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tv   Headline News  RT  September 22, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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it was strictly old what i did was. to leave a trail. just because some things leak. breaking news this hour russian submarines fire rockets i don't know sort of terrorist positions in syria's lip province the russian defense ministry says all targets were hit. north korea threatens to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific just hours after washington flopped the state with yet more sanctions. thousands gather in barcelona demanding the release of a dozen regional officials arrested by finnish authorities madrid cold catalonia the upcoming independence referendum illegal.
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this is r.t. international broadcasting live from the russian capital i'm jack and thank you for joining me we start with breaking news from syria this hour the russian defense ministry says it submarines have targeted for terrorists and the provident province of idlib. cossar of has been closely following the story and joins us live from on bring us up to speed with the latest. well according to what russian defense ministry said earlier in the day the caliber cruise missiles were fired from a submarine in the mediterranean russian submarine cold. and as the result of several command posts training bases weapons storage facilities armored vehicles and militants themselves have been destroyed now defense ministry says. some of
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those targets that were hit they included men power and equipment those jumped out almost terrorists who attacked a russian military police in the province of hama on no one's day now that time a twenty nine russian servicemen were ambushed. and they were heavily outnumbered and despite that fact they managed to fight baqubah back and did not lose any people however three people were injured now russian defense ministry said this friday in the morning that's. for terrorists that were involved in that what started it and have been destroyed along with their checkpoints and. you could say that it was some kind of revenge that came just days after the russians were attacked by japan almost. ok that's are. saying
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across the story for us thank you for the update. staying with syria almost ninety percent of the country's territory is now liberated from islamic state these are the latest figures from the russian defense ministry on the ongoing battle against the terrorists since the beginning of their campaign two years ago russian air forces have killed more than fifty thousand terrorists russian fighter jets have conducted almost one hundred thousand air strikes and over thirty thousand flights to limit terrorism in syria one of the country's main battles is now ongoing in darrow's or were syrian troops backed by moscow are trying to get rid of the remaining pockets of terrorists are to travel to the city to talk to the people who live there for three years under eisel siege. have no money to buy food for my children i've only been able to feed them prove
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who comes in the last few months shell exploded and killed many innocent people including children has been soaked in blood. that i would play with them i would push them and trust them i was like a mother and a father to go but only because she died. when i went outside to buy food and that's it for my mother she was sick she had a strong going to heart attack when i was injured by a shop must what can i do now i used to do all the housework and stand in line to buy food now i can only see and cry.
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donald trump has taken to twitter calling kim jong un a madman and saying the north korean leader will be. tested like never before that's after p.n. yang threatened to test a powerful nuclear weapon in the pacific ocean and response to escalating military talk from washington the north korean foreign minister says it could be the most powerful detonation of a hydrogen bomb in the pacific region that they have ever seen he added that the final decision had not yet been made and will come from the country's leader. came just hours after donald trump promised a new round of sanctions against pyongyang however the russian foreign minister speaking at the u.n. general assembly stressed that sanctions are just the quote provisions to return to the negotiating table and am announcing a new executive order just signed. that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals companies financial institutions that finance
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and facilitate trade with north korea the other one they went to we strongly condemn the rockets and nucular adventurism of pyongyang you can violation of un security council resolutions but the pressure of military history is not just a dead end and the destructive path of this no doubt all resolutions of the un security council should be fulfilled day long with sanctions continued provisions for the need to return to negotiations and we call for a halt to the blocking that these provisions it's a belligerent in the north korean leader branded donald trump a gangster and a rogue in response to the president's speech at the u.n. general assembly adding that trumps unfit to be a leader and this came up and explained many other heads of state also criticize the american approach. as world leaders gathered for the united nations general assembly the united states seems to be out there on their own when it comes to the iran nuclear deal donald trump called it one of the worst and most one sided transactions that the united states has ever entered into france things differently
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. i would like to defend the nuclear agreement with iran our engagement on nonproliferation allowed us to work out on the fourteenth of july two thousand and fifteen a solid robust and verifiable agreement that enables us to ensure that iran does not obtain nuclear weapons renouncing it would be a great era this could apply to north korea to immediately dialogue control a multilateral ism these are the efficient weapons this is the only way forward meanwhile russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov stressed the need for diplomacy on north korea and stern of the pressure and threats we've been hearing from the trump administration they will be met with fire fury things will happen like they never thought possible we heard the foreign minister of germany slam trump for his national ego and warned against pursuing the interests of just one country you know the country needs to more national compensation and less
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prosperity and there will be. looking round the world today it seems now will be which puts one's own national interests first and is no longer engaged in the bouncing of winches between nations and countries of this world he's gaining even more ground national and his was worthless as a gucci principle for all for this world vs describes the world is in the arena and gone to ground which everyone is fighting against everyone else and which everyone has to so their own interests the united states likes to present itself as the leader of the free world but if you look at this year's general assembly speeches it seems like the free world is a little bit reluctant to follow washington's lead. r.t. new york. to catalonia now where thousands have gathered outside a courthouse in barcelona demanding the release of a dozen regional officials they've been arrested by spanish authorities and a crackdown against the upcoming vote on independence which madrid calls it legal.
