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tv   Headline News  RT  September 16, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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ok. u.k. police arrest an eighteen year old in connection with broad based bomb blast along the underground islamic state claimed it was behind the attack that left thirty people injured also. in a show of defiance against the spanish government can plan officials throw their weight behind the region's upcoming independence referendum large crowds also turned out in support of catalonia secession. talks in kazakstan on the syrian crisis sealed a crucial agreement for deescalation zones in the war torn country includes it
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province which is mainly held by forces opposed to the government. life from moscow you're watching altie international with me rosana lockwood thank you for joining us. british police have raided apartments in the southwest of the capital in connection with a terror attack on the london underground on friday properties in the town of sunbury have been evacuated and cordons put in place it comes just hours after the arrest of an eighteen year old man who suspected of planting the bucket bomb involved in the incident islamic state claimed responsibility for what has become the fifth terror attack in the u.k. this year around eight twenty am on friday an improvised explosive device went off inside a train pulling into paulson's green station it left thirty people injured including children and many self witnesses described seeing
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a fireball ripping through the carriage. well the city's mayor has said london will not be intimidated by terror but it is something he's been forced to repeat a number of times already. he won't succeed but you want to fight us we will be caught by terrorists. you will see over the next few days i mean creased number of. across. the attempts to make countless acts of kindness that brought people closer together . and. they continue to be visible
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patrols around manchester which include the deployment of offices. that us will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days no reason to be a long. road but. we need to. learn that as we'll see an increased number of visible police officers. british prime minister to resign may has now raised the terror threat to its highest level critical with more on how locals have reacted and what the mood is long following the spate of attacks in twenty seventeen his see it sure can.
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yet another terrorism related incident in the u.k. a twenty seventeen pandemic of terror with this now the fifth and every attack demands more security measures and public vigilance get out if you are you. are. following the van attack on westminster bridge they put up a concrete barriers to prevent a similar salt earlier this month london's metropolitan police came up with another measure to stop the vehicles targeting large crowds steal spikes road maps to be rolled out a big events but just days after the announcement london was hit by a different kind of attack. the weapon this time was concealed in a simple plastic bag and bucket and left on the tube during rush hour cordoned off behind me is the area where the fifth terror related incident to shake the u.k. in recent months took place early friday morning in a train topped with commuters were a homemade device partially detonated commuters described the scene as
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a stampede with people running for their lives to men were shouting run run so we all piled off the train and just ran for our lives we were literally running for our lives and i saw for a second i'm about to die a bomb is about to go off if you are jumping over what old boy like but the other trees asian with a beautiful bump and go into the space jumping into of the people. that you understand another terror attack has slipped by the authorities but the location this time has left many shocked and questioning where they go from here to the leafy crossings green if you don't think so i haven't yet but that's the show so it's natural to me flying that anybody. can do anything they like that they're not taking the subway like let's take a less walk it's kind of scary as authorities investigate this latest incident to see what should and could have been done the attackers seem to be one step ahead creating a new unnerving and unpredictable norm and. r.t.
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london. we're bringing you live pictures now as the u.s. city of st louis is seeing a second day of protests over the acquittal of an ex police officer who killed a black man these are as i said live pictures from the scene this time there were no skirmishes unlike the previous night on friday protests against police brutality turned violent thirty two people were arrested and ten officers were injured. it. demonstrates his will also see rowing rocks and vandalizing the mayor's home the
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unrest began after a form of policeman was found not guilty of murdering a black man in twenty eleven a total of around one thousand protesters blokes in section in the city's downtown area and gathered in front of the local police department to gas and pepper spray we used to try and disperse them actually banks has been following the demonstrations protests have erupted and the city of st louis and the national guard is on standby following the acquittal of former police officer jason stokely thirty six year old stokely was charged with first degree murder in the case of twenty four year old anthony lamar smith shortly after the verdict was passed down several hundred protesters reportedly blocked a highway ramp and popular intersection near the courthouse as they march through the city local news reports police deployed pepper spray against several protesters and the early afternoon this verdict was handed down even despite calls for the officers conviction from the ethical society of police according to the probable
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cause statement used in the case shortly before the incident stokely approached smith's a window firing a five times into the vehicle hitting smith with each shot and killing him additionally prosecutors say a firearm was found in smith's car but it was later determined to only have the officers d.n.a. on it now some activists in st louis they pledged quote amounted to rupture and if stokely was acquitted vowing that the outcome. but look a lot like ferguson the potential for on the right has a group to think with rejoined ever since ferguson officer derren was found shot and killed unarmed eighteen year old michael brown back in twenty four to. the syrian city of dera zor is slowly returning to normal after being lost liberated from islamic state this is the latest video we've received from there rebuilt rebuilding has now started and the few remaining schools not destroyed in
