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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 24, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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young young ones and that a missile strike on the u.s. mainland is inevitable after american bombers fly close to the north korean coastline. president rushes through his overhaul of the country's labor code despite a furious backlash on the streets of paris. and the syrian city of dare is or starts in the slow road to recovery after a three year eisele blockade. that does it for me i will be back tomorrow but we'll have more news coming up in a flower time watch march international stay with us. kaiser
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report i'm max kaiser i'm here to talk to you about everything you didn't know you needed to know but pretty soon you're going to be wondering how you brambles survive not knowing what i'm about to tell you. so max first i do want to see how the audience we must inform them that you and i are actually on the road right now with the great american pilgrimage traveler stephen baldwin across america trying to find out what the heck is going on we have prerecorded this before we went away you know because it takes quite a bit of time to get to l.a. and meet and coordinate all the stuff going on so just in case we all aren't actually here with there could be a nuclear war and how north korea we could be on to like hurricane max or hurricane stacey sort of levels of hurricanes hitting america gold could have had one of those sort of hundred two hundred point moves as mythical days that everybody keeps
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on hoping for along for the for the past twelve thirteen years of this bull market and your interview chris blassie in the second half so you know these things. could have happened and we all may not be you know we're on a road trip which across america the great american pilgrimage on our way of course and very exciting stuff if you are anywhere near where we are when we're doing this let us know so we can call the police to have you arrested i think it will be the other way around well so the next episode we're actually going to be coming from aspen we're going to stop and aspen colorado on the way to the nexus earth conference and we'll be there talking to you know a lot of cool people i saw that every station come to we're going to the yes we are oh yes we are well we're going to talk wesley stories talk about what's probably like six episodes yeah i mean right on there so a lot of people have all the time in the world to learn what it's about thompson is
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dead right he went out of a cannon he's done there anymore yes some bar some woodies bars on it you know i'm sorry you know many of the headlines that we've been covering you don't might necessarily like to talk about it but it's china and the reason why china is causing so much chaos in the markets and talked about constantly is because we have the nineteenth national congress of the communist party that's going to be held october eighteenth the last time one was held was in two thousand and twelve so every five years and as i say they like to hold plans have to plan ahead for the future we're not allowed to do that we're down to five nanoseconds they plan for five years we plan for five nanoseconds because you get to get ahead of the next guy with a six nanosecond trade. was over at zero hedge. a few days ago and it was interesting that they had headline after headline about china roiling all these different sort of markets or oil markets big market dollar market so anything they say seems to have not and priced into any price discovery mechanism
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the prices like drought flash crash and big coin oil gold so the first headline reads crude is getting slammed after china headlines beijing's push to use crude import quotas and licenses as a tool to spur consolidation with in china's independent refining sector is working to correct an industry that has grown quote out of control a new report from columbia's university's center on global energy policy argues the number of privately owned quote unquote teapot refineries will shrink over the next decade as larger sophisticated plants thrive at the expense of smaller rivals this announcement cause a flash crash in the price of at the time but their impact on markets. started in two thousand and twelve with a lust china and the us let them a disease head of china right she now so there's going to be
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a new owner who is going to be the same leader go exactly to day at all as i know they are ok the guy go in for ten years like she could be for another five years i think they appoint a new leader but you know this is a very unusual move the g twenty is like start this stuff like he's going to be around for a while looks like he's going to be gone to the well probably you know it's not covered here on the news we've been here for the past few months is not covered on the news because everything is russia great russia great russia gate hillary clinton's mental breakdown all this sort of stuff that this is all this coverage so so americans are not informed about the world around them the important stories happening they were poor in story happening is the end of petrodollar the end of the u.s. as the number one only saw solitary supreme power and the rise. well the power let's go back to the story or so the price of oil would because of the consolidation in refiners in china this is what is that i'm just saying this is what this article here from zero heads of financial times as saying this is one of
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the things that because nobody knows anything about china this is what i meant trying to tell you when you claim otherwise yeah they always back going to china loop the china syndrome nobody knows anything about china so you try to talk about on this show and we conclude that we don't know about it either because we're reporting everybody yeah exactly defend diagram nobody ever going to somebody in the results so don't know much about china actually that's an important story you know i did some research before doing the show and i found kung pao chicken is not actually originates from china that's a nonsensical american like like chicken john made apparently is a completely invention of america most of what everyone thinks is chinese food is actually invented in detroit another part of that story of this. is that china apparently doesn't want to strong euro on are they nobody knows what they want to do with the yuan they don't know if they want a strong or weak so you know what isn't there this theory what is it called like i
