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and it's just like i wonder why they're insensitive and made the news and then maybe we should desegregation these children from their parents and be like no no damn near when you delete the problem yet it just seems like the parents aren't aware of sure i think there are a lot of people get caught up and know what's just about it's not about race it's about this it's about school yeah it's not about saying a fight yes the same fight we've been having for decades and decades and decades we'll thank you so much for bringing this story and everyone check out r.c.s. redacted tonight check up a you tube page you can see naomi segment and learn more about this ridiculous story thank you so much for being here having me. this weekend you could spend your time arguing endlessly with folks online about why someone who is the worst of the worst really is or you could explore the outside of the echo chamber of social media and corporate news or you could go out meet one neighbor one per
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cent in your community in your building on your block that you haven't gotten to know because with every act of sharing our humanity with others we become stronger against the tyrants the knuckleheads and the downright greedy and don't you dare forget to take care of each other out there and that is our show for you today in the words of my co-host tyra banks for in this world we're not told or love the not so i tell you all i love you on top of the wall and keep on watching those stocks and have a great day and night everyone. i think the average viewer just after watching your ignorance and understand that we're telling stories that are critics trying to own you don't want because the.
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advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth party's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. rejected tonight is a common goal is it not defect by the corporate elite. would you go after the corporations that just more your life profit over people at every turn. redact
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it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer to all the stress that the news put it under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's at. and ok no no i mean. larry king now this is a star for c.n.n. so it's still there. surreal so i'm sort of trying to process it and it's happening
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now to peter i was a talent agent for some time zero to represent those well wanting to do what they do with the sec watching a boyfriend take another woman out every day strangers approach all the time i mean i've literally cried with strangers in bathrooms and given advice to people in the aisles of target and at the mall yesterday it's just i think people relate on so many different levels i come from a very small town in florida and i think that if you ever think outside the box people are a little leery and a little afraid but i never really listened to that i never was afforded the luxury of caring about what people thought about me plus i can do a dolphin noise i'm going to do it. i was fourteen i'm very proud of the wheel of fortune no i just watch it all the time all next on larry king.
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larry came our guest today is chrissy met the golden globe and emmy nominated actress known for her roles in american horror story and the break drama this is us in which she stars as kate pierce and the second season of the emmy and golden globe nominated series premieres september twenty sixth at nine pm eastern on n.b.c. what is all this mean to you. everything and it's still very surreal so i can't i'm sort of trying to process it as it's happening and how did it happen to get the part an audition came my way one of my friends who you know i was a talent agent for some time so i had friends all over and different agencies were always looking out for me yes and they knew my and my real passion was it was acting and singing and so zero to represent others as well wanting to do what they were doing sec watching her boyfriend take another woman now every day i'm very grateful for that. time but it was difficult so they would sort of have their
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feelers out and this role came about they're like chrissy this is a role for you have to audition like i don't know if i get the audition ok i'll go and lo and behold i got the audition and it was a regular process but it wasn't until the callback situation was like forty five minutes i think i was in there for almost an hour with glenn for current john require on dan focal men and i was like oh if they have me hanging around maybe they like me enough maybe i'm on the right track with their other plus size women being interviewed yes they were only interviewing plus size women for the role of kate pierson so then when it got down to testing there were five of us five cabins and five kates and they did a chemistry read the fans of the show are very devoted they are or what do you make of that what do you make of the whole show yeah i think that the show is relatable because there are so many issues that we all are erling with as human beings we're all trying to figure out this life thing out. and whether it's paternity away
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issues inadequate issues shame. just sort of bringing our childhood into our adulthood and not over you know to overcome everything that we've been through people can really in any capacity i mean i've literally cried with strangers in bathrooms and given advice to people in the aisles of target and at the mall yesterday it's just i think people relate on so many different levels and strangers approach to all the time and i think they're like oh she's my friend she comes into my house every tuesday night this is my friend. strangers approach me all the time one woman was asking makeup advice and talking about you know running into her ex-husband the next day and how she wanted to look beautiful and you know that i gave her confidence and i was like well it's so it's beautiful and i've been given infants. i'm like i am a stranger you're just going to hand off your child to me so i think