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may. well. the. protesters chanted program for a number and pro independent slogans the vote on whether catalonia should stay part of spain is set for october first the central government opposes the move and everyway and has deployed a wide range of measures to prevent the vote from taking place. and the latest move fines of up to twelve thousand euro have been imposed by spain's constitutional court on top catalan officials for every day they continue organizing the referendum it means officials will have to pay at least sixty thousand in total if they refused to back down before the vote on october the first we heard differing opinion on the issue from a political analyst from madrid and also a pro independence activist from barcelona.
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referendum it's our legal it's against the law. of the of the regional law that is suspended by the highest court in a spain it was. young was only of the house of the original parliament some of the terminations democracy is legal we have voted with absolute majority of the members of our parliament and if they have a problem with them or crazy they will have to justify it to international community because this madness natale government members are being arrested private people that they all know warehouse they are being arrested and they're being questioned here not only against the spanish law and they're being revelations it's even against the. most important things right now.
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they have to restore the order there and the law. we're not going to step back we will talk with all the international committee. with which we already have thousands of treaties the main places that they are selling their things and their business is the rest of the country so. business in catalonia without the rest of the country they are there that can do anything so that is an important thing and madrid is not forcing anything catalonia is a dynamic. with gives a net result to the european europe we are not deficit terry and we are once a most export and i want to receive the most the international investment. there is no compromise on the referendum they have to drop that idea and to leave
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the referendum back because. that the reform is not going anywhere catch on an asian nation he was all right to be three hundred. go they didn't they got it cheap when they does and we are just correcting we're just amending that mistake it's little surprise calumnious bid for freedom has the backing of a number of other regions in europe where talk of secession is strong one of which is of course scotland i think is of concern anywhere is for a state to seek to deny the rate of people to democratically express their will and the right of self-determination is an important international principle and i who very much that it will be respected in catalonia and if we did a survey and there's a chance for glaswegians to stand with the people of council want to go and stand with them on the basis of fundamental democratic values we believe that whatever your views on the indian independence the catalonian people themselves should be
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the ones who have to make to choose the course of the country i feel barrie proud and that's well very moved to see the scottish people especially glaswegian people to be living for a year to see that they demonstrate in favor of the government process that we're leaving that we should we shall have a referendum we will cover a friend and that we will we will vote and so yeah i'm very moved to saying that. and calumnious push for independence was very much encouraged by scotland's own attempt to go a go it alone it held a referendum back in two thousand and fourteen but fifty five percent voted against leaving the u.k. however following the bracks that vote of two thousand and sixteen when a majority of scots went against the national decision to leave the talk of a new referendum emerged again we discussed both scottish and catalonia and calls for independence with columnist lesley riddick. for the catalans and for the scots the case is being made as an aspiring saying these are nations who want to become
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states now do you tend to think as an onlooker what else can catalans do if their attempt to event haven't vote is resulting in such heavy handed approaches so it looks like it will be in practical terms it may be impossible to halt but the question is what next. with the terminal at the general election just two days away news outlets are doubling it one of the most boring campaigns in memory especially after the fireworks of the vicious french campaign just months ago and many were waiting for reports of russian meddling to emerge just to spice things up artist peter all over picks up the story we're into the final stages of this german federal election but one question keeps popping up with the question suppose to interfere in this.