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the battle have reopened their doors to students since i still see it was broken on the fifth of september humanitarian convoys have managed to deliver much needed aid government forces with the backing of russia's they're also now battling to quell the remaining pockets of terrorists around the city. and with syria making gains on the ground against eisel positive steps were also made peace talks held in the kazakhstan capital astra the parties there have now agreed on the final boundaries for deescalation zones across syria. is in the country. the talks in astronaut and now over and every school to me is that the sides involved the syrian government as well as the rebels and the three sponsor countries that is russia iran and turkey have agreed on the establishment of decomp flicks and zones in syria where the fighting is fiercest between rebels and the syrian government three countries that have agreed to guarantee the de confliction zones that is russia
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again turkey and iran will have more nurses on the ground watching for any cease fire violations and taking action and as necessary he knew these de completions rooms will be set up and in aleppo here in the taqiyya in that eye in the south of syria as well as in homs province these a areas again where the clashes between the syrian government and the rebels fiercest and where civilians have borne the brunt of this suffering that they have had to have to endure the u.n. envoy to syria stefan de mistura as well as the russian ambassador who is just optimism again and they said that if these swoops that this will be a big relief for the people of syria. percival in geneva we will be continued talking and not only talking but taking action on the humanitarian of victims which is a natural consequence of a difficult mission a more difficult mission
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a more humanitarian action. we consider the establishment of the deescalation zones to be a major milestone it has served as the light at the end of the tunnel for the syrian people and made them feel more secure if it gives hope for progress in the near future it's worth mentioning that the sticking with de confliction zooms on to a new idea they have been implemented by russia and the united states and by and large they have worked nevertheless it's important to bear in mind that there are sides that actions nusra front here in aleppo in egypt who will try to spoil and try to ruin the decomp fiction areas to cease fires as they have in the past so it will be important to watch for that. martin ga eleven on less believes the opposition groups leaving the deescalation cern's could still be a problem but we'll see what happens in the next few days are still quite
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a number of ambiguity is about the deal that. is the al-qaeda coalition if you like in italy problems which is part of a new sort of you know while some of the fiercest groups. outside of what we've been used to have with a sort of fighting with isis so i mean that's going to be a real issue they're not going to give up very easily but the f.s.a. soldiers which we've called rather kindly i think over the years are moderate rebels and not always ready moderate in all cases but a big question will will will hang over them in the world today to do they get some sort of a peace deal with they give up their arms and go back to the villages. in a clear defiance against spanish rule hundreds of cattle and officials have met to show their support for the upcoming independence referendum large crowds have also gathered outside the city council building in barcelona to voice their commitment to the cause the catalonian president praised the will of the people. not do not
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underestimate the strength of the people of catalonia it's been the central government may have many laws many bullets in it but there's one thing that they don't have they don't have you know they don't have the people of catalonia. thank you if they. if a. madrid strongly opposes the independence and is investigating over seven hundred cattle and mayors who pledged their support for the campaign last week madrid is doing all it can to scupper the referendum which is set to take place on october the first spanish authorities have told cattle and media outlets to stop publishing content and adverts backing independence while police have raided a printing house the country's prime minister commended the drive to stop the breakaway. it is necessary to congratulate in particular the civil guard city that have seized more than one hundred thousand cattle on government propaganda
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posters last week the spanish constitutional court suspended legislation passed in the catholic parliament which allowed the vote to take place and on friday barcelona the region's capital was given just forty eight hours to sign an agreement guaranteeing the public money will not be spent on the referendum if it is madrid is threatening to seize control of a part of catalonia as budget. not a single year of the catalans will be directed toward him a legal referendum that is wanted by a few perhaps there's more than a few though as many as fifty percent of catalans are in favor of independence according to the latest polls one man we spoke to says madrid's treatment of catalonia shows democracy is not in good shape in spain. i think it's very sad it's more than just indignation to see the democratic generation of the spanish state and this feels bad this is what we regret most of all but that's all we are
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calm we have a lot of work to do in the municipalities and we'll continue working for the people that's what is important for us the majority of the members of the parliament of the catalonian parliament are in favor of the wind up and learns eighty percent of the cattle and six in shape is in favor of their referendum of several terminations to ask catalans if they want or not but the referendum by without despondence a state because that's what we want we don't do it unilaterally because we want to hide anything. they keep offering the spanish to state to negotiate and to be quite dissipated in this democratic exercise but it's up to them. the u.n. security council has denounced north korea's latest missile test i'll bring you the details off of the short break.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around. preparations from washington to washington media the media. and voters elected to business to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done for. the international community continues lee emphasize about once the iraq war united iraq as a slogan maybe an approach will be politicians but the reality on the ground in iraq is not what the record called united and to me as kurds are not the ones to be blamed for what is happening in the rest of iraq and the direct wrong directions that iraq has gone through.