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a lot i really are you playing yourself i'm sure i think we all as actors bring ourselves into the role but i think it was he way used to me and i've evolved from those those confidence issues and coming into my own although i'm still you know we're always constantly evolving so yeah there's a lot of chrissy and kate are you surprised that it's a hit no where you thought this would be a hit i knew that it would be really special i didn't know if it would be received so well. but i knew that it was necessary for this this time and the show jumps back and forth in time periods is there a younger you there is there are two younger me so there's a nine year old and a fifteen year old or can you tell me about season two or why can't you tell me who because that's boggles my mind i can't tell you because we it's like the pentagon i mean there are scenes that we don't even get to read because so many people want to know about what's happening because we all want we can't have right so i can't tell
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you everything because you don't want to you know want to know everything but i can tell you that kate is pursuing her heart's desires which is singing and following in her mother's footsteps are you saying i do sing and so it's a twofold it's something i've always wanted to do but it wasn't supported just as kate was never really supported as kate supposed to lose weight it was in the big picture of her trajectory and she's still doing that but it's not the main focal point of her story lines when you when you read this script do they give you the chance to say i'm not comfortable with this or i have to do what they write you know i trust everyone and they've never led me astray and so i've never had to think that miss but i'm sure they would be open to hearing my thoughts or my perspective you grew up in florida and japan right give me how out of that happening so first i was born homestead florida and then when i was old enough to
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actually. be you know have gotten shots to make it to japan we moved my dad was in the navy so we're there for about almost nine years there homestead air force base that's where i know i was in my i started in miami oh they're you know so yeah the homestead world yeah i mean doesn't exist because of hurricane andrew but yeah i was born at home said air force base and then we moved to always japan like it was amazing i had the best toys ever and i was the youngest child so i was spoiled i had my god the cutest cabbage patch kid with braces and headgear very nostalgic for me. and i was learning japanese as i was learning english i don't remember a lick it's a travesty but it's very good now i know it's i don't know why i brought it up but it was so fun and just a different way of life and we always get v.h.s. tapes sent over of the cartoons and baseball games you know the american cartoon so i know when you are of this size. and you want to be and i curse didn't people say
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you can't do that i come from a very small town in florida and i think that if you ever think outside of the box people are a little leery. and a little afraid. but i never really listened to that and i think there was one gentleman who i was dating he was like i don't understand why you want to go and be an actress and i'm like i don't understand why you want to stay here in this small town like we don't understand each other but by. he was a fan for very long and i don't know i just never i couldn't i never was afforded the luxury of caring about what people thought about me you know growing up it was tricky because people were really hateful but what i realize is they were projecting their stuff on me and so i never took it as personal as maybe someone else my name the story goes you have eighty one cents in your bank account true and you got the job on this is us are you so poor i mean. your father was
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a. the servers so you weren't poverty stricken morea how did that happen well i. became one of five children my mom had two other children and they couldn't afford to help supplement or support my journey of aspiring actress and everybody in my family sort of works hand you know him to mouth in a regular job and i would never ask my mom for support or or help and she had of course other children too so when you hear i want to american horror story so ryan murphy cast me as a role. of a woman named barbara. aka i'm away those and just killings character basically brings me to the freak show set in one thousand nine hundred eighty two to sort of bring back some customers to the freak show because this is of course when television's starting to people's living rooms and people are going out to freak shows anymore for entertainment and it was your first acting gig no it was i did
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a small role on entourage and a show called all of us and some independent movies but that was my first sort of arc real good agent i think so yeah i really loved my clients and i knew what it meant to book a job and i want to go and audition and maybe once or so i ended up booking american horror story and thought that it would be my jumping off point but nothing happened right so i quit agenting thought that the universe was for a big agency yeah i did i work for two big firms which i loved working for many years to represent my day in death cameron these like young budding stars who are mega stars now but. i decided to take a chance on myself and actually go for it and i was on unemployment and it just so happened that i moved in with a friend because i couldn't afford of course insurance and car and. and that that
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week i just so happen to not have much money or so like now. to suddenly have money it's weird. it's very strange i mean. i was just saying that i have issues buying things because i've never been of the thinking that there was a surplus of money that we always sort of calculated how we're going to spend it and there was there was no extra and so now i'm like twenty want to do i need this do we need a new person i don't think you know so i'm just very practical and it's uncharted territory so i'm just trying to figure it out i'm not frivolous. how do you do you get along well with the other cast yes i mean how could you not your brother who was just in he's the best honestly we hit it off from day one and we sort of became a brother sister dynamic which was really great and everyone everyone is awesome i know people are as fortunate to actually like their costars and we genuinely do so