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expectations that russia would try and meddle in the german vote hof and being met but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been interference the house just hasn't come from moscow german researchers say they've tracked down online trolls who've been posting attacks against angler merkel and other leading german pundits while putting online and promoting support for the anti immigration alternative for germany party. a lot of the stock was seen in germany. or at least inspired by the movement in the us the german power but it meets every wednesday morning just behind me and after this week's meeting the interior minister came out and sounded almost disappointed that they haven't uncovered
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a written plot to the ferrous li fiddle in this year's federal elections we don't see that putin has meddled in the election campaign maybe they didn't try maybe it's still common since mr seems to think that the time is possible for her to see should look into the german government's own election software since it apparently only took one i. not too long to find holes in it we have found several fundamental errors in the p.c. will software tasted fourth of july twenty seven c. including insufficient protection of the services and lack of encryption the transmitted results the weaknesses and how an influence an election results in various attacks naruse with fewer than two days to go before polls open fear mongering over a russian hacker if the election come to nothing perhaps with this election being something of a foregone conclusion it's no wonder that we've seen conspiracies and fantasies
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about foreign intervention and interference being a little more interesting and more exciting to pitch than talking about the race itself peter all of our. latest polls show that two party is anglo merkel's c.d.u. and martin schultz as b.d.a. lead the race however third place could play kingmaker should there be a minority government currently predicted to edge that spot is alternative for germany or a.f.d. known for its strict anti my immigration policies we discussed the f.t. and many other issues and an exclusive interview interview with the german foreign minister signaller gabriel you can watch our full version on r.t. dot com but here's a quick preview mr gabrielle firstly thank you for one ring on spy green for a second interview agreeing for a second interview is a big no no according to the spiegel yes that's how we would like to thank you can we take it as a step towards
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a tongue tie between germany and russia an interview skipped the fact that i'm giving you an interview no i think we should get accustomed to having more media outlets covering german politics we also communicate with turkish channels and newspapers in germany many people watch russian channels so of course we should pay some attention to them to make sure german policies are expressed in their content i'm convinced that we do need a new day terms with russia despite some very complicated disputes of the crimea and the situation in ukraine we can't tackle global problems without working with russia. facebook will help the u.s. with its probe into supposedly russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election we'll tell you how after a short break. the
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strength of the european union was very detrimental for the development of local and regional economies and only if these economies are developed and. they recreate a livelihood for the people they will be in the final event see the stop of this i mean gratian from these countries.
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welcome back facebook has agreed to release to congress data about ads allegedly bought by russia that the made the ongoing investigation into moscow's alleging that meddling and the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election. we are actively working with the u.s. government on its ongoing investigations into russian interference we've been investigating this for many months now and for a while we had found no evidence of counseling to russians look to russia running ads i directed our team to provide the ads we've found to congress as well now as a general rule we're going to be limited in what we can discuss publicly about ongoing law enforcement best occasions so we may not always be able to share all of our findings publicly but we support congress in deciding how to best use this information to inform the public and we expect the government to publish its findings when their investigation is complete facebook claims they discovered three
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thousand paid political ads which could have links to russia they cost one hundred thousand dollars in total and were bought between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and seventeen the company adds all the purchase advertisements are linked to quote an authentic accounts the kremlin has reacted to facebook's move saying it has never placed any political ads on the social network meanwhile donald trump has reacted on twitter saying this is all part of the russian the hoax we discussed the latest with the founder of the unseen encrypted server chris katz. well they're running out of time they can't prove anything that russia did anything with the with the american election so they're obviously trying to you know put some news out there to make to try and keep the story alive well they're contributing to the russian hysteria there you know there's two sides to this there's president and then there are the other people and the other people lost power they were surprised they lost the election and now what they're trying to do is get back at president
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trump it's just a simple and what's happening now is they're finding that their whole russian story fell apart right in front of their eyes because there was nothing there and now they're trying this so it's going to be it's another bit of nothing they may try and use this is a way to try and regulate people like matt drudge or other with news websites to say well you're accepting ads from you know potentially from foreign people but you know there's no way that a news website really even knows who the advertisers are. battered by hurricanes harvey and irma the americans are now suffering the terrifying effects of a new storm the high winds and driving rain of hurricane maria are already barreling the islands of poor puerto rico.