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think netanyahu had articulated that is that you know as a leader you like to make the world think that you can possibly do anything and be totally crazy and therefore he keeps all your enemies or the competition like refried it only applies to trump i think everybody else is pretty well. kind of a script like that yeah he said but as much surprises as the peking opera. china definitely doesn't want a week when nobody knows i don't know because they don't want to fly. there so they don't they don't want a weak you want well they could be as many i'm with that guy hart in texas who who finally complete she laid it so it could just be them having on. the traitor in texas it was discombobulated by nine
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a long long it was short so. predictable that's completely predictable so these leaders are say oh we're so unpredictable there are as predictable as can possibly be why because they're motivated by human greed show me a world leader and i'll show you a greedy guy or a woman who is acting in predictably irrational ways to subvert the global economy and humanity for their own gain that's the history of the world very few exceptions the us constitution bitcoin max kaiser stacy herbert. and so she pops well back to the story here so they want consolidation the government wants consolidation and therefore consolidation goes her communist of course i want consolidation they're not into distributed power sharing there into centralized power grabbing that's because the chinese are so i don't know power grabbing centrists own leaders or power grabbing but you know the fact is they do have like
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all those coal mine all like a lot of the pollution is caused by the fact that there's like nil use of people who just set up their own coal mine or just start manufacturing chemicals and hear the same thing that there's so many refineries and operating at forty to fifty percent capacity and they want more efficient streamlined i get your point that people are out there starting their own let's say energy projects out there in the netherlands or china but just on government policy that's by government chaos that they can't manage their one point four billion population but when something pops up out of the ground they say oh look let's go take that guy's money then the government comes along and says ok we'll take your money ok think because it goes into the central authority and you know it's their their their their their they're not really capitalist because the list would have neither is america by the way you know so and venezuela by the way you mentioned the netherlands of china that is
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that there is that next to paris or china i know they like to manufacture a whole for ten cities there look exactly while they go to huge red light district in the netherlands of china's call the whole country right so another charge or another one of the other the second of the three headlines that they had in zero heads the same day all of this china being the number one impact on markets apparently because no matter what he does no matter how crazy he is is marcus. keep on doing one response going up up up china seems to be the one that could like puncture average and keep some plummeting so between crashes on massive volume as china plans to shut local exchanges having bounced back dramatically from the twenty percent plunge following china's band of i c o o's because it is getting battered again on very heavy volume and actually of course chinese authorities plan to show local bitcoin exchanges here's the chart two two two this is the i.c.a.o. plunge that i went up and there you know and is probably you know back up two fold
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three fold who knows since then to manipulate the press well this is part of their effort to this is an over reaction. in the markets because this is just china trying to as you say consolidate power they don't want any more of this capital flight and one of the ways that the wealthy were able to manage to siphon out their capital after the government shutdown you and transfers via hong kong instead of is bitcoin exchanges so now they are they've basically shut down a few exchanges in terms of them being able to accept you on. for bitcoin so they're not allowed to accept any of the local currency talk about a double tap into the head as over their name that would slow down the bitcoin
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except that's not even a funny joke i know it is china they're trying to consolidate the mining industry and they're bad actors over there but it made these young folks but you know what japan is launching a competitor in the big mining space russia is coming in competitively john mcafee's going to get into the mining business so there's going to be a lot more competitive in the mining business so the main kind of play to monopolise mining is under attack as well because the world's competitive so yeah ok so just so we get to the last headline here in the last minute before we go away and have to go to travel most people in the world do not know anything about the local little gossip of the bitcoin community of who's jihad nobody will know who that is so let's move on to the final story because everybody knows who can. serino foreign sources share your state no later than seventy five along books or something this guy heart heart oh no again. oh my
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god how did she end up in every single show now this traitor named hart richard hart from the world cup the network paisley johnny and waxes poetic way about everything was there talking about him could the china puke signal the lows in the dollar even when you do your analysis and get the call right it is no guarantee you'll make money the market gods have a way of making sure that being right is way easier the stuff and go in your pocket you just say you know. that guy mark hart in texas yeah they reckon that that's like that's the time to now short. they're wrong every single time. those are just a second. it is crisp lousy crisp lousy hands from a precious bottle composite don't go away coming after the break so stay right there.
