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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 21, 2017 12:29pm-1:00pm EDT

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we will not see much airtime on most of your cable news channels a story that at the very least directly affects roughly forty million people across every continent of the small blue planet it affects women and children at an obscenely disproportionate rate. than men and it reaches across all racial and cultural lines what is this vastly important story the definitely definitely will never get the same amount of air time as sean spicer i mean appearance or the alleged trump russia collusion election election meddling celebrity gossip well it's just the you know the new global slavery figures and statistics released this week by the united nations international labor organization and the walk free foundation you know those which found that there is an estimated forty point three million people are victims of modern slavery in two thousand and sixteen now see modern slavery is used as a sort of umbrella term that according to researchers refers to situations of
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exploitation that a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats of violence code words and deception and or abuse of power. this obviously includes forced labor forced marriage and. in a press release adam forrest chairman and founder of the walk from beijing stated if we consider the results of the last five years for which we have collected data eighty nine million people experience some form of modern slavery for periods of time ranging from a few days to by years. this i don't know bugs you but this to me is unacceptable and that is one of the primary reasons why we need to be watching the hallmarks. of. the. real thing. as the bottom.
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like you said i got. three. weeks or. whatever whatever watching the harks i rolled her up and i'm top of the hour so yeah i mean the numbers are so astronomically different between men and women not say it doesn't happen when i was going to say that slavery affects the world of course but it does disproportionately affects right when and that's one of the things that we've always talked about over the years this is idea that when you know when we say hey we're going to go bomb someplace we're going to do that women are almost always more more disproportionately affected than men especially in lower income areas or developing nations in this report what it showed was that the disproportion is pretty bad so you have almost twenty nine million. or or seventy one percent of the overall total
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so what you're saying is you have this thing of all women accounted for ninety nine point four percent of forced. sexual oil exploitation compare that to males who only sell point zero six percent and eighty four point two per side if you see that the graphic forced marriages are forced upon a women as compared to just fifteen point eight percent of men so you've got forced labor you've got sexual exploitation this is women being sold into sex slavery this is the kind of things we talk about we talk about human trafficking you know women who are prado over and are living here in the united states and abroad and everywhere against their will and having to purport to sex work with no consent and no my not getting paid and. very very very sad and i mean you know point four percent you heard of just you know point zero six percent as they are but i will say this obviously all of this makes me very angry and i do what i see abuse
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reports because i mean this is twenty seven we should be the slave trade we should be human trafficking it has to stop it if anything we can do is the human race was put into that and the exploitation of each other especially for greed money and power. one of the i mean if seeing the numbers of women doesn't get under your skin the way do you see the numbers of children three dollars room under eighteen children being used one in four victims one in four victims of modern slavery are children or about ten million altogether some thirty seven percent are five point seven million opposed are forced to marry that you're talking on earlier are children children forced to marry while we're not having that happen to your aunts must've most of the forest marriages that you're saying around the world are girls that are you know alive and having years old and between twelve i mean thirteen
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becomes like an old age to be marrying off look at look at child labor one hundred fifty two million children in this world according to this report sixty four million girls eight million boys. as a little bit more are subject to child labor and account for almost one in ten children in the entire world ten percent one out of ten almost how do you think you gary when you know there are labor do that's how you get twenty dollars get out tennis shoes and athletic shoes and she was a man with just children in forced labor i mean the numbers are pretty staggering all around when you get into you know forced labor of adults and slavery of rights which are a lot of what you see for men is a lot of this forced labor we talked about a little bit when there was a trend. in southeast asia and the us idea of slavery bringing you your chocolate and your cat food so one of the things as there was twenty five million people there saying in two thousand and sixteen we're we're we're in forced labor at any one time not just over the course of year at any one time there were
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twenty five million people out of them sixteen million were in forced labor axed taishan in the private sector so that domestic work you see that a lot where you have maids that are kept and they keep their passports you've seen it in places like dubai and in china and places and here in the united states over and over construction and agriculture so it's part of that thing of migrant work that we all are you know been talking a lot about there's entire sections like you know where the were these people are living in essentially slave labor conditions they're having to pay fees to the people they're working for to pay for their housing and ultimately they're not getting paid for the work they're doing but they have to and no continent is clean on this first day they're like now this is just spans the globe of the americas everybody goes on down the list and one thing that was interesting about the forced labor was i remember it was that is that the difference between private like companies doing it and gov government which you think when you look around the
