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tv   Headline News  RT  September 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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be the one person. we can all middle of the room sit. in the stories that shaped the week britain's terror attack this year sees thirty people injured in a bomb blast on the london underground a second mom is now on the. young yang fires a ballistic missile over japan after the international community it's north korea with further sanctions. also ahead this hour to use our russian submarine strike eyes old targets around the syrian city of. peace talks between the country's government position result in a breakthrough agreement. with
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the top stories from the past seven days down right up to the moment of elements as well this is the weekly r.t. international hello and welcome friday seoul london hit by another terror attack in which an explosion on a chub train injured thirty people the metropolitan police confirmed a few hours ago the second man is now under arrest a twenty one year old in west london on saturday officers detained an eighteen year old man an improvised explosive device went off inside a chub train and a twenty in the morning local time the blast caused panic on a stump pete with a young child among the injured islamic state claims it was behind the attack reporting live from west london here's a must to see it. yet another terrorism related incident in the u.k. a twenty seventeen pandemic of terror with this now the fifth and every attack
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demands more security measures and public vigilance get out if you are you. following the van attack on westminster bridge they put up concrete barriers to prevent a similar salt earlier this month london's metropolitan police came up with another measure to stop the vehicles targeting large crowds steel spikes road mats to be rolled out a big events but just days after the announcement london was hit by a different kind of attack the weapon this time was concealed in a simple plastic bag and bucket and left on the tube during rush hour cordoned off behind me is the area where the fifth terror related incident to shake the u.k. in recent months took place early friday morning in a train topped with commuters or a homemade device partially detonated commuters described the scene as a stampede with people running for their lives just what is lost in memory of the baby in a car with the mom to men was shouting grab and run so we all piled off the train and just ran for our lives we were literally running for our lives and i saw for
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a second i'm about to jump over what old boy like but the other choice asian with a beautiful open door into the steve jumping into of another terror attack has slipped by the authorities but the location this time has left many shocked and questioning where they go from here is flying that anybody. can do anything they like that we're not taking the subway like let's take a less walk it's kind of scary as authorities investigate this latest incident to see what should and could have been done the attackers seem to be one step ahead creating a new unnerving and unpredictable norm and party london. and just in all the u.k. this sunday. it's national threat level from critical to severe now about means that attack is known not to be imminent but still i would like for you the capitals are in the past both living with the threat of terrorism is something londoners just
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have to accept. you won't succeed but you want to fight us we will be countered by terrorists. you will see over the next few days i mean creased number. across. the attempts to. make countless acts of kindness that brought people closer together. and. they continue to be visible patrols around. which include the deployment of.
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that as we'll see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days no reason to be a long. rope but. you beat me. on that as we'll see an increased number of visible police. it's been another week of standoff over north korea on monday the u.n. security council passed the resolution on new sanctions after pyongyang's nuclear test earlier this month the harsh original draft prepared by the u.s. was renegotiated to see the vote washington had wanted a full oil and natural gas embargo against north korea but the final resolution
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imposed only a cup. on the country's exports the original draft also demanded a travel ban and an asset freeze against the north korean leader but that didn't make it into the final draft either and the u.s. president was not too impressed by a compromise of the united nations we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing. not big i don't know but has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen well it's certainly disturbing to hear these words from donald trump in the aftermath of a vote at the u.n. security council at this point we're hearing u.s. leaders again talking harshly about more sanctions sanctions against russia sanctions against china if china doesn't follow these sanctions we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the u.s.
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and international dollar system and that's quite meaningful in the aftermath of a resolution being passed unanimously at the u.n. security council and what many saw as a victory for diplomacy the words that we heard from u.s. leaders on the floor of the security council were rather diplomatic we are not looking for war the north korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return if it agrees to stop its nuclear program it can reclaim its future if it proves it can live in peace the world will live in peace with. the latest sanctions imposed by the u.n. security council a result of the he miss u.s. attempts to isolate and suffocate our country they are a blatant violation of us over and see that's why we totally reject and condemn these sanctions many people whose hopes had really been raised for peace and diplomacy being victorious while those hopes are starting to dampen there are starting to be some some fear that perhaps once again we are in the danger of
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a globe. conflict or some kind of war breaking out and the crisis in the korean peninsula could be once again intensifying this is just another dip on the roller coaster insane just seems every week with the war where it goes up very high than than maybe this in conciliatory talk some cooperation some diplomacy and then more threats of military force we don't know what the next step is going to be could be the real question is going to be when do we actually get to a diplomatic track that allows musayyib to step down to offer washington's coals for new sanctions north korea carried out a missile test on friday according to the south korean military the projectile reached a multitude of seven hundred seventy kilometers and trouble almost five times about distance before falling into the ocean and just like the test carried out a number of weeks ago the missile flew over japan triggering an alert on hope kaito island or over not everyone in japan felt threatened by the moment. to be
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frank i don't feel like japan is their targets because their target is the u.s. that's why these are just pressing goals with japan and i don't think north korea will drop me so it's directly on us to. say. it's a missile destroyer of strength good because we won't have to go to school. we were . taking it seriously. aside korea reacted to friday's missile test with a military drill near the border with the new mobo besides korean president threatened with destruction beyond recovery the rule died stationing nuclear weapons former u.s. congressman ron paul told us washington should let the korean leaders result of the crisis themselves. why couldn't we encourage and get behind saying look south korea we encourage you to talk to north korea and say if you're going to sit down maybe
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united states and china could both be observers or something and they get it moved on but not for us to constantly stir up trouble by having our military confrontation about building up and having these war games what are these war games where are they practicing and you know it's so unnecessary and and confrontational and it doesn't mean that if we didn't have war games that we would give up something on our defense our side has to worry about the bush doctrine which tried just to you know make it our official policy that you need to have preventive war well preemptive preventive war is aggression and that i don't lie. deep anger at the french president's labor reform plans which are due this month was voiced on choose day with nationwide strikes on hundreds of crawley's protests in paris turned violent with projectiles on floors being thrown.