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welcome back there's been more condemnation from the u.n. security council over north korea's latest missile test had an emergency closed door session members called on each other to fully implement sanctions against pyongyang the missing came off the north korea find a ballistic missile over japan on friday photos of the launch have since been released and with no new approach to the crisis agreed this is how russia's u.n. ambassador described what's happening. we were discussing for a while that would it in a vicious circle where. it is illusion a provocation pro occasion that is it is certain that another publication. and we
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were going to play things many people raised an issue that we have to think maybe out of the books it does seem the current sanctions and military drills a failing to bring about a positive breakthrough on the peninsula. this is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country and a generation. these sanctions will cut deep. in today's resolution builds on what were already the deepest cutting sanctions ever leveled against north korea those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen.
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in other news this hour three children have died after a fire ripped through a summer camp in the ukrainian city of odessa it broke out in a dormitory block overnight one hundred and fifty young people were at a camp of the time and forty two were in the building where the blaze took hold according to an initial investigation the fire was caused by an electrical fault some accounts from some survivors and eyewitnesses. please. please. what's
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up with you but there's something here. you go just watch ababil go by helping each other do so plenty to. try to do something about the profile of the royale but both might get. the real good news for the future too soon to see if you have. to do with huey the failure of the. book to start with the function you mentioned the leisure to do try to move. the nice new room to turn the scene you have. to turn on one hundred people. and have to document
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the following day relatives of the children staying at the camp and those supporting them gathered in front desk as town hall demanding to meet the man many of them accuse the man of corruption and ignoring safety regulations at the camp soon the demonstration was joined by various nationalist groups who attempted to storm the building police responded with take ass as they try to disperse the crowd . oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh. u.s. president donald trump's critics have been unrelenting since he took office and it seems now even some of his supporters aren't happy with his policies this is down to trump being unable to deliver on
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a key campaign promise including the border war with mexico on thursday trump tweeted that it is being built and that existing fences are being renovated but that's not enough for some. reports. to make america great again the slogan many trump supporters chose to stand behind wearing his signature maggot hats with pride. and now they're burning them let's work america great again we love truck we love true. violence several campaign promises leaves me no choice. so why are they angry well in their eyes trump has softened his top stance on immigration one of his key campaign promises he's now negotiating a deal with democrats to protect young undocumented migrants and there's no
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guarantee he's actually going to build his infamous border wall with mexico what building the wall what building the wall folks we're building we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall we're going to we'll see how it works. we're going to get the border security is part of that was to get what. trump bipartisan outreach seems to be the final straw for his most ardent supporters in return for this concession the president received nothing no end to chain migration the president isn't even getting a border wall so he insisted still somehow get one later possibly if we're not getting a wall i'd prefer president pence dw at this point who doesn't want trump and peached critics are viewing trump's attempts to term democrats as a transformation to a normal president. but this transformation might come across as confusing to both his supporters and his opponents donald trump supporters and i don't speak for all
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of them but. they expected donald trump to actually accomplish significant pieces of legislation and now here we are in the middle of september there's not a lot of concrete. show for donald trump's time in office he hasn't managed to get a lot of people confirmed in key positions so i think we have to view donald trump as a young presidency as a presidency where the people who elected him elected a disruptor people are growing frustrated among his supporters and obviously they're saving anger and resentment among his opponents i think it's high time to actually see our concrete bills that address the core structural problems inside our country which households address humans' address for some reason our washington d.c. crowd doesn't want to address that's what we want to see people are becoming impatient there's a lot of talk where's the action where are the results so the question is who will trump choose to please his base which carried him to the oval office or his critics
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. well one thing is for sure and certain we can appeal to both. from europe on our t. washington d.c. . that's it for me for now more in just over thirty minutes time i remember you can always catch up on breaking news on the page. all the food we go to. every the world experience for the job and you'll get it out of the old the old. the old according to a gesture. welcome to the world cup on.
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i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't. the big picture . please take. a look. and when you question mark find what you're looking for this little. dog. will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture legal blog selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't believe the new socks present tell you that so be gossiping tabloid less files a little more news today. on the positive advertising telling you are not cool enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we
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along with our audience will watch.
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welcomed on contact today we discuss the uses and abuses of american history with historian eric foner we want to have a public commemoration of history of order to be diverse enough to include the whole history not just the history that those in power want us to remember. with chris adams. history like most scholarly pursuits and academia is dominated by the banal and the trivial the montra of disinterested scholarship and the obsession with data collection add up as the historian howard zinn wrote to the fear that using our intelligence to further our moral ends is somehow improper academics are rewarded for buttressing the ruling social structure producing heavy tomes on the ruling elites and ignoring the underlying social forces that have been the true
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engines of social and political change in the united states most academics are complicit in masking the inconvenience. acts that tarnish the myth facts about genocide slavery class repression racism and the lies told by the ruling elites the mass media and powerful institutions to justify power historians who are apologist for the past are rewarded and promoted truth tellers are often marginalized this struggle to discern the truth of our past is being played out with the popular revolt against the confederate monuments. joined today by professor eric foner the pulitzer prize winning historian and de witt clinton professor of history at columbia university he is one of the country's foremost scholars of american history from his first book free soil free labor free men the idiology of the republican party before the civil war to his books on reconstruction and slavery tom paine and the underground railroad issue.


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