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world there might be a lot of governments using prison labor here assumption i think is obvious and would be to be a government you know the dictators put in all of his people to force the. right. more forced labor is definitely committed on the private sector than in the government sector and state authorities accounted for just over like just a tiny bit over four million people or just sixteen percent blows my mind there really does which it was larger over the years it has been larger it's really incredible you know to finish up with i think the i think that we all need to take stock of these numbers and say do we really want to live in a world where we're seeing you know children women you know. children forced into forced labor or sexploitation or all of that we want to live in the world and shouldn't we be pressuring pressuring our leaders to and that i truly hope so i really do i really do that this doesn't sit well with you at all. in the aftermath of hurricane arm our residents of florida were fortunately spared the level of
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flooding seen recently in houston as well as the complete devastation armor wrecked on multiple islands in the caribbean but the hurricane nevertheless did strike hard at the state's power grid at the peak of the outage leaving over four million homes or close to over ten million people without electricity but fortunately for florida the state's generally sunny climate makes it a natural market for solar energy and many homeowners have been gradually installing solar panels on their own but as recent headlines reveal all that investment into going green may prove worthless for homeowners hoping to rely on their own power in the aftermath of see it seems that florida state laws make it illegal to rely on your own solar panels in the event of an outage and that's because the laws were largely written by florida's power industry so hawk watchers as we were cover from this year's brutal hurricane season let's not forget that almost as much of this devastation could be blamed on humans as they can be on
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mother nature. this one another one gets over by scams obviously not as much as children forced labor. but still though this strikes to the heart of you know people talk about what. libertarian principles and things like that and taking care of you said i'm going to generate taking care of yourself being self-sufficient i mean it's ridiculous to me that someone who goes out spends their hard earned money says i want to live off the grid i want in my neighborhood whether suburbia or well in the country or downtown i want to put solar panels up so that way i can get my energy from the sun lower light bill less you know less pressure on the pressure on the grid. makes sense right now who florida says it makes it extremely difficult to even just install your solar panels even if you do the power companies can remotely shut them off during an outage that leaves rates no sense to me what that reason is the official reasoning is that they believe that if there's a power outage and they've got their people out working on the lines though then if
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you suddenly like blip on your solar energy that's going to put you know energy because they automatically you have to be attached of them you can't just have power and not be hooked up to the grid you have to be hooked up the grid so the reasoning is that if you turn on the solar energy then suddenly that energy is going to go get shuffled back into the grid potentially electrocute there are people who are trying to put the power this is their excuse me in the meantime i mean just let me just clarify for any of the florida energy people that's not how it works just letting you know how many years the cleaners are probably know that that's not how it works with theirs as you will not and there is a switch. on your house outside that can easily turn you on and off from the grid right they will let homeowners have access to that switch so in the event let's say you do have enough solar panels and whatnot to power your house and say all right i don't as weird as it is want to electrocute anyone working on the lines down so i can turn over all of the grid and have all the power share with my neighbors hang
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out they can come over store foods in the refrigerator do all that stuff but room. for a bed people have access to our that they're creating this is an ongoing problem this idea that they and i'm sorry this whole like well if you're going to i mean look that's literally it's not how it works if that's how your system works you have a bigger problem than solar panels which are job creators which our economy booster is one world would they be so against this little word. well it turns out they did sort of these florida for. power companies surprise surprise have it is a very long history. of fighting solar power which to me again makes zero sense to me why you would sit and worry about solar power being this problem the technical region you actually can't disconnect from the grid and rely on your panels during
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a storm is because of lobbyist what they did everybody at home is these lobbyists succeeded in acting legislation that required all floor to be connected to the grid as tyro it said or they will face fines and eviction from their home they will kick you out of your home so the fact that a bunch of top energy companies haven't contributed oer twelve million dollars to florida state lawmakers resistance twenty ten. or the contacts an ordinary state lawmakers campaign totals around about one hundred thousand dollars . so it's a campaign around about one hundred thousand dollars these guys and they somehow got six million dollars that's their ads groused. science because out of time what our infrastructure is struggling when it needs to be rebuilt especially our power grid the things need to be done and we know you have more and more people you have more electronics more need for power why would you not encourage u.s.
