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tv   Headline News  RT  September 21, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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most. heavily outnumbered group of russian military police repel a surprise attack by al nusra terrorists in syria. thousands take to the streets of boston lono to protest the arrest of fourteen officials which would slate his bid to prevent the upcoming catalonian independence referendum. c.n.n. is reporting donald trump's for my campaign chairman was wiretaps by the u.s. government that comes just several months after the same network poured scorn on the president's claim to the secret service had been snooping on him.
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hello there this is r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and they care and good to have you with us. now a small group of russian military police stationed in syria have been caught in a terror ambush according to the defense ministry the russian troops managed to repel al newsroom militants despite being surrounded and heavily outnumbered and this is some of the latest video of the russian strikes targeting al nusra positions as part of the air support for ground forces moskos that the terrorists wanted to capture the units operating inside the deescalation zone margaux reports on the latest from syria. the rebel offensive in north hamad was apparently huge in magnitude supported by tanks by artillery personnel carriers and joined by
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hundreds and hundreds of jihad fighters in violation of all established and deescalation deals in northern in. a few details of the rebel offensive. russian military says. around and kept. russian military police monitoring the deescalation. tentative in the area apparently it devolved into a ferocious fighting the group of the group of russian military police just twenty nine people were rounded and outgunned never the less they held their own. as a result of the ambush a platoon of military police numbering twenty nine people was trapped for several hours and was forced to repel enemy attacks despite being outnumbered the russian military police units are said to have withdrawn without casualties the syrian military has gone on the counterattack supported by the russian air force as well
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as the syrian air force they say they've killed more than eight hundred fifty hardest fight eleven tanks full armored personnel carriers as well as dozens and dozens of pickup trucks. blunting the significant rebel offensive. and india as well where a massive operation to eliminate remaining terror pockets is ongoing more than eighty five percent of the territory is now under the control of syrian government forces two nearby villages have also been liberated these are the latest updates in of russian defense ministry it also said some parts of the opposition syrian democratic forces are on their way to diaz or to join eisel battalions according to the ministry syrian government troops have been targeted twice from the area controlled by the f.d.a. and the u.s. led coalition well for more on this let's bring in our guests now mr director of
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britain's no source a think tank welcome to the program mr work of always good to have you on now the russian defense ministry says that opposition syrian democratic forces have joined i still if this is the case what impact on the ongoing conflict will that have. well the signal beyond this this statement is that the russians are not happy and the syrians are not happy with the ease with which for syria democratic forces has moved or have moved from northern theirs or towards the city apparently there hasn't been any major operations or any operations of toll which suggests some corporation now if this corporation's going to continue then the syrians and the russians would be looking at the same enemy rather than and to a third party like vs the. dices as the arch enemy. it is in the interest of the united states to keep the syrian army out of the eastern side of the euphrates in order to prevent the syrian state from brea gaining the
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oil fields and apparently the syrian army offensive backed by russia. and other allies reach their resort prematurely for a u.s. plan to hatch and with which to bring some other fighters along with the s.d.f. and have a major offensive towards deers or from from the north east. so they have to do apparently some you know add you know planning or agreements with. probably give them amnesty later on or whatever we don't know here but this is plausible so now what russia is saying that we cannot tolerate you know the s.d.f. behaving as such and in a sense or in other words we would be starting to consider them as an enemy. so it's no secret that the u.s. has a history with syrian ally is that they back of a support with weapons and training going on to join terrorists or even the lever that to the extremists to fast make
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a is in washington now does this why do they continue to train and assist these programs in syria. will not only that not only the direct and in direct cooperation with isis they might to provide for example of one. moderate group quote unquote with weaponry and they would know that for example an affiliated group would come and swallow them later on so in directv the providing something like. with highly sophisticated weaponry but not only that. one year ago just about one year ago the military american military or over american led coalition airplanes attacked for more than an hour the stronghold of the syrian army around there is or it's it was an artillery unit to preventing guys from completing the surrounding of the syrian army and it basically meant that the more