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one hundred years ago the first computers were actually. people who were hired to do you know difference or multiplication that's gone that is now done entirely by computers. fortunately i think translation is not yet there but it is one of the easier things to do by computers that will be gone in the next in the next twenty years most translators will probably be out of a job i mean i'm sorry for them but this will just happen this is inevitable. prescribed medication is widespread on the us market frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has money
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you don't need a prison so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we. being responsible and what the real side effects. was that what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. but come back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser let's turn to chris blahs a creator of the precious metal composite ounce the p.m.c. ounce chris welcome back thanks max you know we have a lot of executives on the show i must say you've got the nicest shirts well thanks a lot and it's incredible every state that testing better than even peter schiff where he's a well dressed guy absolutely it's a great complement yeah anyway so chris the precious metal composite ounce it's
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it's a it's made up of silver palladium platinum gold people going to get exposure to all form of precious metals with your products and last time you were here i've noticed that things are moving up so we were june thirteenth of twenty seventeen. versus september seventh of twenty seventeen. this thing is moving up look at the chart the chart is right here chris it's moving up what's going on is a precious metal market that chris max the precious metals market is back and the p.m.c. ounces obviously getting the blended returnable for metals you know the logic behind it is had smoothed out the volatility because they don't all perform the same at the same time but on the big picture max. the precious metals and we use gold as its representative started a secular bull market in two thousand and one i think it's a classic bull market first leg two thousand and one to two thousand and twelve that three to four year old back with
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a fifty percent retracement we are for the last two years it's kind of been a stealth bowl and i think we're in the third leg and you know as well as i the third leg is the most explosive than the biggest returns or maybe you know friendship because during this re-emergence of precious metals in the last six months particular really it's been an obvious skated because of the crypto market as stolen all the headlines but underneath that gold is hitting that critical breakout level sober breaking out and. which is great because that's where bull markets are born in total doubt and the popular press is not looking at gold at all which is exactly where you want to be in the cycle and my right you're exactly right this is why i think it's a classic secular bull market for a list two years the middle so i've been going up but stealth and as you said crypto currency as they're very important they're exciting and they've stolen all the thunder all the headlines so this is exactly what you want and i can tell you as a global dealer there are people who have been gold bulls for this whole market who
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still are skeptical even though we're obviously in the well appears to be the third leg gold bull skeptics there they're out there they've been beaten up so bad in last years they're gun shy well let me understand of all because the little we have of course a corollary to this would be the weakness in the us dollar and the us dollar know how much geopolitical stuff to get into but i would imagine such a precious metals markets you've got a new breed pretty conversant in this stuff there seems to be a concerted effort by governments around the world now to set up bilateral trade agreements and currency swaps and to get out of the dollar particularly china russia those countries see the dollars being really an imposition on their economy rent seeking by wall street they want to get out of it they want to divorce themselves is that true and is that possible and how's that going that's exactly right max and yeah as a precious metals dealer we just really look at macro macro things because that's what really drives gold in the precious metals and that has been going on for years where you have the bricks and nations looking to do direct. transactions with each
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other outside of the dollar and then you layer on top of that the crypto currency so basically you know we have a very weak economy here we have a debt laden nation with no plan to ever reverse that so the dollar's getting hit from all sides gold is still fully going up you know it's a great time to be in the precious metals and really if people haven't gotten in it's still early release on the low end of the third leg so you know i think folks need to protect. themselves right i mean to put this in perspective so i mean i worked on last year for many years covered the space for thirty years so these types of markets when you mention the third leg of a market this is usually a in a bull market it's the most powerful move of a bull market so you're talking about on an intraday basis of might not be sustainable at these levels but gold could make a burst up into the. five to ten thousand dollar range i mean i don't want to get too hyperbolic here and i mean course you know i like to keep things nice and calm but it's definitely i think on this on this burst we're talking about new all time