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where is the strongest hurricane to hit the territory in eighty years it has already left one thousand dead and dozens injured with hundreds of households destroyed the turks and caicos islands and the bahamas are expected to be the next victims over maria has weakened to a category two storm. and with one hurricane following on the heels of another people are coming up with some rather surprising explanations from bad politics to divine intervention artists american reports. with natural disasters ravaging entire cities and driving millions from their homes some see them as a form of divine punishment i'm looking at all those and i'm saying here's a city that has boasted of its l.g.b. t. devotion its affinity for the sexual perversion movement in america they're under water and most americans repent and this used to repent unless new orleans repent they will likewise perish that's the message that the lord jesus christ is sending
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home right now but if you don't buy into the divine punishment idea what about the blame trump theory and see fall stands with p.r.c. to resist trump and he's caught on the manipulating racist administration how the whole say and katia i blame triumph of this heart of the government will manipulate the weather to exterminate blacks even if they have to queue whites some hollywood celebrities have turned that around suggesting mother nature has an axe to grind with trouble that climate change is due to human activity and we continue to ignore it and the only voice that we really have is through voting. so. we voted and it was really startling. me watching these hurricanes now and it's really hard especially while promoting this movie not to not to feel mother nature is. rage around celebrities love making outrageous claims for attention but that's
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hardly what you'd expect from a respected academic i don't believe in instant comma but it kind of feels like it for texas i guess since we're a red state we deserve some bad karma too right yet those who voted for him he deserve it as well can story a sociology professor was fired for tweeting that texans deserved hurricane harvey because they voted for donald trump and guess who else believes hurricanes and earthquakes are divine punishment. the islamic state well i just think it's absolutely ridiculous i mean anybody who thinks that a hyper active hurricane season is anything new doesn't know how to do minor historical research i think there's been a growing trend i've noticed at least in america that this belief that whatever you like or think or agree with you automatically hate the opposite entirely you're either this half or you're this half and you two are supposed to hate one another
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and so now we're at a point where no matter what anybody believes or says even if it's a joke they're demonized by an entire group now it seems that when it comes to natural disasters rationality and common sense can be overridden so long as it serves their political agenda. that's our roundup of the news this hour i'll be back with more of today's headlines in about thirty minutes. oh. we're going to they're going to. find something like. that.
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at the united nations u.s. president donald trump described his vision of foreign policy as principled realist he also tried to convince the gathering of the general assembly that his idea of america first is compatible with his vision nonetheless he sees the world no differently than use predecessors. this winter with me but i can know those get a little bit because. most of them are lying about how you. know both of us but i guess we're kind of scientists yes or no but if you dump a lot and just see reviews of them that is. where they. you will get
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a statistic good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this is been a active area. next to so on. you know. when i sat at night. greetings and sally you take this human beings with our brilliant penchant for lack of foresight laziness and an unlimited desire for quick cheap convenience may ultimately be killing off our species the long way around through multi-generational slow and steady killers like climate change and cancer but
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thankfully are rather tragically we also have the means and at times the temperament to and ourselves much more quickly and permanently thanks to our love of war and overcompensation so it's widely agreed today that just one regional exchange of say fifty to one hundred nuclear weapons could indeed render the earth uninhabitable and put an end to all mankind and this reality is why on wednesday of this week at the united nations general assembly more than fifty nations signed a treaty banning nuclear weapons completely their use the development stockpiling all bad un secretary general antonio good terrorist open the treaty signing declaring quote there remains some fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in existence we cannot allow these doomsday weapons to endanger our world and our children's future now conspicuous.


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