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where do you shoot at paramount you go out a lot yeah we're on location probably sixty percent of the time but we do have three stages on the lot that we shoot at you were an agent some roles yeah and now this is breakthrough yeah. it is a done for you emotionally it helps me to believe that if you work really hard and you believe in yourself and you treat people kindly and you do the right things like you you can have what you what you truly desire and i think that that's inspiring and bringing a lot of hope and encouragement to people who i was in acting class with or who i represented and actually represented the fifteen year old me hannah zele who plays the fifteen on me on the show you will she was there yes she was my client. which is so funny how you know life happens so. yeah it's it's wonderful
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and very strange all the same time chrissy on the strangers job she's ever had and this is us close to our she trusts her secrets we'll be right back with chrissy meds. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture . and wouldn't question more find what you're looking for. the. dog. will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. in case you're new to the game but this is how it works not the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington to washington controls the media the
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media and the voters elect the businessman to run this country business equals power boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. all the world. and all the news companies nearly players but what kind of part is already america playing r.t. america offers more r.t. america offers. many ways the news landscape just like the real news big name good actors bad actors and in the end you could never tell your all in. so much parking for all the world all the world all the world's a stage we are definitely
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a player. that is chrissie mud she stars and this is us second season premier september twenty sixth at nine pm eastern on n.b.c. when did the large person start. goodness you know i think it was when my parents got a divorce and we moved back to the states it was something that in my family food was love it was how you dealt with your emotions your pain your whatever it is that you're going through. and so that was how i filled a void was through food in my relationship with food so it was probably around like a diner ten do you still have the same relationship it's very different these days but it's also a lot harder you know you get older you have a crazy schedule and so it's definitely something you have to be cognizant of always so you're aware of it all oh sure yeah the weird thing is. you want
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to lose weight yes but you wouldn't have this job if you did it right be a bone. you know i think that the thinking that everything happens as it should and i did lose a significant amount of weight on my own and i've kept it off but i am so grateful that. i was of course able to obtain the job because of my weight and also so great that i get to have a journey with weight loss so it's really the best of both worlds why is as large as stigmatized in this country i think of that come what is it shameful i think it's because there's so much fear around it because there's nobody educates anybody about it and so if something's different we fear that no matter what it is race or religion or anything i think has anything to do with what you are of course not and that's what's so crazy but the media has taught us like what is beautiful what's
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acceptable and so i think there are so many people who are trying to make that shift in people's minds in their hearts because we're all the same we just are in different vehicles and go have a day when it isn't part of the conversation i think so so i'm really think so we're going to play a little game of if you only know who they are and i just was not a court room your own i was not a courtroom. who was your childhood celebrity crush robert downey jr. you see good talent i can do a dolphin noise you can do what a dolphin noise i learned i will fortune you know like a buffet you know i don't want to do it yeah. i want a fortune i'm very proud not many on wheel of fortune no i just watch it all the time and somebody hidden talent was that and i thought i want to do that i want to so i taught myself again. a global cooling seaquarium ok
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i'm in. guilty pleasure oh i guess reality some reality shows with his job. i was a preschool teacher so wasn't weird in the sense of what i was doing but the stories and stories for days i could do a whole damn world oh yeah for forty five year olds and out of the mouth of babes the things that i was told. this was in florida yeah who would you trade places with for a day i don't know sounds really crazy but maybe stedman. i love oprah so so it's a place i feel like i want to like know her and a personal level not be her because then i'd be spending time with him you know who's. this is us costar you trade places with for a day. many more this is us costar you trust with your deepest secrets. susan wilde is this is us costar probably chris ellison something you wish you were
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better at. mass. you have what never fails to make you laugh weird noises like you can make as a dolphin those but also like weird creeks in noises that are like inappropriate at different times laughs i can't help it it always gets me. best compliment you ever got you've changed my life people said that all the time which is so wonderful as the strangest fan encounter. a woman came up and almost pulled me on the ground and i thought i was helping her cause i thought she was falling but she just was so excited to see me that she fell to her knees and i almost fell and she stood up and she kissed me and it was almost on my lips it was a very. unexpected. or something people get wrong about you that i'm just my weight and that's all that i equate to that weird media.