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highs so that two thousand level and ok let me roll it back and be a little bit more circumspect where the debt levels in america have been growing even though the price of gold been kind of flat so if the price of gold were to catch up to the debt level which is historically we're kind of trades off that debt as people become distant chanted with the dollar where would the price of gold be today just to be catching up to where the debts been over the past four or five years let's put that in perspective when everyone was looking at that correlation five years ago based on the debt levels then they said gold should have been twenty five hundred dollars an ounce so here we are fast forward trillions of dollars in additional debt i think you're really looking at three four thousand dollars easily ok yeah i mean i think that's that's reasonable the silver of course is the crazy uncle of gold and that tends to trade in magnitudes greater than gold so we're talking about of a challenge of the old guy fifty bucks and somewhere north of fifty dollars are not
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how much you get into silver thoughts but i mean could we see a seventy five dollars price on silver we're very much into silver again sobers a major component of the p.m.c. out and it's been the laggard for all these years as well as the p.m.c. ounce has been doing it is doing excellent that's mostly been driven by gold platinum and palladium that's a really mystery metal for most people palladium but you know silver is going to kick in sobers going to outperform gold in the over the long haul and there's tremendous upside for that and so over at seventy five dollars in the next two years i don't think is a big stretch of course over is more of an industrial metal so that would imply inflation and which in this case my name applied dollar collapse and hyperinflation what are the odds of that happening of the u.s. dollar just basically giving up the ghost and it crashing. at some point as the world abandons the dollar and is over toward as we're seeing now in russia and china. hold back in asian currencies backed by gold i mean
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that's that's the best that's that's going to drive a. dollar into the ground right well that's what's taking place right now no one's going to know the exact date whether it's going to be a catastrophic off the cliff drop i think for the next two years i was a precious metals investor you're still going to see this grinding higher and as you mentioned before are they going to be interim pullbacks absolutely will thirteen hundred to test it most likely but that would not break this third leg so you're right as far as the dollar is going to be devalued in the long haul how quickly that comes and if it's a dramatic collapse i don't know there's going to be a war to obviously to try to prevent that but we know where the trends are going so let's talk about the business for a while the p.m.c. of precious metal composite out there is this your only product now we're a full service precious metals dealer you know we started out in two thousand and one i am of the neptune global holdings and lipton global holdings that's right and
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that's the that's for and that's your that's the company and this is just you know if you get this product you don't get a piece of metal that's like a pizza with four different metals now right it buying it as socially n.e.t.'s no not all that wrong wrong wrong wrong and you can't make all right max e.t.f. is an exchange traded product we have a patent because what we did is we bridged the two worlds with the p.m.c. ounces it's we did not take the delivery bullion and melted into a franken corner because that would destroy they can get out and not suffer because . it's the real thing and we it's still in good delivery form so what we have is a major inventory of gold silver platinum palladium bullion and good delivery for right we know what that means bars from the b.m.a. approved refiners. in a non-bank depository and as a client acquires the p.m.c. ounce you know more metal goes into that the depository than records the ownership of that amount of metal that the person bought based on the number of all things
