisation moving across the porous border into lebanese society the most religious state could see this cold war against real. the country steer away from the threat.
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resist conflict will succumb to the pressures of refugees or militancy what kind of become a regional example of sustained peace in the post-war future so that heidi lebanese prime minister it's really great to have you on our show welcome thank you so you've been on a world tour of sorts you went to washington you want to paris securing military and financial aid and now that trip brings you to moscow what exactly do you hope russia can do for levanon nourishes playing a political role big birds of order in the region and i believe. you know living on the suffering from refugees from the conflict that this happening in syria and iraq and i think we are my first aim is to try to eliminate lebanon from many consequences that are happening in syria and other places russia. also. we've had a very good political relationship with russia and i would like also this relationship
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economically to develop so far we haven't had you know economic. level of you know huntsman like our political you know relationship so now i aim to enhance this relationship economically at the same time we believe that we should also try to do some you know work with the military here in russia because we. face the same problem terrorism's everywhere and we want to face that kind of terrorism with our allies. but i understand about the economic ties but on these things today with the world that we're living all of the focus is on the military eight so why the drive for the military assistance from all three very different sources why now whom we you know lebanon has faced. just a few weeks ago against isis you fear that you know this is going to be
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a long long fight against isis and we believe in hansing our military capabilities is very important who had a very good programs with the american army. also had some good programs with the french and we believe in the history we've had a lot of equipment from russia so we need to get some much more modern. weapons for the lebanese armed forces and our security forces this fight is something that we need to face to face with the best technology you mentioned recent battle but lebanese army has actually been very victorious that recently and fight against isis and back yes do you feel right now that you can maybe take on the part a more proactive role when it comes to fighting ass's and contribute to the
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coalition and their fight against isis or are you going to limit yourself to the lebanese territory first of all i want to secure my turf to make sure that lebanon is protected. we have a lot of relationship with you know russian intelligence other intelligence or you know doing our efforts would corporation over the world whatever information that we have and expertise you know we live alone we have excelled. for catching those terrorists before doing anything in the past three years we've had it we haven't had any accident we've been able to capture them before. any you know results from their side and this is something that we pride ourselves for we would like to continue on this venue in order to do so we need some some technology to continue doing what we're doing and this cooperation has also helped in catching a lot of terrorists around the world. for instance
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a few months back we were able to capture some terrorists that were planning to do something on some airline and there were so. you know i think under straightly and they had nine or so we were able to to capture them so we feel good about this one talking more product her mistake current american president has blamed his predecessor barack obama for being inactive in the middle east can you see the difference in american approach now and what do you as the lebanese prime minister expect from trump how can he change your help the middle east i think the results are all of us want to see in iraq what's you seeing syria today the fight against isis is much more focused much more. cooperative between the nations that are fighting isis and you see that. isis is. losing battle ground everywhere in iraq and syria
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a little bit on we believe we hope that the focus on this issue is right to do to diminish to exterminate isis but the real problem we believe also is why is there isis what's the reason i systems in iraq why the reason you have isis in syria and i believe my concern is you know we fought all of us. in iraq and everywhere in the world but the real reason of why this kind of organization exists. the problem in iraq if they don't forge a real partnership between all sects i believe that my concern and even in syria my concern is you might fight this kind of groups but if you don't have real partnership real political solution with long term you know.
