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doing this because i want the future. generations to have and enjoy the ocean. mysteries balance sheet where we britons for terror attacks this year injured in a train explosion which company. pension escalates again in the korean peninsula in response to the threat of further washington with another. russian submarine strike targets around the syrian city of. peace talks between the country's government opposition result and a breakthrough agreement. with
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the top stories from the past seven days on right up to the moment developments as well this is the weekly on our to international hello and welcome to our top story this friday a london hit by another terror attack in which an explosion on a chub train injured around thirty people the metropolitan police confirmed a few hours ago that a second man is no arrest a twenty one year old in west london on saturday officers detained an eighteen year old man an improvised explosive device went off inside a chub train at eight twenty in the morning local time the explosion caused panic and the stampede with a young child among the injured islamic state claims it was behind the attack reporting from west london here's unless the see it. yet another terrorism
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related incident in the u.k. a twenty seventeen pandemic of terror with this now the fifth and every attack demands more security measures and public vigilance around you are you. following the van attack on westminster bridge they put up concrete barriers to prevent a similar salt earlier this month london's metropolitan police came up with another measure to stop the vehicles targeting large crowds steel spikes road mats to be rolled out a big events but just days after the announcement london was hit by a different kind of attack the weapon this time was concealed in a simple plastic bag and bucket and left on the tube during rush hour cordoned off behind me is the area where the fifth terror related incident to shake the u.k. in recent months took place early friday morning in a train topped with commuters or a homemade device partially detonated commuters described the scene as a stampede with people running for their lives just what is lost in memory of the baby in the car with mom to men which have to run so we all piled off the train and
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just ran for our lives we were literally running for our lives and i saw for a second i knew that stuff people jumping over what all's well like but the other trees asian with a beautiful bump and go into this these children into over another terror attack has slipped by the authorities but the location this time has left many shocked and questioning where they go from here is the following that anybody. can do anything like that we're not taking this that way like let's take let's walk it's kind of scary as authorities investigate this latest incident to see what should and could have been done the attackers seem to be one step ahead creating a new unnerving and unpredictable norm and a hearty london. or year ago the mayor of london said that living with the threat of terrorism has something people in the city just have to accept.
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you won't succeed but you want to fight us we will become terrorists. you will see over the next few days i mean creased number of. the attempts to. make countless acts of kindness that brought people closer together. and. they continue to be visible patrols around. which include the deployment of.
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us will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days no reason to be a lot. both. b.p. . and that is we'll see an increased number of visible police thought. it's been another week of standoff over north korea on monday the u.n. security council passed the resolution on new sanctions after pyongyang's nuclear test earlier this month although the harsh original draft prepared by the u.s. was negotiated to see live vote washington had wanted a full oil and natural gas embargo against north korea but the final resolution imposed on. on the country's exports the original draft also demanded
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a travel ban and then a set free against the north korean leader but that didn't make it into the final draft either the u.s. president wasn't impressed by the compromise at the u.n. we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing not not big i don't know but has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen was certainly disturbing to hear these words from donald trump in the aftermath of a vote at the u.n. security council that was widely perceived as a victory for diplomacy the words that we heard from u.s. leaders on the floor of the security council were rather diplomatic and favorable to peace and cooperation at this point we're hearing u.s. leaders again talking harsh talking about the possibility of sanctions against russia and against china if they don't comply with the new u.n.
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resolution if china doesn't follow these sanctions will put additional sanctions on . accessing the u.s. and international system. so now we have these bricks from down. to being the. start. and. this is just another. of the.
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from. of the next. but.