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citizens to be self-sufficient and in a manner in a moment of especially like this that they could have power like you said for people to come over and if you have the solar and say hey come over if you need to charge your phone if you needed a warm place if you need it whatever why would you keep people from being able to help themselves and now they're because this is the u.s. government work they don't do things that are logical to top it all off. the cherry on top of all this is that florida power one of those holes you can exclude yes they're getting sued attorneys are currently presenting a class action lawsuit alleging the power company has made over three hundred million. dollars in recent years and storeroom charges to improve its gross resiliency with zero results or any actual serious work being done reminds me of this company what was it back in california when was a company called was enron i mean comes to boy yeah i mean this is one of those things where that's a lot that's a lot of shady shady people for the sometimes they. go with the solar panels don't
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let them tell you the seller and when to do it all right as we go to break called watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered of facebook and twitter see our poll shows at our teeth dot com coming up the founder of the global disaster immediate response team adam morrow brings us an exclusive report from the caribbean in the wake of hurricane rio so you better keep watch.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president i'm sure. you somehow want to be rich. to go on to be for us it's like the full story of the people. i'm interested always in the lives of. german interests european interests are really deeply intertwined with each other i think the the world to. thinking about. having the
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interests. of those of elevation to the one side goes toward with the opposite of this abuse that's really exactly the world that it isn't relevant to the. in the last three weeks the people living in along the gulf of mexico have seen an unprecedented line up of three powerful hurricanes leaving a trail of devastations in their wake and while most everyone outside of the disaster zone stands back and points in shock and sympathy there are select dedicated few that rush into the devastation head on in order to provide rescue relief and recovery for all those living in the path of the disaster whether it be human made or natural adam arlott the founder and president of global disaster and
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media response team or global tour is one of those brave souls and he joined us earlier from st johns in the u.s. virgin islands to give us an exclusive update and window into the storm after the storm. founded founder of global bird thank you for coming on i want to start right now by asking you but i guess we're riding out hurricane i believe in st john of the virgin islands you know what what has the impact of the storm been like there are so far. so far this morning majority of the effort was put into. the main roads back open several washouts to rock slides cut off one half of the island the other for the past six hours we've been working with the some of the equipment operators here on the island to continue to work through all of the so what exactly is global terror to roll down there but in the
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in the wake of the great relief efforts right now down in st john. so for the last ten days we've been on the ground primarily for first mistress coming in bringing communications so we brought some sound like communication equipment to begin the corniche effort so we arrived immediately with the national park service to get them up and running with the incident command post was going now i'm talking out of now is the only clinic on the island that we also after cations up. beyond that and we are coordinating search and rescue efforts with their local. rescue here to basically go house to house ensure that everybody is safe. because there are so the limited communications as far as two hours. so you're connectivity there's no internet people weren't able to communicate out to their relatives that they're safe so a prime or a primarily we've been going through doing health and wellness checks for them.
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what what are the most pressing. needs for the people in the caribbean right now i mean that you know one storm after another. you know who've been caught in the wake of these storms what do you feel is their most pressing needs right now. i think the biggest thing. in the immediate as far as as far as these individual islands goes depopulating of being able to get out so that way that which is to be easier for people to go and do the debris clearance efforts and start the early recovery process for saint john on the room talking now if they were able to get over to. people which is over twenty percent of the population off the island already the challenges that. they evacuated to. know which are both hit more directly by last night's storm so with that all of these different islands have to try to get people out because less people that are here the less water we
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have to provide the less food that we have to provide beyond that the next immediate need is getting communications up and getting power but the power is going to take several months to get back to these different islands. now anatomy you global tour it has been there are four hurricanes harvey and maria what has and what you've seen on the ground been the most overlooked or neglected aspect in the preparedness for the of storms that you and other rescue workers have to contend with now what are the things we should be thinking about for the next storm or down the road. i think the biggest thing comes from the. core utilities of the island as far as resilience for the water and electric structure so the last time they had a major hurricane like this was twenty years ago but they elected not to put the power lines underground which has caused. massive outages on these different
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islands so the biggest thing is going to be resilient island in the future so that way they can avoid having. to deal of what your day is like you know what are your days are you you know as a sun up to some of the you know what is your average day. in this cleanup and recovery and the whole rehab out for. our team we're working about eighteen hour days right now for the just passed over and . when it went out to start to move back we were all on twenty four hours so that lisa. now that the storms passed we'll be able to go back to our schedule and get out there to continue doing. that making sure everybody's safe after this start over. let me ask you what's the best thing that those of us that aren't there what's the best way for us to help because when you get
