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tv   News Weekly  RT  September 24, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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president. plus.
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the twenty fourth of september. developments on some of the biggest stories of the past week first big day of course for germany where voters heading to the polls right now to choose who they want to represent them in the next live now to the election. yes we all by the river. right in front of the bundestag in the hall all welcome to you got a special coverage coming to you from germany polling stations but up now for around three hours federal elections are well and truly underway you would think this was a done deal judging by the pre-election polls and live makkah looks set to become
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chancellor for be a fourth straight but because it was judged opinion polls and and think that that's what's going to happen they let you down sometimes for the young people here though so they really know anglo-american always in the background as far as they're concerned. time i remember she was always there i mean i can't really remember a time when she was like the chancellor and i don't even know who came before me. as only madonna's genuine good america said i think she was elected in two thousand
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and five for the first time i was like seven she's just been around for over she's always been an average she's been in power a long time there's a piece of news content don't move us myself. i've never been an adult without under american governing. in two thousand and five she was elected for the first time i was only thirty. below. a boy from my school died in a traffic accident. in fukushima the core melted people died. i went to mississippi for a year as an exchange student. blacks moved to do obama whites mccain barack obama became president. and i'm up on that. america.
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so as i mentioned early voting is well underway but open around three hours so close in what about seven hours' time we should get the first exit polls in around eight hours it's all about really what people are really discussing will engler merkle get another four years in office has been twelve years already a number of candidates have already been casting their ballots more to chill sort of turned out in his home city of us in the west of germany was once the. popular candidate loadout throughout the campaign has been intrigued around which of the smaller parties might get a better chance of being a kingmaker and helping to form a coalition this is a subject that artie's correspondent charlotte been taking a closer look. at smaller parties to have a very big say over the next to the german government and that's because there's a split system here in germany where half of the votes of first past the post of the hall for actually proportional representation so as long as the party gains
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more than five percent of the vote it can gain seats in the german parliament and could wield significant power in terms of forming a coalition over the next few weeks of course most people predict that angela merkel's c.d.u. in multan schultz's s.t.p. will still be the largest party in the. the next four years but how they will then go about forming a coalition to be the ruling party over a germany will all depend on potentially those smaller parties the c.d.u. in the s.t.p. have been in coalition government over the last four years but this has been an incredibly difficult election with both throwing mud at each other so whether they can mend fences and continue this so-called grand coalition or will be seen now if they can't they will be reaching out to the smaller parties like. the left party the f.d.p. which are liberals the green party and also potentially now being thrown into the mix the suggestion that the right wing party the a.f.p.
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will gain seats for the very first time in this election although all of the parties have said that they will not form a coalition with the a.f.p. well it's have a look now at some of the possible coalition partners that could rule germany over the next four years. german parties really emerge with a solid majority from the elections so when it's over they try to make friends. after having tried hard to undermine each other's policies during complaining but the good news is for the politicians you can always say we can't keep our promise because our coalition partners. which is not good news for the voters though you might ask what was the point when you basically get a program that you didn't vote for. there is no guarantee that you'll ever vote i would like to have entered. politics there really turn out there is no
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guarantee. the election and therefore there is no guarantee that voter. politics will really work out in this way. so what kind of government might germany get. twenty seventeen range of coalition. make a coalition if merkel's christian democratic union. partners with the business friendly free democratic party and the greens.
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if this greens and the social democrats manage to form a team. take the black out and replace it with the freedom across it and you get traffic like. least likely to form part of any coalition it is germany's socialist left party it must be the wrong shade of the color red the left. radical by bigger party. a similar case but the end of the spectrum is the alternative to germany branded as far right by critics like glue could be an interesting new touch but so far the
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mainstream german politics seems reluctant to rule over the coloring books. forming will be different called then an earlier time of. political stability but. preferential offer voters. are no longer this wide with having two major parties they have her presentation. now for the first time ever it looks like realistically there are going to be as many as six parties getting seats in the german parliament we're trying to give you a sense of what each of these is about what are the policies and. take a look at the greens could realistically form part of a coalition. now
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ahead of the actual voting candidates from the leading parties they've all been out on the campaign trail trying to drum up some last minute support but a lot of it of course was done in advance lots of preparations made with striking posters produced visual images trying to strike to the hearts all of them are. some of the most fascinating images among them for.