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everyone felt threatened by. i don't feel like japan is their target is the u.s. that's why these are just pressing goals with japan and i don't think you'll agree it will drop to us directly on us. saying. it's a missile strength good because we won't have to go to school. we were. taking it seriously. so his career reacted to friday's missile test with a military drill near the border with the north novo the south korean president threaten pyongyang with quote destruction beyond recovery over the provocations he ruled out stationing nuclear weapons former u.s. congressman ron paul told us washington should let the korean leaders result from the crisis themselves. why couldn't we encourage and get behind saying look south korea we encourage you to talk to north korea and see if you're going to sit
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down maybe united states and china could both be observers or something and they get it moved on but not for us to constantly stir up trouble by having our military confrontation about building up and having these war games what are these war games where are they practicing you know is so unnecessary and and confrontational and it doesn't mean that if we didn't have war games that we would give up something on our defense our side has to worry about the bush doctrine which tries to you know make it our official policy that you need to have preventive war well preemptive preventive war is aggression and that i don't lie. spain's rest of region of cuss a loony a saw a fellow zinn's turnout on monday as the country continues to an independent referendum scheduled for october the first the emotions have been running high throughout the week and leaders there say that if there is choose yes that
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independence would be declared within two days forty eight hours. today you know it. was i want you but the national government strongly opposes the push for independence despite a growth in local supports hundreds of officials gathered on saturday in a show of defiance against madrid days earlier more than seven hundred murders discovered they face prosecution by the government for supporting the push for independence spanish authorities have already shut down the separatists official website although it has since moved to a new two in main. now when catalonia held its first symbolic referendum in twenty
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fourteen again the authorities in the madrid weren't happy no they slammed it as a constitutional even threatening to kick the legendary barcelona football club out of the national league where would messi go then but it didn't put off cuts on leaders or dead their popularity then after a pro independence party secured a majority in council only as parliament it insisted the region would secede anyway in turn in march madrid all put pressure and even barred officials from holding public office for organizing the referendum so why does spain fear the vote well there are a number of reasons let's take a look over here if cuts alone goes its own way spain would lose almost seven percent of its territory the richest part that because it's a top g.d.p. it would also lose over seven million of its population in other words a fifth of its tax earnings twenty percent of exports would also go as well
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a quarter of all spain tourists in addition incidentally catalonia has a third of all spain's olympic medalists well to make things worse for spain's leaders seems as many as forty percent of the loans are in favor of independence according to the latest polls one mera we spoke to say treatment of council only shows spanish democracy is not much i. am asking i think it's very sad it's more than just indignation to see the democratic degeneration of the spanish state and this feels bad this is what we've had read most of all but that's all we are calm we have a lot of work to do in the municipality and we'll continue working for the people that's what is important for us the measure of the members of the parliament of the . parliament. in favor of taking that nuns eighty percent of the cattle on six and
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ship is in favor of their referendum of sovereign nation to ask catalans if they warned or not but that they were doing a referendum by without despondence a state because that's what we want we don't do it unilaterally because we want to hide anything. they keep on offering the sponsored state. never share to be void. in these democratic exercise but it's up to them. after the break. a number of targets close to the partly occupied syrian city of. we've got the big picture of what that all means often. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around
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. perforations washington washington media the media. voters elected to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. international community continues lee emphasize about one theoretical united iraq as a slogan maybe an approach will for the politicians but in reality on the ground iraqis . united and to me as kurds are not the ones to be blamed school what is happening in the rest of iraq i mean the direct wrong direction is that iraq has gone through . the.
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quarter of an hour into the program welcome back the syrian army has reached the euphrates river after retaking two more districts in the south east of the city of terrorists or from eisel earlier this week the russian navy supporting the syrian military in a number of targets close to the city. russia's defense ministry say. communications posts as well as a munitions death posed were destroyed seven cruise missiles were launched on thursday from two submarines stationed in the mediterranean offering during three years of terror starvation and ongoing fighting and terrorism war locals are nonetheless trying to bring some sort of normalcy to their.
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lives. and i do. not mean up five now. i didn't get me in my neck like that a static. i there had he lived. that. schooner so to come i don't hog i mean any names. before but i've known. adam of hundred ever wanted dead or. alive and all these. many many and often maybe even a shot a long. train to steady want to live in my house i sit in.
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my beckett humorless no more no more you mock. the sort of. many many she. rushes the fence ministry house responded to accusations from the pentagon claiming that the russian air force injured u.s. led coalition partner forces east of derby's for a statement said the us forces were warned in advance of the year that was targeted for the operation its earth force conducts precision strikes only in eyes the positions confirmed by colonel intelligence the defense ministry went on to say about considering their intelligence didn't give any information on clashes between isel and u.s. forces in the area the question of how they got hit by a russian or a strike remains open. meanwhile they latest round of syria peace
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talks in cows extend seen a brick through agreement on deescalation zones which could finally provide some peace in the war ravaged country the government tours of the peace settlement russia around turkey signed a document marking the bundy's of the final deescalation zone in. northwest syria that's on top of the already implemented zones elsewhere in the country and while there is still much to be done to unite all the country's forces in the struggle against terrorism russia's special envoy for syria is well to coin a phrase cautiously optimistic. we consider the establishment of the deescalation zones to be a major milestone it has served as the light at the end of the tunnel for the syrian people and made them feel more secure it gives hope for progress in the near future. well what we know is that islamic militants have been recruiting foreign
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fighters in syria under a rock for the past number of years many who went there to fight brought their families along with them but with the terror group suffering a string of major defeats the wives and children of a large number of killed fighters have ended up in refugee camps with certain features r.t. was forced to talk to some of the widows of foreign extremists in their rocky camp where hundreds of families are stranded their location and identities will not be this close for their city. because it is such a dumb was it is now but also to the. people like. you.