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isis could break the siege of course into two and isolate the airport from the city for about nine months before the syrian army could again liberated so they were trying apparently to attack by mistake as they declared the syrian army and they would know that once this position. would go then it would be very hard for the syrian army to repel a very good. attack and then the syrian army would disappear from their resort this of course didn't happen and now they are faced with the fact that the syrian army is determined along with russia and other allies to gain much of the control of the city of theirs or of course the province as a total i must have a very short on time but i'd like to ask you just one more question on the defense ministry moscow also said that syria forces have been targeted twice from an area that's done to s.d.f. an us led coalition controlled very briefly if you can tell us what you make of
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that. well it's just probably a natural result of the understandings that seem to be taking place in the east of there is or between the advancing is the air forces and and we need to understand the situation there as tribes that communicate with each other and say well probably we don't want to go back to the syrian government can we have some refuge with yourselves yes well if you give us a safe passage and cooperate and we've heard also rumors of the air forces apparently arab tribes as well you know defecting from is the if in going you know towards die and so the situation is very fluid there but what is clear is that there is no confrontation apparently as per the russian intelligence and drone footage and i think that is taking place in eastern ukraine so this is again raising suspicion that there is a bit of corp going on which would lead to the force of the russians and the
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syrians to consider as dangerous as so we'll see but this seems to be heading towards a confrontation ok thank you for your your thoughts on this this is the i'm not what have to rectify the no source thing tak think tank thank you very much. thank you. take you to catalonia now at tensions over the upcoming independence referendum are reaching a boiling point after a day of arrests and raids spain's prime minister scotland's to abandon what he called an impossible dream. there are democratic those in charge of the catalan government who will be. challenge to our current systems on elsom to cease in the illegal activities they should abandon their objectives they now know that this referendum cannot be organize it was never legal all legitimate it is now no more than an impossible dream or what is worse the excuse that some seem to have found to deepen the splits that they have provoked in cattle on society.
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was meanwhile that eight hour standoff in barcelona between police and demonstrators ended with officers abandoning attempt to enter the office of the region's king pro independence party apparently without an official warrant the region's president branded recent moves by spanish authorities as coordinated aggression and accuse madrid of putting in place a state of emergency in the region. that look at the year i started. to catalan government has been subjected today to a coordinated aggression committed by the police forces directed by the spanish interior ministry the objective has been to stop the catalan society to express themselves freely and didn't peace on the first of october this aggression is outside of the law it damages the state of law and all of the constitutional
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guarantees and also damages the european union bill on human rights in the last few days and particularly today the spanish state has suspended the self rule of catalonia and has put in place a state of emergency. for wednesday's crackdown sparked protests across the country the largest took place in the catalan capital barcelona with some forty thousand people taking to the streets local journalists colors dress was there for us. we are in the center of the margins right now is taking place in the heart of arcelor not be aware of thousands of catalans are on the streets you are invited to participate during these mourning because of the pressure of the national government we remember that this morning when your t.v. in the started to came in to different places around the city looking for
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information and people in there a friend that will take place first of all. just citizens of barcelona reacted spontaneously to what they say is an attack to democracy and a freedom of speech. i came here today because i was born in a castle on my grandparents' account salon's my language is the catalogue and i am is here in this land and today this land is attacked by all the democratic ways possible from the spanish states to push me but it hit forty years ago we had an dictator today we have another actually there are quite a few in the government but i mean this is a repression i couldn't believe it when i sold the news so we left everything and came here i think it is a really important moment and we should be here on the streets we're sending in peaceful message and we need to express ourselves as other cities like join our side they were taken by sea the sense asking for the right of voting on the
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referendum the affairs of. a majority is the range of measures an attempt to stop the referendum from taking place it declared the upcoming vote illegal and conducted numerous raids to see progress to end the material currently more than seven hundred mazz are under investigation over their support for the vote and most recently madrid's announced plans to take control of cut alone is budget in order to ensure. money won't be spent on spent on referendum purposes well let's take a closer look now whilst spain could lose if catalonia does become independent well while the region makes up only about six percent of spain's territory with sixteen percent of the population living there it accounts for one fifth of the country's and tired tax revenue and a quarter of all exports a member of the barcelona city council believes the international community should be stepping in to prevent madrid abusing the region they don't want to let us vote