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partnership between the people then there is this is not the solution unless unless you forge these partnerships unless people believe see that you know there is no different between a syrian and another. than my my concern is you have something worse than isis important thing is to have a viable political solution that everybody is happy with you know i was speaking not too long ago to another great lebanese man nassim taleb and we're speaking about the syrian war he said you know the lebanese way out of its own civil war could serve as an example for syria do you feel maybe the power sharing agreements decentralization that could work in syria like it did in your country i believe you know the partnership is important to forge i think to the lebanese. solution is quite effective we were able to keep stability especially in times where we
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saw the struction all around us in libya and syria and iraq i think it could be it could be a solution. but it's up to the syrians you know in the end of the day we were nice sat on the on one table and we agreed to stop the war the civil war but later on we have to build the trust and you know the coalitions and reconsideration and this is something very hard to be done and i think with the encouragement or with what's happening now in the american. the russians the turks the saudis the variance i think this is important but i mean obviously a lot of people bring up the example of your country lebanon because it has been torn by the civil war and it is the best example of how after the civil war you can coexist with an inch at their absolute so do you feel i mean first of all i want to
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talk to you about the direct impact of syria war is having on your country do you feel like threats like what happened in tripoli is an impasse or something like that could have some the past today you have a much stronger political dissolve in facing any instability and given i think this consensus government is extremely important for has taken the extremely important decisions but i think the way we're trying to deal with all conflicts in the governor would you know you have to understand. we were we have a government that has a consensus but at the same time we differ on strategic issues so i might be with us but other political parties are with us. but we don't make a fuss about it inside the government so what we are trying to stabilize today is of the country the stability of the. country the security of the country and all
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the political arguments we might have would discuss that outside any government but how do you hammer out a united line when it comes to asset because like you said you are posing as. supporting him speaker of the parliament is somewhat friendly towards damascus how do you come up with a common lying no we don't come on either from what we decide to alienate live on them. from all these political and strategic decisions and we say that we would try. to become like a switzerland in the way where we don't want to involve ourselves in those quarrels and see save god the. benefit of the country so you never want to be directly involved in the taste making process or we would lose to what what's important for us is the return of the refugees and i believe today you have almost eight million
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or nine million syrian refugees around the world and i think any political solution that does not look at this issue specifically. is a solution that is not going to fly i think the importance is to make sure that these refugees go back to syria to safe places i think. they should be part of the process anything short of that is not going to be viable for the a political solution but do you feel like your government is ready to send the refugees back to syria because the conditions in syria now are safe enough or is it the case levanon know how it's limits lebanon has its limits first of all but we are you know we are bound with all the international you know reserve oceans and human rights we believe that if there are to be two to go back to syria they
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need to go back to a safe zone safe areas that the united nation approves that a political solution includes the safe return of those refugees so you're not taking them out you just go away with until. israel prime minister we're going to take a break right now while we're back we'll continue talking to lebanese prime minister saad hariri stay with us. years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have.
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my book was published in the year two thousand more than hoffa million americans have been killed by the forum's of the us. this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was to see. i decided to return to the subject to track down who i'd met and photograph those years ago. but we were not. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market frequent cause of death. i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had
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actually planned. to commit some site. or who was made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was. what i did was. legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's. and we're back with the lebanese prime minister sad al hariri prime minister i read in an interview to politico you had said that if you want to solve the issue of syria that's your quote you got to talk to the russians i know you made it clear
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that you don't want to be directly involved in a peacemaking process when it comes to syria but yet your position and the position of russia differ on ten key issues when it comes to syria. can there be common ground between lebanon and russia when it comes to that civil war absolutely i think you know what's important to see today that you have this. is almost safe zone area so they call it now where they have less fighting. in southern part of syria i think i think is the reason these areas exist because there is real talks between the americans and the russians in different parties or countries like turkey like jordan like iran like. saudi arabia so the if this is a serious. political solution there is this is
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a part of the solution that will prevail in preparation for the solution to come and i think these these areas are being developed in all parts of syria we agree on them we courage them because you see less fighting like schooling and this is something that would you know. in the hands or maybe. you know it's set up the rote towards a political solution so you brought up the three branches of your government and you different things but you know you don't take it out in the public you deal with it behind the scenes and strew that you know the political system in lebanon is spectacular in terms of how you can allocate same amount of power to each of the main religion branches. and it has worked very well after the devastating civil war
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over do you sometimes feel like maybe this system needs real amping because it hinders decision making or do you think like shaking up things would be too dangerous right now what we need to understand about the ban on is after the assassination of rafik hariri the billies one through it learning process before you had the syrian army inside lebanon two thousand and five and it was by proxy the syrians were you know somehow controlling to but this is the first time after. you know the syrians pulled from the by the syrian regime pulled from. the first time that after the civil war the lebanese are trying to manage their country by themselves so we've had a few experiences an experience where a part of the country were trying to was trying to run the country by themselves it didn't work then another time where we try to unify our efforts to run the country
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then another. of march tried to run the country by themselves and i think the system today. with this consensus government is trying to balance. a solution that. we can always better but i believe this is a experience that would have been nice people would have to go through and even ease authority. is have to go through political party if so we can get to this through the balance where we would we know how to do with the country. here also said recently that right now you're focused on improving the situation between qatar and saudi arabia what can lebanon do here i mean it's kind of far you know i think if there is a dialogue that kuwait is trying to lead i believe the style of this is a fortune for for the for for the gulf we decided not to get involved directly