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have to do. something please if any of these things you know how to make you think about them. oh. well the legal status of the wives of fighters is not clear meanwhile in europe last year around six hundred people were put on trial for terrorism with more than three hundred fifty prosecuted for ties to jihadism now we talked to a couple of political commentators about whether the wives of fighters should also be treated as extremists. well i think the most important thing we have to do is avoid these people coming back to our countries these people have joined a terrorist organization they wish to join a state that isn't the united kingdom isn't america isn't what we're talking about wives and children of isis fighters who have gone out to syria to iraq to kurdistan and have been found themselves inadvertently getting in broiled as part of as much
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a victim as anyone else has been in part of these atrocities let's be clear what the argument that no one saw is making is that you are an adult woman have chosen to join a terrorist organization and just because you're married you should have no responsibility for that whatsoever i want mr ansal sadly but you are in a terrorist organization so i want to know have you made you know of these i mean sergey signed a following beside me so let's be clear on my position and let's be clear what i look at you're surely you don't make your name for yourself as a showing for the majority of iraq just take the air piece out and keep talking the position of the majority of british people in my view is that they do not want terrorists back in the united kingdom they do not want the wives of terrorists back in the united kingdom but there may want the children who are entirely innocent to return to the united kingdom and with that in mind i'll put my earpiece back in these women many of them will be innocent people the children the innocent people
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they didn't sign up to a terrorist organization it's not like joining a club where you sign up to get a membership form they followed their husbands into a war zone people who have not committed any wrongdoing who are no risk to the state the answer is to integrate them we have the national security apparatus in place to be able to tackle these issues right now. it's been almost two years since hillary clinton shock election defeat to donald trump and she's on the road promoting her new book which pinpoints who she thinks is to blame you're sure reminder of who she's been accusing along the way we're working in two thousand and sixteen russian wiki leaks our press i inherit nothing from the democratic party bernie's not a democrat jim colony's letter my primary opponent and a lot of his supporters the sexism and the massaging the resentment the stereotype . a lot of people didn't want to hear my plan.
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what the book's called what happened in which clinton throws accusations at those she believes three to her on firmly during a campaign she recalls a debate with donald trump which she said made her skin crawl he invaded her personal space during campaign she also brings up the battle with fellow democrat bernie sanders claiming his plan was to disrupt the party clinton believes we are putin's efforts to install trump as a friendly puppets to influence the election failed clinton's literally references are buffing some readers to she mentions george orwell's dystopian political novel ninety four with its theme of distrust of politicians media though for a clinton it's those very people who should be relied on leading some readers to call her delusional elsewhere in the book she compares herself to
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a character from the hit t.v. show game of thrones here's some of the reaction to all of up. they shouted guilty guilty like the really just sell outs and game of thrones chanting shame shame well so see lannister walked back to the red keep. he's very police in the mind to lead the quest is just a troll no matter. what that means. he knows. now having said all this why aren't i fifty points ahead you might ask.
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did you make another mistake sure selves to lose the election without any of the other things you talk about i will sit down that. you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable. everyone who isn't us. isn't it basically you're saying that there's there's nothing you're going to do differently as a way to try to win over his supporters i am i head and let's start from that premise for losing the people. you're helping the people you think. well it's the weekly for this hour i'm going to know you and i leave you know with
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more pictures of the. last month in spain's catalonia region it's not. independence referendum in a few weeks puts barcelona and madrid on a big collision course the short. list could go. through. good and.
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well before hard sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they're going. to do socks for the tell you that will be gossip in public but files of the most important day. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along the border will watch. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did i took a lying down just i came bigger and met at the death star game and in the spiral now i'm falling. many lives have been broken my excessive debt to the banks got into for what i normally big bankers got big. government by the
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banks but i just didn't think of the ordinary men and the morning through the back underdone by creditors people see no future bad face from happening you know you become ill get into a job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is dead a lifelong trap or is there a way out of those actually trying to bit covering old reichl to ditch bill from so much frustration from what. this is a story of one of africa's giants. blow his teeth on that shot.


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