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but people are voting with their feet they are actually crossing the street going over to wherever the intervention has taken place and defending the institutions from the street massively this is an attack on democracy this is actually a state of exception we are the military police are intervening in the normal democratic functioning of the catalan institutions and this is why our people are on the street blocking the entrance to some of these institutions saying that whoever enters will not be able to come out unless the people suffering right now and in the street allow them to come out and we ask the international community to intervene and stop this abuse this abuse on the catalan people on the markets in catalonia and in europe in general this concerns all of us because right now it's
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catalonia tomorrow it could be the rest of spain or even other places in europe. transform my campaign chair was wiretapped by the u.s. government both before and after the election c.n.n. of supporting and that's just six months after the president was mocked for claiming his residence was times welcome to obama tapped my phone ireland population present. c.n.n. has learned that investigators wiretapped former trump campaign chairman paul made a fort under secret court order both before and after the twenty sixteen election to recap now in march the president tweeted that had learned about why it stopped him at trump tower when in this latest report c.n.n. says this was done because his campaign was yet again suspected of quote having ties with russia former campaign former campaign chair paul manifolds now and
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demanding the justice department immediately probe the obama administration's actions on reports. trump's former campaign manager may have been wiretapped by the f.b.i. c.n.n. citing its sources says that paul man a fourth was wiretapped before and after the u.s. election under a warrant issued by the foreign intelligence surveillance act this sounds serious but remember how no one took trump seriously after he claimed he was tapped where is the proof i mean it was an idiotic and here it's a great he wasn't going to hold anybody radionic where did trump get these ideas where is he getting his information we have a quote ridiculous unquote president well now it turns out that perhaps donald trump wasn't losing his mind after all especially when you take into account that paul man a fourth has a residence at trump tower now the c.n.n. report about the f.b.i. spying on metaphor it could of course be wrong but if it isn't it suggests that
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lawmakers from both parties and leaders of the intelligence community misled the public i have not seen any evidence that this has occurred intelligence committee has not seen evidence of this is occurred what the president charged president obama with wiretapping him it's not true there was no such wiretap to be mounted against the president the president worked at the time or as a candidate or against his campaign they can't talk about wiretapping or trumped scandals it up throwing russia in there somewhere the c.n.n. report suggests that data collected from spying on paul manna for it shows that he encouraged russia to help out with trump's campaign the spokeswoman for russia's ministry of foreign affairs says she can't wait to hear what comes next do you see russia's role you're right to legitimize illegal actions without this external factor it would be a new watergate but with this foreign madly the story was signed on they only have national security the finale will be spectacular can't wait to see it now there's
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a lot of contradicting claims from a lot of high ranking people at the. point there's a lot of key players involved obama trump man a for the democrats the republicans and the russians now paul man of ford says he wants an investigation to help clear things up but it could easily have the opposite effect. artsy new york. bomb making advice from retail giant amazon and an explosive story coming up after this short break stay with us. but i want to show you on the idea that dropping bombs brings us to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to do so for the tell you that what we gossip publicly. advertising telling you are not cool enough to buy their product. that
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we all. want. german interests and european interests are really deeply intertwined with each other i think the good the world of. thinking about. having these interests that are trivial to those of other beijing that's the sort of one side goes through with the opposite misbehaves that's really exactly the world's the it isn't relevant to the. oh hello welcome back the online retailing giant amazon is under fire for
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potentially helping would be terrorists are soft it was revealed that software which suggests other products you might like to purchase groups together a shopping list for homemade bomb with more details his party boy so if i type in the particular chemical compound that can be used to make a crude homemade bomb and isn't gives me the search results but also there's the section just beneath the search result that's called frequently brought together in that the search engine generates the other ingredients required that would get you well on the way to making that improvised explosive device yourself scroll down even further there's another section called customers who bought this item were also bought and there's a whole host of supplies that we can show you hey but they include things like beaches for mixing chemicals in weighing scales and even rather roman asli board
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bearings that could be put inside a homemade bomb in order to make a bigger impact. the source of impact this crude pocket bomb was meant to have the explosives planted on the train in paulson's green failed to detonate properly it caused buns and minor injuries to tens of train passengers the revelation that being greedy and to buy items that could lead to mass casualties on just readily available but it being or to my sickly suggested by amazon search function has raised concerns about how much internet giants are able to rein in the algorithms they themselves have created even if it's a risk you know and so many for each of these devices is very good looking but she is good enough though. there are still curious teenage bulletins there are still