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was forced out of her. opponent's silver labor a form say they favor employers over workers limit compensation for all men for dismissal on reduced the power of unions from part of serious paulie boyko. one of the big newspapers here in france will miss him i know my son's christening old resolve the biggest street protests to take place in front ever since he was elected president earlier this year and people here are very unhappy about the labor laws that he wants to implement paying he wants to shake up the job market
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and make it easier to hire and fire personnel he thinks will tackle misuse of money high unemployment rate here in front. of the rates in the u.k. and germany but the trade unions dead set against the changes and they have come out in full force hitting the streets in that sounds and in paris today in order to say no to my new micron's plan for changes to the law now this is being seen as a bit of a litmus test because i know my one team spent a lot of the summer trying to placate some of the smaller trade unions and nevertheless today's demonstration has been organized by the largest trade union and we've been speaking to people what the french railway network to add traffic controllers even people who watch as comedians in cars from says old it was. but i can see you say that they believe that this represents the likes of the employers
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in fun i'm not really take a listen to what they had to say. this lowers anti social because it's lobel for workers. but at the wall this law doesn't provide workers with rights to work doesn't give privileges in both the public and the private sector as we defend the interests of workers what conditions retirement should they fall to the draft or thanks eighteen million workers a majority of all french workers significantly limit their rights and make it easier to find people when it's not justified that. it's about to low which is harmful for us this would leave us without any war there and. not call on made a bit of a last week when he told the people that it. remains and i will be absolutely determined to do that i will not yield in any way not to
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slack because you are not cynics not to extremists. who are gathered here today to protest against macron and his policies which undermine the very existence of the workers from the spirit is this movement is necessary it is the response of the french people who are protecting their right. to positively houston take sun. and he was all about that later on looking foolish in the only. place so much of city he's only thinking about it for me to put. it. he seems to feel that if you look at it it will tell you what you know if. i don't
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know what i'm going to say some private health care at home and the president who is determined to push those three days that he has a strong mandate in order to implement that he has gotten off to the french caribbean you know if the deal with the fallout hurricane. the fact that we have the show down between the president this president coming to power wanting to shake up the job market mounds the trade union. and the love snow but she was saying. the plan. was three of them over the next week. well just a few months into mccracken's presidency his approval ratings have already nosedived dr paul smith an expert in french politics at the u.k. snubbing him university believes it's too early to tell if mccall will be able to push through his reforms it's the same as we've seen over the last ten years the
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trade union movement or least paul to be in for all its likes to mobilize people and this is. these these changes all right a call but i think what we need to what we need to look at very carefully is just how many people really want this test is being seen as what today is being seen as is a test of the strength of opposition i'd also the strength of one of the trade unions which the main trade union that called the action it really remains to be seen whether over the months to come whether this government on like it's pretty decisive is able not only to talk the talk but she to walk the walk and that's to say to deliver the reforms it wants to deliver a key river in syria is where the latest battle to remove myself from the country is taking place we've got the updates from there after this. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around
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. preparations from washington to washington the media the media the. voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals. who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. anyone else seems wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just to become educated and engaged in equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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with our to international the syrian army has reached the euphrates river i keep strategic point groups battle for control of water supplies in the country government forces clear died islamic state from two more districts in the south east of the city of durham door and earlier this week the russian navy supporting the syrian military had a number of terrorist targets close to the city. well russia's defense ministry says that all eyes will come up and communications posts as well as i mean were destroyed seven cruise missiles were launched on thursday from two submarines stationed in the mediterranean after injuring three years of
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terror starvation an ongoing fighting and there is a war locals are nonetheless trying to bring some normality to their lives. yet and i do. not mean. i need. a. static. i never had the idea that i don't want. anyone in that. school is out to come i don't. mean any names. but if. you add them they're going to get. a lot of them.