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are absolutely by dishonest ratio absolutely said it was most it's equally divided between the four metals based on weight or price is based on weight each p.m.c. ounce is always the same fixed fractional amount of gold silver platinum palladium so the physical composition will never change of pm seattle said it was mostly silver but this time it is only twenty five percent over the despite that's on a that's on dollar price physically it's ninety three point seven five percent silver i think you're looking at a different chart one shows the physical composition and then when you put the price of each component see that it's approximately fifty two cents of each dollar is going into gold it's roughly twenty cents of each dollar into silver based on silver is current price and then platinum and palladium are in the upper teens so as the price of silver changes right but the that will change its component value
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but the physical composition never changes so people will look at it and say gee it's mostly physically so over but knowing the price you know the ratio the gold like the gold silver ratio of course to have some sort of logical balance you would have much more silver than you would gold or you don't buy ounce for ounce that would not be what you considered a very balanced portfolio ok so this started out as a metal also known as a pm saying yes and which is that performing on absolutely because weighted it got the silver kicker sure and that's an important thing to to emphasize that this is not a managed fund we're not sitting here buying and selling the metals trying to time the market what we did is just what we believe extremely logically weighted so that by its nature its goal is to provide a blended return every duce the volatility and just by chance since two thousand and eight it's actually outperformed even on a wreath. turn basis gold and silver and really that's because stealth the leaf has been a great contributor in the last several years jim let amazon dot run absolutely so
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that's the thing about you know these markets is it really can now which metal at any given time might be have a hot hand might be for whatever reason or what was the story of played it was a catalytic converters was a batteries why were people buying plenty of sunlight and played a great story and like silver their industrial metals what two big things very different palladium is getting more and more traction in the catalytic converter market there's more moving away from platinum to palladium but the other geo political thing is very interesting platinum and palladium eighty percent of its production comes out of south africa and russia you know unlike silver which is mind around the world so you have these two critical metals with a huge geo political wildcard south africa has always played with labor problems in mining problems so their production is always in question and you know we don't have to go on with what's going on with sanctions against russia and what that will mean and on top of that the actual use of platinum palladium has been greater than what's coming out of the mines each year so it's really deficit they've been taking what's been in inventory or stockpiled and using it to meet demand so that's on
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a collision course with pricing going forward so their industrial metals and there's more being used for her than there mining out of the ground absolutely shortage is being developed and let's look at price elasticity right you know in a lot of products if the price gets too high they jettison the product all right you look at catalytic converters it's only about two hundred dollars worth of palladium going into catalytic converter so even if palladium tripled in price are they going to go back to old polluting never going to happen so basically the of course to palladium and each car would theoretically go from two hundred to six hundred that price will be passed on to take it out somewhere else there is no way we are going back to the pollution standards of law and our knowledge of the current administration. and all that if there were no hard to define us read so much silver is above ground is it a billion hours or closer to five billion out. any thoughts on that i think is probably closer to about two and a half billion somewhere in between i can just tell you as a dealer the flow silver is is in tight supply the reason it isn't very plentiful
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allows you to hold up well it's good to be on the show chris ok thanks back i go well that's going to do it for this episode of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stays there like to thank our guest crisp lousy c. ounce if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report and it's all next time bio. the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability to. prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because with nuclear and the missile capability is capable of attacking japan and the united states north korea can say oh the americans and if you assist south korea we would with nuclear weapons.
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well you know they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates along. there in the small bold steps you don't harbor when she needs. to be told fish already ninety percent of the dot and he won't get calmer. seems. to do it several times a day with a big oh you get an idea. we have to understand we can still use to. be within this. deal for you because you are. doing this because i want them to feel.


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