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now one of the most controversial part of shall we say that's been taking part in the elections is the alternative for germany party frequently criticized for a strong anti immigrant anti islam stance despite that though it's expected to come
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in third place that's according to the latest opinion polls i discussed several issues with party spokesperson. if you come out of third party this would be a great success if you imagine that last time we wouldn't even get a high percent and now it's going to be something more than ten now your policies are some of the more talked about with the most publicly known ones of the anti islam anti immigration the actual number of applications immigration immigrant applications into germany even though that rose dramatically two thousand forty two to two thousand and sixteen dropped a lot this year so you're going to struggle to get support on that basis in the future do you need to now come up with some new policies a new way of enticing support of course our opponents always claim that we're a single issue proudly and it's all about racism that's not true it's just a little about illegal immigration the important point but we are also the only party rejecting the idea of manmade global warming we are the only party rejecting
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the supporting the traditional family we are the only party. rejecting rising energy costs so they are a lot of policy fields where we can make a point to. now turn back to the leading parties. been fiercely battling with angela merkel throughout the election campaign but in fact it seems that the two main contenders are a lot they agree on as well as the experts. choices choices choices leave to remain. in clinton run. the mentors decision with. that question now if it's germany's true go the she. thingy's you know that much of a different take merkel's refugee policy nobody else will have a clear stance on any refugee him which is that i will not accept it. and he is
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sure to mention those people bring also is more valuable than money that's what you are believes in the same story with europe they want war and war you wrong war union and russia germany the wheel bearing will open europeans who believe trans national democracy is the best model for us to stand up and break the silence shoots a former president of the european parliament. the leader of europe's powerhouse as i think it here we are at the ends have our thing in our own hands i'll continue to maintain that the twenty seven member states must work intensively together for our future. the two even share a dislike of if not hatred for the man he shot across the ocean. in the top and there are lots of concerns about the russians of the north korean
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dictator we need the united states of america as a peaceful holocaust but we have to bring them on the path of rationality and that means diplomatic solutions. problem the problem that we have with trump is that he is unpredictable in that sense who should be tool to not even a pre-election debate can get the two to clash spock's to fly what was supposed to be a jewel looked more like a jew at civil and sht allocators of appears just an. internationalist american staged. over they have them by the difference of things. but one germany which put it that the. difference between merkel it should be or i guess the.
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just point of interest i think the berlin marathon is taking place today and the first finish is just going across the finish line interesting lee some of them will be running straight to the voting stations to cast their ballots in the political race so we're interested in a closer look at the runners in that with more info see you next. the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability to. prevent japan and united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because with nuclear and the missile capability is capable of
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attacking japan and the united states north korea can stay tell the americans and japanese if you assist south korea we would attack you with nuclear weapons. with this manufactured incentive still to the public will. when the ruling closest project. the flaming. lips and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sit. in the real news room.
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hello more of today's main world news for you now the north korean foreign minister says a missile strike on the u.s. mainland is now more inevitable he was addressing the u.n. on the day that sort of american bombs fly off the east coast of north korea president trump fired back on twitter saying the foreign minister and the country's leader won't be around much longer if they continue their rhetoric so american reports now from washington the crisis has escalated today even more after the u.s. flexed its military might according to the pentagon the u.s. send one b. bombers from guam as well as f. fifteen fighter jets from okinawa japan on a mission in international airspace off the eastern coast of north korea. this is the farthest north of the demilitarized zone that any u.s. fighter or bomber has flown in this this century the pentagon says that this mission sends a clear message to the d.p. r. k. that the u.s.