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what should we be paying more attention to think ourselves what something you long believed to be true and realize wasn't that our parents are invincible i always thought that but they're humans too you know tell me something people don't know about you people don't know that i almost went to school for art and painting in the hammocks medium yeah i was. yeah i mean i'm not a picasso but i have my own you know i own thing man techniques and i'm very creative in that way you're a great thinker so i afford one what was your experience like working on american horror story freak show how did you like working with ryan murphy you know i had met ryan prior to booking the show and he didn't direct any of the episodes we were norland so i had met him but working with the whole cast was incredible sitting
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across the table from just going and trying to hold my composure with like. it was really the whole experience was magical being in new orleans for months at a time and i worked with them on the o.j. simpson yes he did in the hemingway was my director all right murphy didn't direct the scenes i was in right but they are very talented group. geniuses and now christopher starts ask you a world with a lot of well known names as anyone ever left you starstruck you know i met john tutorial at the globes and on the carpet i was like. i don't know what to say to him and i'm usually full of words so yeah john titor offers the william an organ whatever so this is us was the hardest to do you know i was the new kid on the block and everybody else had like just a list of credits and so the first like four episodes were really challenging because i thought do i deserve to be here should i be here and of. course all my
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costars were so kind and sweet and supportive and rallying over me first scene was the one on the scale when i was half naked in my underwear taking off the airings in so that of course is etched in my brain and it was just hey get naked in front of a hundred people that you don't know yes yeah definitely it's very very low normal but it was so important but they help do that yeah of course michael you're an l. i like to know if you have any personal trauma related to your weight like many of us who suffer from weight issues and does that help you bring your character to life sure. i think my parents divorcing and moving back to florida and just having my whole life uprated and. believing that bird potentially that my family was. separated because of me or that i had anything to do with it i
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think as kids we never really know the full story and so i think i took that on and then of course i use that in. all of my performances in the vulnerability your siblings where the issues one of my older sister i guess does but. i mean we're all sort of like bigger people and because food is just something that we like to do to get you close with your dad my biological father no no the guy who's in service right. now we've tried to recant on and perhaps we'll do that. but we're not you have stepfather i do get along with them i do now i didn't always and they're not always a cutie do you plan to make movies yes are we going to make them together mostly yeah i mean i'd love to i wouldn't i mean that's of course on the bucket list you could do comedy too i thought comedy was going to be my thing but no they're like
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just cry a lot girl is there a role you dream of playing i would love to be in any type of period piece specifically in england oh yeah i'm just like exactly i would love to play clean yes but it doesn't even have to be queen i could just be a working class gal but just a period here do. i like to try to not that i'm like you know pat faked that you could do a british dolphin. i don't know how you figure it out save your success do you worry like for example when this is us is over and it may not be over for a long time you worry about what will i do next not necessarily i just want to set myself up for success now and ever been in this position before so i want to make sure that i make good decisions about. you know potentially doing movies are. writing and then eventually maybe directing in music so i'm not
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necessarily wary i just have to plan for the future you think about writing a script oh yeah and i have written a couple. will see would they let you direct an episode of this is us i'm sure they would eventually i think that a couple of the cast members have expressed interest i would think i would write before i would direct along can this role go well grey's has been on for what fourteen years i mean. who knows i think it is a climate thing where they will i mean i think in the possibilities are and so on the page where yes the writers are just exceptional and they continue to delve deeper and deeper into every one stories and it's limitless so delight meeting oh it's so wonderful to me even thank you thanks to my guest chrissy metz the second season of this is us premier subjects what he said was that nine pm on n.b.c.
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you can always find me a twitter with kings things see you next on. all the food we go through. every the world period. and you'll get it on the your world. according to just. dump the body come along for the raw. data.
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rejected tonight is a comedy lose shoulda not de frank by the corporate media. would you go after the corporations that just more your lives profit over people at every turn. her back it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer joke from all the stress that the news puts you under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's a. little
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. hello i'm sam sacks in for tom hartman in washington d.c. and here is what's coming up tonight on the big picture. our labor laws are holding back the union movement so maybe it's time.


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