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sort of. you know infusing this eccentrics who decide they want to go and make a bomb and blow it up at the bottom of the garden and this particular issue makes it forceful easier for those people to do stuff and of course if they're making bombs and it's going to be some sort of accident and the loss of life as well so much more has to be done and it's really quite irresponsible lenders and not to be doing more today research out this week has shown that jadis material is viewed more in the u.k. than in any of the european country and in twenty sixteen britain was amazon's biggest market well now with that emerging that algorithms like amazon be helping terrorists to plan attacks the question is one of the tech giants able to do about it well amazon hospice pointed to the investigation saying it only sells products
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that comply with the british no or i'm saying it will review the website to ensure products are presented appropriately. u.s. lawmakers have issued a bill that could blow russian broadcasters from being shown in the us it would cut allow us content providers to break that contract leaving russian channels without any legal recourse so member khan has the story. was proposed by senator john mccain and could potentially create a major barrier for russian channels broadcasting in the u.s. it would not require distributors to carry content from television networks owned or controlled by the russian government the proposal is bundled into a defense spending bill if this becomes law it could jeopardize current contracts between russian channels and u.s. distributors could potentially impact our t.v. which broadcasts in the us back in january r.t. was singled out in an intelligence report which accused the network of trying to
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sway the us presidential election in donald trump's favor the report however contained no evidence whatsoever only citing what's viewed as a negative reporting on hillary clinton r t is also a regular topic at senate hearings russia today a propaganda call them whatever are probably going to or the russian propaganda on steroids or again of the russian government i don't know whether average citizens find it more persuasive but. i'm afraid. in the area of public diplomacy. or. so also worth noting that there are several foreign governments who fund channels in the u.s. to including france twenty four which is fully owned by the french government all jazeera owned by qatar also a b.b.c. which is funded by fees set by the british government but russia is the only one targeted so as always russia seems to be getting special attention. the critically
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acclaimed drug gang drama has crossed from fiction it to bristle reality as off to one of the location managers for its producers netflix. it was shot dead in mexico the man had reportedly been scouting new locations ahead of the show's move from colombia to mexico for his upcoming fourth season the victim was found dead in his bullets ridden car in a remote border state where rival cartels have been fighting for control over but is not the only control of a city the creators of narcos of found themselves in. a screwball of the brother of one of the world's most infamous drug lords is demanding a billion dollars for image rights after the family story was featured in the first two seasons he warns netflix of quote dangerous consequences if his demands weren't met the escobar family has had issues with the series before.
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and. doesn't have any real experience in actually does he have any real experience in making kane transactions. they don't know larry and would never did to survive in the jungle but columbia have done that. i offered to provide them the factual information from my point of view somebody who was there but they were not interested in that.
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join me again at the top of the hour for the headlines. oh god i was. going to cut. the it was. close to to close. well sort of. strategy betting on the market. betting strategy that's like if you had to. bet on read. read again and you read again until you went. out of money
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before you went it's famously a. bad bet but since they have an open window at the fed with limited funds at zero percent borrowing rates they never run out of money that's why i like all that sachs and j.p. morgan can report thirty sixty ninety one hundred twenty straight days of profits. as they don't take any fricken risk what about people that are not. greetings. while everyone focuses on the pomp and circumstance and donald trump at this year's united nations general assembly there was there was one story that tragically will not see much air time on most of your cable news channels a story that at the very least directly affects roughly forty million people will
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cross every continent of the small blue planet that affects women and children have an obscenely disproportionate rate. than men and it reaches across all racial and cultural lines what is this vastly important story the definitely will never get the same amount of air time as sean spicer i mean appearance or the alleged trump russia collusion election election meddling celebrity gossip. well it's just the you know the new global slavery figures and statistics released this week by the united nations are now. labor organization and the walk free foundation you know those which found that there is an estimated forty point three million people are victims of modern slavery in two thousand and sixteen now see modern slavery is used as a sort of umbrella term that according to researchers refers to situations of exploitation that a person cannot refuse.


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