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a lot of mixed messages you shouldn't donate to certain places or donating money to certain kinds of charities doesn't always help sending certain things actually causes more trouble. for you guys on the ground so what's the number one thing people here in the states and around the world what can we do to help this effort. i will one of the biggest challenges here is majority these islands operate off of tourism which is going to be basically down for the entire next season. so i would say probably the biggest thing specially if those individuals that are watching the show that know business or other things that might be in the hospitality industry or maintenance industry or other things there's going to be a lot of people from down here that are going to be out of work for the next twelve months so if they have the ability to absorb some of that labor then there's going to be a lot of people that are in need of it and that would further to populate the island in the short term until the next season to start after the debris claims have been completed. for you guys were where we're going to war is global bird
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how long do you predict you'll be there and you know what. we're actually looking at dominica right now we have personnel there on the personnel that are on puerto rico. and whether or not. needs assistance far as getting their communications up but. the long term recovery effort here i think will be shifting into our kind of more recovery mode similar to what we did after superstorm sandy as far as working to make sure. all of the residents here have properly applied to get assistance through sima that way they can start to recover process themselves. do you do you are you just looking at you know what your experience in these disaster zones are you as a probably go to years ago i know that you worked a lot into haiti after the you know the flooding in the storm hit many years ago bearable is that are we looking at the same kind of damage in the same kind of
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length of recovery. and i think it's going to take months just to get the electric and water back reconnected here it's probably going to take years to get back to the level of where the silent ones before just because it's the logistics are so difficult everything has to be brought in here and there's no airport that we're on there's one helicopter one. that it's heavily damaged so it's going to six points in time to get that infrastructure back on speaking of infrastructure what's the government situation like there are there is there is there are there is there are government i mean when you when you you know as i mean for everybody kind of outside looking in and you see that kind of devastation you know is there any form of infrastructure whatsoever just as far as order. i will fortunately. is kind of come together there's no mass looting or anything like that there are representatives on the ground and try to move which is the first island's territory of emergency agency they're working together to try to coordinate here but their
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offices were completely destroyed so the staff to secure is kind of focused on getting that emergency operation center back up and quickly as possible so that way they can help other people. out what one of the things that i think comes up a lot is you know people in these situations you have essentially you know environmental refugees that have to get out of a place and come back. are there organizations are people really working to make sure that those people that those people that are moved can go back to their homes or go back to that situation and again it's one of those things that on are and what the. and we do to help that situation. there are there are individuals that are on these islands and smaller community organizations that are focused i'm sure that their communities are able to come back to people not just sell their land off and that it becomes a large resort town or something so there are people that are working to make sure
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that those people that do more of the spirit here are continue to. get to do that forced out there. well i got to say thank you so much for coming on and reporting i know you're busy guy down there goal is keep your here longer from the good job that you're doing always a pleasure and you know do keep doing the best work you can down there and all the love and support as with you. certainly thank you very much for the cue for your work. with a casino and its twenty plus year mission and the data she found being processed and studied now it's time to move on to the fifth planet from the sun the gas giant of jupiter as american physicist michio kaku put it without jupiter cleaning out the early solar system the earth would be pockmarked with meteor collisions we would suffer from asteroid impacts every day see and that is where the juno craft comes in launched on august fifth two thousand and eleven and entering jupiter's
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polar orbit on july sixth twenty sixteen the juno craft is measuring jupiter's gravity fields composition and polar magneto sphere all in another effort to understand our solar system and how it formed and quite an effort to know named after the queen of the ancient roman gods as putting out on september first she took four pictures over an eight minute span that with help from citizen scientist gerald and shawn duran helped process these wall image data from the juno cam instruments to create these incredible views of the math mammoth hydrogen and helium planet and there will be even more. incredible images like these because the european space agency's jupiter icy moon explorer called juist is due to launch in two thousand and twenty two and masses europa clipper mission and twenty twenty five bowls headed to jupiter. i love all this information we're getting this is great i like to see multiple missions you know we said goodbye to cassini
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and that we say yes clay hello june or as heroes are going over to remember everyone in lives world. tell you all i love you i am tired. of watching every great day. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at the point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was. what i did was done on
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a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's saying. there's a strategy and betting all the market. just them are betting strategy that's like if you have the roulette wheel you bet on red the loose you bet on red again and you bet on red again any better until you went. out of money before you won it's famously. bad bets but says they have an open cash window at the fed with limited funds at zero percent borrowing or. they never run out of money that's why i like all that sachs and j.p. morgan can report thirty sixty ninety and twenty straight days of profits on their training as they don't take any fricken risk what about people that are not so smart.
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we're. seen over. these various fish you. asked me would be yes momentous on the tiny if. i could introduce you eat it is home to the most colorful drug syndicate why you grow marijuana tomatoes in that city. full of the full grown people at the market. for your money while the people. must times the government knows what they do and they do nothing.
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was. going to make. britain more sanctions on north korea over its nuclear weapons program they target individuals and entities that trade with pyongyang. i think the. tensions rise in the french capital as tens of thousands of demonstrators. hit the streets to vent their anger at president manager runs labor reform. russia wants the united states of retaliation if it fails to prevent further attacks on syrian government positions by washington by rebels.


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