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because we do not you know the differences that they have between show there is they know it much better than we do so we will you know stay you know or far away from this problem but we encourage all the time that the kuwaitis are trying to be so you are switzerland in that i am trying to be switzerland as i can be but lebanese. government has been investing in iraqi kurdistan right and now we have the referendum of independence that's approaching so i wonder what will your position be these are the possible independent kurdish state we believe that you know this is something the train the iraqis we believe that. a unified iraq is far better for the iraq unified syria is far better for syria we believe you know this notion of dividing. of countries like this will
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only serve. will only serve to minimize the capacity of the iraqis as a country. i believe that. arabs in iraq can work together and come to if inclusion where you know the kurds feel they have their own or one way or the other. we would. sometimes a little but i think dividing country is it's only you know a few willing the conflict in the region i believe a unified iraq is the solution. i've heard you say many times that has is not the main force in lebanon it's certainly not the main player it's not controlling the country and now it's heavily involved in the syrian war is it easier to deal with them now that they're destructive with their pro or anti isis
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complain i think you know we should understand that assad regime has tried to survive all these years from the only reason he's did survive it's because of russia. maybe our other players playing with the regime but the main force that was able to stabilize. syria was the policy of the russia to towards you know it was that it seemed to work. you know fighting isis and all of that i think . you know. you know my position would disagree with that but at the same time the main reason today there is. it's because russia to this position that. but you just come back from america and you've stated many times that lebanese army has nothing to do with hezbollah and is completely independent. are you so worried that maybe an american congressman not make
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a difference between hezbollah and the lebanese army do their research you know it's it's a propaganda war in some places we have the israeli lobby is that go and try to put this idea that the lebanese army is controlled by the hezbollah. you know this is not. we know that's not yet are you worried about the americans maybe are you hey we had they are times when the situation we have had long discussions with the american administration. and congress and senate and i believe that we made some success i believe that we should keep on this you know campaign in showing that's what's really been as we just fought the war against isis and hezbollah was and so you know people will always try to put live on on. proxy but we're not proxy for anyone talking about israel you've center requests in
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the united nations to the city facilitate the signing of the truce between lebanon and israel because officially the two countries are still war why hasn't it been signed yet what's coming in a way what's gotten we need to stop the hostilities between the two countries after the war we you know there was. a period where we need to move actually to the situation over cities and other parts of the segments supposed to be implemented unfortunately israel keeps on barging in to live in these airspace given these maritime. borders and sometimes we find some some some cameras had been somewhere in the ban on implanted by the israelis and this is something that needs to be to stop we believe that. we've you know gone a long way if you. look at this in two thousand and six we had so many different
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border. you know. differing you know different position that we thought that this is ours it's really started that there's now we came down to thirteen points and now so have the maritime border between us and israel with this new administration and the united states that is you know engagement on these issues and i believe that we can reach certain certain agreements so now israeli saying that hamas is establishing a foothold in lebanon. are there any truth to these claims in the i think just one supporter but on the eve of them you know a country and i think we all know what it's doing and it's also holding its largest military drill in twenty years right next to your border and simulating a repeat of two thousand and six lebanon israel war are you concerned are you worried or is this just
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a technical manure or nothing about the campaign or the proposal and the israelites trying to put lebanon or to put. a country that is not in control of its army and and the security forces we understand you know. which we are what we want to deliver them is them communication overexertion seventeen on to the dock. we are ready to go all the way on this issue all the political parties are great the eleven is ready the problem is israel throws all these you know. this kind of campaign on live on but yet when you come really on the ground and try to implement solutions you will not see what really gets on your nerves basically is the propaganda more than anything else but it's not the real threat that they are you know you are you know we i'm concerned
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because the rhetoric on the campaign or on this propaganda has been high heightening or ever since. and i think they need to understand that. you know we don't want war i don't think they want war so it's better not to instigate and the best way to move away from war is actually to implement things on the ground so if we have thirteen border. points that we have still different different opinions about it there's a tripartite. between us and the united nation and israel meeting monthly we need to resolve these issues at once we need to take the pretext of any war away from from everybody and implement and see how we move to a full cessation of hostilities between us and the. prime minister you are no
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stranger to threats your father tragically died in a political assassination you also had reasons for awhile to be out of lebanon. has have things changed do you feel like this right is in the past or now that your prime minister in the more danger i think. more i mean is the is the role of. all of these groups. both think you know less security or do we draw the support. of the job comes with it and this part of we have to be careful but it's. just managing. the best of luck in your hopefully you'll come back to russia again soon hopefully thank you mr going through.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each spring . but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my. it's consumed with this. speech
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because there were no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make . well known by. the marshall. islamic states claims it was behind the manchester terror attack by the. front so kill the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming isis so bad someone needs to do something against them. why don't we move in something. that. you've. been told a number. of if you. check these here.
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looking to. move to. a. london train leaves at least twenty two people injured including children police say. doesn't talk to her making it the fifth in the u.k. this year. and other stories where across this use migration she phones a change of heart on border controls in the shed and get in their area after calling for chicks to be dropped he goes on to say that the block may still need protections. pyongyang fires a ballistic missile over japan for the second time in just a.


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