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maybe many and often maybe even a shot in the long. range study where i live and i'll sit in the market more. and more. the sort of. many many shades. of. russia responded to the pentagon after the us said its coalition partners were hit by a russian or strike close to a resort. it gave warning to the u.s. in advance of the strike that had served force only conducts precision strikes on isel positions confirmed by her full intelligence the statement goes on to say that russia account under standard unserved why coalition forces were located. state positions. meanwhile livestrong syria peace talks in
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kazakhstan has seen a brick through agreement on deescalation zones which could finally provide some peace in the war ravaged country the garden tours of the peace settlement russia iran turkey have signed the document marking a bind resolve the final the escalation zone in it live province in north western area now that's on top of the already implemented zones elsewhere in the country there is still much to be doen to unite all the nations forces in the struggle against terrorism russia's special envoy for syria is hopeful. we considered the establishment of the deescalation zone will still be a major milestone it has served as the lights at the end of the tunnel for the syrian people and made them feel more secure it gives hope for progress in the near future. losses law makes they suffer as a string of major defeats many of the fighters family members are ending up in
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refugee camps or futures highly uncertain r.t. has been the first to talk to some of the widows of foreign extremists in one iraqi camp where hundreds serve being host of the location their identities is not being this close for their safety i'm still you know i was watching pointed out yesterday does this make you feel sure. that. people like the new guy is true that it's actually going to. temple i'm going to hear someone cut it wasn't heard tell us what is. the legal status of the wives of finers is not yet clear in europe last year almost six hundred people were put on trial for terrorism overall with more than three hundred fifty prosecuted for ties to extremists now we talked to a couple of political commentators about whether the wives of ice all fighters who
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followed their husbands into conflict zones should be treated as extremists. well i think the most important thing we have to do is avoid these people coming back to our countries these people have joined a terrorist organization and they wish to join a state that isn't the united kingdom isn't america isn't what we're talking about wives and children of isis fighters who have gone out to syria to iraq to kurdistan and have been found themselves inadvertently getting in broiled as part of as much a victim as anyone else has been part of these atrocities let's be clear what the argument that no one saw is making is that you are an adult have chosen to join a terrorist organization and just because you're married you should have no responsibility for that whatsoever what mr savage but you are in a terrorist organization so i want to not have you make your own please let me say they signed on for lying beside me so let's be clear on my position and let's be
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clear what i look at your show a little you don't like your name for yourself as a showing for the majority of iraq just take the air piece out i keep talking the position of the majority of british people in my view is that they do not want terrorists back in the united kingdom they do not want the wives of terrorists back in the united kingdom but there may want the children who are entirely innocent to return to the united kingdom and with that in mind i put my ear piece back in these women many of them will be innocent people the children the innocent people they didn't sign up to a terrorist organization it's not like joining a club where you sign up to get a membership form they followed their husbands into a war zone people who have not committed any wrongdoing who are no risk to the state the answer is to integrate them we have the national security apparatus in place to be able to tackle these issues right now. two children have been reunited with their relatives here in russia after being rescued from territory which was under i still control in iraq here at r.t.
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we launched a campaign called bring them home to help the authorities trace the orphan. relations. teacher were found in mosul it's believed the youngsters immediate families were killed in fighting too traumatized to tell their stories but it's all about the boy who was rescued from the basement where he hid with his mother and siblings our team met. in a baghdad orphanage when they arrived there two weeks ago. because it appears that they need. to be among the. most out of the door. my. dad. is going to show you. the news and i to do it all for him all my life it's nice to
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be a ballpoint mom. jacqueline virgo was unfair report for us when the youngsters arrived were clearly traumatized clinging to the adults their finally bringing them home little head usually kept touching her leg and at one point she lifted up her pet leg and you could see bandages and scars from when she was injured during her time in mosul now we learned a little bit more of young i've learned the story was probably around nine years old he told those that he was with apparently that he was in the basement for a long period of time in mosul surrounded by other kids in terrible conditions and that it was constantly hearing the sound of bombs falling. or. father died separately on was in a basement with his mother two brothers and his sister he was the only one who survived that he probably these two are just a few among many many children for no apparent list and alone far far away from home. under former we'll be here in iran thirty minutes time with more of the big
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news stories from the weekend was also usually to. make this manufacture come sentenced to public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round. we can
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all middle of the room sick. the international community continues lee emphasize about once the iraq war united iraq as a slogan maybe an approach to the politicians but the reality on the ground in iraq is not what the new record was united and he has courage on not the most to be blamed school what is happening you can the rest of iraq under the direct wrong directions that iraq has gone through. six guys or financial survival. when customers go by you're just trying. to now well reduce and lower. that's undercutting but what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy.
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this is a story of one of africa's giants. know his teeth aren't that sharp. and his neck isn't that a long. list giant is rather modest and keeps a low profile that's not him either. people are often scared of this particular giant but he is nowhere near as dangerous as that one and. it's a friendly giant every day with the possible exception of weekends he saves human lives. his name is isaac a giant rat.


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