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has many military options to defeat any threat this all comes amid a heated dialogue between the two leaders both issuing insulting time sounding identical we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. no one other than trump himself is on the suicide mission if innocent american lives a home because of a suicide let's jump will be held inside responsible yes it looks like the north korean leader was particularly affected by trump's comments because the foreign minister responded saying that trump's actions were an irreversible mistake began to have met men out there shooting rockets all over the place with rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. you tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country
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as a rocket but by doing so he committed the irreversible mistake of making a visit by rockets to the us mainland all the more an effort to pull russian foreign minister urged the u.s. and north korea to end its saber rattling and engage in political dialogue accusing both leaders of behaving like a kindergarten children china and russia will continue to insist on a more reasonable approach in contrast to the emotional one we see now where they behave like children fighting each other in kindergarten and nobody can stop them with the tensions escalating and between both countries the situation remains quite unstable at the moment so it's unclear where this is all headed on thursday president trump imposed new economic sanctions on north korea after a meeting with the leaders of south korea and japan in new york let's listen to what trump had to say before then hearing from u.s. state senator richard black. distorter provides us with powerful new tools but i
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want to be clear the order targets only one country and that country's north korea the rhetoric surrounding north korea has really reached very dangerous levels of north korea and certain way bear their share of fault because they they have been extraordinarily provocative in what they have done and then we in turn have. been rather bellicose in our response both sides need to deescalate the rhetoric because of the risk that if if there should be a nuclear exchange the people the people always thought for from these games the nations play hopefully there will be some movement towards diplomacy. this time next week the spanish region of catalonia could be
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voting in a referendum on breaking away from spain saturday so rival crowds face off in the regional capital. was ira or was what i would. die was . on wednesday spanish authorities arrested fourteen senior catalan officials including a junior economy minister they were all charged with misappropriation of funds breach of official duty and disobedience they're also being fined up to twelve thousand euros for every day they continue organizing the referendum protesters say they are determined to vote and won't tolerate the authorities crackdown catalan
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leader says madrid's actions are an act of aggression. we're going to look at them when you're the catalonian government has been subjected to coordinated aggression from the police force of the spanish interior ministry was. was was we are here to defend our. future state students are very important part of our society the youngers so we need to make them conscious of what's governing here we're really going to put these to take this forward and to go all the way to independence you know my roots spain is government spends. it will try to do i games that will be on the streets and we'll try to vote madrid's used a range of measures in an attempt to stop the referendum taking place it's declared next sunday's vote is illegal and conducted numerous raids to seize progress for
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and the material right now more than seven hundred mez are under investigation for their support of the vote madrid's also announced plans to take control of catalonia as budget in order to ensure that the money isn't spent on the referendum here's how events have unfolded since the first non-binding vote on independence took place in twenty fourteen. thank. god. thank. a member of barcelona city council says the international community should be stepping in to prevent madrid abusing the region they don't want to let us vote but
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people are voting with their feet they are actually crossing the street going over to wherever the intervention has taken place and defending the institutions from the street massively this is an attack on democracy this is actually a state of exception and we ask the international community to intervene and stop this abuse this abuse on the catalan people on democracy in catalonia and in europe in general this concerns all of us because right now it's catalonia tomorrow it could be the rest of spain or even other places in europe. on first day russian military police unit was ambushed by al nusra front militants in syria according to the defense ministry the russian force managed to repel the attack despite being heavily outnumbered if you now is some of the latest video of russian strikes targeting al knows for positions as part of the counterattack moscow said one of
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the main goals of the terrorists was to capture the units operating inside the deescalation russian submarines also launch missiles at a number of positions. meanwhile almost ninety percent of syria has now been liberated from the terrorists that's according to the latest figures from the russian defense ministry a major battle though is still ongoing in de resort where the syrian army backed by russia is trying to eliminate the last pockets of terrorists locals there told us what it's been like living in a conflict zone. i
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have no money to buy food for my children i've only been able to feed them properly once in the last few months shell exploded in killed many innocent people including children it is or has been soaked in blood. that i would play with them i would push them and trust them i was like a mother and a father took down but only goes to die. suddenly when i went outside the floor to buy food and that's it for my mother she was sick she had a strong going to heart attack when i was out i was injured by a shell blast what can i do now i used to do all the housework and send a line to buy food now i can only see and cry.
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that's the way to be for now and i'll find our way back to live once again as voters that have to choose the next part of the potentially holding a new season of power play in the german bund just talk to us that. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us senate is full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch to sleep yampa is the john oliver of r t america is just the same we are apparently better than that at sea people you. never heard of love or doubt for the next president of the world bank very critical writing seriously send us an
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e-mail prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at the point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide wat or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was is gellatly alter what i did was done on a cocktail of lethal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's. a batter sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last turn. you're at the top to.


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